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  1. Time to be responsible

    I was tracking budget in a journal for years. i tried mint, the software my bank provided, I looked into YNAB, etc. but I kept going back to the journal. I got way more than 18K in student debt. Waay more if you count mortgage, both our student loans, and car payments. Now I've been using google sheets and a budget spreadsheet template that they had. Been using it for about two years now. It's basically like my manual entry system, except I can put it on my phone and it's with me all the time. My point is, keep looking for the budgeting system that works for you and your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to go back to other methods that you liked. Best of luck. Anyway, you've set yourself what's called a "stretch goal", now create smaller goals that help you get to that goal. Daily, weekly goals. And if you mess up one day, get right back on the horse.
  2. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    youre right. I need to step off. I just looked up the part and saw it was inexpensive but $100 is probably an hourly rate. I just need to step off and let a pro do it and pay him what he's worth. BTW, if you saw a car wasn't safe to drive out of your shop, is there any legal way you could keep the owner from driving off?
  3. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    How many hours of labor involved? Part doesn’t look super expensive. Was quoted $150 for the whole job.
  4. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    dealership says I need a new tie-rod (I trust this dealership). Says part is on order, it'll be a few days. It's relatively safe to drive on it while the part comes in?
  5. Random Thought Thread

    nice. I'm always looking for a trusting, low-security, high cash target. The Feds are getting wise to my girl scout cookie table MO.
  6. Random Thought Thread

    Basically you and he other guy rolled up to the drive-thru in a horse and buggy.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    ^^ Deez guys. You'd go to Yosemite and get back in the car and call "fake" on it. Vegas is completely fake but still pretty awesome. Also prob never called out a professional athlete for being "fake".
  8. US Soccer thread.

    They already did that around Arenas first go around. They hired Carlos Queiroz, Alex Ferguson’s right hand at Man U, paid him a good bit then they buried the report.
  9. US Soccer thread.

    Great read, Benning. You really have it there: We do extremely well putting players into college. Hooefull the travesty that is college sports “amateurs” gets blown up.
  10. US Soccer thread.

    Not a fan of Bruce or Sunil, but the reality is that they have very little impact on player development where the US is falling short. Under Klinsmann, they started requiring the most basic coaching license F-license, it's a few hours online. Our players lack technical proficiency and that is cemented at around age 14. The Development academies don't allow their players to play high school, another good step the federation took. But everyone went up in arms. Lots of people argued that that's a better way forward (allowing high school play) in this very thread. I've said it before—at the age our players enter high school, their counterparts enter a professional environment. High school is basically lots of games and that's not where players get better. Plus, the training is focused on preparing for games, not improving the individual players. Then the "best" move to college where they have a 4-month season and contact with coaches. At the time they need to be getting more and better training—they get worse and less training. Few believe it, but many of our top kids have the technical ability to match up with counterparts in europe and S. America, but as I mentioned above their soccer education hits a wall. About 8 years ago, there was a U10 team from California that went to Barca and beat Barca's academy team. One player, the slight Jewish kid (Ben Lederman) and not the many hispanics on the team was signed into their academy—eventually being given the #10 shirt. That's a huge deal. And he's from an affluent family. He is a special player but not the only one in America. His teammates are now with LA Galaxy academy and I believe they beat Man City's academy a few years ago. Sunil, Bruce, or Klinsmann have nothing to do with Ben Lederman and his teammates. Their coaches are Argentine (ex-pros) who do not adhere to USSF models of development. Klinsmann made an impact because USSF licensing is now way more rigorous in the past (although far from perfect). Sunil and Co. probably had a hand in the DAs which is a step in the right direction. The sad truth is that Sunil is not power hungry but, in fact, powerless. If tomorrow, he said all youth teams had to play a 4-3-3 (or age appropriate variant) and play possession soccer and train fundamentals till age 14 and stop keeping score—No one would listen, or more accurately he has no way of enforcing it to the youth system. Look at Iceland: 330,000 people and they found 25 that can play. We have that many registered players in DC/MD/VA. Talking players only, not inhabitants. Iceland doesn't have an inner city population or Latino population that they use as an excuse for not being better. They took what they had and developed it. It's been true for the Netherlands and you could find 25 players from Rosario, Argentina alone that could crush the USMNT. The leadership is problematic, the structure of the federation is problematic but they're really not the reason. No national team coach is the reason (senior or U-XX), they have the players for about 2 months a year. "Soft reasons" like culture or unfound inner city/latino are merely excuses. It's about developing better players from the get go. Start with more, accessible, inexpensive, good coaching education. Then de-emphasize the winning at the young ages and bull**** tournaments. But it's hypocritical at times, lots of parents are probably chirping on online message boards about not having better players, but they're the same ones that yank their kids to a new team if the team isn't winning.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    New Wu is out today. Give it a listen.
  12. US Soccer thread.

    but he just knows it as "Miracle" heh
  13. US Soccer thread.

    Anything said in the media is generally worthless. Can Arena really slander his employer publicly? Prob not smart since his team looked unmotivated and disorganized in nearly all phases of the game.
  14. US Soccer thread.

    EJ's take is one take. No doubt that happens, but the DAs have not been existence for a long time so you have to fill the larders somehow. And up until very recently the DAs youngest were U14s—so there was no pipeline other than to take players from other clubs.
  15. US Soccer thread.

    Yes. That's the irony for me. He's out there ranting and I'm just thinking—you hypocrite, this is the system that made YOU.