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  1. I think they are shopping the pick by stating their interest. They know they are going to be ass in 2017 and have a shot at Darnold next year.
  2. Congrats and thanks for all you do.
  3. Wonder how this squares with what TK heard regarding them offering 23/yr at the combine.
  4. Actually upon reflection Mayock makes perfect sense. A real GM wouldn't even consider it, but someone who has probably < 1% chance of ever getting a GM job would say why the hell not ?
  5. Well I guess Mayock is a real thing if you believe twitter.
  6. Sucks to say but at this point you get whatever you can for him in a trade. Take your pick - get fleeced in a trade this year or get nothing next year. Yay Redskins.
  7. Your question implies actually being on the train at some point.
  8. I think I have finally reached the point where I just don't care anymore.
  9. Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan is no longer involved in the team's decision making as his future with the organization remains in question, multiple sources told ESPN. EDITOR'S PICKS Sources: 49ers expected to sign WR Garcon The 49ers are expected to finalize a deal with wide receiver Pierre Garcon, league sources tell ESPN's Chris Mortensen. One source with intimate knowledge of McCloughan's situation said his agent, Peter Schaffer, was meeting with the Redskins on Wednesday to discuss the matter. The Redskins' recent moves, from giving coach Jay Gruden an extension to re-signing Vernon Davis and using the exclusive tag on Kirk Cousins, were made at the time without McCloughan's input. Gruden received a contract extension Saturday; Davis re-signed Wednesday. They placed the tag on Cousins last week. McCloughan was responsible for setting the team's free agent board and many of the personnel priorities certainly would have been discussed with him earlier in the offseason. But, regardless, his job status has been an ongoing topic with multiple reports suggesting a resolution would be shortly after the draft at the latest. There have been reports about the Redskins already discussing potential replacements. McCloughan has been absent from Redskins Park as the NFL nears free agency, an important time for any personnel decision maker. He's not involved in negotiations, and hasn't been in the past, but in the past he certainly would be in the building and help oversee the operation. The Redskins chief negotiators with free agents, as in the past, are Eric Schaffer and team president Bruce Allen. They're the ones who negotiate the deals. McCloughan did not accompany the team to Indianapolis for the scouting combine. He and his agent strongly denied that he was ever sent home from the Redskins' facility in late February, as had been reported. It represents quite a turn for the Redskins, who hired McCloughan in January 2015 to help turn the franchise around. The Redskins have won a combined 17 games the last two years, with an NFC East title in 2015. But it's an important offseason for the franchise, with uncertainty over Cousins' future and the need to rebuild their defense. Once Cousins signs his franchise tag tender, they'll have $40 million in available cap space. They also own 10 draft picks.
  10. I'd call that pitiful but that's just me.
  11. Yeah taking pictures of the poor guy is downright creepy.
  12. Yes both Scot and Jay report to Bruce, so Bruce would be the final arbiter should there be a disagreement b/w Scot and Jay. That is where the power struggle would come in to play - if Scot and Jay had competing visions / plans for moving forward.
  13. Maybe it has nothing to do with a drinking problem and it is simply a power struggle b/w Scot and Jay that Scot has lost. I can see a scenario where Jay wants Kirk on a LTD regardless of cost and Scot simply refuses to buy in. Result: An exclusive tag on Kirk An extension for Jay Neutered GM Media running rampant with theories