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  1. For me the bottom line is the Redskins have not come close to offering what it's gonna take to get a deal done. That's speaks louder than anything else. I hope we get a LTD with Kirk done. And I will say Kirk never stops working. Saw a pic today of Doctson, Pryor, Crowder, and others alongside Kirk, getting passing work in. I credit him for not allowing the negotiations to stop him from doing everything he can to get better as a team. I appreciate that.
  2. I agree this cloud of Kirk looming over us isn't good for anyone, other than Kirk. It puts us in a position of weakness. It's only gonna get worse as time ticks away. That's why I'd do everything I could to get a deal done before the draft because if you don't have it done, I feel you have to be realistic and plan for the inevitable.
  3. @wilco_holland IMO, if our plan is to truly go kamikaze style into next offseason without having addressed the elephant in the room, Kirks LTD, we will have seriously lost. So it wouldn't shock me in the slightest to start addressing the QB this year and letting them sit, especially if we can get value. Is DW the answer, I don't have a clue, but playing chicken with the question into next year would be really foolish.
  4. Or Bruce could be setting everybody up for his Deshaun Watson pick..
  5. This is the first time I'm doing this, sorry for the silly question, but does the 12hrs per pick of Rd 1 go the whole 12 hrs of a pick? or does it move to the next pick once a pick is made? @Gibbs Hog Heaven Thanks in advance..
  6. I think there is plenty of trade value for Kirk. No doubt about we can get multiple picks for him. At least a first plus some more. Why? Because there aren't ANY guys with kirks skill level available., and u secure him now for this year changing your franchise overnight. Its just our FO has too much pride and can't get outta the way of their own ego, and get a deal done, be it by trade or by contract LTD.
  7. The Skins front office are idiots. He has us by the short and curly's. If you have no intention to pay him what he wants then trade him for picks this year and move on. Or just pay the dude and have a good/great QB for the next 4-5 years. Smh.
  8. He deserves it that's for sure. Not sure why a T needy team hasn't hit us up for a trade. He's legit imo.
  9. Not holding my breath on anything of import coming out of Ashburn regarding GM..
  10. @Koolblue13 uh nobody's mad. Sometimes a little flirting gets you much more than the tip I.e. Pryor:Skins & Poe/Falcons if we have no interest at any price then cest la vie..
  11. Ok so Hankins wants too much $.. if you begin the dialogue with him, give him a visit and let him know when you do decide we are here with a fair offer. At least you are in the conversation when he does finally decide what he wants to do. This is is my beef, a little TLC goes a long way. Let him know we want him, you never know, we might be able to get him cheaper than expected.
  12. Congratulations and blessings!
  13. @bobandweave @goskins10 Both of you are saying that hey we can still get this deal done. Most likely by the deadline. I don't disagree, could be. However The whole point of my thoughts are IF we decided that we are not going to pay him Now or at the deadline. Like Dan and Bruce are just like screw it, he'll play under the franchise tag this year and we'll figure this thing out next year. Given this scenario, wouldn't it be more prudent and reap a greater bounty for the team by trading him at the draft this year?