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  1. He found the correct Theresa May eventually And you are not "not doing just fine"
  2. Morgan does not get away with it that easy. He was a vociferous Trump supporter during the election. Trump has not changed, he was a racist ******* before he became President.
  3. Donald Trump can go **** himself. What is he doing promoting Britain First? This is the group that murdered a member of Parliament Jo Cox. He is no friend of my country. Anyone who voted for him deserves everything that's coming to them.
  4. All Things Ezekiel Elliott

    Can't wait for Goodell on stage at next years draft at AT&T?
  5. The

    It's all falling apart for the Giants. Karma is a ****
  6. Hope the police followed Trumps orders and were not very careful when arresting him.
  7. His/her license plate is clearly visible
  8. If it cost Wegmans $21 to produce that corn and they could only sell it for $20 they would stop producing it. Supply would then drop so the demand for what is grown increases.