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  1. Should defendants be screened from the jury?

    Interesting thread! Makes you wonder if the jury thought OJ Simpson was really "James Smith" if the verdict would've been different?
  2. So it seems that the kids who have already been taken from their parents should just shut up, eat their bag of chips, cuddle with the aluminum foil blanket given to them, and play the PlayStation they have. Who cares they may never be reunited with their families, right? It's like summer camp! Smh
  3. Thanks! Been busy with new job and my son's HS graduation, college, etc.
  4. I can't keep up with all the dumbasseriness anymore, so I changed the title to cover all the bases!
  5. I'm not holding my breath that anything positive will come from this.
  6. So, how does this help families who have already been separated?
  7. Title changed. Too much happens with the orange man to change the title to something he's currently screwing up, so I figured that would cover all the bases.
  8. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  9. Tax Bill

    What's the Byrd rule all about? I don't understand why the house has to revote.
  10. Election 2017 Thread

    Yep. Donald Trump.
  11. Election 2017 Thread

    Thank God there are still people left in this country who have at least half of a brain.
  12. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    Cards 34 Skins 13
  13. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    Thank you! I told you Debbie downers we got this!
  14. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    Can everyone who thinks so negative get there panties out of a wad? Calm down already!