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  1. Caleb Brantley...... What are the thoughts on this guy?? Mayock has him listed as his 2nd rated interior DL behind Jonathan Allen. Sounds like he would be a big reach at #17. If we could trade back 10-12 spots to draft him, and get another 2 round pick for the trade, how would ya'll feel about that??
  2. So why do you guys think Hankins hasn't found a team yet?? Is there red flags?? Obviously we need D line help, and would be great to land him, but it is surprising that he is still on the market at this point.
  3. Disappointed to see Logan hasn't put ink to the paper yet. If we could get him signed, and Kirk on a LTD I could sleep peacefully at night once again.
  4. Seriously disappointing to log into here and see that Pryor is not a skin! Last night it was sounding very promising..... LAME
  5. Someone needs to take to the podium tomorrow and let us all know what the heck is actually going on. Enough with the speculation, and letting the media make up what ever story they want. Step up, stop beating around the bush and give it to us straight. I hope its not as bad as it sounds. But either way, us fans deserve more than this. If these situations really are the dumpster fire that the media is portraying I want to know now, and I might be done!
  6. If he didnt want to be here any longer, then im glad he is leaving. With that being said, I rocked the double snowman jersey many Sundays. He was a heck of a player, and made many crucial catches for us. Thanks for your efforts 88!
  7. Not sure why D Jax or any other WR would be wanting to be here if we dont have a QB. If Kirk would sign his LTD things could change. The front office better make it happen or they are gonna lose us fans, this is beyond ridiculous.
  8. With all due respect guys, this is the Kirk thread.
  9. Is there an actual legitimate source for these trade rumors???? I hope to god this garbage isnt true!
  10. Skins 33 Packers 27 Defense makes a stand on the final drive with a pick.
  11. Hate to see him go out like this. He has been a warrior for us! Thanks for the blood, sweat, and tears that you gave to our beloved organization. A true redskin! HTTR
  12. The uniforms yesterday were great! My hope is that the white jersey gold pants combo will now only be a thing of the past! HTTR
  13. Step away from the cliff Skins Nation! If we can keep the penalties down in this game (STOP JUMPING OFF SIDES O-LINE) then this game will look totally different. I think we get it corrected, and play ball like we thought we were gonna play last Monday. It was a bad week, not a bad season. Skins 34-17!!!!!!!!!
  14. Love hearing that he is healthy. If he is even activated week 1 vs the Steelers, i'm sure he will see very limited snaps. But if he does dress on game day, i'm predicting a jump ball TD in the end zone!!
  15. - I'll hit on a couple of my favorite defensive plays from the year since it looks like most people are going with offensive plays. The Smith safety against the packers. At that moment I thought we were gonna walk away with a playoff win that day. Breeland absolutely balled out against the Jets. One of the picks he had in that game was sick, I think it was against Marshall. Two bad we didn't win either of those games. - Worst plays. The fail punt return by D-jax against Dallas still gives me nightmares. D-jax not crossing the goal line was embarrassing, as well as Kirk's kneel down. But the worst of the worst for me by far was the negated pick six from us on the Culliver hit against Carolina.