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  1. SoulSkin

    D.C. Culture/History Thread

  2. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Vance McDonald could be a good pickup at TE too, if available. I think the Steelers like him a lot more as a receiver than James. Seems like he's always a play away from getting injured again though.
  3. SoulSkin

    Random Thought Thread

    I posted this in the weather thread, but wanted to make sure people saw it. Please take it seriously if you get tornado warnings up in the NoVa/DC area. We had numerous tornadoes in Richmond today, with several touching down. Florence is still packing a punch on it's way out. Never seen anything like this in 20 years of living here. ...and power just went out as I was typing. And it's on, and it's off. And it's on again.
  4. SoulSkin

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    We've got tornado warnings popping up all over Central Va. from the remnants of Florence. Can probably expect some of this stuff heading up towards NoVa, if you haven't seen it yet. Edited later: After I posted this, all hell broke loose around here. Last I heard, at least 7 tornadoes spotted and at least 3 of those touched down. Fox 5 up there has some pics and videos. Don't ignore them if you get the warnings!
  5. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    They might as well rip off the band aid and do it sooner, rather than later. Kicker News! :
  6. SoulSkin

    Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Competition for new ideas for Monument Ave in RVA, looking for something beyond the remove/move, or the contextualize what's in place solutions. Kind of interesting. WTVR, Richmond: Design contest seeks innovative answers to Monument Avenue debate
  7. ...or swamp gas, or a weather balloon, or we're all going to die. Whatevs
  8. SoulSkin

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Some pretty wild short clips from Honk King and China in this thread. Yeesh.
  9. Given the FBI presence, reports of numerous people with antennae on the grounds after it was shut down, and the description of it as a security incident, the espionage angle or a chemical/substance concern makes the most sense to me out of what I've heard speculated. I'm wondering if we'll ever know what the deal is/was here.
  10. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    I pretty much got my ass handed to me in everything except my one seasonal league today. That team scored 165 in .5 ppr (pretty straight up roster/league), but survivor leagues, DFS, and my ATS pickem league were all disastrous. I got 3 games (!) right in the pickem. Probably the worst all around weekend I've ever had in like 15 years or so. Tough/weird week.
  11. SoulSkin

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    I guess that explanation checks(down) out.
  12. SoulSkin

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    I don't get the lack of any attempts at deep shots. Wasn't Richardson the downfield streaky threat in Seattle? Was it Baldwin that made him that guy because d's were focused on him and Graham maybe?
  13. SoulSkin

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    I knew that dude was gonna miss that kick when he was swinging his arms while waiting on the snap. Not sure if that's what he normally does, but it seems like a good way to mess up timing.
  14. SoulSkin

    7th Annual ES Survival Football League!

    Welp. Two cups of coffee this year. Last one was cold and bitter.
  15. SoulSkin

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    edit: scratch that. Bad maths