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  1. This is really cool, if you've seen Memento:
  2. It's just the same stuff over and over. Last night's episode was good, but it wasn't compelling. It moved the plot, but to what end? Do I even care what happens at this point? I will, of course, continue to watch. We will see what happens and barring anything striking, I'll keep on feeling that this show is petering out.
  3. There you go again, with those facts. I thought Obama only had the house for 2 years, but I never checked. My bad.
  4. Contrary to to popular belief, a large amount of compromise went into the ACA. It had to pass through a R majority house for ****s sake. The same house that tried to shut down congress multiple times.
  5. The Redskins and Nats PJ deals are annoyingly cheap. 7 runs isn't frequent. Extra toppings for free? Lame. Caps and Wiz are the only ones worth it.
  6. At 34, I don't really drink like that any more. Have a beer or a cider or a shot maybe once every couple of weeks. Having kids has a lot to do with that I'm sure. Have to be present and full of mind and body. Plus, I don't wanna die. I fear my own mortality, and I get more and more reminders the older I get. 10 years ago, I drank to the point of massive hangover probably 4 times a week. I smoked cigarettes, maybe a pack and a half a day. I had been a daily weed smoker for somewhere about 5 years.
  7. We have a $3,600 hospital bill for the birth of our second son. No frills, standard, vaginal delivery. She got an epidural, that's about it. Wasn't even at the hospital for two nights. Im having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one. So there it sits, unpaid.
  8. Get Out Saw it at an Alalmo Cinema. Alamo was nice, but I was a bit underwhelmed all things considered. Probably won't be going 30+ minutes out of my way to see a movie there again. As far as the movie. I actively avoided spoilers. Also, I think that the previews did a great job of not giving away much at all. As far as the film, I thought it was well acted and there isn't much that is wasted. The pacing is great and it does an effective job getting the viewer to ask more. Keeps you guessing. I'll give it a 4 out of 5.
  9. I try to keep my troll level one hunnit. πŸ’― So, sometimes in life you come across some cats that you know are just way to into their thing. Some people, although they are good people, just never lighten up and stop pushing their agenda πŸ’© . It gets tiresome and well, I get bored some times. So there's this guy I know. He's a bit liberalπŸ€”. I'm kinda liberal myself I guess, but I'm more just "whatever". I don't know, know this guy. Like I've never met him, but I've frequented some of his favorite spots and all he does is goes on about this liberal, hippie crap like it's his passion. Gee.😭 So I decided to **** with him a little. A bit of detective work and I had Michael's phone number quick and easy. Got on my favorite google phone spoof program and put in a random Republican phone number, nothing to crazy because I didn't want anyone important to get in trouble. Maybe some state senator, I forget.πŸ‘ So I called him, "I heard you voted for Trump?" I asked. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!" Just the loudest, most offended scream as he hung the phone up. Man, did I piss in his wheaties.πŸ˜† I couldn't stop there, so I called back. I had Mike back to ridicule him some more. Boy was he ever pissed😑. He yelled at me a little and hung up. I figure I'd stop cause I was getting bored.πŸ˜‘ ****ing guy called ME! Now I didn't bother answering immediately (I was on the ****ter) but I called him backπŸ‘½. Acted like a Muslim, I figured he'd like that, being all liberal πŸŽƒ, but nope. Then it was time to take the wife and kids to lunch so I stopped.πŸ™Œ Anyhow, a big πŸ–•To my man for taking it like a sport.🀞 ✌️✌️✌️
  10. Its funny that they scream socialism with health care but not the military. Not that I think the military should ever privatize, but that's one giant organization paid for with our tax dollars. And most want to add to it. Of course they seem to complain about the health care there (however I'd bet that vets health care can be a bit more intense, especially in times of war).
  11. You don't have to argue with me that ACA is far from perfect, heavily flawed even. I think that the only good thing about it is that it (attempts) forces younger, lower risk people into the system. And the pre-existing clause, which is a win. My main problem is that most people are still one major medical issue away from ruin.
  12. @DogofWar1 It's my opinion that heath care and capitalism are incongruent ideas, adversarial possibly.
  13. Crosby is a supremely gifted player. One of the best, no doubt. Gretzky didn't need to chop off dudes fingers to be considered the greatest. Kids are watching Crosby and learning this crap. I'd argue that Ovechkin is afar better example at the moment.
  14. That's inhumane. If the show's cancelled, let them go and get back to their regular lives. I'd sue for a year's pay, so like $25,000. πŸ˜‰
  15. I don't know how to do it logistically. We are a nation of geniuses though and I bet if we think really hard that we can do it. The problem is that a huge industry is going to essentially be destroyed. Thousands, maybe millions will lose their jobs. Insurance brokers, private insurance companies, billing agencies, all sorts. I assume that some may just be absorbed by the government, but a single payer system will probably decimate the private industry. So there's that. If you're empathetic to people trying to feed their kids then you can't help but feel bad. And of course they won't go quietly. A couple things. Social media wasn't as widely used and even if it was, I doubt that Bush 2 would've been on it at the rate that Trump is. Hell, Obama wasn't and he was a spry chicken. I think that Bush 2 made HUGE mistakes that set our country back and we shouldn't let him skate so easy by comparing him to Trump. Trump talks a mean game but he hasn't taken us to war with the wrong country or crashed the economy... yet.