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  1. doncherry

    NFL 2018 Predictions from the Annuals

    I think that the Eagles sweep their divisional games this year. Their toughest non divisional games are against the Saints, Jags, Vikes and Rams. I see them winning 2 or 3 of those 4. I hate to say it, but their defense is for real. I also think that their offensive approach is ahead of anybody in their division.
  2. doncherry

    NFL 2018 Predictions from the Annuals

    I think that the Eagles will win at least 12 games. Everyone else in the division is somewhere between mediocre and awful.
  3. doncherry

    Rams Trade for Talib

    According to SI, the Broncos were willing to part with him mainly to free up cap space to go after Kirk Cousins. This should be interesting. Cousins is going to get a huge contract from someone.
  4. doncherry

    Rams Trade for Talib

    For a 5th rounder. That seems cheap.
  5. doncherry

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    agreed, McVay looks to be an ascending star. Picking up Philips was a great move. Philips is too meh to be a head coach, but his one of the best Defensive coordinators in the league. I think that the Rams are going to the Super Bowl.
  6. doncherry

    What's Next for Eli

    Please share your thoughts on where he ends up next year I've seen Arizona and Denver tossed around as possible destinations and both make sense. Because Peyton was there and won, I can see Eli being comfortable with Elway. Please discuss....
  7. doncherry

    Jay Ajayi traded to the Eagles

    Dallas is done. Yesterday was a pathetic display. It is amazing how important Zeke is to that offense. Everything plays off of him. Eagles look great. Washington is also trending up. That being said, I think that it will be Philly versus the Saints in the NFC final. Dallas might be able to spoil Philly's home field aspirations with Zeke back, right now that is the only bright spot that I can possibly envision in an absolute train wreck of a season.
  8. doncherry

    Jay Ajayi traded to the Eagles

    so far so good for Philly. They look REALLY good.
  9. doncherry

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Philly looked really good tonight. Unfortunately.
  10. doncherry

    All Things Ezekiel Elliott

    I see a few people here and there who are sick of the incompetence/corruption at the NFL league offices, and you can count me as one of them, but as long as the Ginger Hammer keeps making the league owners record breaking profits, he is there for as long as he wants. Between the corruption, the inconsistencies regarding rules (e.g.. what is a catch?), the league denying the concussion problems, the league's refusal to help out older NFL players, it is becoming really difficult to justify watching NFL football. But I will watch, I try and tell myself I won't, but I will, because NFL football is awesome to watch on TV.