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  1. abdcskins

    Random Thought Thread

    Two weeks, still sick. Main symptoms are constant wet cough and fever. I take Advil at night sometimes and wake up five hours later in a drenched bed, then go cough up tons of phlegm. At this point I'm certain it has something to do with my sinuses. I can feel the back of my throat buzzing/gurgling as I breathe through my nose. Appetite is so low, energy level low, I must have lost 5 pounds the last two weeks. Also dealing with some other very personal stuff that is stressing me out and undoubtedly weakening my immune system. I will not give up though! This bull**** will not get the best of me.
  2. abdcskins

    Gameday Thread

    That Sherman penalty was kinda huge.
  3. abdcskins

    Gameday Thread

    Witten, "he pulls another rabbit out of his head."
  4. abdcskins

    Gameday Thread

    Cooper Kupp looking like he just suffered a serious knee/ankle injury. Got horse collared.
  5. abdcskins

    Gameday Thread

    Horrible call in the Lions/Packers game.
  6. abdcskins

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    I didn't see the fight, but I like this guy Khabib A LOT. As Itch said, he really bout that life.
  7. abdcskins

    Sports Wagering thread

    $55 Ravens -3 $66 Panthers -6.5 $55 Jaguars +3
  8. I find it weird that two senators didn't vote. They could've technically evened it out at 50-50.
  9. abdcskins

    Random Thought Thread

    RIP Mardi - beagle Bassett hound in Chevy Chase, MD that I loved very much. He was such a gentle good dog. Needy, loved being pet SO much. Got ridiculously excited when it was time for a walk to the park 🍃 A Hurricane Katrina survivor, my mom got him at the Washington Rescue League. He was at least 13 and probably more like 15.5 years old 🐶 He loved that couch with the sheepskin. He wants to get on the couch like always haha. Have fun in heaven boy.
  10. abdcskins

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Ty Johnson just burned the whole Michigan team on the kick return! 98 yards to the house!
  11. abdcskins

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    This would be a monumental win. Gonna be an uphill climb.
  12. abdcskins

    Random Thought Thread

    My health has gone to ****. Been sick for three days, still have a fever. Went to urgent care today, they did an xray of my lungs and saw, "something fuzzy." Her diagnosis is pneumonia. I just took my first dose of antibiotics, if my fever doesn't go away by Sunday night I'm going to the ER for more testing. I was sick earlier this year in June or July too. This never happens. Appreciate any kind words, thanks all.
  13. abdcskins

    Gameday Thread

    Colts WRs are absolutely dreadful. I don't know how guys get paid to play in the NFL who can't catch.
  14. abdcskins

    Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Capcrunch and Doyler said it all. The Orioles were so bad for so long. Buck came in and turned the team into a contender and respectable franchise again. Best to him.
  15. abdcskins

    2018 MLB Thread

    Severino looking like he's gonna pitch a no-hitter.