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  1. Isn't that a lot faster? Regardless Le'Veon Bell showed the football world that patience is also something that can break the back of a defense. It's not just speed or power. I think he was almost redefining the position, as he waited for holes to open in the playoffs last year. Seeing backs just running into a wall for no gain has grown old over the decades. Why not give an OL time to win his battle, or for a lane to form. A DL getting penetration can even help create that crease needed. I would like to see a guy like Thompson or Mack Brown if he gets snaps, try the patience approach a yard behind the line, vs lowering the head and hoping for the best, when there is no where to go.
  2. I want to know who within our GM structure has decided we want tall WRs. Tired of decades of sub 6 footers.
  3. Name Doug Williams GM, promote Scott Campbell to Senior Scout or something important sounding, hire Mayock be a GMSM type of assistant, with Bruce retaining all the powers of a traditional GM, because Redskins.
  4. A weekly game plan thread. A place to discuss the upcoming opponent, and how to tackle them. Something that delves deeper into our opponent than the predictable 73-0 score predication thread does. Who are their studs, how were they beaten before, who is injured and ready to be Tee'd off on. Do they run a 3-4, but secretly only 10% of the time? Did their NT have no tackles the previous year? Also, and my favorite, the pregame thread. GDT's are often not posted until an hour before the game. A lot happens in the mornings of game days, and I think the board needs a place to discuss what is happening. Weather, injury reports, anxiety relief, whatever. Whoever makes the game day thread, could also make a GDT placeholder for it many hours beforehand, and then update the dynamic content e.g. the inactive list later. Also, a post game discussion thread. Find 3 for the good, 3 the bad and 3 meh, especially for when the GDT gets closed. Balanced posts only. Only critique others after you have posted your 3s. There are only 16 games to last us 365 days. More focus on the games, since that is what this board is all about. Other needed threads which could supplement a weekly thread, general offense, general defense, and special teams topics. Simple catch all threads that make it easy for someone to make a post about a player or an idea.
  5. So the league is reviewing their policy on end zone celebrations, with a hint towards easing the rules. Why now, what triggered it. Did they get their 1 millionth No Fun League email? I think it is because they realize they are losing television viewers, and they are getting desperate. Especially their lame duck prime time matchups. They need to scrap the Thursday night game once and for all, and instead try an odd Saturday night game. The NFL should just copy mainstream America, ban anything at all remotely sexual in nature, and allow everything else. We especially need the bow and arrow. If anyone can post the Moss machine gun gif, that would be great. I cannot find it on the vast internets. For unknown reasons, the sack dances have never been under scrutiny, . 7 yard loss. BFD. Where should OTAs be discussed.
  6. I will add in Mack Brown, the slingshot.
  7. Too late! Maybe remove all the references including the thread title. Just a suggestion.
  8. Maybe one day the twitter thread will consist of ES recommended twitter handles to follow, and spare the duplicating of all those tweets. If you like tweets, you already have your own twitter you peruse, and the tweets are often duplicates. Decades from now, perhaps a shared public twitter feed will automatically update inside a message board thread via ES Robotics™
  9. Pat Mayo - some dude on the internet's that does fantasy rankings that I use - has Perine a few spots over Earl the Pearl.... err Kelley. Scroll down to see the list http://rotoexperts.com/252305/2017-fantasy-football-early-2017-rb-rankings-sleepers-debate/
  10. Yep Fat Rob faced a lot of elite run defenses in the 2nd half of the season. I know, my pro skins fantastical ways led me to play all skins against the advice of the expert projections. I think some may think the door opened for Perine from the tough sledding Rob faced to end the year. Rob is a bad ass fall forward type himself and expect a coin flip as to who starts the season. I am hoping all fans are happy to see both, and all defenses pay no matter who comes truckin'. Maybe a platoon is a good idea, but know many coaches and backs prefer 1 lead guy. With the abuse backs take, I am not sold 1 back all the time is always the best idea.
  11. If he can stay on the field for 3rd and long, it allows Jay to run hurry up. Always having to trot CT out, hurts Jay's ambitions for uptempo/hurry up. Give CT a series, vs every 3rd and long. Its more difficult to game plan for. Dreaming of heavy jumbo ft Kelly and Perine....
  12. It was only one time, but it was disturbing and it didn't last too long. Sitting at home, i was dying for that one dude that always starts the cheers, or the horn guy, to do his thing. Or, better yet, all fans start hazing Flurry. Which we will hear Wednesday night. Way to go boys!
  13. I guess you weren't at Verizon saturday night. I had never heard a home team goalie hazed. Pitt fans are pitt fans, the pits that travel, likely because they dislike their city so much.
  14. Maybe the 16 Perine bulked up. His arms are huge.
  15. The Penguins are to the Capitals, like the Dallas Cowboys are to the Washington Redskins. Big game tonight.