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  1. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    I don't feel as bad as I did last week, but there is still much work to be done.
  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that injuries will come much more often than we would like for Sua Cravens.
  3. Is the Extremeskins message board officially dead?

    I was here originally well over a decade ago, and the crowd has certainly changed. There is still plenty of activity here to keep it running though.
  4. Redskins at Ratbirds GAME DAY THREAD

    We looked like complete ****. And, it's true...Kirk Cousins is our only quarterback. He needs to get more reps to prepare for the season.
  5. All Things Boxing

    I think the PPV is reasonably priced too. Even though I think McGregor stands almost no chance of winning, I am definitely buying the PPV because I want to see exactly how it goes down. McGregor claims to have a strategy. I want to see how far that strategy can take him.
  6. What is your favorite Star Trek Series?

    It's no landslide. The original series had a certain charm, and the most classic characters, but it is seriously dated.
  7. What is your favorite Star Trek Series?

    You remember correctly. Voyager had the worst characters in the franchise. Most of them never really developed well. Enterprise had some highs and lows. Looking back, I have a favorable view of it. I thought Bacula did a decent job. I also thought the chemistry between the main characters developed more quickly than any of the series that came before it (except the original). The only Trek movies I really liked were Wrath of Kahn, Undiscovered Country, Nemesis, and Star Trek (2009). The rest I can do without. Totally agree about First Contact. Picard and Worf both were out of character. Also agree about time travel as a plot device. If the Borg can travel back in time to jack up Earth while the Enterprise is close enough to follow, then the Borg can do it again when the Enterprise is not around. Eventually, the Borg would accomplish that mission. Generations had other issues due to the time travel plot device. If you could travel to any point in time to stop a villain who wants to destroy a sun, why would you do it at a point when he has the upper hand and is only moments from accomplishing his goal? Why wouldn't you do it at a time when he is more vulnerable (like when he was on the ship)? Also, of all the people you are going to enlist to help you stop this guy, why would you pick fat old man James T. Kirk?
  8. What is your favorite Star Trek Series?

    I thought the first season of Enterprise had some decent episodes (particularly the ones with the Andorians) and the fourth season was really good, but the second season was weak and the third season was absolutely awful.
  9. What is your favorite Star Trek Series?

    I agree that the original had the best characters in the entire franchise, and some of the best writing, but the overall production of next generation and DS9 was just superior. The acting was often better, the special effects were way better, and the writing was still often really good (in the last 4 seasons at least).
  10. I never considered myself a "trekker" or a "trekkie," but I grew up watching different incarnations of Star Trek, and I always considered myself a casual fan of the show. Lately, I have been rewatching past episodes of DS9, TNG, Enterprise, and TOS (some of which I have not seen in about 20 years). Watching old episodes of Trek is definitely making me feel nostalgic, and seeing previews of the new crap CBS is trying to solicit internet subscriptions for gives me a renewed appreciation for some of the really well thought-out stuff they did in the 90's. I never cared for Voyager or the animated series, but my ranking for the shows I did like: 4. Enterprise 3. Original Series 2. Next Generation 1. DS9
  11. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    A post Voyager series that opened up the door for cameos of actors from previous Trek shows was the only way to go. That might of had me purchasing a CBS subscription.
  12. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I don't agree. Next Generation had some seriously good writing in its last 4 seasons. Enterprise had a decent 1st season, and a strong 4th season. Voyager absolutely sucked, but I would still take it over this Discovery crap.
  13. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Because you have to walk a fine line between the style of a show set 10 years prior (that is made in the 2010's) and the style of the original series (which was made in the 60's). They have done a good job of this with prior incarnations of Trek, but it doesn't even look like they are trying to make this series fit the Star Trek puzzle. Everything looks completely different and incongruent with the timeline. Also, there needs to be continuity in other ways (like the Klingons for example). The Klingons were a significant part of the Star Trek story-line for basically it's entire existence. Make up has changed them over the years, but now the Klingons they are introducing in this new series hardly resemble the Klingons we have known in the past (not out of necessity, but out of choice). CBS is being lazy, and it is going to result in this series being a bust.