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  1. Have the tapes from the 76 show (alas was just a little too young then) but was at that 88 show. Sorry to interrupt the proceedings.....please proceed
  2. Link? LOL never mind
  3. I put the over/under on deep-fryer turkey fires in the parking lot at 2.5.
  4. "By Any Means" ? Um no. That's how you end up getting popped 4 games for PED's.
  5. If it stops his tweeting for any length of time then it was worth it.
  6. Was thinking about this. Also, I'm sure there won't be any sun glare to deal with. This could be awesome.
  7. I think they are shopping the pick by stating their interest. They know they are going to be ass in 2017 and have a shot at Darnold next year.
  8. Congrats and thanks for all you do.
  9. Wonder how this squares with what TK heard regarding them offering 23/yr at the combine.
  10. Actually upon reflection Mayock makes perfect sense. A real GM wouldn't even consider it, but someone who has probably < 1% chance of ever getting a GM job would say why the hell not ?
  11. Well I guess Mayock is a real thing if you believe twitter.
  12. Sucks to say but at this point you get whatever you can for him in a trade. Take your pick - get fleeced in a trade this year or get nothing next year. Yay Redskins.