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  1. You actually couldn't be more wrong about this. 1. Gruden said Crowder missed the audible and the ball was thrown where it was supposed to be. 2. The league has came out and said it should not have been called intentional grounding. But keep NeverKirking, you guys are more stubborn than my wife.
  2. So clearly it's Cousins' fault that the Vikings scored 38 points. Cousins should have played better defense. He did not have the greatest game of all time and he IS responsible for some of those points with that pick, but damn we have some delusional fans in this area.
  3. The team does not have everything else. They need a lot of help on special teams. In all parts of it. Special teams has been a debacle this year and has literally cost us games. The team does not have everything else. They need a lot of help on special teams. In all parts of it. Special teams has been a debacle this year and has literally cost us games.
  4. The lack of basic math and economic skills on this forum is kind of depressing. I think it's gotten worse over the past 3 years.
  5. Yes, because Went'z just fall out of the sky in the NFL and that plan has worked so well for the Redskins the past 20+ years. Some of you are just waiting for a unicorn to just fall out of the sky and lead us to the promised land. What baffles me about this forum is that it's called "Extreme Skins" and in my mind that means we have die hard football people here who actually understand how football works, yet there are so many who clearly have no clue.
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    LOL. So when KC gets stats and loses they are meaningless stats, but when Wilson does it, it's okay and the loss is not on him. Man we have such delusional fans in the DC area. People love to cherry pick things for their arguments.
  7. Hello - Eagles fan here

    You must not have read everything you quoted. I said their defense is legit.
  8. Hello - Eagles fan here

    The Eagles are a 5-1 team that does NOT scare me in the least. They barely beat the Panthers and had 3 turnovers, 2 of them leading to fields that were like 15 yards which resulted in 2 touchdowns. They've also beat the Giants, the Chargers, a crappy Cardinals team, and they barely beat the Redskins with a +2 in turnovers as well, and the Redskins were completely and utter **** in the first game. The Eagles had some really big fluke plays that game too. The defense for the Eagles however is pretty legit. They are ferocious and attack the ball. They are the reason the offense has such a short field. But our offense is also clicking right now so it's going to be a good struggle on that side of the ball. When the ball is in Wentz hand though, I'm not scared at all for the most part. He does seem to have flukey off schedule plays sometimes, but overall, I'm not that concerned. And yes I know they have the best 3rd down conversion rate in the NFL right now, but again, look at who they have played. The Panthers were their first real test this season, and yes they beat them, but just watching the game didn't instill fear in me at all. Again, they were +3 in turnovers and Cam was right there with the opportunity to have a game winning drive at the end.
  9. Prime Time and What's Our Identity?

    I don't understand why the Redskins always have to do this stupid **** with new receivers. I swear we're the only team who gets new receivers and have to gently work them into the game plan. All of these other teams you see receivers just come in and beast out.
  10. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Yet after 1 game in a 16 game season, people are ready to give him the boot. Sounds fair.
  11. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Why don't you go get one from the QB store since you seem to think it's so easy to get one. Kirk had an awful game no doubt. It's a lot more amusing to read all of the "sky is falling our season is doomed 0-16 with KC" posts than I thought it would be. The radio is just as comical too.
  12. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    The panic by people this morning is hilarious. People calling for Jay Gruden to be stripped of his play calling abilities after 1 preseason game. LOL. Thanks DC Sports fans, you never disappoint!
  13. Redskins at Ratbirds GAME DAY THREAD

    If I didn't know any better I would think the majority of people posting in this thread have never watched a single preseason game of football ever.
  14. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Damn so heard Junior Gallette is not playing tonight due to an injury. They kept that one pretty damn quiet. It was kind of discussed in the passing on the radio. Hope it's nothing. I really wanted to see him play.