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  1. A really good team will always overcome the zebras. See the Capitals for reference.
  2. This is moot point now that we have a different QB. This year we shall see if it was Kirk or the play calling.
  3. I already have the Skins to going to SB this year and I want them to play the Pats as well and winning it all. You could have just used the search feature and dropped your wisdom in this thread instead...
  4. I am seeing a lot of irrelevant plays.
  5. And what get banned.
  6. Apke made a huge heads up play there. Kept his eyes on the ball and then caught it too. Very nice.
  7. Didn't Brady say the Pats didn't make a mistake with him...
  8. He would still be better than Rob K... lol
  9. The ball was stripped after he was down. They better turn that **** over back to us!
  10. True. But no guarantee kicker won't miss a chip shot in regular season. Gruden decided to get on the board first. Confidence booster after that good drive I guess.
  11. Gotta get the kicker some time too.
  12. Well now that you have brought it up... the first thing that crossed my mind was that it was a tad bit over thrown, the same he did here. I mean you can't have Kirk if he doesn't, now can we.
  13. Is it time to fire the training staff?

    They were hired by the Skins. He has said that his knee went out and felt it before he was touched. If you watch that run keep your eyes on his left knee and you will see it going limp. It was not bad luck. It was the same knee in college. I am a little surprised though that the Skins didn't do a precautionary MRI before putting him on the field knowing his college history and after what happened to RG3. Or did the Skins coaching staff overlooked it.