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  1. Hilarious. Someone needs to call out the emperor for being naked in this sport. A special compartment inside the goal releases a puck everytime they "score"
  2. Now 3, no 4 players are dry humping each other against the boards, puck beneath them and no one seems to care! Fantastic hockey folks!
  3. There is a TED talk by David Epstein whether atheletes are getting bigger, faster stronger genetically . Answer was: probably not. Jesse Owens probably just as fast as Usain Bolt but he ran on a cinder track and used a trowel for starting blocks. Technilogy, training, and better sport specific athlete selection have led to most of the gains. But humans, still generally the same. serena Williams and lavar Arrington would be my breeding pair.
  4. Dear Penthouse...
  5. This was me too. My wife found it unacceptable. Can't say it was the main reason but it started down the path of not following skins/sports as much.
  6. Dad dying in the operating table from a mistake sent him in a tail spin. Moms marrying an ex-con and parading criminals through his house growing up, not to mention she's involved in taking gambling bets illegally. At Florida, involved in at least two shooting incidents that were swept under the rug. After he got drafted, one of the rare NFL players not to buy his mom a big house. Says a lot about how he viewed his home life. We're all responsible for our actions and hindsight is 20/20-but it's pretty clear that he was on a self destructive path. "Life not that hard" ... stop living in a Hollywood story where people just man up and get their life straight. It's like asking you or me to man up and hit the gym so we could get to the NFL. Change the details and his story is about as real as you can get. Lots of studies now show that no matter how messed up we always try to fix that first relationship insome way. Heck, he's almost a Greek tragedy-flew too close to the sun after God-fearing (maybe a phony) Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow tried to warn him off but also allowed his legal problems to be swept under the rug. again, only the cute and cuddly lives are the only ones worth saving. Not the hardened, evil, tattooed ones like his. 'Cause that's how Jesus would roll.
  7. Crying Helps Me Slow Down And Obsess Over The Weight Of Life’s Problems
  8. Dude, eat faster. That ropa is getting viejoer each day.
  9. That's only at sea-level. The higher he goes, the less it's worth.
  10. Winning at life. Now just boss that owing-tax/witholding and you know what Augustus Caesar felt like.
  11. Used to have a Sam's Club membership. It wasn't an issue of cost, but logistics. Our lives: we go to a grocery store to buy food and what not, go to a farm market to buy local fresh veggies and what not, go to Sam's Club to buy bulk stuff, there's usually one more oddball stop. The main difficulty was that we had toddlers/babies/little kids for most of the past 7 years. Getting them in and out of car seats and managing them in stores was too much to have to go to 3 different places. We just needed to be in one store and be done. So it's more out of convenience that we stopped going to Sam's Club. contemplating re-starting my membership because things have settled down a bit. Although, I keep a good handle on our budget and Sam's Club was always a budget buster because you could easily go in there and spend $200 for "stuff we need".
  12. I agree that he's all of the above. "Tragic" isn't just reserved for cute and cuddly. I have a friend who works the suicide hotline. My wife routinely has to institutionalize people who are suicide risks. Regardless of what drives them to that point, to me, it's tragic.
  13. I find that sad that you can't find an "ounce of sympathy". It's tragic. People tend to be like, oh he had everything—it's the very reason to have an ounce of sympathy. No, we didn't lose a Martin Luther King, Jr.-type figure but a bit of humanity is in order. Everyone likes to pretend that they can outrun their history, environment, or upbringing but the vast majority of evidence says no we can't. We point to exceptions that do and hold them up as the norm. But they are that—exceptions. Not the norm. Pretty much, every player in the NFL is an exception just for the simple fact of being in the 1% of the football players that make it there. Many of them have had to control their past to get there and stay there— but many couldn't either. Maurice Claret, Rae Carruth, Dexter Manley. The average NFL career is 4 years long, many can just keep it together long enough to get out of the league on a football related issue. But it's also not surprising that a vast majority are broke 2 years after they leave the league. So really, most of these guys "have everything" but just for a very short bit. The ones that can parlay that into a lifetime of stability and security are, again, the exception.
  14. Shortsighted. He's a good chemist, he'll cook you up the best meth that side of the Colorado mountains.