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  1. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I never heard that before about needing 4 seasons to sell the show on DVD. I recall Paramount wanted to cancel Enterprise after it's third season. People on the message boards bombarded Paramount with letters and e-mails requesting that they keep the show on the air. We ultimately got a fourth season. I am not sure how much of the decision was due to the letters, but I know the fans made an effort. True. Although TNG, DS9, and Voyager did all get their full run (and despite Voyager having some bad ratings in the later seasons).
  2. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I don't get it. That show is utter garbage. I noticed the same thing when I watched Enterprise. With TNG and DS9, it really took several episodes (or even seasons) for characters to develop to the point that I liked them. But, with Enterprise I liked all the characters and thought they interacted really well with one another right from the start (much like the original series). It still bums me out to this day that Enterprise didn't get a full 7 season run, and we didn't get to see the evolution of the Federation of Planets.
  3. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I didn't like the 3rd season of Enterprise at all, but the 1st and 4th season are great.
  4. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Most people dislike Nemesis, but it is the only TNG movie I liked. Definitely give DS9 a chance. It really picks up in the later seasons.
  5. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    This is a lengthy but decent review of the STD series thus far:
  6. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    It is an abomination. They are just using the Star Trek name to sell it.
  7. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I think this is by far the least consistent version of Klingons we have ever seen. The Enterprise show did it's best to explain the discrepency between the original series Klingons and the others. There is nothing that makes sense about these new Klingons though.
  8. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    It was awful. No chance I would pay to see anymore of that. Those Klingons were bad comedy.
  9. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    It was an even bigger piece of garbage than I thought it was going to be. No way I would pay for that.
  10. Game Day Thread: #Redskins vs Raiders

    Mack Brown is simply better than Perine. Perine belongs on the practice squad instead.
  11. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have all been offering original content for several years, so I guess they all saw the writing on the wall. Personally, I think the networks contracting all their stuff out to a few providers (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime) is a better idea than all of them having their own on demand channels. Who is going to pay for all of them? Sales are probably not going to be as strong as they want.
  12. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    You can still watch re-runs from any of the other Star Trek shows on Hulu. Just this new one is exclusively on CBS All Access. There is no way I am going to line CBS' pockets for pulling this crap. I have zero interest in paying extra for what I don't even really think looks like a great product. What a way to gouge a loyal fan base.
  13. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    It is cooler to watch the seasons in chronological order because of a few guest appearances here and there, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter that much. You will string it all together in the end either way. TNG was an awesome show. I liked DS9 just a little more. Like you I grew up on the original series, but despite it's charm and classic characters it is hard to get past just how dated the special effects, props, and sets are, so I understand why you skipped a couple seasons.
  14. I saw Birth of the Dragon. I give it a 5/10. The only thing I really liked about it was Phillip Ng did a pretty good job of mimicking Bruce Lee's speech and mannerisms.
  15. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    No hint. It is supposed to take place 10 years prior to the original series.