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  1. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Ugly week for streaming a defense. Dallas is there, but no way to that, so it's Buffalo at home v the Jags, NE at the Jets, or Colts at home v Miami. I guess my order is: Colts, Buf, NE. I might try the Lions if Trubisky is ruled out, but will probably grab one of these other ones first, and drop them for Detroit if I have time to pay attention to it on Thanksgiving. Any opinions?
  2. SoulSkin

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Time to Put Up Or Shut Up

    Elliot had his worst game of the year against us earlier this year. 33 rushing, and 9 yards receiving. I do think we can shut him down, and that will be the focus, but they'll try to get him more involved with passes this time. Actually, I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm going to go with the same score as last game: Redskins 20-17.
  3. SoulSkin

    Starting QB 2019???

    It seems like the absolute worst thing would be if Alex can't come back from this injury at all, and at least be a backup until that contract is more manageable. I just don't see him being ready by training camp, the more I hear about that injury (Of course, I could be wrong. I often am.). Glass hopefully half full scenario...Colt is the opening day starter, and whoever it is will be the backup. Alex heals, and is able to play at some point next year (not saying he actually will, but he'll be able to). As long as Colt can play at the level that Alex has been, and hopefully better, the team is really no worse off than it was prior to the injury in the short term. They go forward with Colt, quarterback X, and Alex (maybe on IR), and keep building the team. The "plan" with the team doesn't really theoretically change that much, just the depth chart. I'm pretty sure we're all hoping Colt does really well, although the talk of him being able to opt out of his contract is kind of scary. We'd really be screwed without him. Am I right that, cap-wise, this is our most likely best course of action? I'm just assuming we're not getting off the hook, in any way, on Alex's contract. He's not passing a physical in 4 months, and I highly doubt he's going to give up on his career (or that money) before he sees how he heals, as he tries to get back to where he was physically.
  4. SoulSkin

    Random Thought Thread

    I just saw it, and posted it on here real quick on my way out the door at work. I see it's on all the news networks now, so word's seem to have gotten around. I was just trying to give a heads up to anyone here who might be about to chomp down on some romaine.
  5. SoulSkin

    Random Thought Thread

  6. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    I remember when the Packers were just horrible. Like the worst team in the league horrible. Lynn Dickey was the best quarterback since Bart Starr. It was sad, because not many people dislike the Pack...only other NFC north people.
  7. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    38>11, and you guys are always realistically in the thick of it. A few breaks here and there, and you might have 2 or more, but at least you've had legitimate shots.
  8. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    The white G in the green oval with some feathers hanging off the back. +1
  9. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    We were like that as a fanbase once, going on about close to 40 years now. We're definitely not spoiled anymore.
  10. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    I mean, I guess anyone could, but they seem to have lots of issues. Their D is a shell of what it once was. They would need that to compensate for what their O has become too. I think the Bears are better than them at this point.
  11. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    The only flies in the ointment for these teams meeting in the SB are maybe the Saints in the NFC, and the Pats in the AFC. Chiefs and Rams should have homefield, but the Saints have a shot. I guess the Pats do too. My darkhorse get-on-a-miracle-run, then probably get destroyed in the Superbowl teams would be the Bears or maybe the Texans.
  12. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    Ah well. **** these teams anyway. Fun game though.
  13. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    "Poor clock management"
  14. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    I want college style overtime. K Thanks.
  15. SoulSkin

    Gameday Thread

    OT possibility now. Make it so Butker.