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  1. I don't mind Grant when it's just him, but when he's with Danny it's basically unlistenable. Those 2 are terrible together and Danny thinks he is funny but he's not funny at all. He's like the opposite of funny - he makes things annoying/unfunny when he tries to be funny. He makes tolerable subjects intolerable. And the whole "winning off the field" segment they do like every day is a bit old at this point. Bruce said that like 3 years ago. Get over it.
  2. Being a star player and/or good person on a bad team doesn't really get you any recognition. If you're on a bad team you're not going to get any national spotlight or acknowledgement. And the Redskins are perennially bad for the past 2 decades.
  3. Ryan Kerrigan too. He's the only current player jersey I own. N/M saw you said multiple contracts.
  4. Cousin's being on 1 year deals is a huge reason IMO that his jersey isn't the highest selling jersey in the area. I personally know 3 people who wanted to buy Redskins jerseys but didn't want to get a current player because you never know how long they will be around on this team. All of them said they wanted to buy Cousin's jersey but they weren't wasting money on it if he wasn't going to be around next year. Good thing they didn't waste their money. And 1 of these guys owns an Archuleta jersey, and another owns a Horton jersey.
  5. So instead of locking up a guy they have on the roster and continue to build with him after he had some success, you think the 49ers should have let him walk and gamble with someone else who may or may not even be there, that may or may not work out talent wise? The grass is always greener. Hmmm do you work for the Redskins front office? That plan sounds awfully familiar.
  6. After reading through this thread, I still see absolutely 0 reason how tagging KC would be any good. He has FLAT OUT SAID that he wants to go to FA. If he is offered a tag, he will probably sign it, get his $34 million dollars, then hit FA next year, all while completely screwing the Redskins CAP.
  7. Well that would make the odds of that happening in this situation even MORE likely since the supply is less than the demand. It would be a risk for the Redskins to wait until FA because there are more teams that need QB's than QB's available, so instead of taking that risk, they went ahead and solved the problem. I mean yes they complete f'ed up the Cousins situation, but they could have been even worse off had they waited and not landed Cousins in FA, and Smith was gone and then we had to roll with Colt McCoy. I can't blame them for trying to make the best out of this terrible situation.
  8. Yeah, but if you're job hunting and you play that game, you also have to accept that the potential employers are also looking for other employees and are looking to fill the spot. And by the time you realize the company you really wanted to work for is the one, it's too late because they hired someone else.
  9. I dunno, after hearing some of the things he's said, it almost sounds to me like Cousins really did want to stay in DC and was hoping to, and he's kind of disappointed that the Redskins called his bluff. But he always just says the right things so who knows. But when I heard him talking on the NFL Live segment, it kind of pissed me off a little bit how he said he thought there was a good chance he'd remain in DC, yet he didn't even want to engage conversations until after March. I've been a huge supporter of KC and really wanted him back and this is the first time I've truly felt the "he wants his cake and eat it too" feeling towards him. Basically his bluff was called and I truly don't think he expected that to happen. Or my feeling could be completely wrong lol.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    What I read yesterday that put it over the top for him agreeing to go to the Redskins was the 4 year extension.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    There season was over the second they lost to the Giants.
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I definitely don't disagree with anything you said. I'm not happy about the deal and losing Cousins, and I don't think Smith is bad by any means. I also simply cannot understand why the Redskins would not even reach out to Cousins and haven't since November. That just makes no sense to me and there's absolutely no reason that would make me happy about it. The fact of the matter is we actually have no clue, high or low, what it would have taken to keep Cousins here because the Redskins never even gave a **** and tried. That is what pisses me off about it all. We can speculate all we want about how much it would have cost the Redskins but we simply don't know since they never even talked to him. Ridiculous.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    After a few days to marinate on this trade and listening to voices of reason all over sports radio and Twitter, I am now okay with this trade and Alex Smith as our QB. I still would much rather have Kirk and am completely baffled (well not really) that the FO hasn't had contact with Cousins camp since November, but at this point it's a done deal.