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  1. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    I think the same on the deep balls. I am probably alone but haven't like Kirks deep deep balls for about a year now. Yes I remember air yards dominance, but I also remember seeing over throws last year and saw them week 1. Jay saw them too and called zippy week 2. Never under thrown, no chance for pass interference, no jump balls, no chance at all to move the chains. Same thing as the fail fade. Kirk seems to prefer the open guy or favors basically throwing it away / erring on the side of caution. That may be per instruction from Jay for all I know. Avoid the INT, and live for another down.
  2. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    He has been healthy enough to play 2 weeks in a row, with snaps increasing. I think he played close to half our snaps vs the lambs. A tight hamstring seems quite common and some guys seemingly go for years nursing one. That shouldn't write him out of the game plan if he is healthy enough to be a decoy. Crowder is not a primary yet gets 6 targets a game, and I think has been nursing a pointer. Just try and throw 2 passes in a row to Josh. Or 2 in one series to start the game, and send the DC scrambling. Certainly defenses shouldn't be expecting it. ANYTHING other than that facepalming fade. Is that too much to ask! Apparently so. But one week it must change, and we have to try. The clock is ticking on his career starting. Reed back to limited today makes me think Jay may make the kid suffer until the bye week before calling his number.
  3. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    My gut tells me a guy on a one year with a career payday pending the next year, priority 1 is self preservation mode. Of course in the modern game, QBs may even be asked to do that. #NoodleArmBackup. Live for another day play. The days of a QB taking a monster hit to follow through to complete a pass have long passed. We are likely to see it thrown off the back foot and to turn away. I do think there is something to be said about the presumed greater peace of mind for a high paid QB on a long term contract, WRT the complex workings of the inner mind. Of course, that is when the salary cap issues kicks in, the supporting cast drops, and the pressure increases on the QB. It is an almost inescapable cycle of the modern day successful QB.
  4. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    I am not sure Kirk is missing wide open WRs, he is just throwing at his primary wide open WRs. It just boggles the mind at how we can draft Josh with a first rounder, yet outside of week 1 a year ago, cannot and will not even try to feature him, for even a drive. The fail fade aside, which he oddly DOES try to feature him, as if that is the only route he can run. It sure looks like one of his worst routes, to these amateur eyes. I have an idea. Try and throw a fake fade to him on Sunday, and run an out instead. Steal a page from Oaklands playbook. With Reed potentially out, its high time to give the kid a few targets. NO NOT THE FADE.
  5. Prime Time and What's Our Identity?

    Thanks, but nope not a musician. If I was, I would probably not joke about such things Some Prime Time Inspirational Gifs for the boys
  6. 2017 Raiders Look-a-Like Thread

    Mr Davis Mr Ed
  7. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    OK I am confused of late. When Jay was hired, he was asked on day 1 if he was going to keep Mike's zone blocking scheme. He said yes, implying if it ain't broke don't fix it. I believe that Jay Gruden prefers a power/gap blocking scheme, which in part is why he was asked that question. If he prefers a power/gap blocking scheme, why in the world hasn't he tried the concepts we saw on Sunday, in any of the previous 2 full seasons of run game struggles? Maybe it was McVay, or Callahan implementing/calling whatever plays that haven't worked. We did have play calling by committee, and may still to some degree. I attributed some of our lame running attack to Jay wanting to pass and not really even bothering to game plan the run game. Just run a dive, to attain play action / proper passing glory. The odd 100 yd game from Jones or Kelley, kept the masses content. I think if Jay didn't feel the pressure to beat McVay, and avoid the embarrassment of losing to a rookie coach he let walk, that we wouldn't have even seen the power/gap concepts tried last week, and likely not the entire year. Not to mention pressure to beat Phillips, a guy that fell into his lap yet chose to not hire. Maybe McVay leaving was the best thing to happen to us. Yep you heard it here first. I love the counter trey - you can set that to music. Trapping a guy that our guard is struggling with, the DL thinking he is free, running instead into a brick wall that came out of no where. A shout out to a must follow @MarkBullockNFL for bringing it to the forefront. The gifs are beautiful, besides Kelley not finishing. Mark is killing it on Twitter right now.
  8. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    Jay is clearly not game planning Doc as the primary but maybe once or twice a game. Kirk does not seem like the type to improvise, nor consistently see that 2rd or 3rd late option. Kirk probably follows the plan and with good route runners in the short game, doesn't have to look deep often. The pass pro is failing more often than not by then anyways. His snaps increased this week.
  9. 2017 Raiders Look-a-Like Thread

    Lynch Orange's Uzo Abuda
  10. The Skins RB situation....

    OK it turns out I am clueless on tech stuff. Bullock is saying we ran a lot more power and gap, less zone. Heh. I thought it was the opposite. I do know I saw our OL pulling an awful lot, which I thought was more zone. Pardon any incorrect rants I went on saying we sucked in largely power for the past 8 games. I had seen no push off the LOS, which I thought was mostly power. And I guess I never stopped to realize Counter Trey is power from our Gibbs days. I saw some traps for sure. The OL did great when using their mobility no matter what it is called. " thanks to a variety of diverse run plays, which included power runs, counters, traps, sweeps, crack tosses, pin-pulls and even unbalanced lines, the Rams were kept off balance the whole game. It was a textbook display of how to run the power schemes. " All run game fans should take a look: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2017/09/20/redskins-run-game-success-versus-rams-could-indicate-a-shift-in-scheme/?utm_term=.a1c21c59296b
  11. 2017 Raiders Look-a-Like Thread

    Davis Ron Howard Berta - 2 1/2 Men Fame
  12. Redskins vs Raiders Prediction Thread: Will SB XVIII Ever Be Forgotten?

    The memories of the Squirrel Squirek will continue to haunt us, even more so on a fright night. Dahs 31, Kins 17 Crowder a PR and Smith fumble score our TDs. Del Rio will unleash the backside defender, and try to KO the re-invented counter trey. Kelley and Perine, grounded. Shut down CT, and our goose is cooked.
  13. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Good stuff. I will add that maybe the lambs didn't respect our deep game. Couple that with a heavy dose of 1980's grade counter trey... why would they. Until we can complete a pass for more than 20 yards, no team should worry about the top being blown off. I think the loss of DJax will help to contribute to teams to game plan on the short stuff. I would. Pryor is our only deep threat and between Kirk likely to over throw it/no chance of a PI, it get dropped, lost in the lights, or heck maybe even it gets properly defended... it's not that risky for DCs to move his guys up aggressively right now.
  14. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    All runs and no air yards makes Jay a dull boy All runs and no air yards makes Jay a dull boy All runs and no air yards makes Jay a dull boy All runs and no air yards makes Jay a dull boy I am glad Jay put the training wheels back onto our pass offense. Pass pro, embarrassing. Blitz pickup, questionable at best. Injuries to 3 top targets. Cousins over throws fumbles and overall in-accuracy. Terrell's drops and raw skills. What's left. Grant and CT. That's not enough to expect the pass game to lead us to victory. That same run game creativity he came up with vs the lambs, he needs to do with the passing game. Maybe call this play again, and pump to Crowder
  15. The Skins RB situation....

    Sammie is predicted to attain just 2.35 fantasy points on CBS. Kelley is listed day to day which is spooking the experts I guess. My guess is that Rob Kelley will don pastorini the flak jacket and get the start, but have limited snaps. The Kelley owner in my league dropped him. Maybe I should pick him up, now that Jay appears to have changed up in his play calling using the OL's mobility, and seems forced into being more committed to the run.