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  1. Ted probably made like $100+ million extra due to the SC run and he wouldn't pay him $5 mil a year? There has to be more to it than this.
  2. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    My friend just sent me this on text message. I wouldn't mind lol.
  3. I just don't see how this could be a money issue. I mean think about how much extra money Ted just made off of this Stanley Cup run. The extra million(s) that Trotz wanted would be a drop in the bucket in all of the money that was made. Does he not want to set a precedent for paying coaches? Just doesn't make sense. I hope more info comes out.
  4. This is exactly what my buddy said in our WhatsApp chat lol.
  5. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    My wife (even well before we were married) have always made traveling a priority of ours and continue to do so. The first time I ever went out of the country was with her when I was 23. It was the first time I ever saw white sand beaches and clear water and was mesmerized. Now that's all I want to do and where the majority of our travels revolve around. Even once we had our son we continue to make it a priority. We have gone both with him and without him to various places, luckily because my mother in law can watch him for extended time when we have traveled a couple times. But he's already been to more countries in his 3 years than the rest of my immediately family combined lol. And on top of that I'm still saving pretty decently for retirement. We make pretty good money and are both working, but if my wife was to become a stay at home mom we would definitely have to cut back on the travel a bit. IMO it is all about having balance. Going one way or the other to the extreme isn't a good thing.
  6. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I started my 401k and Roth IRA when I was 26. I do regret not starting it when I was 23 and entered the full time work force but hey what can you do now. I'm already well ahead of what the average baby boomer has though, and I'm only 36 now so I am on track to doing alright I think. I am thinking about going in on a rental property with my one buddy who already owns one, so he knows how to manage them.
  7. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Yeah I would definitely be getting at least a 3 burner. It looks like if I do get a Weber I will be getting either the 3 burner Spirit or Genesis model. I just need to figure out why exactly the Genesis is $200 more in that size. I know it has more grilling space but I'm also wondering what else it has that is different. So it just seems in general from my research that Weber is basically for durability. Which is good for sure since it's going to be outside all the time. When you replaced those parts, was it under the 10 year warranty period and did they give you the new parts for free?
  8. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    So can I ask this question here, even though it's not in regards to what I actually grilled? I am just wondering - what makes Weber grills so much better than other grills? I've only ever owned one grille. It was a $500ish Lowes brand one that I got for $88 due to a slick deal years back. I've used it extensively over the past 5+ years and it's completely bit the dust. I went to clean it and the burners are like split open, the bottom of the inside part has corroded away, so I can't just replace parts. So I'm in the market for a new grill. The one I had was a 5 burner one and I measured the area and it's 576 sq inches. I assumed that I would need an equivalent burner number to get the same area and saw the Weber grills were over the $1k price range for that size. But then I started reading specs and see that the 4 burner Weber Genesis is way larger than what I own now, and the 3 burner Spirit one is like 425 sq inches. The 3 burner Genesis is 513 sq inches. The 4 burner Genesis is $899. The 3 burner Genesis is $699. The 3 burner Spirit is $499. Then I see these other grills that are 5 burner and start at $199 up to like $299 and they have great reviews generally speaking. So my question is - what is it that is so much better about Weber than the other ones? Everyone says to pony up and just get a Weber but I really don't understand why it's better. I know they have a 10 year warranty on all parts, but is that what makes them so much better? If you do need replacement parts, is it a piece of cake to actually get them? Or is it a process? I also realize that most of the time I cook for my wife and I so I don't really NEED a huge ass grill. Usually when I would cook I didn't even turn on all the burners so I wasn't using all of them. But when I do have a party or something, it's nice to have that space for sure. So I'm also debating what size I wanted to get at this point too. I also am only really cooking chicken or pork on the grille, with the occasional burgers, hot dogs, and sausages. I rarely cook steak or fish on there or anything fancy at all.
  9. Saw this on Twitter and thought it was pretty cool...
  10. Anyone have or know where a really high resolution shot of the team pictures they took on the ice? Either the official one or the one on that cover up above. Or also of Holtby's save. I want to make an acoustical panel to put in my home theater to hang on the wall and use one of those pictures for it.
  11. A quick read of comment sections on any social media site will quickly make this VERY obvious.
  12. Hey so I talked to my sister again and saw another pic she posted, and Connelly also came over to give high fives. He came out and Beagle came out right after him so maybe that could have possibly been who you saw as well instead of Wilson?
  13. I've been wondering about the helmet thing too and would like to know the story behind that as well.
  14. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yeah the Japanese dialog will make it much better. The thing that is very impressive is that in the demo, the lips are clearly moving to the English words. I'm guessing that when in Japanese voices the lips will match the words as well. So basically they are going to have to do double the facial animations for the different languages.