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  1. Stripes is a classic movie, but I am surprised Ghostbusters didn't get better representation. Ghostbusters was a monster hit in the 80's. It's probably Murray's biggest box office hit if you factor in inflation.
  2. True, but I found his "schtick" to always be really funny. It never really got old for me. That said, Lost in Translation is a great movie and different from anything else he did.
  3. That was really funny, but it was only a cameo. There is no way it beats out most of the other options. Scrooged was an extremely popular movie. That was not overlooked. I would say Quick Change was his most overlooked film. Quick Change was a flop at the box office, but it was a very funny and clever movie.
  4. While I enjoyed "The Man Who knew Too Little," I think it is the weakest from among the list.
  5. Stripes is a classic. Loved that movie as a kid.
  6. Rushmore and The Life Aquatic were not his very best work, but they were great movies in their own right. I will not see the new Ghostbusters film. It looks like ****, and no Ghostbusters movie should have been made without original characters in it.
  7. He was great in Kingpin. One of the best comedies ever made.
  8. Actually, What About Bob was a really popular comedy when it was released. Well reviewed. Not my favorite though.
  9. Easily my favorite comedian of all time. What was his best performance in a film?
  10. I think Bruce wants to take control of the wheel again. Wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Skins to hire a real GM.
  11. I will definitely keep it up. Why should I reward someone who has kept our team mostly in the gutter for over two decades? I thought more fans would wise up by now and do the same. Oh, well. Maybe one day they will get tired of getting pissed on by Snyder.
  12. I have not bought Redskins merchandise or tickets in 10 years. Full on boycott is the only way to go.
  13. @-JB-That would have been good stuff.
  14. For the OP, I think it was more about venting than hoping Bruce would actually listen. Bruce gets paid a whole lot of money to suck at his job. Why shouldn't he suffer a maxed out voice mail box of dissatisfied fans?
  15. Maybe his son is not a complete idiot. *fingers crossed* lol