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  1. It was around but I never cared to try it.
  2. **** yes!!!!!
  3. I received the biggest paycheck of my life today. Pretty tight.
  4. The same Blackhawks who got swept and scored like 3 over the course of a whole series last season? **** them
  5. For those who claim that they could never blow that kind of money...
  6. Every single day from around age 19 to around age 26. Maybe a handful of times since then, only when heavily inebriated with friends. Now that I have kids, it's not really feasible. Need to have my wits about me. I don't really drink much any more either. I had a lot of fun in my youth. Marijuana is a beautiful drug, in many ways.
  7. I don't know how to unload Orpik. As in, I don't know of a team would take that contract. I'd assume we still have his cap hit if we cut him. He's a good team guy and one of the few defensemen who can actually throw a body, but his lack of speed certainly cost us. I'd like to see us trade Grubauer or Holtby, but for the right price. My opinion is to spend on Oshie becaue he's the type of player who wins playoff games. He's fast(ish), he's got silky smooth hands and can score goals. We need more players on this team in his mould. If it means we can't bring Alzner back, so be it. Plus, the chicks love Oshie.
  8. Looks like Nisky is ironmanning it... I would have certainly rather kept Schmidt. Personally, I'd rather have Orlov over Schmidt. Of course Niskanen. But I think he has more upside than Carlson (who is a bonafide 1st pairing D man) and Alzner, who is great, but doesn't bring much speed. Yes, ultimately its poor planning. 6 months ago, everyone who's ****ting all over the team was then praising them for dumping a bunch of futures for Shattenkirk. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Our best bet, at this point, is to hope that Ovechkin heals up and shapes up. Hope that Backstrom stops disappearing when it really matters. Hoping that Kuznetsov can become an perennial all star. Burakovsky. Wilson. Honestly, this team needs some youth. They need that try hard 5th rounder who becomes a playoff phenom when they really need it. Perhaps a Caps team that isn't paper perfect, but well coached and full of youthful exuberance is what we really need.
  9. To say the loss of a borderline second pairing d man is "officially window closed", that's a bit much. I loved Schmidt and thought that we didn't need Shattenkirk because of him, but he's not breaking this team in his loss. You only need 2 real D pairs and Nisky, Orlov, Carlson and Alzner give us that. Im honestly more concerned about our ability to score goals next season.
  10. The season is over.... Was a great thread started in the 2008 season after our first game, which was a loss to the Giants. The stadium was full on trud about how bad we were. The OP wrote a ghost post that made it seem like we were down on the team, but the ghost text revealed his true intentions. The board bought it, hook, line and sinker. (ghost text - back before the format switch and mobile interface, the background was black and the text was white. You could make a post, and change the color to black in order to hide any text, aka ghost. That way, you could make posts in jest but let those "in the know" be aware that you weren't serious about your outlandish statements.) Actually, the proper term might be ninja...
  11. Sounds like the price to keep Schmidt was too expensive. If we lose Oshie then I'll start to freak.
  12. Westbrook36 BigMike619 Couple of the OG homies off the top of my head.
  13. I do sometimes worry that I'm taking advantage of my mom's kindness. She's never indicated such, but I don't want to wear out the welcome. My wife and I have plans on putting our oldest into a more organized "preschool" soon. He will be 3 in October. Potty training that little asshole has been nothing but trouble so far, and I don't want him in preschool until he is potty trained.
  14. My mom takes care of our two kids. When we had our first son, my mom offered to take care of him but we had full intentions of giving him to an in home day care. We visited several organized and in home day cares. Found one or two that we favored. Then my wife and I went out on our first date night since she gave birth and my mom watched him. Dinner and a movie, saw Interstellar. That's when it happened. The very next day, my wife broke down. She couldn't see our son with a stranger when a loving relative wanted to watch him instead. My mom has been watching him, and now our second son, ever since. 10+ hours a day, 4 days a week. We pay her. Not what we would pay a bonafide child care center, but I'm sure it helps.
  15. I've only worked at one place in my entire life.