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  1. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Youre one of them aren't you... 😑
  2. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    The republicans like to tout Lincoln to prove to people that they aren't racists though (let's not mention that the parties essentially flipped platforms in the 1900's).
  3. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    I just came up with a great argument for these ****tard traitors to our country (which I am sure has been brought about way better than me)... How can you be sympathetic to the Confederacy AND be the party of Lincoln?
  4. Got the above off FB. Shared by someone I feel should be above all this.
  5. Start a thread on reddit. If anyone can do it...
  6. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    So I keep hearing on the news that the anti-Trump protesters were violent. Is there any truth to this? Haven't seen anything in this thread.
  7. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Cool. Thanks for that.
  8. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    What's so good about it?
  9. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Jesus, like we were gonna find out about his tax returns? He's never told us numbers or timelines, how does this change anything?
  10. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    So are we adding more troops in Afghanistan?
  11. 2017 Eclipse Thread

  12. Random Thought Thread

    Dr. Dre is considered one of the best. Most of his beats are samples. Looking at the Neptunes production, not too much samples from them. Pretty impressed. Also, there is so much I don't know about music, just all the stuff Dre sampled. It's crazy.
  13. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    Got a coworker who's at Clemson right now to watch. He took a whole week of vacation for this.
  14. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Pretty clear that Martin isn't writing this stuff. Nobody important died and it was basically a formulaic episode. Even the dragon coming back as an undead dragon with blue eyes.
  15. RIP Jerry Lewis

    91 is a hell of a run. Safe home.