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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Baker Mayfield reminds me of a better version of Manziel and Rex Grossman. Not sure he’s the guy for us, that’s just who pops in my head when I see him. I’m not saying he’s bad or won’t be good, just my first thoughts. I do not study these guys at all though so Just throwing it out there.
  2. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I have a sneaking suspicion that as the reality of not having a competent qb inches closer that the Skins will either capitulate and sign him for whatever it takes or will franchise him again. Just a gut feeling. I think without Kirk in the fold Bruce/Dan will be worried about being exposed as the clueless shrews they are. I don’t think either wants letting him walk on their watch. Because what comes after could be fatal for Bruce and potentially disasterous for Dan in the short and Long term for the franchise regarding the fan base. Just my 2cents!
  3. The Coaching Free Agent Thread

    @goskins10 by what metric are you referring to 6th best and 13th best? I’m fine with being wrong, I have not looked it up, just wondering where you got those rankings and what are the rankings regarding? Mine was totally based on my perception which is wrong plenty.
  4. The Coaching Free Agent Thread

    The coaching positions I would go hard at are the following: 1. Find the best, most experienced Special Teams coordinator out there. Kotwika hasn’t gotten it done in the slightest. 2. Find the best most competent WR coach out there. Our WR have underperformed. those two slots would be my main targets.
  5. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Im haven’t been wowed by him in the slightest. Hope he gets it together. I haven’t turned the page yet though, still believe he can be really good.
  6. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I hope he stays but I’m honestly over the drama and debate. Pick a choice and move on.
  7. At this point for both sides, Talk is Cheap. Get it done or have it unravel. Crap or get off the pot for everyone involved.
  8. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    I never laugh at any franchise. With the level of ineptitude we’ve displayed over the last 20 years we should just be quiet, hope, and be humble. We’ve got to focus on our house before throwing stones.
  9. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I’m getting the suspicion that we tag him and manage to trade him. I can’t see much reason a team like Cleveland, Denver, Buffalo, or Jacksonville wouldn’t sacrifice a first round pick or more for his services in addition to his new salary. I don’t think we want to pay him market value. I’d be surprised if we got an LTD done at this point.
  10. Chargers v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I think the Skins let out a collective sigh today on the field as this season was laid to rest. They have to own it. It was Total Team Suck.
  11. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    Disappointing way to go out. Nothing seemed to go right tonight. Our D was out of gas in the 2nd half. O didn’t show up. On to next year, I guess. Damn.
  12. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    1 down 5 to go. Thursday is all that matters. Beat the Cowboys in Dallas and then take it from there. 1 at a time, no need to look ahead or what anyone else is doing until about 3 weeks to go.
  13. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    Yes I'd consider it successful. A shame though to not get in at 10-6, but its certainly possible..
  14. Skins Giants Assessments

    I thought Kirk played poorly. The Defense ( or should I say the Giants) saved us. That was one of the worst games Ive seen. So stoked we came away with the W. Next up the Cowgirls. Perine is starting to turn it up and see things a little more clearly.
  15. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    1 down 5 to Go!! Let’s do this...