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  1. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    When was the last time the Skins got a TD on the first offensive play of the game?? I'm thinking it must have been long long ago. Would love to see us come out tomorrow, and on that first play give a hard play action and let one rip to Doctson.
  2. Enlightening Rex Grossman Interview

    The Grossman also won in Seattle..... It's Kirk's turn this Sunday. Lets get that W!
  3. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    Of coarse it's season ending! We are the Redskins, we don't get to catch breaks on this sort of thing. Lame!
  4. Dustin Hopkins is out for the season

    Wow, this is terrible news! I have a bad feeling that a backup kicker will be costly down the stretch. Two thumbs down!
  5. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    The running game is extremely frustrating. There is no reason these guys shouldn't be doing better. They supposedly have the best O-line coach. They have good continuity. Silverback is as good as it gets at LT. Gruden claims that Moses is a top RT in the game, thats why they paid him so well over the offseason. Brandon is a high first round draft pick, picked by the godly talent evaluator Scotty Mac. Long should be improving at center in year 2 now that he is more familiar with the line calls. Shawn is the weak link, but its pretty rare not to have at least one weak link on an O-line. Other teams do, and don't get pushed back ever play. We should at the very least be decent, and we are not. Its not like our guys are a small unit, there is decent size up front. When we line up to run it on short yardage, everyone knows we are gonna get knocked back. But, why?? I don't get it, something must need simplified. There is no excuse for the lack of push up front.

    Reed?? What the heck!
  7. I'm fine being the underdog, but i'm definitely not buying the 5-11 season prediction. I am very optimistic about this year. In fact, I believe this could easily be the best roster the Redskins have had in the last 20 years. Barring catastrophic injuries I would be very very disappointed if we are not at least in the wild card picture, because in my opinion that would mean we severely underachieved.
  8. First off, yes I do agree the first offer could have been better. Not arguing that. Now, I also don't believe that is was so bad that people should be offended. It was a lot of money, and as pointed out he has not been tagged a third time yet, so that money from a third tag is only hypothetical. It was definitely a starting point for negotiation. From my point a view, it would have been in good taste from Kirk's side to come to the table with a counter offer. That is how you keep the negotiating ball rolling. I think with more effort from both sides the deal could have been done, but the ball stopped in Kirk's court and never got rolling again. "Reportedly". This could be untrue.
  9. Then you come back with counter offer that has 2 more years of guaranteed money, and hopefully you meet somewhere in between with 3 years of guaranteed money. Simple negotiation.
  10. Yes, that would be considered a fair market deal if Kirk wanted to be here. If he doesn't want to be here, then those numbers still don't get the deal done. Again, from my point of view, if you don't counter offer to try to get to those numbers, then it looks as if you don't want to be here to bad. I wish it wasn't so, I want Kirk here under a LTD. To me it looks as if he already has one foot out the door.
  11. That is a terrible comparison and you know it. He was offered millions of dollars, come back to the table and negotiate. In a negotiation a smart person doesn't start with there best offer, you negotiate to a number that works for both sides.
  12. There is nothing hypothetical about my statement. What I said was fact, we do not know what Kirk's camp wanted, or what it would have taken to get a LTD. There is nothing hypothetical about that. I think that if Kirk wanted a long term deal, his camp could have made it happen. Not coming to the table with a counter offer was very unproductive regardless if they were "offended" by the first offer. I don't think Kirk wants to be a Skin in 2018, or he would not be under the tag today, and it sucks!
  13. While I appreciate your efforts. And I don't disagree with your hypothetical answer. Kirk's camp to the best of my knowledge never once put out an asking price publicly, and they reportedly never made a counter offer to the Redskins as well. So no, we still do not know if those numbers would have made Kirk stay or not. Period!
  14. Oh, so you didn't have inside information that no one else had back in February, got it. No we don't know what Kirk's camp was asking.
  15. What was it then that Kirk said he would be willing to take back in February??? I missed that one I guess.