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  1. ggarriso

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Was there ever any closure to the Scot grievance hearing? There was a lot of speculation that dirty laundry would be aired, however after the reports of the hearing starting, the entire thing seems to have died?
  2. ggarriso

    Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    There is only one way this gets done where it makes any sense to anyone and thats to go high on guaranteed money/length and hopefully get a break on the yearly cap hit - something along the lines of 5/125 - 100 guaranteed. This would show Kirk he is our guy for the long haul and give him the respect and security he seems to value, while potentially keeping the cap hit manageable, especially in the later years where the QB market will have further ballooned. If I am boss for a day I come out with something along those lines day 1 to Kirk's camp and hold to it (this is sort of what I thought donk BA had in mind when he said he thought it was not a complicated situation). Any form of tag is just a deal with the devil at this point, 34 million is ludicrous. Am I way off base here?
  3. Hey ! So I have a pair of clubs in Sec 338 (row 5) - I have never sat in the prestigious dream seats for a NFL game and would love to try to do so for this upcoming Broncos game - figured someone might enjoy the proximity to the heated club concourse and amenities over the view from the dreamers. Proposal is just to trade straight up my clubs for your dreams. Not looking to throw much if any money at this ontop of the tickets, but just wanted to throw it out there since its been a wish of mine for a while and I figured the market might make it possible
  4. ggarriso

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Skins really do enjoy a healthy aftermarket and couldn't care less if you have to sit and be harassed by visiting fans in your own stadium, as long as someone pays them for that ticket!! Redskins games (especially against Marquee opponents) remind me a lot of college bowl games at this point, near 50/50 distribution of fans maybe tilted a bit in the Skins favor.
  5. ggarriso

    Season Ticket Renewals

    so, zero percent chance of making my renewal depandant on upgrade to LL EZ?
  6. ggarriso

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Potential second year season ticket holder here - any chance I can get them to toss me in LL End Zone or thats reserved for multi year STH's?