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  1. Is it just me, or is Mayock being VEEERY complimentary of our picks this year. Today and yesterday, he has had the most glowing things to say about our draft. Someone earlier in the thread said, likely joking, that he'd be named GM Sunday. I wonder... That being said, I've been pleasantly surprised by our draft thus far. No stinkers yet.
  2. 35 more than I. I salute you and your wife, Hap. May God continue to bless you and yours! Once again, Congrats!!!!
  3. Oh yeah. Didn't watch it.
  4. Where did all this stupid "a day without [fill in the blank]" come from?
  5. I truthfully am beginning to come around. I have gone through my stages with Cousins, and I'm resigned to see him go. I like the pickups thus far otherwise. I am hoping Logan signs; we might have a respectable defense if he does. As for Cousins, I still find some hope we'll be able to LTC him, and see Bruce Allen shown the door. But I'll be okay if not. If a good defense results from all this turmoil, I'll be happy, because I prefer defense to offense anyway. I've used a lot of 'ifs'. But no-one can tell the future. And no player, not even Kirk Cousins, is bigger than the team. If he thinks he is, then perhaps it IS time for him to move the hell on.
  6. You know, this has to be the most depressing offseason I've ever seen in my 36 years as a Redskins fan. It appears that someone has made things so toxic, that we can't even have the chance to build upon two winning seasons in a row. I have not been as demoralized; even in the years coming off of 4-12 and 5-11 seasons. Garcon wanted a trade last year; when I'd heard that part of me was going "fine, get the **** on then". Then DJax escapes. We have young pass catchers, so I'm not terribly worried. McG having problems? WTF is going on up there? Now I read that the guy we drafted, who had a chance to be an all-time good qb, who is all over the teams qb records despite only 2 real years as started, wants out??? I hate the Shanahans, but I have to wonder if we'd be in better shape if Snyder and Allen had just ****ing listened to them and just drafted a different quarterback in 2012 than Griffin. I was born in DC, so that explains my attachment to the Redskins. My baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, is more because I was forced to watch their games after school when we moved; I didn't realize how much they sucked until it was too late. I've been a Cubs fan for 34 years at least. Well, it so happens the lovable loser Cubbies are now the world champs, and it seems will be competing for years to come. At this point, I'm pretty close to being done with the Skins. I want to finally put all my fan energies behind some actual champions for a change. I hope I'm wrong, but wow. What a cluster****!
  7. Hold on, I'm not sold. Manusky's resume isn't terribly impressive. We needed a clean break from the Haslett-Barry philosophy. The die is cast, however. So we must give him a chance.
  8. HAIL YEAHHHH BABY!!!!!!!!!! Joe Barry: "Well, it's over. You won't have me to kick around anymore!" Us:
  9. That unfortunately is the most likely scenario. If he keeps Barry, he is automatically on the hot seat in 2017. New coaching staff in 2018 if they don't improve dramatically. Gruden could save face for next season if he cans Barry, and barring a collapse next year won't see a warm seat until 2018 at the earliest.
  10. Agree to disagree, I guess. We have qbs not turning the corner until their 30s, then tearing it up. With modern training techniques, his physical attributes will last longer than what would've been the case even 10 years ago. He has NOT been garbage. He is STILL young enough to correct the tendency to make bad decisions. And with the aforementioned deficiencies, he is still all over our record books. I practice medicine. Part of my scope is treating various psychiatric conditions. I am a firm believer in psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc. And they can actually pay quick dividends if used effectively. I see a record-setting qb with problems occasionally with his decision-making and confidence. But there is evidence of improvement. Even you have to admit that 2016 Cousins is much better than 2014 Cousins-- the definition of progress. Folks want to compare him with Brady, Manning, Romo, etc. That is not fair. Am I happy that he choked yesterday? Hell no! But as in that post earlier showing an in-his-prime Peyton Manning throwing a crucial pick-6 (in the frigging super bowl, no less!), no one is perfect. Have to look at the body of work. There is something there still. And were it not for the defense sucking in the first half, and most of the season, we might be talking about "how deep in the playoffs are we going to go". Despite the 'choking' and 'lack of mental toughness'. Like I've said several times, keep him for a few more seasons, build a stronger defense, and get a better running game. Going from 29th ranked defense to 14th ranked defense should be enough for 2-3 more wins/season. There is wisdom in the adage "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".
  11. I'm sorry. Flame away folks, but DeAngelo is a guy we need on the team. He is a soldier. I don't think he is a starter anymore, but in spots, he can definitely contribute. Agree with Lickmysteiger and Lavauo, but Hall may be willing to take a paycut. I'm for keeping him.