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  1. The one thing that still doesn't add up is why the patient's wishes were ignored by Mayo clinic. She was an adult who had been making decisions about her care for some time. In fact, the realization of this is what led police to stop pursuing the family as having kidnapped the patient. This, plus the patient's own statements, where she accused the hospital of medically kidnapping her and denying her wish to go home is where Mayo still comes out looking bad. Especially since the family did learn how to administer care for her and she ended up being fine. That's what gave the story its legs. And I think Destino's right that there is something very shady about being able to seek guardianship over a person in secret. Doing this makes Mayo look bad too.
  2. This is an extraordinary claim to have gotten wrong. The kind of thing that should open CNN up to a lawsuit.
  3. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Re: the Buckner quote Brave, My point is that I don't want Dwight thinking about trying to evolve into Davis or Durant for a minute. That part wasn't taken out of context, that was the trainer telling us Dwight is trying to change to a more perimeter-oriented game. That is a hare-brained idea. He will never be able to do what they can do. But nor can they do what Dwight was able to do when he was actually a great player. If he wants to model his game after other players, then model it after Gobert. It just feels to me that Dwight has been playing for himself for so many years that he's forgotten how to play winning team ball. He's become a mercenary.
  4. Vox: Elizabeth Warren has a plan to save capitalism

    Bigger political picture here is that Warren is differentiating herself from Bernie because she's probably going to run for president in 2020 and he's a potential opponent.
  5. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    2k18 is ridiculous. I just pulled down 60 rebounds in two games.
  6. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    That's a ****ing dumb thing for his trainer to say. You don't get to just evolve into someone whose been dribbling and shooting from the perimeter their entire lives at age 32. I want Dwight in the paint at all times except when he's setting high screens. If he could just be the Orlando version of himself, we will win an ass load of games. I did a season of the MyCareer mode on NBA2K on the Wizards. Made a center who specialized in athletic finishing and defense. Basically a DeAndre Jordan. No skills whatsoever. I only averaged like 13 points per game, all coming from putbacks and pick and rolls. But I also averaged liked 30+ good screens a game and over 16 rebounds and the team had the #1 defense by a huge margin and it went 74-8 in the regular season and 16-0 in the playoffs. Point being dominant inside play makes it easy to win, but you don't get the ball and you don't get to score. It's all about relentlessly grinding away in the screen game and on the glass and making sure opponents don't get easy looks at the rim from inside. It's unglamorous and it's exhausting, but it's how you win. There is a reason Bill Russell is a top five player and won 37 championships even though ignorant revisionists **** on him for only averaging 15 PPG. I am skeptical that Dwight has the toughness, the drive, the legs, and the vigor left to play this role for us. We need to get someone young and high motor.
  7. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    John is never going to stop talking or varnish his opinions. He's a talker. He will fill up a column in the time it takes another person to answer a single question. I don't have a problem with it. I'm actually glad to see he's confident heading into next season because it indicates he has faith in this construction. If he didn't, that would be the death knell. I think the national media misunderstands John, and that's the biggest reason they think there are all these deep chemistry issues with our team. The team is used to the way John talks and they understand him. He's very unclear and very rapid fire to anyone else. Remember when John supposedly disliked Otto? That was sourced from an interview where John offered honest criticism in response to a question about what Otto needed to do to improve and it was delivered without anger or resentment. Remember when he and Beal hated each other? On John's side, a lot of that came from a misunderstanding of John saying that Beal should get the chance to go and earn his money. John wasn't trashing Beal, he was actually telling critics of his extension to be patient and lobbying for Beal to get a bigger role in a very blunt way. John can get asked one question and give you a page full of quotes. And he doesn't speak with clarity. He's a poor interview who is easy to misinterpret.
  8. Yeah there are things that don't add up. One of them being that the parents haven't sued the hospital yet for anything that happened. That suggests they were more responsible for this conflict than the story let on. But even though we're not getting Mayo's side of the story, there are a few extraordinary things about their actions that look bad: refusing to transfer the patient to another hospital, trying to get guardianship of the patient rather than having one of her many relatives act as a surrogate, claiming the patient couldn't make decisions about her care even though she had been doing so for a while. It paints a picture that the patient's doctor had a personal vendetta against the patient's mother.
  9. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    They developed Ultron throughout the movie. He's actually learning and growing the whole time. And they reveal his character through his interactions with other characters. I liked the brisk pace of the movie and wouldn't really change anything about the story. His final dialogue exchange with Vision was extraordinarily good writing and acting. Joss Whedon is a writer's writer and wrote the two best screenplays in the MCU IMO. By far. They're full of subtlety, intricacy, tension, wit, expert pacing and character development and yet they're totally accessible and digestible upon a first and second viewing. He's a master and I thought Ultron was a perfect villain. Scary, charismatic, and with a coherent plan that was suitably high stakes and achievable given his means. It didn't rely on an egregious amount of leaps in logic so as to break the spell. But I don't disagree that it would have made sense to set up the Ultron project in Iron Man 3. That might be a case of a lack of coordination between the various MCU projects at that point. Yeah I noticed that they tried to blend the two villains into one character too. I don't have a problem with Justin Hammer's portrayal. I think Rockwell actually gives the character a surprising amount of depth given how little screen time he gets compared to most villains, and that's a testament to his tremendous talent. He works for me. I also would consider him more of an antagonist than true villain. I have much more of an issue with them making the Mandarin a punchline in Iron Man 3. Mandarin is at least a Tier 2 villain, up there with Ultron and Dormamu and Galactus. I kind of liked Mickey Rourke's Whiplash. He doesn't really make sense and he doesn't have a backstory. But Rourke manages to cram some development and complexity into him. He was doing good work around the time that film was made. And Crimson Dynamo just doesn't work any more in a post-Cold War universe. They've already got some pretty significant incoherency going on in the way they've portrayed Black Widow, who they explicitly state was born in 1984 yet was essentially created in a weird height-of-the-Cold-War KGB program. I don't think they could have done Crimson Dynamo well without getting into some political weeds. This is the forgotten MCU movie. Marvel Studios probably wants us to forget about it given the continuity breaks and the lack of subsequent Hulk projects. Tim Roth is good though. He did a solid job with Abomination.
  10. Golf

    Meh, I'm pretty sure John Daly won an Open while smoking an entire pack of Marlboro Reds each round.
  11. Golf

    Chambers Bay. It used to be a quarry. That was a beautiful course. That was the year where Dustin Johnson three-putted the 18 to lose by one stroke to Jordan Spieth. Absolutely brutal finish.
  12. Golf

    I've spent my life trying to avoid it. I would rather carry around a golf bag full of bricks all afternoon than run a mile. We just had an argument in a different thread about which sport is more physically demanding, soccer or basketball. I was like I can't talk too much trash about the strain of soccer because I could never do it. I sat in on one soccer practice in middle school and that was how I became a tennis player. Golf is a beautiful sport largely because it doesn't ever make you run.
  13. Golf

    Maybe you run a lot more than you golf and are more used to that particular exertion. To me running is infinitely worse than golfing. Put it this way, no matter what your fitness level, 18 holes is a fun and leisurely afternoon for most people. It's the only sport I can think of where I can pound warm beers while doing it and my brother in law can smoke like a chimney and not really feel a strain. My father in law has two bad knees and is way too heavy and I don't think I've ever seen him drink water before, during, or after a round and it doesn't phase him. Literally all of his liquid comes from beer. When I used to golf with my grandpa as a kid, it felt like we would walk the course twice because we spent so much time looking for balls and he was in his 70s at the time. And we were using ancient clubs with actual woods and cart caddys that felt like they were made of solid wrought iron. This is not a physically strenuous sport. Pros could fly through 18 holes without breaking a sweat if it were just them. It's the stress of the level of competition and having to perform for an audience that makes it draining for them.
  14. Golf

    They do it every day. Their muscles are conditioned to the strain. Those guys could golf 54 holes in a day easy if they wanted to. The strain is in being able to concentrate in tournament conditions for 18 for 4 days straight. It's mental.
  15. Golf

    Seriously? From the guy who calls everyone else soft? What are you carrying, like two dozen clubs?