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  1. Somewhere along the line, grown ass men lost the ability to act like grown ass men.
  2. Started watching Suicide Squad last night. Wife wanted to check it out, which was cool with me because she doesn't normally get into comic book movies. She started to fall asleep about 1 hour in and I turned it off and went to bed. I don't think we will finish this movie. Awful portrayal of Joker. Will Smith stealing the show with an ancillary character. Villains that offer no real interest.
  3. 808's was an awful album. There isn't really a track on that album that I go back and listen to. I think MBTDF, Yeezus and to a lesser extent Life of Pablo were good albums. Yeezus is underrated as far as I'm concerned. That said, Kanye West is not a good rapper. He's a talented musician and artist, but his lyrics are nothing special. Rapping about chicks bleaching their assholes? GTFO. Also, I hated the chipmunk rap production, so I wasn't a huge fan of College Dropout or Late Registration.
  4. I'm not trying to nit pick anything. I was just making an observation. I don't need Ovechkin to step up, he's doing fine. You and I both know, that if we were down in this series 3-1, the first thing people would be ragging on is Ovechkin. We aren't, and to me it's because of the supporting cast. That's the difference maker. Not that Ovechkin is bad, cause he's isn't. I'm not the type that's going to go out of my way to try and put this or that player down. Also, I'm happy about this win and I'm hoping they bring this type of play right back to Toronto because it seems like they've finally figured out this team. That said, it's the first round and if we are expecting a deep playoff run (that's my goal) then this is just another close game along the way.
  5. When I went back and re-read it, I probably could have worded it a little differently. I think Ovechkin is playing well. I think that this series has seen excellent play by other players than Ovechkin. Oshie in particular has been great. Wilson has been awesome. Kuznetsov has looked silky smooth. These are stark changes from last season, and really most from the Ovechkin era, where Ovechkin has been relied upon to carry the team with little help from 2nd and 3rd lines. I'm quite happy with how the team is playing as a whole and perhaps, that's why I feel that Ovechkin hasn't had the impact that I'm used to. Many players are having an impact. It feels different this postseason. Anyhow. I need to sleep. Not trying to ruffle any more feathers. Looking forward to Sunday.
  6. Normally you aren't a dick, so I'll just chalk it up to you being hyped up after a big win. Perhaps drunk. Who knows, but you're normally cool. I didn't say Ovechkin needed to step up. I said he hasn't been a huge factor. But it didn't matter because the rest of the team was playing so well. Not a huge knock on Ovechkin, and more of a boast of the team surrounding him.
  7. Overreact much? It's a good thing. When Ovechkin went down after the Kadri hit, I wasn't worried that our series was over without him. It's more of a testament to how well the rest of the team is playing. We have someone else besides Ovechkin on the first line who can put it in the net pretty damn well also.
  8. One thing. Ovechkin hasn't been much of a factor this series. The rest of the team around him has been great. Especially lines 1 and 2. Oshie has turned it on for real.
  9. What would make WW2 even better? Mother****in jet pack and laser guns.
  10. Top 5 of the new generation. Not really in the all time convo for me though.
  11. Nervous, but optimistic. I'll probably withhold from posting during the game like last game. Just can't deal with people's reactions with the ebbs and flows of the game. Time to step up, men.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/607692/Call-of-Duty-WW2-2017-Activision-REVEALED-official-worldwide-reveal-Sledgehammer-Games/amp Yes! Yes, YES YES! Cant ****ing wait, Please take all of my money. Haters in 3, 2, 1...
  13. This is true. I think there was a fair amount of "story telling" for what actually happened. Think, they were working on this since well before Serial even debuted. This was a long time coming. I think that John B McLemore didn't have any money. I don't think there's any buried and I don't think there was any in his freezer. It's questionable to whether or not he had mad hatters disease. John B McLemore was an interesting character though, that's for sure.