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  1. RandyHolt

    Can we stop pretending now?

    If pretendin' the lord is wrong, I don't wanna be right
  2. RandyHolt

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I am probably the only one but I give Josh a pass for his 2nd "drop" when the Atlanta DB swatted the ball out of his hands milliseconds? after the ball hit him. DBs get paid too you know. And the first - that Smith pass sucked ass. I am sure I am not the only one that saw Beckham drop 1 last night, that was neither low and behind him, nor did a DB swap it out of his hands. That was a clean drop. I always thought that it was shortsighted to pin a drop on a WR running at full speed who manages to barely reach back and get a hand on it, saying that anytime it hits a WR, he has to catch it. We may need to one day more clearly define a drop, and pin some of those on the QB or credit a DB for a PD. Do we want accurate stats or not. 3rd down drops for the Skins WRs this year? Zero point Zero.
  3. RandyHolt

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Jay was right in saying our WRs involvement in the passing game will improve. He just neglected to tell us it would be Maurice Harris as the one to really break out. Josh is back to his 2017 form, the big difference there was more Alex targeting him, and play calling.
  4. RandyHolt

    Gameday Thread

    MNF shoutout to the Skins, to say the division is still wide open. But then proceed to say our defense is good and Alex is not making mistakes, but that we didn't look good in our losses. As long as we don't have prime time games.... We finally ramped up his targets in recent weeks, and he got injured. I think Reed Crowder and CT may best be utilized via managed snaps to get them through the end of the year. At this point at 6-3, its wise to consider these things.
  5. RandyHolt

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Of course we lose Christian early in the game. I continue to call bunk that OL have to have years of reps next to each other... for continuity. That we often hear quoted as important for OL to play next to the same guy for them to be their best. Here is my beef. They all have specific assignments no matter who the hell is next to them. You get a new guy in there and you know what, they are healthy and hungry. Its not always a negative to make a change, as long as they can handle the playbook enough to not blow assignments and get the QB smoked.
  6. RandyHolt

    Gameday Thread

    Yet we still watch. Life as an NFL addict. My name is Randy, and I watch to hate on the Giants.
  7. RandyHolt

    Gameday Thread

    Do we want the Giants to win the odd game to ensure they hurt their QB draft ambitions? I am not sure I have ever wanted them to win, but I sure as hell want them to pay for bypassing drafting a QB to take Barkley, with old man Manning still at the helm.
  8. RandyHolt

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    I loved watching Ryan Anderson tracking his forced fumble as it headed towards the uprights
  9. RandyHolt

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    Cooper! Good mobility there
  10. RandyHolt

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    We threw to Sprinkle Ok threw away towards Sprinkle