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  1. MBDTF was a fantastic album. One of the best of that year. I think Late Registration is one of the best album ever made in any genre. Kanye has a talent for creating ambitious narrative and musical themes that I don't think any other hip hop artist can match. He's also got a knack for capturing amazing and memorable feature performances from other hip hop artists that are better than their solo work. I'm thinking people like Niki Minaj and Paul Wall and The Game.
  2. The DC sports fan in me is already wondering how the sports gods will crush our happiness today. The Wizards and Nationals have been winning too much recently for me to be comfortable.
  3. The NBA thread is sassy today. I love it.
  4. The only thing separating Boston from the one seed and the seventh or eight seed is Stevens. He's worth like 10-12 regular season wins.
  5. How about another classic? Can you believe this came out in 1999? Where has the time gone? NSFW
  6. Ranking MCs is different than ranking artists. Kanye isn't a great MC but he's one of the greatest artists in the history of the genre. The artist is a more holistic notion. I feel like we're getting some hang ups by not doing enough to distinguish between the two in our rankings.
  7. Yeah, LeBron isn't going down easy. Not unless he gets injured, and he never gets injured. I don't think we're there yet. Never even been to a conference final, so we'll be in uncharted waters physically and mentally. I think we can push the Cavs to the brink, but LeBron is still LeBron and he's going to find a way even though, truth be told, the team around John is probably better than the one around LeBron. But I do think we've got next after LeBron finally gets old and has to give up the torch.
  8. I like Nas better than Jay-Z and I think he's a better writer. But even still, Jay-Z's work is better. Nobody can match the strength of his discography.
  9. In all seriousness, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z are absolutely on the Mount Rushmore. I'm not sure who Kendrick knocks off to get there, but he's done it. Who else put out four masterpiece albums in a span of like 5 years?
  10. Alright then: Ying Yang Twins = top 5. "I love ****. **** is good but it always bleed when that time of the month comes, **** it's yo week!" = GOAT lyrics.
  11. Damn I was going to make the Macklemore joke but somebody already beat me to it.
  12. I don't think he's going to get traded though. I think he hits free agency. The issue is Indy is not going to get fair value in return so they're going to try their hardest to put a team around him and convince him to stay in the summer of 2018. Boston won't want to give up much if they're not sure they can extend him.
  13. He'd be in a worse spot than he is in Indy. The Lakers suck. They're not going to hook a whale until they get good again. All Star free agents coming up on their first unrestricted free agency aren't going to waste the rest of their prime years trying to lead a kindergarten class to the eight seed. If Paul George was a free agent today, and we had the cap space to sign him, he would be on the first plane to DC. If we traded for him I'd have zero fear of being able to sign him to an extension.
  14. Depends on when you want to make the trade. If you want to make it this summer, then you have to sign Porter first and Indy has to include contract ballast. If you wait until Paul George hits free agency the next summer, then you create cap space by trading Porter for a set of low cost assets (draft picks) and then just sign George outright. Indy isn't going to give up on keeping Paul George yet. They've got one more summer and trade deadline to try and convince him to stay. He won't be moved before February of next year. I think he probably hits free agency. Actually, if we can sign Otto to a 5 for $100 million deal, we could trade him straight up for George. Otto + our first. I'd keep that offer in my back pocket if I was Indy and pull the trigger at the trade deadline if nothing better came along. Myles Turner + Otto Porter is a solid foundation in young talent. And if I get a good young guard in the draft, then there you go.
  15. Giannis looks like a young Muhammad Ali.