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  1. you tube clip or it didn't happen.
  2. I think there is a little bit of nitpicking here. All three were comic book movies, and they all had things that stretched reality.
  3. The characters in Batman movies do extraordinary things. It's not so unbelievable that Catwoman would be the one cat burglar who could crack into an "unbreakable" safe. I thought it was clever.
  4. Unfortunately, it wasn't a no brainer to the lower courts. This was a huge win for free speech. The alternative would have been really bad.
  5. I thought Anne Hathaway did a great job with that role. It was the casting of Talia Al Ghul I didn't like.
  6. I get your point, but I still think it was a poorly sequenced scene...
  7. I understand it, and it is inexplicable to me that this would be what binds them together. You don't become friends with someone you think is dangerous for such a trivial reason. I think the entire movie is riddled with bad writing and bad directing. I am glad Zack Snyder is no longer directing these DC EU movies. Wonder Woman wasn't a perfect film, but it was executed better.
  8. That whole scene was so awful. The transition from Batman wanting to kill Superman to Batman becoming Superman's best friend made no sense. Superman reversed the rotation of the Earth to reverse time. That was not well-written. I agree that Superman 2 was better than the original. The scene where he roughed up those guys in the diner was fantastic.
  9. A younger Batman might have stood a chance.
  10. I agree. I know people who swear that Maggie was the better actress, but I just wasn't feeling it. Katie was much better in that role.
  11. There were certainly a lot of things in Batman Begins that were done right. I wish Nolan had directed Batman vs. Superman. It would have been much better.
  12. My only complaint about TDKR is the casting of Talia Al Ghul. They should have chosen someone younger, hotter, and in better shape than Marion Cotillard.
  13. With a machine gun. Anyone can kill anyone with a machine gun.