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  1. Corcaigh

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Use incognito mode.
  2. Corcaigh

    7th Annual ES Survival Football League!

    Never had a doubt. Dammit ... this means I have to make a pick next week.
  3. Corcaigh

    7th Annual ES Survival Football League!

    Picking against Buffalo might be a good strategy. I have GB later too. But I survived longer than some. 🙂 SPeaking of NO, I had Brees, Kamara and Evans (TB) in my fantasy league. Good for 86+ points.
  4. Corcaigh

    The ES Tennis Thread

    I saw Nadal get one at Wimbledon and Djokovic get one at the Australian open but I don't think they were in the final - can't recall I'm curious to know how often it's happened too. Commentators often mention it live when they show the coaches during the game and the signalling is obvious. I think everyone knows that the coaches send signals - many openly admit to it, including Serena's. It's not close to being universally enforced for sure. But if Serena hadn't smashed her racket and then accused the umpire of being a thief, the warning for coaching would have been nothing.
  5. Corcaigh

    The ES Tennis Thread

    I've seen the call made dozens of times and players have been fined too. It's absolutely part of the rules. Serena has faced cheating and racism in her career, but I don't think this was a legitimate case, and it diminishes her voice when she is wronged. John McEnroe was one of my favorites when I was growing up, and playing the game many years ago. I used the same rackets, Maxply and then McEnroe Maxply. Sometimes wore the headband when my hair was long. 😃But his antics on the court at times made me cringe, and I was not a shrinking violet. Pick your battles.
  6. Corcaigh

    The ES Tennis Thread

    I would have expected better of Serena. You don't call the umpire a "thief". As for the accusation of sexism for getting a warning or penalty for racket smashing ... what has happened to dudes at the US Open?
  7. There's probably a joke involving Trump, "deep throat", and some of his dalliances, but painting the picture would turn my stomach.
  8. I'm troubled by his "assistant bank manager" hair do.
  9. Corcaigh

    ES Soccer Thread

    Hopefully that clown behavior by Allison doesn't cost them a point and he'll knock it off now. He got away with similar stupidity last week.
  10. Corcaigh

    Is a college degree really necessary?

    La cucaracha specifically?