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  1. It is quite a conundrum and I have no idea how to stop it. The only thing I can think that might happen is something catastrophic might happen that will open people's eyes, but they'll probably just cycle the spin machine and make up new fallacies to blame it on. It's really depressing.
  2. Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Oops, missed Riggo-toni's comment
  3. Political Comedy Thread

    I don't get the hate I see some have for for him sometimes. His show is not really LOL funny very often, but it's not meant to be. One of the reasons I like watching him is specifically what you say. He will rip into things he disagrees with, left or right. He also has some decent guests with right-leaning perspectives. I think he does a great job of guiding that show along, and letting his guests get their points across, while fitting in a healthy dose of his own views and snark in the process. I went to see his stand-up show, and was surprised how at funny it was. He was great. I recommend checking that out sometime if the opportunity presents itself. He tours like a madman.
  4. Just added these two to the "Fighting the Flooding Basement/Contemplating my Life and the World" mix
  5. Yanny or Laurel

    What the hell? Now I only hear Yanni. I've had tinnitus forever too. I don't think I could even sleep without that constant ringing in my ears at this point. It'd be to quiet.
  6. Yanny or Laurel

    I hear Laurel and am always thankful not to have to hear Yani
  7. Someone crowdfunded a mariachi band, piñatas, and a taco truck to show up outside Schlossberg's offices at a time to be determined.
  8. The biking thread....

    Kinda cool, I guess. If you want to bike the Capital trail, you can just take a train to Main Street Station in Richmond and hop on it like 3 blocks away. Looks like they're testing this out, and it's only an option on routes going along from Boston down to Newport News.
  9. ..has been going on for a bit now. The Guardian has a running live recap with some text of the questions and answers.
  10. Election 2018 Thread

  11. D.C. Culture/History Thread

    @uscapitol ‏is another good twitter follow
  12. The Pamunkey tribe just bought a bunch of land pretty close to Richmond (New Kent) and are exploring opening a resort/casino, but not necessarily on that land. I would love to go check out an actual brick and mortar sports book and casino without hours of driving or a cross country flight.
  13. It was definitely more acceptable to the general public just after 9/11. I found the next part of the quote (after the part about not believing Trump would ask her to waterboard a terrorism suspect) interesting, and maybe indicative of her having a different personal view on it now than she had then. "But, she added, before pausing for a brief moment, "We have, today in the U.S. government, other U.S. government entities that conduct interrogations. DOD uses the Army Field Manual, and they conduct battlefield interrogations" — and the CIA has expertise that can support those interrogations. The FBI can also help, she said. "CIA is not the right place to conduct interrogations," Haspel said, adding, "We don't have interrogators, and we don't have interrogation expertise." Saying that her nomination reflects a respect for her opinion, Haspel said, "My experiences during those days after 9/11 inform my views. I'm extremely knowledgeable, and I'm also extremely knowledgeable about the price CIA working-level men and women out in the trenches paid for decisions made after 9/11."
  14. This article links to the House Dems site, with downloads of zip files containing lots of pdfs of the ads. Some are just the text of the ads, but they show data about the creator, the creation date, how much it cost, clicks on the ad, target audience etc. Kind of interesting. I think you probably need to be on a computer to download and look at them though. Some fairly big downloads. This is the actual House Dems page with the download links:
  15. It was Susan Collins who asked her that. "...Collins then noted that as a candidate, Trump had said he was in favor of waterboarding — and even more extreme measures. "If the CIA has a high-value terrorism suspect in its custody," Collins said, "and the president gave you a direct order to waterboard that suspect, what would you do?" "I do not believe the president would ask me to do that,"..." Pretty good summary from NPR with related questions from Warner and a few others. Also has the video to the whole nomination hearing:
  16. Election 2018 Thread

    Washington Post did a write up on this last Friday. There's a link in the article that points to the Blankenship campaign explanation. Seems like alt-right conspiracy stuff. The Post rated it a '4 Pinocchio claim" The kooky tale of ‘Cocaine Mitch’
  17. Obviously Hillary, because the truth about her and obstructionist dem collusion with Russia will come out when Trump is proven innocent, and there's no collusion there with Trump (AKA: nobody as hard on Russia), and it's a total (sick!) witch hunt, and many people are now saying Trump deserves the Nobel peace prize. No collusion.
  18. "as we know it" is what I thought of too
  19. Random Thought Thread

    I haven't signed up for anything in a long time. I checked my linked devices, etc. and all I have is a kindle I haven't used in about a year. Haven't used prime to watch anything for a while either. The charges were listed in my bank account with a category of books/magazines/newspapers, all listed as recurring payments. They also had a description saying and a transaction ID. My prime subscription renews automatically on Friday (sneaking in to that $99 price before the price increases), so I added a different payment method, but am watching that account. I changed the password and turned on two factor authentication, which I probably should have done a long time ago. I also just said 3 charges of $14.99 out of laziness. There were two charges for $14.22 and one for $12.99. The teller I talked to said he had the same thing.
  20. Random Thought Thread

    Random heads up. If you have a debit/credit card linked to your Amazon account, you might want to check the transaction history on the card. I noticed three charges for $14.99 to Amazon over the span of two weeks. There were no purchases listed in my actual Amazon account. I found them looking over my checking account. I contacted Amazon and they refunded them, and seemed to be able to see that the charges were to my card, but not on my account. I asked if they would flag the account that the charges were from, but they wouldn't tell me much of anything. I cancelled my debit card, and went to the bank today to get some cash until my new card comes, and the teller said the exact same thing just happened to him around the same time: 3 random $14.99 charges from Amazon. Maybe it's a Wells Fargo thing, maybe Amazon, maybe something else. Pretty odd that the teller had the exact same thing at the same time as me.