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  1. Interstellar. As a father, that movie brings out the deepest rooted feelings in me. A child, who views their father as a hero, losing their father to a choice of his own. Man, that really hits me. Multiple times watching that movie, I am full on whimpering. Plus, the score, it just makes it all so powerful. I'm almost tearing up right now, just thinking about it.
  2. "Triggered" is the stupidest ****ing word ever.
  3. Haggen Dazs - brownies a la mode it is simply amazing ice cream
  4. Yeah, I read something to that effect also. My 13 year old niece wanted to watch it so she watched it with my sister in law. My wife mentioned that she read something about it glorifying suicide. I do feel that Hannah's mom, while annoying, did a great job of portraying a grieving mother. There were times, as a father, particularly in the last episode where I couldn't deal. So in that respect, it was effective. Most of the other characters played very well also. Netflix is really shining as of late.
  5. Anyone else watch 13 reasons why? finished it up last night. Some stuff really hits you. A little cliche and cheesy at times but I got hit with some feels on that one.
  6. Gonna have to go with Aliens.
  7. I'm ashamed of what our country did, and what Trump has done in his short time. We are all in this together IMO and we all share the shame. If it makes you feel better to think that Trump supporters somehow don't count or aren't apart of the country, then so be it.
  8. You live in the country in which he is bringing shame to.
  9. You might oppose him, but he is our president. He represents us, as a nation. A question, not that it really matters, but did you vote for Hillary in your state's primary?
  10. Thats the one. "Sadly", because Trump has brought our country, specifically the office of president, great shame. This reflects on all of us, even the ones who don't want him as president.
  11. That would explain a lot.