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  1. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    I was just on the margin of totality in Pawley's Island SC. Looked like a couple thousand people on the beach around me. I was drinking aged rum and staring at the sun. It was fun.
  2. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    J Michael's story about Wall and Beal feuding was sensational and got a lot of play and he got it wrong. He wasn't any good and that story hurt his credibility IMO.
  3. That's the wrong approach. They need to hear liberal voices more than anyone and be exposed to different norms and points of view. Democrats have let a message and dialogue vacuum in huge swaths of white America fester. It's going to take a tremendous amount of discipline and work over a long period of time to fix the issue and promote tolerance and multiculturalism in these communities.
  4. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    But ideological purity testing that alienates the white majority is also how you get Republican governments. Also I question whether or not being anti-confederate iconography is or even should be a core Democrat value. Fighting for equal opportunity for all and universal equality before the law and fighting to remove or marginalize the history of white Southerners is not the same thing. Also, what are Democrats actually winning in these culture wars? GoP White House and Congress. Conservative judiciary. GoP majority in governorships and state legislatures throughout the country. Fierce opposition and regression in myriad social positions since just two years ago. Right wing media ascendant. Gun control dead. Criminal justice reform dying. Abortion becoming inaccessible throughout the South and Midwest. A half measure health insurance reform that still leaves first world access to healthcare effectively out of reach of tens of millions--and that only surviving by the skin of its teeth. Exploding gap in real wages. Educational institutions in decline. Ruinous high education debt that will hasten a generation out of the middle class. At what point do we stop kidding ourselves and admit we're getting the crap kicked out of us? That the way we've been playing the game does not work?
  5. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    I think you're right. And I think it speaks to Kilmer's point that a lot of the Left's motivation for their position on this issue is wanting to say "**** you" to those groups. But they're not just saying "**** you" to them, and the political fallout for this position will be an issue for Democrats because the support for keeping the monuments extends far beyond the hard right core of neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Especially within the region.
  6. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    The Right wing media are masters of picking up on when Liberals begin marginalizing/excluding white points of view and broadcasting the instances ad infinitum to their audience. And it's incredibly persuasive. I think it's noble that Liberals are sincere in wanting to protect and give voice to so many traditionally marginalized groups in our society--religious and ethnic minorities, women, and the LGBT community. I think it's suicidal that they so frequently do so by marginalizing the majority of the electorate in return. It speaks to the lack of discipline that has always been a political plague for the Left. I listened to this interview on NPR a few days ago, and I found Mark Lilla's arguments eye-opening: The whole interview is worth listening to, but I think this part is germane to our discussion: He's right. As a Southern liberal with a social circle that is mostly other white Southerners, this issue has been a gut check for me. I have a lot of Republican friends and family members and I know only a couple that voted for Trump. Most of them are either evangelical or chamber of commerce Republicans who hate Trump and think he's trashy and ridiculous. But to see him come down on their side and defend the existence of the Confederate monuments against an absolute onslaught from the media made the light bulb finally go on for me. This is how he won. He is a master of playing to the white majorities whose points of view are excluded from the focus and debate that happens in the media and academic worlds. I know people have been saying this for a while, it just took this long for it to click for me. And like I said before, the fact that Trump has struck a chord here with white voters who don't like him scares me. Democrats should tread cautiously when Trump seems to take an incomprehensible or regressive defense of a white point of view, instead of thinking "Ha! I've got him!" and zealously doling out noose for themselves. And Republicans who break with him on issues like this in order to score points with largely liberal National audiences are playing a dangerous game.
  7. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    I think Nikki Haley pushed for the removal of the Stars and Bars from state property in the wake of the Emanuel AME Church killings rather than the removal of monuments. That's a different and far more defensible position. I'm not sure rank and file voters need to be doing political calculus on the issue to determine their feelings on a particular issue. However, it should inform the political priorities of high information voters, especially if they are influential and involved in party politics. And we voters should strive to take part in a truly representative debate and exchange between conservative & liberal & ethnic/religious minority & white interests rather than dwell in echo chambers and become radicalized/polarized. And in this particular case, if that was happening, then I think it'd take a lot of the starch out of the movement to take the monuments down as I do not think that Northern liberals have anywhere close to majority support behind them. It costs them political capital, and liberals need to do a far better job of picking where they spend that capital IMO, because we've been getting the **** kicked out of us on election day for the past 10 years. Democrat politicians certainly need to do a better job of figuring out the political calculus on these issues. Especially in VA, where there is a gubernatorial election in a few months and the race will be close and Northam is not a particularly inspiring candidate. But the politicians dwell in the same echo chambers we do, and Democrats are trying to win support from an increasingly polarized and activist base too. As for political sea changes on marriage equality and health care, those are interesting examples of what liberals get right, politically speaking. Though I would caution that we're not quite there on health care yet. The public only got behind the ACA in response to disastrous Republican alternatives, and I'm not sure the support for true reform to a single payer system is there yet. Hoping it comes eventually. Marriage equality is a good example of the appeal that the liberal principle of inclusivity and fairness can have in the electorate. "Dogmatically sourced arguments should not prevent LGBT people from having a fundamental civil right." Where liberals get into trouble is when they get too far away from their principle of universal inclusion and begin excluding and marginalizing other groups who disagree with their orthodoxy. And that's also true in the case of marriage equality, where we activate the Right against us by doing things like targeting and shutting down businesses who object to providing services to LGBT marriages on religious grounds. Liberals have this self-destructive tendency to overreach, far beyond the strength of our popular support, especially on social issues, and it just kills us outside of our base.
  8. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    It's exclusively a state level decision in a lot of these cases though. In blue states and even red states outside the South, I imagine that the movement to take the monuments down can get the support of local and state wide majorities. But not in the South. And that should be a caution to red and purple state Democrats who are pushing for the removal of the monuments. They have a minority of in-state support and this issue will be very costly for them.
  9. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    I'm a white Southern Democrat. We're out there. And I have a lot of relatives who are Southerners with no love for white nationalists or Trump. And seeing Trump play right to them, defending the statues, while Liberals do their utmost to alienate and exclude them scares me. Democrats and Republicans could stand to learn a lot from each other. Republicans could learn about having some principles and Democrats could learn how to actually be persuasive.
  10. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Heard on NPR today that 61% oppose removing Confederate statues. This is another suicidal purity test that liberals love to lose elections with, like protesting the National Anthem. Not to mention there is an ugly witch hunting attitude going on in liberal media on the issue, as well as an insufferably arrogant marginalization of the Southern perspective. And ****, agenda driven "scholarship." Bunch of people parsing decontextualized quotes to try and score political points when they are completely out of their depth. My advice to Democrats and other liberals who want to take the statues down is to win the seats in the state legislatures to do it.
  11. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Yep. All he has to do is sit the fence or change the topic. This issue is going to drive support for him. Nova liberals WHOLLY misjudge the sentiment of the VA electorate on this topic. If this is still in the public mind in November, Gillespie is going to win.
  12. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    There are more than you think. And the South is home to the Demographic changes that Democrats need to win in order to take back Congress. Also, I'm not just talking about this hurting them in the Deep South, I'm talking about Virginia and North Carolina. VA has a gubernatorial election coming up and if protesters tear down statues on Monument Ave it's going to drive a ton of votes to Gillespie.
  13. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Not with racists. With rank and file white voters. I see a video of crunchy looking protesters destroying and childishly defacing a confederate statue and I see Democrats losing seats in Congress and State Legislatures in droves.
  14. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    There is going to be Hell to pay for Democrats for this. It intensely galvanizes opposition in the South.
  15. Occam's razor says Trump's a racist and sympathizer. His administration definitely is.