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  1. Youth Basketball

    Went to my nephew's game this weekend. Parent started talking my ear off. What's AAU? Is that different than travel ball?
  2. I'm not against married priests or women priests—it was church doctrine for a thousand years. But it's a misunderstanding (maybe) of pedophiles. Research shows that it's not a lack of access to women that does this. Pedophiles are attracted to a specific type, boys aged 8-10 for example. Married pedophiles are still pedophiles who will hunt their type. The draw for these predators is most likely the safe haven provided by the church and easier access to their victims. Fix this problem directly. Hire outside, independent entities to hunt for these predators in this church. An Inquisition, if you will. You'll probably eliminate a whole bunch of priests and the church already needs more priests. There's a mad shortage of priests. This subsequent shortage will open up the need for married or women priests out of necessity.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    Two trains leave different cities heading toward each other at different speeds. When and where do they meet? Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet? *Algebra for terrorists
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Wit that said, I've always wanted to develop an exo-suit that would let me fight animals. Gorillas, bears, wolves, tigers, pitbull. If I was elon musk rich, this is what I would be developing. Who the F wants a backwards landing rocket when you can fight gorillas, bears, wolves, tigers and pitbulls?
  5. Random Thought Thread

    The terms "fair fight" and "animal" don't belong in the same sentence. They don't even know we have codes of conduct and such. I mean, they go after the weak and injured prey first right? Animals, by definition, do NOT fight fair. I'm a laugh when you start to lose the fight when the shark goes for the eye gouge, hair pull, and fin to the groin combo.
  6. yup. Cardinal Wuerl, he's in washington now but used to be in Pittsburgh is arguing some detail in the report about him. Yeah, it's probably NOT him in this particular instance (a statement about a "circle of secrecy" is misattributed to him in the report). Here's the thing. You knew it was going on. You were head of the church in western PA. You should have led the witch hunt to oust these pedophile priests with manic fervor. Not a token effort.
  7. Special agents testified before us that they had identified a series of practicesthat regularly appeared, in various configurations, in the diocesan files they had analyzed. It's like a playbook for concealing the truth: First, make sure to use euphemisms rather than real words to describe the sexual assaults in diocese documents. Never say "rape"; say "inappropriate contact" or "boundary issues." Second, don't conduct genuine investigations with properly trained personnel. Instead, assign fellow clergy members to ask inadequate questions and then make credibility determinations about the colleagues with whom they live and work. Third, for an appearance of integrity, send priests for "evaluation" at church -run psychiatric treatment centers. Allow these experts to "diagnose" whether the priest was a pedophile, based largely on the priest's "self -reports," and regardless of whether the priest had actually engaged in sexual contact with a child. Fourth, when a priest does have to be removed, don't say why. Tell his parishioners that he is on "sick leave," or suffering from "nervous exhaustion." Or say nothing at all. Fifth, even if a priest is raping children, keep providing him housing and living expenses, although he may be using these resources to facilitate more sexual assaults. Sixth, if a predator's conduct becomes known to the community, don't remove him from the priesthood to ensure that no more children will be victimized. Instead, transfer him to a new location where no one will know he is a child abuser. Finally and above all, don't tell the police. Child sexual abuse, even short of actual penetration, is and has for all relevant times been a crime. But don't treat it that way; handle it like a personnel matter, "in house."
  8. I'm on page 8 (out of 1,356) and it's already some of the worst stuff I've ever read. Sad. Appalling.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Another positive? The sea don't discriminate. She'll take anyone regardless of race, color, creed or orientation.
  10. Random Thought Thread

    You'll touch the bottom. Eventually.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    How’d you find the time between tennis and croquet?
  12. Random Thought Thread

    That should be a PSA.
  13. Random Thought Thread

    apple + shift + N, bro.
  14. Random Thought Thread

    Pancakes are kinda beigy. Do you ever accidentally eat your hand when you're eating pancakes (more likely crepes—weally fwin pancakes)?