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  1. Stay The Course

    It's easy to make declarative statements. Like, EASY. Perhaps you can further the discussion by making points?
  2. Stay The Course

    For those calling for a rebuild, please name any team in any league in any sport that can overcome the hardest schedule combined with the worst injuries in the league. If that's not enough to convince against a rebuild, add in the poignant point above regarding the prior years draft effect. No one makes drastic organizational changes under these circumstances. And no one should.
  3. Your team is good. Almost there.

    It was my first away game, and hat's off to you for this post and to the Saints fans. A classy fanbase. Couldn't think of a better place or QB to lose to. ;-) Even as painful as it was.
  4. Stay The Course

    Stay the course. Look at this league-wide list of current injuries. The only team that comes close is the Giants, and look at their record (and effort.) We have a young roster, playing many first and second year players and some who weren't even on any team a few weeks ago. It's somewhat amazing that we've only lost 6 games with THE toughest schedule in the league. And we've been competitive in those losses (for the most part.) This isn't a turd that can't be polished. This is an organization on the cusp of breaking out. This is a character and team building experience, and it will pay huge dividends if we stay the course.
  5. Our players are made of heart. And maybe the reason they are getting hurt is because they play so hard and are willing to play beyond the pain. Not serious with that logic, but we have a team of footballers. And while it totally and utterly sucks in such a seemingly disproportionate way, this type of **** makes a team grow tighter, because at this point all they are left with is the respect for one another, respect for those injured and respect for those thrown into situations they weren't ready for. Eventually they will be healthy and then they will go on an all-out rampage, knowing they were able to pull through the injury setbacks. Sucks now, but spells success later. We'll play the best ball of the season in about 2-3 weeks. How's that for optimism?
  6. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    A reminder:
  7. Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    George Allen died in 1990. Tom Landry died in 2000. What George Allen was at the parade? Jerry Jones dissed Tom Landry, a decent man by any measure who's only crime in life was being the coach of the Cowturds. More of a reason to hate you ...<staff edit>