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  1. Zoony doesn't like it that Liberals are angry and getting out of their place. Zoony perversely holds Liberals responsible for all of the ****ed up things the Republicans are doing. Zoony shows his ass every time he posts about issues like this.
  2. Both. But also because I think Hart might get a ton of minutes due to the Russell trade. Clarkson can play both guard spots, but he's a natural PG and I think Lonzo is going to have to time share with him. I don't know that they're going to be able to play Lonzo and Clarkson together a lot because neither have reliable three ball range. So unless Nick Young gets a ton of minutes, I think Hart has a chance to start or play sixth man minutes. I felt Hart was the Malcolm Brogdon of the class and that he has the body and skill set to play immediately. And on the flip side, I think Lonzo is going to get picked on and have a rough year.
  3. Yeah. They don't know what they don't know. Too many people are blowing sunshine up their asses.
  4. Republican cannibalism. Take a principled stand to protect your constituents against disgusting legislation that was drafted in secret, with zero outside input, that EVERYONE opposes. Your party leadership will then immediately spend millions to destroy you. They're the lowest form of scum.
  5. You're probably right. Mine was a conservative estimate from the perspective of a fan of an opposing team. The next two seasons are really high stakes for LeBron. He's got to find a new super team dynamic in a really limited time frame and his current team has no room or trade assets that could make it better. I honestly think that San Antonio scenario is his last best option for winning another title. I don't know what their cap situation is like though, it could be impossible.
  6. You're not going to influence Trump voters without trying. It wasn't that long ago that working whites of the Ohio valley were a core Democratic constituency. Democrats can't stop competing for these votes.
  7. I'm reading that a lot of Celtics fans don't think trading for Paul George is a good idea. They think it'd absolutely be a one year rental. They're probably right. Which makes the decision to not trade for Jimmy Butler really damning. He was right there to be had. They could have gotten two years on a team friendly deal and he probably would have signed long term. Seriously, what the Hell is Ainge thinking? Wouldn't commit to rebuilding around Fultz and wouldn't commit to winning now with IT, Horford, and Butler. Feels like all of their hope rests in signing Gordon Hayward. But with the right offer, they could have gotten both Butler and Hayward and Butler can play SG. Thomas + Butler + Hayward + Horford had a real shot at beating the Cavs.
  8. I hope smoking weed is legal nationwide within the next couple of years. We used to talk about it in hopeful ambition when I was in college ten years ago. Ridiculous that it's taken this long to reach the cusp of legalization. Smoking weed as a young adult is part of becoming woke. It can **** you up though. It's hard to manage a drug/alcohol habit and, though mild, weed does still lead to a lot of insecurity/instability. It's like alcohol in that you have to be really careful with it and young people never are.
  9. The son of a **** can write. He's right, and pieces like that one are satisfying for the purposes of venting. But they're not helpful. If you're trying to influence people to change behaviors, calling them stupid when they are bamboozled/uninformed/misinformed is both wrong and foolish. IMO, a writer as talented as Pierce shouldn't be writing narrow, spiteful pieces preaching to his motivated, educated, liberal choir. He should be writing for a broad audience. People do not understand this ****. If you're smart and do understand healthcare and can write and have a platform like Pierce does, then try and engage with and influence people.
  10. LeBron's 32. He's got like three or four years left of being good enough to carry a contender. Does anyone aside from the most delusional Lakers fan really think he's going to waste those final years babysitting a bunch of kids in LA? LeBron's going to figure out how to form another super team somewhere. Him, CP3, and Melo are going to end up on the Clippers, or somewhere like that. Still won't beat the Warriors, but they'd be the second best team in the league probably. Or, bear with me, CP3 goes to San Antonio this summer and LeBron follows him there a year later. LeBron has a ton of respect for Popovich, I think he'd relish playing for him. And LeBrion + CP3 + Kawhi is now getting into even footing territory with the Warriors.
  11. LeBron won't sign with the Lakers because they suck.
  12. That seems pretty crazy that a kid with a torn ACL (whose game is heavily reliant on his athleticism), a draft bust, and a mid lottery pick were the most that Chicago could get for Jimmy Butler on draft night. Boston couldn't beat that? Not that I'm complaining, but what the Hell is wrong with Danny Ainge?
  13. I think getting Jimmy Butler for that package of role players was a steal for Minnesota. That's how you consolidate a surplus of young assets and turn it into something great. Wow. Chicago is going to be bad for a minute. But they had to get something for him I guess. Gar Forman and John Paxson have really ****ed things up since firing Thibs.
  14. I don't think any one person has done more harm to the country since the GWB administration than McConnell. He's vermin.
  15. So much for buying a pick to get Josh Hart. Figures.