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  1. I'm not sure what I would do, but I do know that Anthony Davis is the only player for whom I would consider trading John Wall. That would be a really weird and unprecedented trade. I'm not sure two superstars in their prime have ever been swapped in a 1:1 deal.
  2. I just read that Wall can't get six years on a DPE signed this summer because the rules only allow up to six years total of team control. He still has two seasons on his current contract, so the extension could only be for four years. That changes the value of his contract a great deal because the final two years of a 35% max with 7.5% annual raises scaled to the 2019-2020 salary cap would have been for 100 million dollars. Now I'm not so sure Wall will sign a DPE contract this summer. He could bet on himself and go for a fifth year next summer. It'd be a huge risk, he's only got so many chances at an All NBA spot when Curry, Westbrook, and Harden are locks for half of them (and there are already three fewer spots for guards than forwards). But the potential reward could be an extra 50 million on his extension. That's a hell of a lot of money.
  3. This movie got to me too gbear. Not because of anything that had happened in my life though. It's such a powerhouse performance from Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon kills it in a role I would not have imagined for her. A lot of Sean Penn movies are very moving. Milk and Mystic River come to mind too. Penn can draw blood from a stone.
  4. Those caramel banana crepes look amazing.
  5. It's just about the most wrenching 10 minutes of film ever created.
  6. Durant didn't even meet with us. He didn't want to come here. He wanted to take the easy way out and that was Golden State.
  7. If John made 350-400 million in career earnings, you're getting into ownership territory. He could be the controlling interest in a group with that kind of money.
  8. The beginning of Up was rough. So was Toy Story 3. Schindler's List is a good one. Spielberg is good at drawing that kind of response from his audience. A lot of Tom Hanks movies that are pretty powerful. Green Mile, Forrest Gump, and Philadelphia are all emotional. Some other ones - Million Dollar Baby - Dead Man Walking - Hotel Rwanda - Big Fish - Atonement I think the one that ****ed me up the most was 12 Years A Slave. Some other ones that left me feeling hollow: Precious, Children of Men, Requiem for a Dream, Spotlight
  9. I like the movies from '82 and '84 way better. None of these movies are essential. I voted for Big Chill. Great soundtrack.
  10. Let's say John didn't sign the DPE this summer though. New Orleans calls and offers Anthony Davis for Wall straight up. Do we say yes?
  11. And we have at least another two years of this to look forward to.
  12. Worst WCF in decades. Outside of an entertaining but ultimately meaningless Wizards--Celtics conference semifinal, this has been an absolutely garbage postseason. I don't see how anyone can enjoy and defend this.
  13. I think that gives you part of the path to parity for the NBA then. Part of the component of a super team is a core group that's able to stay together forever. If your cap can force teams to turn over their rosters and let go of high quality third, fourth, fifth, etc. pieces and replace them with new ones, then you can probably force parity. Think of the Cavs not being able to spend way over the cap and keep Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. That team becomes beatable. Think if the Warriors had to let one of Curry/Draymond/Klay walk along with Barnes and Bogut, (and they weren't able to sign Durant). They become beatable too.
  14. It's not just a few million less. If Wall turned down a DPE contract to sign a 4 year 30% max with 4.5 raises, you're probably talking about walking away from 130 million dollars. Let's do the math. Say 2019 has a 109 million dollar cap. That's the current projection. If it holds: A max deal from another team would pay out 32.7 + 34.2 + 35.7 + 37.3 = 139.9 million A DPE contract from us would pay out 38.2 + 41 + 44.1 + 47.5 + 51 + 54.8 = 276.6 million Dwight Howard walked away from about 30 million dollars to leave the Lakers for the Rockets. That ended up being a disaster for him. Nobody else has walked away from anywhere close to that amount of money before. This could be Wall's only shot at a DPE too. If he gets hurt and misses an All NBA team next year, then it's off the table next summer. Likewise for his final season under contract. There are all sorts of other bad things beyond his control that could happen too. The bubble fueled by the potentially disastrous TV deal that ESPN and TNT signed with the NBA could burst and the cap could stop growing or even decline. Wall is also the only star player without a shoe deal and he doesn't have any other major endorsement deals like most of his peers. He doesn't have the spare earnings outside of his NBA contract. If we offer him the DPE, he's going to sign it.
  15. College Basketball has a pretty high level of parity. 12 different champions in the last 20 years. 23 different teams in the Final. 39 different teams in the Final Four.