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  1. FanRag: Brandon Scherff Cements Himself Among Elite Interior OL

    He's a Nimble Mauler who loves what he does. Remember we used to heavily favor running to the left? This guy has made them reconsider that. Really good insight by buddy, thanks for sharing.
  2. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    Damn this one hurts but seriously Next. Man. Up! No excuses.
  3. @bird_1972 if I had to guess it's the thought that our offense is based on an even distribution and going where the open man is. Since that is our MO then why force it with a young guy. iDK it's just a rational guess. But I think the reality is we have to find more consistency from the WR's and Doctson in particular imo. It will just add to the arsenal and make the other guys more open and the running game more dynamic. I mean our offense has several gears to ramp up to Full Power. So I'm hoping we start to see it asap.
  4. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    The Defense has been stellar this year. Seriously, what a turnaround from the last few years. Think it's a combo of everything young guys stepping up, coaching, and smart FA signings. Now is when signings like McClain and McGee can rise to the occasion with Allen out. The DB's are balling and I wouldn't rush either Norman or Breeland back early. Let the youngins play. Our Offense has to lead this game, Cousins needs to play lights out. The Oline should be pissed and ready to roll vs a Philly line that ate their lunch week one. Feel good about going into Philly and snatching a W.
  5. Grant has been fine. He catches it when it's thrown to him. He's reliable and that matters. I didn't like what I saw from Pryor against the niners, he looked out of it, unaware, and half assing it..I've said before I'll say it again, we need to start feeding Doctson. He needs to be playing 70% + of the offensive snaps.
  6. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    I guess it's normal when your team is leading the division to start feeling yourself and what's possible. However, keep some perspective Philly fan, we are coming to town to snatch that W from your dirty little grubby fingers.. HTTR..
  7. Dustin Hopkins is out for the season

    Damn this is a huge blow. Not liking the specs on this new kicker..smh, hope we don't suffer for this..
  8. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Wow, Skins fan is becoming insufferable win or lose. It's a shame Because im enjoying the hell out of actually winning games that we would always lose in the past. We have many of our top players out or injured, we've had a few bad calls go completely against us, we are playing a ton of young players, and yet we've won 3 of 5 games. Next week is a whole other animal and will be a statement on if we are ready for that next step.. I'm stoked.
  9. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Trying to run Jay out of town is laughable, after a win, fanatical. Like we are the Patriots and expect only the finest, perfection. Please. People must have forgotten how bad/mediocre we've been before the last 3 yrs. Appreciate what you have. He's far from perfect and makes mistakes just like every other coach, big boneheaded ones. He's a knucklehead, but he's ours. I'm Buying.
  10. Redskins vs 49ers Prediction thread: A Mini - Homecoming

    Ok so Philly came out Sunday and put their boots to the neck of Arizona and didn't let up. We need to do the same. This game is huge, and we cant lose focus in the slightest with letting this team hang around.
  11. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    @skinny21 Yes the low one towards the sidelines on 3rd down. It was a nice tough grab. That 3rd down whiff late by Pryor was really a heartbreaker, Kirk had to have been peeved.
  12. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Everyone wants someone or something to blame when you come up short against a good team. In the end, they wore us down. I don't put blame on any one particular thing, as a whole we didn't do enough to win the game, Despite the serious home cooking that was clear and is expected on the road. Even with All the injuries we had and in-game foul ups, dropped passes, penalties, play calls, and timeouts we clearly fought our hearts out in their house and probably should have won, but we didn't. Im encouraged about our team especially the arrival of our defense, wow lasts nights performance was pretty dang good, we just wore out. We are night and day from these past few years, and whatever our coaches are selling, I'm buying it and I think our players are too. Offensively, we weren't perfect but again I'm encouraged about how Kirk played, the Oline and overall Gruden's plan on getting us a W. Outside of letting a few more seconds tick, I absolutely love that Gruden went for the win with that pass to Doctson. He went for the jugular, and should have been rewarded for his risk but the youngster couldn't get it done. No shame in the effort, he'll have more opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, If I'm Jay I think we should make Doctson our number one receiver over these next two weeks. Feed him the ball. Let Pryor play the number 2. Have him playing 85% of the offensive snaps and feed him the ball, within the offense. Enough of this weening him in or tough love stuff, if thats what's happening. The guy is clearly imo the most talented of our receivers. I'm not buying he doesn't know the offense back and front, or that he can't run certain routes. That catch he made early in the game on third down, was everything I needed to see. Allen and Ioannidis were ferocious and are the main reason our D-line looks so different, Mcgee and Maclain to a lesser extent.
  13. Game Day Thread: #Redskins @ Chiefs

    I'm not one to gripe too much on officials but damned if these zebras had made some atrocious calls in KC's favor, all night and at the most important times.smh.
  14. This Game Could Get Chippy

    Lets Go Skins...Take it to them. Ready for a fight, lets go..!
  15. Redskins vs Chiefs Prediction Thread: KC vs KC, in KC?

    Even though the Chiefs are dang good and everyone is picking us to lose, These are the games when Kirk Can make all the difference.I think the D plays admirable but not as good as last week. Kirk is forced to put it on his shoulders. Hopefully he is ready for the challenge, Go Skins!!