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  1. Well, I do agree he is a pretty cute pup. When you put those goggles on him—kills me. My kids watch a show called Paw Patrol—he reminds me of one of the pups.
  2. Nice beige dog. I juvenile bald eagle flew out in front of my car a few years ago, I slowed down so I wouldn't hit it's tail feathers–it was that close. Or should I have? Anyway, yeah, I had a Jeep Liberty at the time and ma guh, the wingspan was wider than my car. I feel like I could've jumped on it's back and it would've taken me anywhere Gandalf-style.
  3. try audible.com for audio books
  4. I try not to make a habit of lusting over women who are not my wife, but man... tattooed coffee shop girl was smoking this morning. Camo tank top showing offf her nice rack and flat stomach. Blonde with light green eyes. Its crazy 'cause totally not my type with full tattoo sleeves on both arms and a tats around her neck too-but she pulls it off.
  5. Hilton Head is really nice. I loved the jogging trails there.
  6. Tag team. I restrain our 4 YO and my wife tanks out the splinter
  7. Interesting. I said what I did because I always assume that nothing happens by accident in a dealership. Always had it in my head that they did a study where they found that after waiting a long time, an individual's ability to say no weakened or attention span waned and things in the sales contract could be missed.
  8. Most deals can be done with a timer running. I've always been tempted to say, "I've got two hours to close this deal or I'm walking away." i believe the time thing is to wear the buyer down. You don't want to walk away with nothing after waiting so long. It gives them a chance to wear you down at the initial offer, add-on sales, financing, etc
  9. For some unknown reason at a bar with the penguins game on. We had that theory that they just drop a puck in the goal and light the lamp... first goal guy whiffed and it still went in, second puck hit off a skate and in.
  10. Fantastic post.
  11. Yep, another thing with anxiety are other "environmental" factors. Lack of quality sleep for prolonged periods (years) can cause anxiety. Overuse of caffeine (maybe because one is tired) simulates/exacerbates symptoms that read as anxiety but could possibly be controlled by limiting caffeine. If you have read my posts you know I'm kinda anti the whole diet-fixes-everything theory but there's growing evidence that our gut bacteria can be a predictor of mood/depression/anxiety.
  12. Ativan is for anxiety (among other things) and can trigger suicidal thoughts. In my wife's practice she sees more patients for anxiety than any other reason.
  13. That's why I used the term "biological adam and eve". There's actually, in accepted theory, such an individual (or as very small group of females) as "Mitochondrial Eve". A talking snake? Like Quetzlcoatl? Oh and just to be clear. Jesus was white.
  14. Despite how they are portrayed in paintings, the biological Adam and Eve were most likely black. #RTT
  15. On a more somber note—suicide. 2016 was the deadliest year in terms of auto fatalities (about 40K) in the USA . . . but was still outpaced by the number of suicides. Mental illness is no joke. A psychiatrist friend says he estimates about 25% of the American population is clinically depressed, that's diagnosed and undiagnosed combined. Posting this on a message board is ironic because it's part of the disconnected-ness we are part of now. A whole bunch of people lack face to face interactions and deep relationships. We evolved as social animals, the virtual connections are an insufficient proxy for actual relationships. Yeah, I don't know the the exact details of CC's suicide and it could be unique—but it's very possible to be surrounded by admiring fans (shallow relationships) and feel very isolated.