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  1. Really glad these guys finally get their recognition of helping us win our 2nd SB. Good one Danny. Keep it going.
  2. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    I agree with the OP, Dan is a good owner. There are rumours that he is still involved in running the redskins. If they are true, then he is not a good owner but a liar of an owner. His fault is he is too much of a fan that he has his own ideas of improving the team instead of trusting his well qualified FO he hired to bring this team back to respectability.
  3. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I was skeptical of the pick at first but now looks like a good decision. Having a jack of all trade S is great but doesn't solve the number 1 problem in this defense. Maybe James was rated slightly higher the Payne in our draft room but given our woeful run D, I would go Payne. he is the second best NT in this draft class and skipping him at 13 meant we run the risk of settling for a NT in the later rounds which could not address stopping the run. Maybe James will be the second coming of ST, well I'll feel sad on missing James but if Payne can clog the running lanes for Zeke, Barkley and Ajayi going forward and makes opposing offenses one dimensional, to me that would be better than having a pro bowler S but we continue to be gashed by opposing running games. Hankins to me is not part of this equation in that he will be an expensive option, and one that is not guaranteed even if we took James.
  4. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I hope we get the Payne that played in the playoffs not the one during the season. Well its done so Tomsula, fly him in tomorrow so you can start teaching him how to consistently beat double teams.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Based on our last few drafts, the Skins have been patient and stuck to their board. I hope they do the same and not get too infatuated with one single player/position that they make unscripted trades/moves for short term gains at the expense of long term strategy. We are fearful of a late mid-first round run on RBs that we want to trade out and down from 13 although there is strong possibility of a top prospect falling to 13 given expected run on QBs in the top 10. If a top prospect at CB (Minkah Fritzpatrick), S (Derwin James), G (Quentin Nelson), LB (Roquan Smith) falls to 13, I think long term we are better off taking those blue chip players instead of trading down to target Guice or R Jones in mid 20s (though I would love getting either one). I would love to snag one of these RBs (Guice, Jones or Michel) but I prefer staying put at 13 if any of the top guys are available.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I'm not sold on T Edmunds at 13. From what I'm reading, he has a lot of athletic talent and frame and what not, but doesn't know what he is doing. At 13 I want a sure thing or close to it, not a project we hope we can coach up. One knock against J Allen last year was that teams ahead of us thought he has maxed out, reached his ceiling sort of thing and with the shoulder he fell. I would like something similar, a blue chip prospect or close to it like LB R Smith, S D James, CB M Fitzpatrick etc... Guys who were top 15 prospects long before the combine and after it.
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I was thinking this too. I wanted Danny Shelton coming out because he was lane clogger and athletic enough to offer some pass rush. Now, he is traded to Pats . I was also thinking of Star Lotulelei and how the Panthers took him as their first pick but Kwann Short, who was their 4th round pick??? was actually their star pick in that draft. Bottom line, maybe taking these big (polynesian) guys in the first round is not so smart and better off investing in LB or CB and take our Kwann Short later on who would be "insert name". Tomsula would know what an ideal DL would look like and the preferred talent and skills. If he thinks Vea can play in the NFL, then that would ease my concerns to a lesser degree lol.
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I'm a bit cautious on the Payne hype. Outside of the 2 bowl games, he is a good DT who is athletic and great passing rushing chops but was invisible from time to time and struggled when doubled teamed. Vea on the other hand is dominant against the run and according to most draft sites has the (some) ability to rush the passer. Given we have the worst run stopping D in the league but rank among the top in the pass rushing department, logic suggest we take the guy that immediately improve our weakest spot but who can also provide help in the collapsing the pocket. Getting another pass rusher is great but if we can't stop the run well... I certainly do not enjoy teams running up and down on our D.
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I hope they use the 2nd on a RB, lots of good prospects like Michel, Kerryon or guys like Rashaan Penny later on.
  10. Calling Fuller an elite CB is a stretch in the least. Yes I'm disappointed we gave up a very good nickelback CB who is also the future of our secondary but we also have other young CBs like Fabian Moreau and J Hosley who showed promise. This trade settles our QB situation for the next 2-4 years at least instead of the QB franchise tag drama we had in the past 3 years and looked like we were gonna have in the next 3 months. Now we can sign our FAs, look for reinforcements in FA and get go BPA in the draft without the QB drama hanging over the team. Yes Allen plays a role in this mess but we needed to find a solution now and get out of it and move on. Sadly its not with Cousins under center but that the NFL business. Keep building the team and fix your (Allen) mess if you made one.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Wow, lots of FO bashing going on here. My Reaction Dislike 1. We traded Kendall Fuller. He is an upcoming player for our D. But if Fabian Moreau, Everett and others can hold the fort at nickel CB then that softens the blow; 2. Cousins. He is a good QB not elite nor special, home grown talent. The FO screwed this up 2 years ago and it has led to this. 3. 3rd round pick. Yeah I hate trading picks but we are addressing the most important position on the team. Like 1. Settled QB conundrum. Cousins is a humble guy but in the end he is asking too much for us to give ($34m tag), sorry no. If it was Brady or Brees maybe cause those guys can carry a team but we have seen that Cousins is a great game manager but falters against really good competition. Alex Smith is a similar QB or a step lower due to his age but at least he is much cheaper and allows us to address other positions like DT, ILB, FS, Oline, WR etc... 2. We can focus on BPA in the draft instead of focusing on QB prospects and we can look to take one later (Lauletta or Falk) as a project. This does not vindicate Allen/McCloughan of their handling of Cousins 2 years ago, when they should have offered a reasonable contract and sign him up but tagged him 2 years in a row and now find it very costly to sign him long term. This move, (not signing Cousins and getting another vet QB) was expected (by me) but could have been avoided in the first place. Its a wait and see approach, we are not doomed yet (as some have suggested) nor I am quitting the team and fandom (as some have suggested) but wait and see before I applaud or condemn the move. My 2 cents on the matter. Manuia.
  12. HapHaszard's Passing

    Rest in love Hap. HTTR one final time.
  13. I'll be a huge Pats fan for the super bowl

    I just don't want the pats to get 6 SB as I want the skins to catch up lol. I don't like the Eagles as well. I like how they rebuilt their team with Wentz though. I'm doing what I've been doing watching the SB since 91, have a beer and enjoy who is going to lose the SB which hopefully is Eagles and Tom Brady.
  14. I do it as well... in sports I do not follow closely. Like Rugby league (no offense to League fanatics) and college football as well a I have no connections to any particular team. Just interested in players not teams. So I guess Jay Richardson just had some passing interest in the Skins as it was his Dad's team but when things get messy, he can easily choose a new team. Bye Felicia.
  15. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    I'd never laugh at the Browns. That could be us if we don't nail down the QB spot.