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  1. I'm not the one saying "UK doesn't tolerate mediocrity" in response to why I'm so fired up. You said 61 championship-less seasons since 1948 was unacceptable. By any measure of "don't tolerate mediocrity/championships galore" mentality Cal's done it once and hasn't proven that you can win titles "sustainably" (your word) with one and doners. Coach K's titles are a nice bonus for me, but, get ready for this, I like watching Duke basketball. I like how the offense changes every few years based on our personnel. Title runs just means a few more games to watch. Full disclosure: I didn't think much of Duke this year. UNC, I could picture making THE run—Duke was just about 3-ball and going on spurts. Dangerous way to live 'cause you can go cold anytime. And it finally happened against SC. UNC is built for the tourney, good mix of experience, they can go big, they can shoot, they can run, they can defend. Duke was a one trick pony this year, IMO. Won't say the one and done approach can't work but experience works too. Gonzaga, no blue chippers, but they run SO/JR/JR/JR/SR
  2. Uh, he hasn't. He's done it once. 5 years ago. And it'll be six years in total at least.
  3. Not the NAACP thread
  4. Good luck tryin' to kick my ass as I'm throwing sliced bread and cold cuts at you. Maybe some provolone.
  5. Uh, have one already? Have sired three offspring from her, in fact. hmm. What are their women's teams called? Lady Game****s? Like VCU lady rams?
  6. So assuming you're around 80 years old, you've seen 61 years of unacceptable finishes?
  7. Times like these I miss not having cable.
  8. Didn't you say you were high last night? Maybe got a little hungry? Maybe a little desperate when you drive there and forgot the keys to the building? Maybe found a rock? Maybe got inside and realized that firing up the deep fryer was too much work for someone so high?
  9. I was in the Philippines when the people revolted against Ferdinand Marcos. I believe the turning point was when soldiers stopped identifying with the regime and started identifying with the people. When I see cops hauling people away like the woman in the picture above—at what point do they identify with those that they are arresting than the state.
  10. Only minor shame in losing to eventual champions, South Carolina. dont lose to UNC... we beat them twice.
  11. Asbury, no unmitigated meltdowns this year if U.K. Should lose, okay?
  12. Missy Elliot u genius