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  1. I call that smart. Use the unpopularity of a disastrous, hateful set of laws to get them totally repealed. Otherwise let the stupid ****s who passed it pay the political price for doing so.
  2. I hope LeBron has Nike buy out Big Baller Brand and turn it into a company for adult diapers.
  3. I'm also going to put an asterisk next to Devin Booker's 70 point game because you know he wouldn't have made all of those free throws if he was going against Lonzo.
  4. Here's my bold prediction: We're going to stop using the merger, Bird-Magic, and MJ as the NBA's key historical benchmarks and refer to everything that happened before this upcoming summer as the pre-Lonzo era.
  5. I brought this up in the NCAA thread: Should this year's eventual champion have an asterisk next to their name in the history books because they didn't have to play against Lonzo Ball?
  6. I think you can say that this year's NBA champion deserves to have an asterisk next to their name because they won't have Lonzo Ball on their team.
  7. Another point against the impact of the one and done blue chipper--Markelle Fultz and Dennis Dickson's teams sucked and their coaches got fired. LSU sucked when Ben Simmons was there and Cal with Jaylen Brown lost in the first round while an Oklahoma team led by Buddy Hield made it to the Final Four. However, the one and done rule clearly does have a vast impact on the NBA. Were it not for the rule, Golden State could have locked up the championship this year by trading Steph Curry for Lonzo Ball.
  8. Jennings won't have to play much. John and Brad will be playing like 42-44 minutes a game. That leaves like 8-12 minutes for a single reserve guard. The front court is going to see much more rotation because those guys can't handle the kind of workload that Wall and Beal can. Gortat, Mahinmi, Porter, Morris, Smith, and Oubre all get into foul trouble. So they'll probably all play.
  9. Eh, these blue chip one and done prospects don't really have as big an impact on the landscape of the NCAA as their reputations suggest. The good teams are still led by upperclassmen. Justin Jackson is a junior. Dillon Brooks and Jordan Bell are juniors. Josh Hart is a senior. Sindarius Thornwell is a senior. Frank Mason is a senior and Devonte Graham is a junior. Johnathan Motley is a junior too. So is Devin Robinson. Of that group, Justin Jackson is probably the only guy who will go in the first round. I'm not even sure if Gonzaga has a single guy who will be drafted this year. Kentucky and Duke are the only schools that have won a championship with the One and Done model, and they've each only done so once. And in Kentucky's case, they only achieved it with a once in a generation freshman in Anthony Davis. They couldn't get it done with the Karl Anthony Towns and John Wall teams, which were recruiting classes that were better than the Fab Five. And in Duke's case, Grayson Allen stayed in school and Quinn Cook and Amile Jefferson were upperclassmen.
  10. I would go ten. IMO, Wall, Beal, and Porter are the only guys capable of playing 40 MPG in the playoffs. Kelly is going to have to play and Jason Smith might have to play too if Gortat continues to struggle. Gortat looks worn down and I don't know that he can handle more than 20 something minutes a game.
  11. He's a pretty good PnR finisher. Fast and aggressive when he goes to the rim. He'd be a lot better if he was a good FT shooter because his speed gets him to the FT line. As is typical of strong players like him, he has no touch on his FT shot. It's a line drive to the back of the rim. My other complaint about his offense is that he sometimes tries to do too much. He'll take the ball out at the 3 pt line and start dribbling sometimes. Or start posting up near the FT line. The first always makes me nervous, and it usually disrupts the rhythm of the possession and takes some time away from players who actually have a snowball's chance in hell of creating something. The second means it'll probably be a lost possession. Watching him play defense is definitely fun. He's got super quick hands. He punishes a loose handle and gets a ton of steals for a center. He also hits the defensive glass pretty hard when rebounding in traffic. I like that, Gortat is much more lackadaisical about defensive rebounding. A healthy Mahinmi is a top five defensive player in the NBA. If he starts next season and plays almost every game, we can probably field a top five defense. Especially if Kelly can handle more minutes.
  12. The Cavs, Warriors, Rockets, and Clippers are the only match ups where we wouldn't have the best player in the series. I'm not ****ing worried about the Heat or the Bucks. I don't get the trepidation that fans of the top four seeds have about those two teams. Miami has almost completely turned over their roster from those championship teams, they have almost no post season experience. And neither does Milwaukee. The team people should be more worried about is Indy. Paul George is the third best player in the conference and they're fairly seasoned. Still not scared of them though. Cleveland is the only scary team in the East. - Scott Brooks > Tyronn Lue. - Morris + Gortat + Mahinmi + Bogdanovich + Oubre + Smith + Jennings >> JR Smith + Tristan Thompson + Korver + Shumpert + Jefferson + Deron Williams + Frye/Derrick Williams But LeBron + Irving + Love >> Wall + Beal + Porter. And that matters more than the other things. To beat a healthy Cleveland team we'd need everything to go right. We'd need our role players to be perfect and Wall would need to take the whole series over like he did in last night's game.
  13. I was going to say the same thing. You need a second starter with Mahinmi. He's as injury prone as Nene. You have to make the move to start Mahinmi next season though. He's better than Gortat now. I wouldn't make the change now because I don't think it's a good idea to make changes to the starting line up right before the postseason. Gortat was also instrumental in Wall and Beal going off like they did last night. He just wiped out Miami's weak perimeter defense.
  14. True. But I don't think we can beat a healthy Cleveland in a series. That said, all it takes is one injury to any of their big three. That team is paper thin.
  15. **** man. Boston is going to get the one seed. Cleveland and Washington are the two best teams in the East. We deserve the opportunity to pound some butt against the Raptors and Celtics before meeting in the conference finals.