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  1. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    After watching Finley and Bullocks tweets. I am sold on the kid. Beast. Which usually means, practice squad candidate and looted by Indy, whose GM must hate or love us. Truth is, he won't unseat Crowder so needs to play teams. Any SMU fans here.... Did he play special teams?
  2. Maybe Jay answered that question inadvertently, when saying Chris Thompson is his 3rd down back. Rest assured, yeah he probably needs work in pass pro, otherwise we'd be hearing its a strength. I may reserve comparing him to Portis when i see him blow up a LB in pass pro. Has the league ever had a more violent pass pro back?
  3. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Dare I think with Mr Mobile Alex Smith and now Guice, a hole at LG may be less a concern than in previous years. Let me go start a thread about that. It would seem that scouting RBs needs to include a proper review of, were the RBs monster numbers skewed by superior blocking. Maybe reviewing the plays in which blocking failed miserably, should carry a greater weight, short of a strong proven run blocking OL/system already in place (cough Mike Shanahan). I know we always think we will solve any and all run game blocking woes, but fact is the D gets paid too. The back is often left to fend for himself. I think I read Perine hadn't faced traffic at the LOS in college, and struggled with that last year, understandably. Like a college QB winning the "heismann" passing to wide open WRs all season, you have to review the ugly plays with more weight than I think some presidents do. GMs.
  4. I saw NFL Network review the top 6 drafted backs, and they did not include Guice. I assume it was based solely on draft position, and he did get an honorable mention at the end, but it was rather odd to see nonetheless. I was curious about his injuries (ankle), and found this nugget from 1 year ago "Guice revealed Thursday that he was lining up at wide receiver this spring, and that figures to be a significant part of the LSU offense. Guice caught 9 passes for 106 yards and a touchdown last season, and he is confident that was only a sampling of what’s to come. “I will be at receiver a lot now and those linebackers are in for a treat,” Guice said. “That’s all I’ve got to say.” If our TEs and WRs are unimpressive, I want to see CT and Guice on the field at the same time. Using RBs in more dynamic roles seems a trend, a trend away from running scat backs into a brickwall. I know Jay loves him some CT (we all do) but still find it odd he felt it was a priority to say CT is our 3rd down back, right after drafting Guice. He could have just texted CT instead. Don't worry, you are still my 3. Guice is Diiiiice! Old DC101 Fans will understand.
  5. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    It is impressive how great all the kids look on tape. Our 7th looks NFL ready, baby! Coming from a fan, that is code for: Expect a year or 2 on the practice squad. Not this time, baby! He is ready. We hope.
  6. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Then the question becomes why did all the other teams not covet legit great value. Did GMs lose their minds? Fact is they were scared off, so value talk is short cutting the real answer. Almost every team would have gotten legit GREAT value, even in the late 1st. Traditionally it's the Pats unafraid. Again, why was Bruce the only one with the stones to do it? Interesting indeed, that Bruce was the one to take him in the era of hyper sensitivity WRT any perceived issues with players. The answer may be closer to desperation than value, and pressure to field a winner. Our draft went so well, maybe it wasn't even Bruce making the final calls. I thought I read somewhere that Oakland was rumored in his future.
  7. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Between Alex and Guise, maybe we need a LG less than ever before. That, or one of our tackles moves inside. Maybe the days of short guards are slowly going away. Our new NT is under 310 yet traditionally are 330. Plus. Trent did fine inside. We can only say, oh well its Trent for so long, before admitting other tall guards may also do just fine. Possibly, many / most 330+ pound NTs are only on the field for 25% of the plays anyways. If that, factoring injuries and fatigue.
  8. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Shouldn't we stop ****ing around, and just draft all the Bama assistant D coaches too? So the elephant in the room is we got Guise. So, why did Bruce take him, when no one else dared. Good value yeah save it, as it was good value for everyone. Who made that call to take him, or did some counter news break - likely a tweet OSS. Cooley, get on it and find out exactly happened. Was Bruce desperate for a RB to support Alex proper. I kinda thought he would go Guise at 13, actually. Maybe Bruce is letting his hair down for his curtain call. More likely he sensed other teams were moving in and he panic picked & prayed the problems go away.
  9. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    My first thought was he's our new Ryan Grant. Our Amendola.
  10. FINALLY, a rumor out of Redskins park is parlayed into our favor. Good job, Bruce! I AM JOKING. I am trying to be funny. Do not take that sentence seriously. Regardless, Bruce couldn't cook up an idea like that anyways. I love the pick I was intrigued by Guice all along, even though I thought its a little quick to pull the plug on Perine but whatevs - spilt milk. Perine was learning to run out of new formations, and first hand how life in the NFL is different than running through wide open holes in college. Guice faced a lot tougher sledding at the LOS which should have him better prepared. I wonder why Jay felt compelled to say that CT will remain our 3rd down back. It's draft day. It's Guice Day. I have long wanted an all down back since you don't telegraph plays to the defense. Sure, plays can be run off of that, but then you end up running CT up the middle in short yardage, to surprise the defense. Which is something I really don't want to see very much. And suspect Chris is just fine with that. What I more wanted to hear Jay say is, I cannot wait to draw up plays to use both Guise and CT at the same time. Our formations were very static last year, with never more than 1 RB on the field at a time. Its not like our WRs or TEs were killing it. Our RBs will be our playmakers so I want to see formations with 2 RBs this year. No, Paul at FB was not using 2 RBs.
  11. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I wonder if we took Guice in part to counter the boys and giants loading up at RB.
  12. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    PFT Tweet: Jay Gruden says Derrius Guice assured Washington that rumor/report of altercation with Eagles is untrue
  13. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Maybe Guice was scrappy in the interviews in the cities he didn't want to play for. So we took a tackle, heh. Trent.
  14. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    who'd we take, Andre Johnson? #ExtemeSkins #Joking But meh I am not thrilled with a development guy in the 3rd unless its a QB.
  15. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Fuller + 3 fetched us Smith. We got our 3rd back. Now we need Fuller back. DB... or WR Deon Cain is another guess.