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  1. 20 years? I think that is a bit over the top. Cousins hasn't won a playoff game and seems to have priorities other than wins. But if we want Cousins next year, we have him. That is 2 years to start looking for a new QB. We can draft a QB next spring, or the one after if Cousins wants to help others, more than his teammates and bolts for the fattest contract imaginable. The game has changed a lot in the past decade, alone. OC's have finally decided to cater playbooks to aid in a rookie or young QB succeeding. It started with Cam, and quickly Kap Wilson and our own QBs; more recently Dak and prince harry - succeeding and even making the big dance. If not the long term solution, they are a more than adequate short term fix. That's the problem - Kirk wants to help other young QBs make bank, yet I am not sure they will have warranted the contracts he is trying to get them after a good year or 2. Other positions will suffer.
  2. I will take that bet. Do you want to guarantee it will happen? The threads I like best, seem to fade away. Nothing is happening with Kirk's contract, yet here we are.
  3. II wish we could talk about our offense. What are Kirk's best throws. What routes will Crowder likely run as a #2. Is Pryor really a top deep threat? Let's project - our offense is basically set outside of a spot or 2. But we are stuck focusing on the non football stuff. Sigh.
  4. We can copy paste any post from this thread and use it for the next year, maybe 2 - and no one will know. Yay!
  5. I think we may have broken some sort of record with not being able to sign our QB, nor pronounce his name. Being Curt, I will share that I toot a walt and feel much better.
  6. It makes Bruce look bad. If he weren't the voice of the franchise, it wouldn't look so bad. And we can only speculate what Kirk thinks. I speculate that deep down, he is irritated that his boss cannot pronounce his first name. It likely adds to the things that annoys him about our franchise. I would love to see Bruce forced to read out the names on the roster. Of every NHL team. Reading the Redskins roster should be a slam dunk for him, having studied all those players in detail. It's just another facepalm.
  7. You mean Dict Stockton.
  8. Terrell Pryor Joking aside, Major Harris. After a failed free safety experiment.
  9. My name is Fred
  10. Kyle would probably support him should he decide to not give up his body taking hit after hit to make throws this year. Diving head first for that first down in week 3. Kyle knows the dysfunction of this organization, and likely supports anything Kirk decides to do, knowing he just needs to get the hell out. And Kyle needs him out, intact. The price he and Lynch are willing to pay will be largely unchanged IMO. We are not the lowly Redskins; he'll play for us.
  11. They're not yelling BRUCE, they are yelling BOOs
  12. LOL they are stupid enough; and we will likely match it
  13. The Skins don't know how to negotiate, and Kirk doesn't want to be here. That about sums it up. What incentive does Kirk have to give his all this season? Good or great year, he is going to demand the highest salary / most guaranteed money, IMO. Just give me my ****ing paycheck.
  14. You nailed it. Our money is worthless to him. Even numbers making him among the highest paid / guaranteed number. But the offer Bruce spoke of was not of the insulting low ball yard sale variety.
  15. I foresee a lot of balls chucked into the stands at the first sign of getting hit.