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  1. It's really sad, but we are constantly in a state of rebuilding mode because the idiots in charge have no clue how to actually rebuild. I don't see the situation changing any time soon
  2. I think we deserve an explanation. This is BS
  3. Discussion: FAN Free Agency - At the Crossroads

    I'm not going anywhere. Despite the screw ups, I love this team too much. Plus, I'm only 40, so I figure I have at least a good 40 years left to hope and pray we make it to another SB.
  4. I just threw that team out there, but my questions still stand. The twitter thread has some good new tweets. Apparently, KC just wants out of DC and will make price so high, he'll basically force a trade. Another said a LTD won't get done.
  5. At the risk of sounding stupid, I'm gonna ask a question here because I honestly don't know enough about all this franchise tag and transition tag stuff. Under what circumstances, if any, could Kirk be out of DC right now(upcoming season). Can he decide he's had enough and go to San Fran, Houston, etc if they want him, or does the tag make it so that he can't just go if he wants? Also, if he can't just leave, what's the big deal about a deal with him not getting done when he'll basically be here regardless for another season? I know that's not an ideal situation, but why is everyone freaking out about it? And finally,if he can leave DC now, or something happens and he's not our QB this season, who in the hell are we gonna get as our QB? CM? Do we draft one? Sign a FA? I'm not sure wth we would do! What's the point in signing a guy like Pryor if we have no freaking QB???
  6. It wasn't about the date of the article as much as the content, ex the relationship b/w everyone referenced.
  7. More at link...
  8. I just think it's unfair to speculate regardless nof the circumstances. He had a death in the family, that's a fact, and none of us know any details about this matter. OTOH, if this is related to his drinking, he surely doesn't need a bunch of people who know nothing about what he's going through making judgements, etc about the situation. And it could easily be a combination of both, in which case he needs our support, not our (and the media) speculation and rumors. All I'm gonna say is we should all just give the man a break until we know what's really going on, and try to support him and the team however we can. I'd hate to be a part of something that caused him to relapse, get worse, etc just because we have so many prognosticators and clairvoyants on ES ( let's not even bring the media into this. That's a whole other ball game).
  9. A dad and his son...

    I am so happy for you and your son! Congratulations!
  10. What is your strongest political conviction?

    I'm with you. Healthcare is #1 for me. After that, I'd say education, pro choice, and where they stand on scientific issues (including new technology, biomedical research, and environment) -probably in that order.