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  1. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Great return. Too bad it won't matter.
  2. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Why can't we do that???
  3. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    I know. KC came right back and scored on them. Damn shame their D isn't better. All the Houston injuries reminds me of last week. Our guys were dropping like flies out there.
  4. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Nice catch there in the EZ
  5. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I'm very curious to see what he wrote in the note they found in the hotel room.
  6. Let's Talk about Pets

    I love this thread. Keep posting all the adorable pics of doggies and kitties!
  7. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I'm so conflicted on this. As a liberal I still feel like people should be able to own a gun to protect their homes/familes or even used to hunt,even though I'm not a hunter. Otoh I feel like having 47weapons, some of which have been converted to automatic weapons is completely unnecessary. I also believe if there were a ban on these conversion mechanisms there wouldn't have been nearly as many fatalities. Personally I would be willing to give up my right to bear arms if it means not having to deal with innocent lives being lost. But that's just my opinion. At some point we're all gonna have to have this conversation and that means we're all gonna have to compromise. I just don't think that's possible in today's society.
  8. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I absolutely think this was premeditated. You don't bring that many weapons or set up cameras in the hallway of your hotel room unless you planned this out.
  9. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I just don't understand. I've been through a LOT in life. My mom abandoned me, I was molested, later I was physically and verbally abused, not to mention having a best friend get shot in the head and killed while we were walking to school when I was in 9th grade. My life hasn't been easy, though I know there are many other people like me who have been through hell, and they have been through even worse. But never have I ever thought about hurting another person regardless of what I have been through. Some people will say I'm mentally ill because of what I've been through and I would agree. You don't just forget about **** I've been through. But just because you've been through a lot in life doesn't mean you would ever harm another human being. I would never even think about hurting another person no matter how mad I get at them. I say all this because I think there is a fine line when dealing with mental illness. There are a lot of people like me who have been diagnosed with PTSD etc who wouldn't hurt a fly. Unfortunately there are others who really are a risk to society. How do we distinguish between the two? How do we stop this from happening again?
  10. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I'm very curious to hear what this monsters finances looked like. Plus, I'm wondering if he was receiving any kind of therapy or on any type of psychiatric medication.
  11. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I'm sorry but there is NO reason anyone other than law enforcement or the military should have automatic weapons at there disposal. None at all! It's one thing to have a weapon for hunting or protection, but to have that many weapons and access to explosives is crazy. I believe in the 2nd amendment, but not if it means constantly losing innocent life.
  12. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Horrible tragedy. I feel so bad for all those affected by this. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them.
  13. Got Dammit Doctson

    So many things I wish we could change about this game Lucy Pearl. But at least I know we gave them a run for their money and hopefully earned some damned respect around the league for our performance.
  14. Got Dammit Doctson

    I'm more pissed that we didn't go for it in the first quarter on fourth and one on the goal line than the drop via JD. Maybe I'm wrong, but we had momentum and were kicking ass then. We should have gone for it like we did a few plays before. I think that would have changed the outcome of the game.
  15. Game Day Thread: #Redskins @ Chiefs

    Thank God he missed