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  1. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    how long they gonna try and make Solis a thing?
  2. if a person has defended him, either implicitly or by simply looking the other way, whats one more log for the pile? i won't believe it until they do something a bit stronger than making a statement or tweeting
  3. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Kinda old for A Ball, but gotta like the K/9 ratio
  4. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    lots of injuries around this place end up being more than initially reported its a problem
  5. All Things North Korea Thread

    why do I get the feeling Kim Jong Un left that meeting playing Common's "I See the **** In Yoo"
  6. All Things North Korea Thread

  7. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Joel really dont stop talking, like ever lol Tatum will always make shots in this league, if he's efficient and smart with it, he'll be just about unstoppable offensively. I hate that he's on Boston
  8. I just watched Split because of Glass didn't like it as much as I liked Unbreakable,
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    couldn't do those passes any better if he hand delivered them
  10. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    In a weird way, i kinda respect the fact that they are telling me dont bother getting invested with the 2nd half
  11. Podcast Recommendations

    Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara: he does a pretty good job of breaking down legal topics in the news, good interviewer, and overall reasonable dude. Wrongful Conviction: Talks to individuals who spent time in prison only to be cleared later. its equal parts fascinating and infuriating Writing Excuses: Great pod for aspiring writers or anybody who likes the craft of writing. Or anybody who is in to Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre sports podcast for local teams Wizards: I Called Game, Locked on Wizards Redskins: Redskins Talk, Breaking Burgundy Nats: Mound Presence
  12. they will be sure to send a stern tweet before they lineup to kiss the asses of the 45/Putin