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  1. Every champion in every sport needs some luck to win it all. Heck Vegas probably hit 8 or 9 posts in a 4 game stretch. But you also make your own luck through preparation and having enough skilled players. Many would call Holtby's save lucky. I would say he made one hell of a play. There is something to be said for continuity as well. Leonsis has been blasted in the past for staying with his guys for too long. But it paid off, at least for one of his teams. I actually like the coaching staff on the Skins right now. Gruden has gotten better every IMO. And the Skins do have a talented group of players. Who knows. Maybe this is the year they take the next step and actually win a playoff game. Lets be honest. Not a single person on this site picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl last year. Football is like that though. You can get on a run and be playing your best football heading into the playoffs.
  2. This may not deserve it's own thread. If a mod thinks it should be moved please feel free. 26 years. That is the last time a DC team had won a championship. Since the NFL draft I had completely forgotten about the Washington Redskins. I am almost 50 years old, have always been a fan of every DC sports team. For the first time in my life the Redskins took a back seat to another DC sports team for me. You see I grew up in the glory days of the Redskins. They were THE DC sports team. My parents had season tickets since 1969. I loved the Caps, O's (Yeah I know, not DC) and Bullets. But they were always second fiddle to my beloved Redskins. I was a 14 years old when the Skins won their first title. And it only got better from there for a decade. We had the cream of the crop as far as professional sports organizations go. There simply was NO BETTER organization on the planet. And I got to witness THREE Super Bowl championships in the prime time of my life to experience it. When the Skins won the SB in 1992 I was 23 years old. I witnessed complete and total insanity in Georgetown that night. It looked a lot like the caps celebration. Except. Then someone decided to kick in the window of a doughnut shop. I witnessed the most epic doughnut fight in history that night. Doughnuts flew back and forth on M street for hours. Then shoes, apples and anything else you can imagine went airborne. It was probably the most epic thing I have ever seen. Then the Capitals went on their amazing playoff run. I had forgotten what it was like to experience a championship in OUR city. We catch a lot a flak as fans here. After all we are a "transplant" city. "There are no real LOCAL sports fans here". At least thats what the media would have you believe. What I saw over the past week IS WHAT this city is about as a sports city. I stood in my family room with my wife and son and cried as we won the cup. I watched people of all backgrounds show love and respect for each other at the parade. You see, we are a diverse city. But when it comes to our sports franchises WE ARE ONE. The question now becomes how does that carry over for our Skins? I have witnessed glimpses of this over the past two decades in our home stadium. But unfortunately, it has not been the norm. Too many opposing fans invade OUR house. And I get it. Let's be honest. We have basically sucked for two decades. Sell a couple of your game tickets to recover some of the cost of those season tickets. It is not like the team has made it easy to be a fan. My 17 year old son has absolutely no interest in the Skins. And for me that is just.....well....SAD! I can remember sitting on my dads lap as a little guy watching the Skins. It was a huge part of OUR family. So how do we get that back? JUST WIN BABY. There is no way anyone can question whether or not DC is a "real" sports town anymore. WE showed up and we showed up in force. After the "recent" revelation that there IS NO season ticket waiting list (we all know the deal). I can buy tickets on gameday for 8 bucks. So DO IT. Stop sitting at home and chilling on the couch. Stop letting OTHER fans invade our territory. Go to the games. Take your kids. Get them involved in what being a DC sports fan is all about. There is no other sport where the fans play a role in the game like football. WE can make it a horrible experience to come play here. And in the end that is OUR responsibility.
  3. Alex Smith is a great interview isnt he?
  4. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Funniest part of it all is that HE WASNT EVEN THE ONE that was successful as a telemarketer. I KNOW WHO WAS. And it wasnt him. I will leave it at that. First and foremost I am a Skins fan. Period. I was actually somewhat excited when Dan first took over the team. The guy is a fan himself and he definitely wants to win. He showed right away that he would spend TONS of money to bring in talent on the field. But with each horrifyingly bad decision the happiness declined to disgust then anger and now apathy. I will always root for the Skins. But my LOVE of the team is gone. And it is because of ONE MAN. I will also add that I think the Skins drafts have actually been decent under Allen. We have hit as well as anyone else in the league with starters. And the team has been better and more consistent over the past 3 seasons. But we have gone from consistently horrid to consistently mediocre. And this isnt a Super Bowl roster again this year. I actually think we COULD be better with Smith. But in a draft with IMMENSE talent at the QB position, we decided to trade away a 3rd rounder and one of the best young slot corners in the league for a 34 year old QB. Another HORRIBLE decision IMO. It was a desperation move. We would have been much better off drafting one of the guys this year and letting him take his lumps this season. But whatever....APATHY.
  5. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    Brother. What team have you been watching for the past TWO DECADES?
  6. Ill take the garbage as a one year stop gap until we draft our starter next off season. We need to plug that hole. And Incognito is a pro bowl player at a position of need.
  7. Very fair point! As I stated in my earlier post. If any Cheerleader felt uncomfortable or like they were being "pimped out" then it is unacceptable. It is just weird to me that there are contrasting stories from the people who were actually there.
  8. Nice story.....Except the Skins didnt post the picture AN EX Cheerleader did. Just saying.
  9. Great lengths? Dude that is one of the cheerleaders THAT WAS THERE when this event supposedly happened???
  10. I am OK with Lauvao coming back on cheap deal. The guy was a mauler in the running game when he was healthy two seasons ago. The problem is he cant stay healthy. The Skins have gone very heavy on the defensive side of the ball the past couple of drafts. I would think guard and possibly QB would be the biggest targets in next years draft.
  11. You can post whatever you want to try to claim the NYT is infallible. But their agenda is perfectly clear to anyone willing to look at it. And I was one of the guys calling for Snyders head for this just a few days ago. What is becoming clear is that most of the women who attended this event disagree with the women who claim these things happened. Now that is not to belittle how those women felt. But it appears to me, as usual, the NYT ran with a story that would help them push their narrative. I am not saying how these women felt isnt horrible. But I am saying that it wouldnt be shocking for the NYT to blow something like this completely out of proportion either. Yeah. Because the women look so horrifyingly unhappy in those photos. I mean it is clear as day that they hate what they are doing????
  12. "it’s fake news bc bc we were there & we know what really happened, & it wasn’t girls crying or anyone required to go topless. If any of that stuff actually happened of course we would support our teammates but it’s sad that some of them are saying this when it’s not true"
  13. Sounds like someone else on here knows how he "earned" his fortune......
  14. I'm sorry. What happened in Costa Rica is literally disgusting. But in typical Jerry Brewer fasion his article is over the top ridiculous.