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  1. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Please Please God let them be seeing the light on Foster and Brown..It's gotta be done.
  2. Redskins at Ratbirds GAME DAY THREAD

    Our back up online looked pretty poor, lots of work to do. There is no way Foster should play behind Compton. really liked what I saw from J Allen and Anderson harvey Clemons stood out a bit. Dline looked overall deeper. Offense looked putrid. Perine needs to focus. Ravens blitzed quite a bit overall they manhandled our front. Cousins is invaluable to this team. I'm not sure how everyone doesn't see that. expect a little more sober practice this week with everyone more dialed in. nice wake up call.. let's go to work boys!

    To call Jordan Reed soft is just silly. Matt Jones is soft, looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. Reed is a gamer and one of the top 3-4 players on the entire team. Please. Sometimes being a fan brings the absolute worst out of people.
  4. We Blew It! Hooray!! For my sanity I have to turn the page and move on from this debacle in order to enjoy this season and pray it doesn't linger like a cold sore. 🙏🏽 Super Bowl or Bust Baby! HTTR Go Skins
  5. I read it, not sure if he elaborated more than the statement I read. I think it's easy and somewhat unprofessional to cherry pick "some" of the numbers and put it out there to make it seem like KC is just a greedy ****. It reaks of trying to "win the story." When in reality these things are a lot more complicated. The buck stops with us being unable to get this done. We have Failed, for now. It's disappointing and I don't have a lot of faith in our FO getting this done at this point. Just my opinion.
  6. If this was the plan, we should have traded him this year before or at the draft. The whole "we got this, there is no way we'd trade this guy we love so much" attitude and then follow that up with no contract is a bummer and a bit disingenuous.
  7. If doing nothing was the plan, this was a terrible plan.
  8. Man, this fan base deserves to have this situation put to rest already. Sign the guy and move on.
  9. Welcome to the Redskins Ryan Anderson LB Alabama

    Imo it's likely he will play some ILB, just to maximize his snaps on the field. And who knows he could be just what we need. I think he's gonna be tough to take off the field. He has a super high football IQ so learning new things won't be a problem or stunt him in anyway. He just makes plays, not too worried where he'll be making them from.
  10. Who of the 2nd Rounders will have the most sacks in 2017?

    He's 3 or 4 sacks behind Kerrigan at this point in their careers. The better question is why has anyone completely written him off and ready to throw him out like garbage. The kid is young and by no means a finished product. He's got a lot of talent and I for one am excited to see him play.
  11. Who of the 2nd Rounders will have the most sacks in 2017?

    Light bulb comes on for Preston Smith, he bangs out 10 sacks. Ryan Anderson bangs out 8.. I already see people continuing to sleep on Ryan Anderson, that's not something I would do, dude is an animal. His will alone will bring him 6 sacks. Mark the tape.
  12. The more I research Nicholson the more I feel ok with it. The FO see upside in him, his base metrics are elite for his position Height weight 40 time..He started 3games as a true freshman, and also the rest of his games sophomore and junior years. Had 80+tackles each year. He's a True Junior so he's on the young side. Torrian Grey must see something in him. wildcard pick imo.
  13. Still a ton Of highly rated players on the board. Let's make those 2 picks in the 6th count!!
  14. We still have 5 players to pick so that's encouraging.
  15. Have no clue on this guy but doesn't grade out very well from the pundits, which isn't saying much. Seems like a size speed guy who hasn't put it together at the college level yet. They may see something in him for down the road. They can't all be gold stars I guess. This is a head scratcher, but hope they see something no one else does.