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  1. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    McConnell is a Brett Brown guy and Fultz's shoulder is messed up. He's their future.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    That's a good suggestion and I definitely want to watch him. I love what I saw from him in the Michigan State and Indiana games. But he's only got two cut up videos on DB. We should wait until they add more for him.
  3. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Don't know where to put this, but I think that it should be a 15 yard penalty when offensive players drop their helmets into contact with the defender like Garcon did to Nicholson. Either that or you have to make any contact a defender makes with their head legal. It's a dangerous and unnecessary play that needs to be legislated out of the game.
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Who should we breakdown this week? Any suggestions? I was kind of thinking a linebacker. Maybe that kid from Texas.
  5. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Nice little blurb on PFF about Ioannaidis today: We've given Zach Brown and DJ Swearinger a lot of well-deserved recognition for how much of an impact on our defense they've made. Ioannidis has been a major key too. The thing that gets me about Ioannidis is that I had no idea this was coming. I thought this dude was going to be a rotation body whose role was basically just two-gapping on first down. I never expected him to become a dominant power rusher in nickle subs. I'm not alone, none of us saw this coming. A couple of things I think we missed: - He was much more of a specimen coming out of Temple than we realized. He was freakishly strong and he's got no sloppiness on him. He was built like Leonidas. - Temple probably doesn't have the best strength and conditioning program. Ioannidis looks like a much faster and more explosive athlete now than he was at Temple. He was strong enough to take on doubles at Temple, now he's strong and explosive enough to ragdoll Gabe Jackson. I think he's one of the strongest players in the NFL. He and Allen and Preston Smith are the future.
  6. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Conservative playcalling and we've gotten extraordinarily good corner play so far. I know we've barely been blitzing. And I wouldn't be shocked if we've been playing more single coverage than the average defense, so guys are staying home by design. But the main thing has to be the quality of corner play. Breeland was having a good season, Fuller has been outstanding, Dunbar has been a revelation, and Norman is Norman. The run of good corner play might be over though. Losing Breeland and Norman is tough to overcome and, good as he's been, I don't trust that Dunbar is for real yet.
  7. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    These are significant losses. We can't do the things we like to do on defense without Breeland, Norman, and Allen. Can't win with vanilla zones without them, we're going to have to blitz and play man. The injuries to the defense are depressing. It's similar to what Kansas City is experiencing with their defense. It pains me that we only got to see a couple of games of them at full strength, because I still think this unit could have been special before they started dropping like flies.
  8. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    It does go along way. That attitude is why the Ravens and Steelers defenses of the 2000's were so good. Lots of teams have a lot of good talent. Hell our defense in 2005 was loaded, but we didn't have that kind of toughness and accountability to put us over the top. Swearinger is a good player, but that leadership is what makes him special. He has gotten a lot of credit for being a culture changer, and it's deserved.
  9. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    I think he's a stud. He looked like Gilbert Arenas 2.0 at Washington. If I were a GM, I would rebuild around him. A key word in that post you quoted that you apparently missed was "unless." Embiid could bust too by the way, and I was on his bandwagon really early. It wouldn't shock me if Markelle Fultz is the only one out of their big 3 who actually works out because Philly hasn't had a lot of success developing injured bigs.
  10. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    Davis = KG. Transcendent player wasting his prime on a hopeless team. Put him on the Wizards and he turns us from a second tier team into a title team. He needs some guards to play with. If Embiid gets over the injury bug and starts having a career too, then we're going to be saying the same thing about him in a couple of years unless Markelle Fultz pans out. You can't do anything as a big man in this NBA without legit guards. And a half-retired Rondo doesn't count, although he should help if for no other reason than to push Jrue Holiday off the ball.
  11. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    56 wins and the one seed. Wall finishes second in MVP voting. Beal and Porter make the AS game.
  12. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    He needs time. Kelly's injury thrust him into a bigger role than he was ready for. He hasn't seen enough to get comfortable and trust his instincts yet. I believe in his talent. I don't think he's going to be a star, but I think he can be a productive starter. It's also not all on him. The run game itself is inconsistent. Jay hasn't developed a nice rhythmic feel for calling it this season. Some games he's got it and everything flows. But then there are ones like yesterday where he's calling the wrong runs against the wrong looks and we end up falling behind the chains--and then he always has to resist his natural instinct to start throwing the ball too much. And the execution of the OL and TEs and WRs has also been up and down. Sometimes they are completely dominant and then sometimes they just can't get the plays blocked and they get stuck behind the 8-Ball. I think it's definitely a symptom of having such a multiple run game with so many difficult blocks designed into the runs. You could get more consistency in the execution up front by simplifying the run game, but I don't know that I would go that route personally. You'd lose the dynamism of the run game by doing that. I think the players will get more comfortable as the season goes on, and I would continue spending premium teambuilding resources in the offseason to stack OL and TE with talent so they can run our difficult scheme well. But in the mean time, we need to be patient with our young players because this is a particularly tough running game to execute well.
  13. Big Mouth on Netflix is excellent.
  14. Niners release veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman

    2015. He tore his Achilles last season.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread imgur and gfycat create the files as movies that I haven't figured out how to embed directly into posts.