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  1. I am not seeing any similarities between those two.
  2. It was hard to pick and choose which of his movies should make the poll, but One Hour Photo was an oversight. That was a really good one. Very disturbing.
  3. Although Robin Williams was originally known as a comedian, he had a range of some pretty good roles.
  4. Left it off (and a few others) because I didn't want the poll to be too large. Plus, this was really Rick Moranis' movie.
  5. All three of those movies were great. I think Steve Martin has a pretty strong body of work. It's his earliest films that I like the least.
  6. Steve Martin was brilliant in All of Me. It was hard not to pick that as his best performance, but I went with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles because I think that was his funniest movie.
  7. Another iconic comedian. He has a very long resume, so I may have missed a few.
  8. Add a button to their remote control, so they don't have to leave the couch. Seriously, though, forcing people to vote?
  9. Fury Road is supposed to be a direct sequel to the original. It ignores the other sequels.
  10. What kind of sample do we have to go by? How often has that ever even happened?
  11. Wayne's World is definitely dated, but I will always dig it. It's such an important piece of 90's pop culture, and I think the sequel gets too much hate. Not sure how younger generations perceive the franchise though. I also think a third installment could work because it would draw in the generation that grew up with it. Last summer, I saw Black Sabbath at Jiffy Lube Live, and I was fully expecting to see a younger crowd of Black Sabbath fans. However, when I looked around, it seemed like the average age of the people there was about 45 (and some people were much older). People hold on to their past. I think there is a market for a Wayne's World 3.
  12. One of my fav Austin Power moments...
  13. I thought he could do some things really well. Wayne and Austin Powers were both iconic characters to me. His work on SNL was pretty funny. I do think he is past his prime now though.