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  1. I wonder how many of the police would like to adopt a "hear/see/speak no evil" policy and "accidentally" let the counter protesters through. I know I'd be tempted if I wouldn't lose my job over it.
  2. Is anyone going to clue him in that James Bond isn't a real person? Tomorrow should be interesting. I hope it rains a ton.
  3. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Man, I remember when the Big 10 used to talk about being "better" especially in relation to the SEC. It was touted how much better the academics were, how much cleaner and better run than those southern programs with no moral compass. I think at this point, the only Big 10 East program that hasn't had a significant issue in the past five years is Rutgers, of all teams. Penn State - The Sandusky scandal Ohio State - ongoing Urban Meyer thing, coach spousal abuse Michigan State - Larry Nassar...this isn't specific to football, more the athletic department as a whole Maryland - Death of Jordan McNair, and Durkin/staff running Full Metal Jacket camp Michigan - Brendan Gibbons/Taylor Lewan rape scandal Indiana - Kevin Wilson dismissed for mistreatment of players Rutgers is the only one left. The choirboys are all in the Big 10 West.
  4. Not for nothing PB, do you not drink on #7 if the roles are reversed? I ask because some of the folks we saw in Charlottesville appear able bodied and capable of some violence, shields and crude weapons notwithstanding. And the recent Antifa arrests had some older people who looked like they had escaped a senior living facility.
  5. Game of Thrones Season 8

    This might not be the best place to put this, but is anyone else playing the Game of Thrones Conquest game? I just started it, it's somewhat entertaining.
  6. Election 2018 Thread

    I'm not particularly liberal, I'm mostly watching this to see how it compared to 2016, and what that might portend in a few months.
  7. Election 2018 Thread

    The first set of results were heavily democratic, but I assume a lot of that was the early votes being discussed earlier?
  8. You know who is being the most even-headed about this right now? Penn State message boards. Whereas places like Eleven Warriors are up in arms about Meyer not having done anything wrong (note, they were some of the most vocal insisting Penn State be burned to the ground), the Penn State boards have essentially been preaching patience. About all I've seen that was nasty was more along the lines of "you called us pedophiles, lay in your own bed you ****s" type of responses. I love my college football, but man do college sports test me as a human being. It was bad enough as a PSU fan being right in the middle of one of the worst scandals in history. Then you've had the Michigan State thing with Nassar, this think with Urban Meyer, the thing at (Baylor?). If I'm a fan base that isn't involved, I'm at this point just hoping it isn't our turn next. If it wasn't for the opportunities it provides, I'm almost with LKB on this one.
  9. I vote for Jade Helm...that hasn't been brought up enough.
  10. I was going to say, when I was completing grad school, I never cited Wikipedia, but I would go there and make use of all of their sourcing and handy links to get articles for research. I'll tell my kids to make use of it in the same way.
  11. 2018 NCAA Football

    Time to knock Ohio State off their perch again. For what it's worth, if they string together enough wins, Penn State's QB will probably be in the Heisman conversation, though I don't think he'll have much of a pro career.
  12. Well yeah, but that aside...find me a team of Allen Iverson, John Wall types who have been playing soccer since they could walk and I'll show you a threat to win every World Cup. Maybe one bigger Lebron type for goalie. As small as they might be by basketball standards, these guys are still really tall by soccer standards, they're fast as lightning, they're coordinated, I'd wager stronger than most international soccer players. This makes me yearn for a massive urban soccer development program in this country.
  13. I've said this before, maybe I'm wrong, but if our country as a whole focused all of our energy and resources into soccer, I think we'd rarely ever lose. Between a combination of our population and the resources we have available. But, it's a pretty low priority and most of our best athletes funnel into sports like football, basketball, baseball, etc. I'm guessing that as concussion issues become much more of a thing over the next few decades, football will fade and basketball, baseball, and soccer will benefit, and we'll see what happens then. People are talking about LeBron. Take a guy with his athletic skills, his coordination, his height and wingspan. He's trained to become a goalie from the age of 6-7? Scoring on him would be nearly impossible except from one of those curving set pieces. My best example for this is someone like Allen Iverson. He was fast as a deer, he was all state in three sports, including baseball, so you know his coordination was off the charts. And at 6'0", he'd still have been taller than most international players except the English and Dutch. Say hello to our new striker, trained since he was a kid. The talent is there, we excel in a variety of things, as we see every Olympics. We just have to care enough as a country to decide we're going to be major players.
  14. What's interesting about got ragged on earlier, and I'll admit as a former player for 16 years, it doesn't have the same running requirements as soccer, basketball, etc. But the flopping thing in those sports...contrast with baseball where there's an unwritten eye for an eye code, and you can get drilled in the ribs by a 90 mph fastball, but God help you if you so much as complain or rub the spot where it hit, your own teammates will rag on you worse than your opponents. I'd still say from a pure conditioning/manliness standpoint, wrestling pretty much laps the field.