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  1. Random Tech/IT Thread

    @The Evil Genius I have a MoCA Network in my house for my Tivo system. Verizon routers set up a MoCA network by default, so if you have Verizon then you’re a step ahead. If not, then you’ll need a router that can create that. Then you’ll need cable to whatever areas you want. I also believe that you’ll need a MoCA converter/filter as well. IMO it’s almost easier to hardware cat 6 if cable isn’t already there. What about a WiFi repeater? Those are rather inexpensive.
  2. I don’t see why people even bother with Omorosa other than to hear things about the president that they don’t like. How can you even trust what she says.
  3. FCC shuts down Alex Jones’s flagship radio station
  4. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Who the **** is this sucky guy on the broadcast and where is the regular guy?
  5. Vox: Elizabeth Warren has a plan to save capitalism

    Looks at the letter behind her name and the letter behind both houses of Congress and concludes that this has no earthly chance of happening.
  6. Any of ya'll ever get a hair transplant?

    This is what I use. Not so sure it’s helping. The worst part is I can’t really see how bad it is since it’s on the top back of my head. Even if I use a bathroom mirror I can’t tell it’s thin, which I suppose is good.
  7. Any of ya'll ever get a hair transplant?

    I posted something in regards to hair loss some time ago. The general consensus was that you should just accept your newfound scalp. I’m not particularly happy about it myself, but I don’t think any of the topical treatments really work (100% guaranteed). I work with two people who had hair transplant surgery. Neither had good experiences, both look bald/thin haired. Not sure who they used.
  8. 1. Alex Ovechkin 2. Peter Bondra 3. Rod Langway 4. Nicklas Backstrom 5. Braden Holtby 6. Adam Oates 7. Mike Gartner 8. Olaf Kolzig 9. Dale Hunter 10. Calle Johansson In due time, I’d probably put Kuznetsov, Oshie, Wilson on this list. Green could probably go on this list. Even Semin.
  9. I bet they get a TINY turnout, because above all else, white suprimacists are giant vaginas. They don’t stand a chance in a city as black as DC.
  10. I just assume that white males would have superior planning skills.
  11. Wait, seriously? 5:00 on a Sunday night? What kind of asshole scheduled that? Was he missing a chromosome?
  12. So what time do the festivities kick off today, boys?
  13. ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    Sorry it’s not Lil Yachty enough for you