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  1. Yeah, Lindsey Graham talks a big game for someone who’s going to soon claiming that Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the “disappearance” of Jamal, let alone the murder and dismembering.
  2. Balancing the budget requires BOTH tax increases AND budget cuts. Much like global warming, it’ll never be fixed but Democrats are generally better at it.
  3. I don’t understand why no politicians call him a snake oil salesman who has defrauded the US for millions of dollars. I’d be attacking him for all the **** we “think” he did. I’d claim he used Russia to spread propaganda and that he’s beholden to them. I’d attack him for defrauding the US by scamming the tax system. I’d claim that he’s in bed with Russian mob and all the other bad guys. Playing tit for tat over a 1/1000th percent Native bloodline is a TERRIBLE strategy.
  4. I mean, Warren just shouldn’t have said anything because she’s white af. Releasing some bogus report about how she’s somehow somewhat Native American is silly and petty. I expect more out of someone who’s trying to run against Trump. Republicans might not care about truth, but democrats do and the bull**** detector goes off with this report. I took a genealogy test earlier this year. I have .6% Native American blood from 6-8 generations ago, myself. Guess what I didn’t do? I didn’t go running around claiming that I’m native American and not offended by the name “Redskins”. Trump’s still a douche and I can’t believe that he claims that he didn’t say what he said when he could have just said that she isn’t Native American like she claims.
  5. Elizabeth Warren might be the whitest person in America.
  6. Springfield

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    We’re going to lose to the Giants, possibly the worst team in the NFL.
  7. Springfield

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    I’m happy that we won, but this is a team that just baaaaarely beat the Giants a week ago, so....
  8. Springfield

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

  9. Vladimir Putin 'ordered novichok assassin to murder British spy behind Trump sex dossier' Vladimir Putin ordered novichok assassin Alexander Mishkin to murder the British spy who wrote the sensational Trump sex dossier, claims a former top Russian spy. Mishkin, 39, used the alias Alexander Petrov for the failed hit on the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March. Accomplice Ruslan Boshirov was unmasked as GRU colonel Anatolly Chepiga and Mishkin’s true identity as a doctor in Russia’s GRU military intelligence emerged last week. He now faces allegations of plotting to use the same nerve agent on former MI6 officer Christopher Steele during a visit to Britain 12 months earlier
  10. Springfield

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    Saudis Threaten Global Economic Repercussions if Punished for 'Murdered' Journalist Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it would retaliate to possible economic sanctions taken by other states over the case of Jamal Khashoggi, the state news agency SPA reported quoting an official source. The kingdom will respond to any measure against it with bigger measures, the source said, adding: "The Saudi economy has vital and influential roles for the global economy." "The Kingdom affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it, whether by threatening to impose economic sanctions, using political pressures, or repeating false accusations..." the official Saudi Press Agency quoted an unnamed government source as saying.
  11. Springfield

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Theres one blackout map, it’s huge. It incorporates several maps from prior BO’s (Nuketown, Array, Firing Range, etc) into certain areas within the giant blackout map. There are 4 wheelers, helicopters and (I think) trucks. The circle shrinks just like in fortnite. Depending on whether or not you have body armor will really determine how many bullets it takes to kill you. You’ll die pretty fast if you jump in with another group of people and you can’t seem to find a weapon.
  12. Springfield

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    I only say this because of a post above, but is there anyone else in the world more unlikable than DJT Jr? The man has the aura of a despicable son of a rich person who has never worked a day in his life and has no idea about how anything is in real life. Just out of touch and affirms that with every single word he says. His smugness beckons to be punched off of his face.
  13. Springfield

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

  14. I missed the game. Seems to me that Lars Eller didn’t think too highly of Toronto.