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  1. Hahahaha! You kill me guy, you kill me. You know what, I know that my stance on the subject is the unpopular one. But some people are "Renegades". Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies. They change the course of history, everyday people like you and me. Again, just another hard core fan hoping to see my team succeed, and have a home field advantage. HTTR
  2. This is not a class room, and I did not come here to learn, "teacher". When you use degrading langue like that you most certainly are acting like your better than other people, and trying to be an intimidater. Again your tactics are coming up short in that department, and that kind of garbage just makes you sound like a depressing character. Again 6-3. One of the few times in a long time where this fan base should be having fun. If you don't want to go to the games, great no one is forcing you. But stop complaing that players and other fans might want to see our team have a home field advantage to help them keep succeeding. Just win Redskins, just win! HTTR
  3. HAHAHAHA at I've learned nothing. Not sure if you are trying to be intimidating with your big talk, but it is far from working with me sir. Try someone else. I've got nothing to learn. I've put in my hours of despair with this team like everyone else who has been a fan for years. Now that we are finally fielding a somewhat respectable team, the fans decide to act like this? No, I don't get it. They were showing up when the team was a 4-12 team. I will still call it as I see it, just as Norman is doing. He speaks the truth, and so do I. All I want is for my Redskins to win, and a home field advantage does just that, adds an advantage to our team. That would be a good thing, not a bad thing, if you want to see the Redskins win.
  4. People don't get it. We are 6-3, and have a good chance at making the playoffs. The players are putting in the work, and so far it is resulting in an NFCE lead. Home field advantage is just like it sounds, an ADVANTAGE. The players would like to have that advantage when they step on there home turf. Norman wants to keep winning. Norman wants to make the playoffs. He is hoping that the skins fans will have the teams back moving forward. Stop blaming Norman, he speaks the truth.
  5. skins2victory

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Skins 23-21 -A touchdown with seconds to go completes the comeback win.
  6. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Good for Norman on speaking the truth.
  7. skins2victory

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    This is awesome!!! HTTR
  8. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Yes I have been there. Monday night game against the Seahawks a few years back. We lost, but I had a great overall experience. The tailgating was great, and the stadium was packed that night. Your "seal of approval" comment is funny. Again just giving credit where credit is due. I just want our team to have a home field advantage. HTTR
  9. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    -I'm the one who started this thread following the bad showing at the opener. This week was much different, and i'm happy to give credit where credit is due. Great job hometown fans! Thanks for showing up! From watching on TV, even with a good amount of Dallas fans in the stadium, we seemed to actually have a home field advantage. It seemed to be loud and energetic! In the Ryan Kerrigan post game interview on, he said during that final field goal at the end it was so loud you couldn't hear a thing. That's what a home field advantage is all about. Ya'll made a difference, and helped us all get that win! Ya'll made Redskins nation proud this week! HTTR!
  10. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    The Browns had 8 first round picks from 2012 - 2016. All are off the team. They have not been winning on or off the field, but there fans still show up to give there team a home field advantage. 2012: Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden (both out of NFL)2013: Barkevious Mingo (Seahawks)2014: Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel (both out of NFL)2015: Danny Shelton (traded to Patriots), Cam Erving (viewed as bust, now with Chiefs)2016: Corey Coleman (traded to Bills)
  11. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    This topic has its own thread in the tailgate. #KeepTheName
  12. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Well it sounds like we both agree that the showing was bad. If you were at the game, then you are not the group this thread is aimed at. If we had more fans like you, we would have a home field advantage. Which is the whole point of this thread. HTTR
  13. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    And no I don't live in Seattle. When the Skins come to town I drive 6 hours to Seattle and spend a lot of money to attend.
  14. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    No not all local fans. In the images, I do see that people showed up. There is obviously some good ones left. I do go to games sir, I try my best to rep Redskins Nation. I hope you will as well. LOL you act like im asking all the local fans to go to every game, not the case. The images on TV were by far the worst showing, ever. EVER! To a home opener when we were 1-0. I do not understand why our fan base would not have had a better showing than that. I flew over to a Skins game 3 years ago. I thought It was great. Redskins nation was representing that day.
  15. skins2victory

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    @Renegade7 you don't know me sir. I do know what i'm talking about. I have never missed a live game in 20 years. I take the day off work on Monday night games because I work evening shift, just to get disappointed about every time. I'm sure you know our Monday night record. I've felt every loss, just as ya'll have. Does not matter where I live. HTTR Sure those pictures make our players what to give it there all for us fans.