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  1. Yeah, that was pretty dark...
  2. 1980 - 1981 - 1983 -
  3. But, Tony made the movie.
  4. Would Frank have made the same mistakes Tony did in the end?
  5. He got a raw deal.
  6. It was a tight race for me between Scarface, Vacation, and A Christmas Story.
  7. What was your favorite film released in 1983? I maxed out the poll and still couldn't fit all the good movies made that year.
  8. Great point. I must agree.
  9. The 80's were full of good music, good Redskins victories, and good movies. Seems like a good decade to revisit this way. Gandhi was a fantastic movie. I am a little surprised it is getting left in the dust behind some of the other picks, but then again a Redskins message board isn't a typical movie audience either.
  10. I am a little surprised Fast Times at Ridgemont High is winning this poll right now. It was a funny movie, but not the best movie of 1982 by a longshot. I liked that movie as a child. I bought it as a birthday gift for my niece, and she loved it too. It doesn't hold up as the best movie of 1982 though. lol It's a dated movie. It's not as good today as it was in 1982, but I still think it's a solid action film.
  11. Yes. I am a movie person, so I value original films regarded as "classics." I will only give a remake a chance if I think it will improve on the original. A remake that does not improve on the orginal (e.g., Point Break) is just a cash grab. He means they want to model it after James Bond in the respect that John Rambo will be played by a different actor in stints. I am not a fan of that idea since John Rambo will be tough to duplicate with a different actor.
  12. Sly is certainly good at making money. I won't see a First Blood remake/reboot myself though.
  13. That is a mistake. It is sure to suck. Sly made the character in the original.