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  1. Before he went on Don Lemon's show last night, Rick Wilson was hinting around on Periscope that Butina had a "very interesting relationship" with someone he described as a "conservative luminary", whatever that means. I didn't get the impression he was talking about Erickson.
  2. Dat NRA/Russian money though. 2016 elections: 30+ mil for Trump/anti-Clinton and 5.9 mil + to GOP reps. Ryan's at the top of that list. $106,000 went to Dem reps. Here's a writeup MotherJones did on Butina
  3. Brrrrrrr. Wikileaks. Boom. Boom. Boom. Brrrrrr. Wiki. Wiki, Wiki, What?, Brrrrrr. Boom, Boom, Boom, Hey! Wiki, Wiki, Wiki. Thaaaaa Wikileaks.
  4. The last paragraph is what really worries me. Goldman Nutsack is certainly on a need-to-know level sort of things. He greeted Lavarov and Kislyak by burning an ally's source (an ally that may have also been knee deep in this crap) in a heartbeat when they came to visit the fool in the White House. Nunes, Goodlatte, Jordan, et al, they're trying to get at the depth of what our IC knows too, because they have the power, and so they can use it to come up with some more ridiculous obfuscations that idiots slurp up. It's terrifying.
  5. Gotta laugh at the various media outlets wondering if Trump will demand that Russia turn over the 12 indicted GRU officers. In what world would that happen? Imagine if Putin demanded we turn over FBI or CIA agents to Russia. It's sad, but there's probably only one of the two who would actually consider something like that, and his name ain't Putin.
  6. I wasn't, but I would kick the sheeeeiiit out of him if I had a chance. It's Thunderdome time for quite a few of his ilk.
  7. TBF, Roy Moore is more innocuous than Luther Strange. It's too obvious to have just a straight up-out of the comic books villain name for your evil senatorial nominee.
  8. "A candidate for US Congress". Rosenstein did go out of his way to make sure to say that that the several American citizens who communicated with Guccifer 2.0, did not necessarily knowing they were communicating with the GRU.
  9. In Virginia? I never heard of it until this year. I do a lot of trail biking and hiking, so I'm glad to know what this stuff is, just in case.
  10. Apparently this thing has managed to spread at least a little bit. Guy ran across it landscaping in Fredericksburg, and ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
  11. Finally, a Fox exclusive interview with the president's handler. He gets airtime to spread his coordinated message that he's dictated, straight into to America's doltiest dolts' ears en masse. I'm guessing he'll try to amplify the message for the need to improve US-RU relations, point out his dedication to fighting the scourge of fake news worldwide, and his support for investigating the FBI for having the gall to investigate Russia+hmmm, ...who helped Russia(?), and their coordinated attack on democracy.