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  1. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Call me crazy, but I believe Ionittis (spelling?) may be our best D-lineman?
  2. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Our corners really sucked yesterday. Have noticed that Breeland plays better when #24 is out. I'm guessing he prefers playing the left side of the field better. #24 really struggled yesterday too. Me believes he's way over-paid. D-line really struggled as well, which is not surprising with our injuries. O-line struggled just as much with the starters in. Runningbacks - I was surprised to see Perine playing very well when He was in. We need to bring Mack Brown back. WR's - Doctson is starting to elevate his game. Should've traded Pryor when we had the chance. I'm very disappointed in him. His route running and hands need major work. Harris and Grant should both be ahead of him, and Quick as well. QB - Cousins is pretty good, but he's not worth nowhere near the money he's getting. He doesn't trust his receivers, plays too cautious, needs to be more aggressive. Team - Average. They seem to be better on the road, if just a little (2 - 2). 2 - 3 record at home suggests we aren't very good.
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I'm starting to agree with this line of thinking. He would probably never admit it, but I think the millions $$$ are affecting his thinking, even while he's on the field. Looks like he's scared to make a mistake or something. Whatever is ailing him it's preventing him from being a true leader. I know, there were a few dropped passes that might've change the outcome of the game, but still he's just not worth the money. McCoy may not be a top ten QB either, but he's head and shoulders above Cousins. You can blame it on having two new receivers, but the Brady's and Rodgers don't use that excuse. The great QB's win no matter who goes down. I'm ready for McCoy, at least he'd be more aggressive. And I also think the front office shot their selves in the foot by thinking they could cut Sudfeld and then put him on the practice squad. Now when Cousins walks next off-season the skins will have only one QB that knows the system (McCoy). It will take the guy they picked up from Atlanta 2 years minimum to learn the system. Looks like inmates are running the asylum. And now they might have to draft a QB with next years #1 draft pick??? They are well known for head-scratching bone-headed moves. On a positive note, the defense played good enough to win. I believe they will keep getting better as the season goes on, once they get everyone on the same page.