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  1. Over the past 3 years, he has been chased more times by the police, than he has chased quarterbacks in his chosen profession.
  2. Winning Getting chased and tased off the field. "Rhodes says Galette was told to stop but fled on foot. The officer chased Galette, used a stun gun to subdue him and took him into custody. " Nice visual there. Proud to wear the burgundy and gold heh. Maybe a great first step is overrated.
  3. Every silver lining has a touch of gray Shock wave therapy is a treatment for an Achilles injury! Hopefully they tased him in the lower leg. A few times.
  4. Who gets tased at the beach. Sure there are 2 sides to every story but when the cops show up, it's time to lay em down. Maybe he got zapped while on the run. Running in sand is quite difficult let alone on 2 gimpy legs. I presume he got zapped after getting caught. Let's go to the video tape. Hint, TMZ. The cops saw him assault someone, but didn't charge him with assault. Interesting. Maybe its time to sweeten the deal on my ebay offering of my never game worn Tanard Jackson jersey, and throw in a Gallette and free shipping. "The Tanard" is the longest running unsold item on Ebay.
  5. Of course! He did as he was running, causing his shorts to fall down, which caused him to trip and fall. That's why he got caught. Phew, that's a relief, as the Achilles's are good to go! IF, tripping himself didn't re-injure them. FYI - the cop is on waivers and won't get a camp invite after all. So we just need to get the charges dropped, the Achill-lie to hold up, Bruce to be "golfing" this morning and miss the news, and Mara to forget about this, IF he plays well in preseason. What are our chances he can overcome all that... about a 1 in a million. So, yer saying he's got a chance. #LloydChristmas
  6. Apparently, he got caught when he stopped to tweet how great his Achilles's felt. I would post the tweet, but..... You may be onto something though. I am thinking the dude that busts down doors at drug busts is worth a look at ILB, FB, or RB.
  7. Ran away, but got caught.... hopefully he has not lost a step from the injuries.
  8. He may. After all, it would make him look taller.
  9. Excellent news! And 100% taking him in my fantasy draft! Remove IR from thread title please mods or @SWFLSkins TIA
  10. What was behind the report that he had drop issues. Maybe it was a disgruntled fan on twitroids. Was it false news to rain on our parade to beef up at WR, or maybe the stat geeks have different definitions of what a "drop" is. Regardless, until someone can show otherwise, he had one drop last year. I like the signing. Pryor Doctson Crowder Quick Harris.
  11. Nice in depth post - thanks! I don't have much to add on potential picks and trust your judgement there. But I would like to see our OLBs bulk up to be better run stoppers. I am not convinced 1 guy is going to be an all world difference maker. Let the OLBs play at their college weight at DE. For if we get a proper plug up the middle, OCs are just going to run at Kerrigan and Smith et al, who just seem to run right by the ball carrier anyways. I theorize, because they will likely get blown up taking the firing T straight on. I am still not sold on our hybrid... so many uncertainties with players seemingly not as often used to their strengths vs more traditional approaches. And I propose our hybrid be renamed the 3.5-3.5.
  12. Yep, it sounds like a lot of projecting / hoping. I know you are trying to make a point but no single player can account for those differences. Our search for a nose has taken so long, I have become skeptical that we will land one, and that our defense can be shaped around him enough to warrant the wait. I am also not convinced that studs like Kerrigan or Smith are better players being forced to lose weight for that one play a game we slip them into pass coverage. The look over matched on run plays in our preferred 4-2 front.
  13. I guess I fail to understand how a NT on the field for ~ 25% of our plays makes us able to hold our own. Maybe for those 25, but what about the other 75%, as he trots off the field. Or, do we envision after finally finding that elusive nose, that he will be an all down player? Will our preferred 4-2-5 then best utilize that nose? It seems like an awful lot of projecting. And hoping, based on our luck thus far. Lineman take an awful lot of abuse. I foresee needing a capable backup, as well.
  14. I wonder how much harder drafting is, running a 3-4. Most all guys need to be projected into new positions, roles, and techniques. College's best lineman better get ready to be in pass coverage. It's just seems to be more trouble that its worth, at least for us. Is doing that in Allen's wheelhouse? So, everyone knows we need a nose because we told everyone. Not that they didn't know our annual need, but I feel now we will lose a little value taking a nose a bit early to ensure we get our guy. So, we will draft a nose early on. Knowing us, we will likely then scrap the 3-4 next year. What is the magic number, what % of time that we are not in the 3-4, that makes us officially stupid to run a 3--4 at all? 80%, 90%? And burning picks on guys that best fit the 3-4 all alone the way. It just all seems like an exercise in futility going all these years without a nose, but pressing on trying like hell to finally get one this year. And then the next.