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  1. Looks like they did player photo shoots today for the upcoming season. Since this is going to be the 85th anniversary this year, I expected to see a 85th anniversary patch on the jerseys. Are they not going to do that this year? There was a special patch 10 years ago on the jerseys for the 75th anniversary year.
  2. Zach Brown has had a video interview that was posted on If you go to the video page, its now on page 3. Problem is it will not play. The videos show how many views they have got. There is no number by the Zach Brown video, which tells me no one has been able to view it. There are several videos on the site recently that have had the same error. Someone must be uploading them to incorrectly.
  3. Since we have a Kirk thread i'll say this..... If he and the Skins can ink a LTD before July 15th, I would bet there will be a huge amount of Kirk jerseys sold. He could be one of the highest Jerseys sells in the league for this year. I wanted to get a #8 jersey last year, but didn't because of the one year deal. I would really like to get one for this season, but again if it's a one year deal I will not. If a LTD happens I would guess a lot of our fan base would get a Kirk jersey knowing we would have the player for multiple years. Not to mention we should be seeing 85th anniversary jerseys this season, even more incentive to get a jersey this year. Come on Dan, think about all the money in jerseys you will lose if a LTD doesn't happen. Get er done, I want my #8 jersey!
  4. Terrible news. I've been bummed out about this all day. Loved Soundgarden, but my favorite work from Chris was actually the first Audioslave alblum, self titled Audioslave. That has always been one of my favorite alblums. Very very sad. RIP Chris Cornell.
  5. Chris Wormley went to the Ravens at the 10th pick in the 3rd. I was hoping for a trade up to grab him when he slid as low as he did. All in all great draft though!
  6. Well thats the wrong side of the ball...... and he isn't a fat boy
  7. Thats who I want then. Bring him in!
  8. Who is left for best value at DT or NT??
  9. The Brantley situation must have not checked out. Someone would have taken him by now. Teams must think he is guilty of what he was accused of.
  10. At the end of day one, I said I wanted either Ryan Anderson or Chris Wormley on day two. Couldn't be more happy with this pick. Blue collar, leaves it all out on the field, leader, energy! Our defense got tremendously better adding these 2 bama kids! Welcome to burgundy and gold nation Mr. Anderson! HTTR!
  11. Cant believe Chris Wormley is still on the board. If we can some how land him too our front seven would go from a weakness to a strength!
  12. Fantastic day one for the skins! Players I like day 2. Chris Wormley Ryan Anderson Joe Mixon. (Just say no to Cook)
  13. This might have been best case scenario for us! Welcome to burgundy and gold nation Mr. Allen! HTTR!!!!!
  14. I hope the Colts take Cook