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  1. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    I'm envisioning a monument that is slightly different from Mt. Rushmore. It would be carved into the side of a mountain for sure, but the resemblance would end there. Picture a throne. Not just any throne, but one where the right arm rest has Fat Albert Haynesworthless' ugly mug attached at the end and the left arm rest is RGMe. The backrest has three heads mounted above it: Spurrier, Gibbs and Shanny (Dan's most notable HC trophies). The seat cushion is Vinny's face, in a nice puckered expression ready to cradle Dan's butt in accustomed sycophancy. Finally, the base of the throne rests upon thousands of partially dismembered fans whose souls have been crushed countless times by the Redskins. But hey, I'm not bitter...
  2. RIP Dwight Clark

    RIP Dwight Clark. Great player!
  3. ESPN: Jason Witten pondering retirement to join MNF

    If true good luck Witten. You were a worthy opponent and I think a lot of Skins fans respect your skills and sportsmanship.
  4. What to do with LG

    Yep - Sterling Oyd, LG. I found film from last year and he was really good until his season ended when he tore a pectoral muscle, herniated a disc and ruptured his meniscus all on the same play. Coming into the league as a tight end he sat most of his rookie season, but was converted to LG following an offseason weight gain from 265 to 325.
  5. What to do with LG

    Exactly! LG is still a concern. We hope this can be addressed but no one on ES has the solution at this point. The draft is over and we have what we have. However, 4 of 5 OL starters as of right now are really good players. I don't think we should panic about OL, even if we suffer through another season of Lauvao. The OL situation last year was completely bizarre. I can't see it being like that again in 2018. Really. I also think we're on the right trajectory OL-wise. As many others have posted here, we need to be looking now for a few more tackles in addition to a solution at LG. But finding a T right now isn't a priority, which is nice because it allows the team to develop the guys they have while looking for other successors. I do honestly believe having Guice, and making some adjustments to the playbook and calls, will improve the OL's run blocking. I hope the team puts some focus on figuring out how to put teeth in our run game given the talent we have.
  6. What to do with LG

    Maybe they didn't run there because they planned for Long at C, who wasn't great at moving guys off the line. I am not an expert at play calling or how to draw up plays. I'm ok at watching film and have a pretty good understanding of how OL works but that's about it. That said, it looked to me like many of the running plays last year were complicated and needed time to unfold. Can any of you comment on that? I'd like to know if that's my imagination or has a basis in reality. When you have the horses up front, there isn't a huge need for finesse so it would seem to me you'd want quick-hitting plays that looked really simple and straightforward. If you had success with running that style, you could then call those until the D began stopping them, then call plays that looked like that but had some additional twists to the blocking scheme that would take advantage of how the D is reacting (i.e. the successful adjustments they made to stop the simple run plays). Hopefully our scheme this year includes some power runs and follow up plays (counter-punches to D adjustments). I think this could work really well for us on the right side. PS: I might be old-fashioned but it seems to me your running game should begin with simple plays as the default and only get more complicated as Ds adjust. Thoughts?
  7. What to do with LG

    One of the big differences between Chase and the other guys who played C last year is how well he positions himself, especially in the open field. Chase has the ability to consistently insert himself between the ball and his defensive target. This is a really important skill which can be taught, but he has an innate talent at it. One of the reasons I say he's The Scherff's Mini Me is that The Scherff is great at that too. If you're interested in a film breakdown I'd suggest looking at last year's games. Watch the offensive plays and begin by following The Scherff. Watch how he gets in position and how he senses opponents and fluidly shifts focus as stunts develop or run plays unfold. Once you're used to seeing that, go back and focus on whoever plays center. Compare how they look to what you're used to seeing The Scherff do. When I do that, Roullier looks a lot like The Scherff, and the other guys don't. I know that won't change your mind, but at least now you know why I'm bullish on Roullier. Also it's fun to watch film. Hail.
  8. What to do with LG

    Yes. Yes, they do. Don't believe it? Watch his games from last season. He made Long, Bergstrom and Rhaney look like doormats. Yes. He's The Scherff's Mini Me.
  9. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Thanks for sharing! LOL moment at 6:17 when Washington celebrates sacking Bledsoe by slapping the referee on the ass. I kid you not. LOFL
  10. Press Release: #Redskins Quotes - Gruden, Smith

    This is my takeaway from the press release...
  11. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    I think the organization is getting marginally better at football. What will actually tell me Dan has matured is when we stop hearing from people who have a close view of the organization that it is "toxic" and "dysfunctional." I can think of a few ESers with access to the team who've said those things (or their equivalent) in the recent past. I'd love it if that stopped. HTTR
  12. What to do with LG

    DISCLAIMER: I have mental illness (major depressive disorder); this is not meant to stigmatize anyone else who has mental health issues. BUT... I told you this guy was a 6! BTW - not sure a psych eval will help treat being an asshole.