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  1. I heard the Director of Player Personnel didn't know that we traded for Smith until after the fact. I am not sure if its true, but if so, we remain a Dysfunction Junction.
  2. I feel bad for Grant about the timing of his injury WRT then becoming a free agent. Did he get aggressive treatment, sleep on it and start counting eggs, or maybe the Ravens just made a more stringent test until he finally failed.... I need more details. Are we speculating that the fans helped shape the decision for the Ravens? Despite Cooley's suggestion it's an ankle sprain, seeing the 2 month healing time I will speculate it was a high ankle sprain, which is much more severe. I am curious if you feel just as terrible about Breeland and his voided contract over what I think is a less risky injury for an organization, short of a staff or MRSA. I am no lawyer, but no Crabtree grade corner suddenly became available... aren't these 2 cases comparable? I even wonder if we'd get a comp pick. The league does not share the formula which determines compensation.
  3. I see now that Breeland had his contract voided over a foot infection. Short of reading ~hundreds of posts I will assume there is the same outpouring of support for him being wronged, since infections are easily treated here in MedicatioNation. Some may even argue his contract was voided for a lessor injury, than Grant's. I am interested in knowing if the Ravens offered Grant a lower contract once they saw his high ankle was not fully healed.
  4. That's fine but is this about the comp pick, at all? What happened happened no laws were broken and Grant out his airfare is still going to get paid. Maybe a Dallas fan sent the ravens his slip comp gif. Football is very cut throat aka not for long. The offer looked too good to be true, to me. And I'd wager that I wasn't only ESr that had the same initial reaction. Turns out, it was. Can't we all just get along, and pile on Grant for not passing his damn physical??? Screwed by him again is the way I may end up remembering this one.
  5. I get the feeling the blowback isn't really about Grant at all, it's for us missing out on the comp pick. Or is that way off base, we actually care more about a player two feet out the door. That many here didn't seem to like. Fuller didn't even know he had been traded. GMs are dicks sometimes.Or sure I could be way off base but short of seeing how badly he failed the physical, I will reserve judgement.
  6. Yes a guy can play with a high ankle and we see it almost every year. This past year it was Beckham. And they are always very ineffective. Just terrible. That was a smart move IMO by the Ravens. Why would they want Grant getting guaranteed money while injured. It's Ryan Grant. DVOA said go get him and they learned DVOA aint everything after seeing him going presume less than 100%. So they backed out. Good for them, sucks for us. I wish our GM was smart enough to do things like that. Bruce probably didn't even know he was injured. I bet our player of personnel did, if anyone listens to him.
  7. I guess our boys were injured even more than we knew. Shame to see Breeland wronged?
  8. Wouldn't it be ironic if the Kirk led push for more guaranteed monies led to a more stringent physical for Ryan Grant. Kirk very much helped create Grant into what he is today. I still say if teams are willing to give out that amount of guaranteed money to players of his caliber, they are morons doing so knowing the player is injured. Grant may not have gotten the injury properly taken care of being the end of the season and all, which can lead to complications.
  9. Why did they want in, in the first place? I think you must have meant John Brown. I guess you didn't see the guaranteed dollar amount, again, for Ryan Grant. He damn well better be at 100% to warrant that contract. So, much like here! No I didn't it. So now the fans are the de facto GM there? I am confused.
  10. I still don't know why folks are saying Grant was wronged with nothing more than Crabtree on the market
  11. If guaranteed money is all the rage now, why wouldn't teams raise their standards on their physicals? They would be dumb not to. The Ravens tried to do Grant right and he failed the physical.
  12. Maybe they made Grant prove he can run outs on oiled up astro turf. He kept falling so they failed him.
  13. Why do people think Grant didn't fail his physical? I admit it's rare but that would awful tough for the Ravens to lie about. Grant could have gotten hurt in the offseason/working out, or got hurt last year and tried to play through it, and it never properly healed. I think guys try to show up injured more often than we know. Football is hardcore and injuries are very common.
  14. Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Jay simply cannot depend on Reed. It's time to sell high on him if he can get through a monster month. Without a #1 at WR, a QBs best friend has never been more obvious.... his TE. Davis is no spring chicken but his YAC and moves make him look 10 years younger than he is. If he can stay healthy, I think Reed is expendable. The key may be: did Jay like what he saw with Sprinkle. With Paul gone, we need a body. You'd think a blocking TE was a dime a dozen.... Babbling TEs aside, I'd love to hear Josh added 10+ pounds. He is a finesse guy but needs to be able to man up and body corners to take the next step. The 5050 jump ball is in his wheelhouse but we simply need more from a 1st rounder. His development is key to our WR group.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Alex. First, welcome. Just know the difference between Kneel Armstrong and Spike Lee and you will do fine here. I predict 1 playoff win in his time here. There, I said it.