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  1. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Could just be, well, urine...
  2. Time to be responsible

    Best of luck. Paying off debt isn’t easy. I’d give my two cents but I bet there are others on this board more able to offer advice than I am.
  3. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    In Virginia, I don’t think so. Professionally, I try to be very up front with people. There are a lot of things that can fail a VA safety inspection that don’t make the car undrivable. There are very few instances where I will outright tell a customer that their vehicle should not be driven. I’ll tell them the possible consequences, breaking more parts in their car, tire could blow out. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual. Quick hint: Usually the ones who don’t care about the safety of their vehicles are the ones who can’t afford to fix it anyhow. Thats too “scare tactic”ish for me.
  4. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    That seems like a fair price to me.
  5. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    If they didn’t explicitly tell you that it was unsafe then I’d assume that it is probably safe to drive on.
  6. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Johansson is one of those good regular season guys who disappears in the playoffs.
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/national/puerto-rico-hurricane-recovery/?utm_term=.c665abfef750
  8. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I enjoy watching hockey, for what it is, more than any other sport. I could really watch any teams just play and be content. I can’t say that about football, especially with how much the action stops throughout. I just enjoy the sport.
  9. Mansplaining is right up there with triggered for the dumbest trendy word of 2017.
  10. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Its more of a reflection of me getting older, I think.
  11. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I feel like all the young guys are tall and skinny, like they never took weight training seriously. One player who stands out to me early in the season is Burakovsky. He looks faster, stronger and more confident.
  12. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    New penalties this season are weird.
  13. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    It’s a fine line between courtship and rape
  14. I doubt he’s heard about it yet, isn’t on the news at all, simply a viral thing at this point. If the news doesn’t carry it then I doubt we hear a reaction from Trump at all.