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  1. Like talking with the taxman about poetry.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Isn't he the bum that Liverpool put five past when he played at Anfield?
  3. And there's the matter of the size of the playing surface. Could you imagine a typical center playing soccer in any position other than goal? They just couldn't cope with the aerobic demands?
  4. Yeah ... this millennial = slacker is nonsense. My millenial daughter is going to take over the world. First step is arresting all the corrupt boomers and gen-Xers. Anyone who even thinks about getting in her way will be crushed without mercy.
  5. I feel the same. I don't belong with no ****ing hippies.
  6. There are lots of reasons to make someone wait for years to become a citizen. Essentially it's a probationary period. But in the interim they can go through the process of being a (legal) non-resident alien with right to work, then permanent legal resident alien (green card), and then citizenship.
  7. Did she raise her middle finger to the press when she made this statement? She might as well have.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    With all their history, if this goes to a penalty shoot out I don't think there would be enough room in all the morgues in England from all the heart attacks.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Sergio Ramos? Gary Neville?
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    The English National Front will be such as powerful force after the victory that they will be placated by giving them their own territory ... Merseyside,
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    "Can issue a caution." But they rarely do. You often see defenders carrying the ball away after the whistle is blown and are rarely cautioned. Or playing a ball when it is out of bounds away from an opponent. These are blatant actions to deny a quick restart. You might see a player who lunges for a ball within 10 being cautioned, but a player who actively moves to stand in front of the ball to prevent a quick restart is doing the same thing. Soccer tolerates, and thereby enables, way more misconduct than it needs to, and it diminishes the game.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    You see it in every game with defenders preventing quick restarts.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Not talking about requiring anyone to stand aside or situations close to goal. Defenders actively move to stand in front of the ball all the time in the middle of the pitch to prevent a quick restart, and this is allowed.