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  1. Will Fox News have to close during the government shutdown? Presumably not as they would be considered an essential government service?
  2. It is a curse. I saw a cartoon with two old captains of industry in their comfortable leather club chairs talking over a large glass of brandy. "I've made more than enough money, and I'm done with sex ... but power, that's something you can never get enough of"..
  3. Don't worry. No-one wants to have sex with you, so you'll be safe.
  4. Let's talk about investing! Stock market, ETF, etc.

    For ever? Well Bitcoin is totally uncorrelated with the stock market.
  5. No kidding. A friend was terrified of getting pregnant throughout her younger years. Always made sure she was safe. Turned out she was infertile. Her response .... "all those years ... what a ****ing waste of effort for nothing".
  6. Riverside County ... some of those High Desert communities are full of very strange folks.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    What was the first date? What does he like to do? And ... liking the new iPhone security options ...
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    You can say whatever you want Jurgen.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Mo, Bobby and Sadio did remarkably well without Coutinho. And an impressive result, just, without Virgil.
  10. Sure enough, there's an opinion piece from a Norwegian suggesting that Trump might like to import Norwegian social ideas, rather than actual Norwegians.
  11. I'm more concerned if there is a scenario in which it could be his fault.
  12. He wants white immigration. And people who will work temporarily for low wage on his properties. But they aren't given immigrant status. Just taking jobs from poor local whites. Add the fact that many Norwegians (and other people that meet Trump's "standard") look at the current state of America on the world stage and think ... " **** no, I wouldn't want to go there. My country is doing better in so many ways. Your National Parks, Disney and New York are awesome for a vacation though." The native white folks can get jobs in proper professions like law & accounting (but they won't be as good as the Jews, obviously), tourism and real estate. Who needs a scientifically literate workforce in the 21st century? I've shared this anecdote before ... we live in an affluent area that's 71% white but my son was the only white person in his high school AP computer science class. And he wasn't born here either. EDIT: His best buddy in that AP Computer Science class was from Nigeria. We never thought to ask if his parents lived in a hut.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Is this 'United' of which you speak Salford Reserves?
  15. Tax Bill

    Not sure they are for sale. Try Slovenians.