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  1. Don't agree at all. Do you not remember all the ass. Lowns we brought here that sucked as soon as they put on a Redskin uniform. I'm glad we are not overpaying for guys that most likely would come here collect big $ and then point all tgeir problems at coaching. People are literally getting their panties in a bunch over not signing two overrated defensive lineman from out hated rivals. People want us to throw money to a guy who was on the team that knocked us out of the play offs and talked mad crap while doing it. His own team isn't budging but lets throw the bank at him and expect him to come in here motivated.
  2. This is a good representation of Kirk Cousins contract talks. Lots of fine print.
  3. Does this mean he signed his tender and we have him for one year or did we come to a long term deal? It would be nice to lock him up on a good 3 year deal.
  4. Theres alot great FA talk going here!!! I feel like I'm reading women argue anout what hair salon is the best to go to.
  5. I guess we assume that tmJosh Doctson is fully healed since he's now olayong basketball (twitter thread) and full speed drills? If he can be a 1,000 yard receiving deep threat that has defenses acount for him than watch out. Fat Rob and the game get better. Cousins takes some steps and we are dangerous.
  6. I don't think there is anything telling from the Compton tender. It is a no brainer to tender him for that type of money for a year while we forget how to replace him. If they think him and Foster are fhe answer than we screwed beyond this situation. Anybody can see that mlb and dt are the biggest needs right now.
  7. But what if we sign Hanky Panky and he gets lazy and turns into one of these guys? Maybe RJF stands for reliable jag force?
  8. @mistertim I think that most people agree with exactly what you said about Kirk. I'm not seeing everyone give him more credit than he deserves. I'm seeing the majority people worried that we are going to screw uo oir best chance to be competitive over the next five years. When is the last time we could say that? Even if we got Garrapolo and 1st for him I wouldn't be happy with that. Makes no sense to gamble and mess up the continuity.
  9. Here a Jag. There a Jag. Everywhere a Jag Jag. Old McJaggy!!! Seems to be everyones favorite word. Let's nust hooe the players we got continue to develop into better players especially with the new D line coach.
  10. This interview was long due to end some of the speculations fans have had and put the ball back in the FO's court. Now everyone knows that it is most likely all over some $$$. I do think it is stupid that they might be negotiating so shrewd with best glimmer of hope we have had since Napoleon has taken over
  11. I'm glad Kirk did the interview. I don't know why he did but the fans needed to hear what he had to say after all the rumors. I despise the swarmy media even more. Isn't searmy that word used to describe Bruce. I feel better about Bruce and the organization and know at this point its all about the negotiation process. I believe that they have to get the deal done before next season plays out. If there are some struggles on offense next season I don't want Snyder getting impatient. Kirk is our QB for the future. I didn't listen to it all but I didn't get that at all from the first roind of questions. He is answering just the way you would want him to. What are you referring to?
  12. NVM . I think I figured it out the email it is. Just need to remeber the password. Sorry guys
  13. Delete
  14. Deleted giant wall of nonsense. Figured it out
  15. I think it depends on way too many things at this poiny especially since we haven't draffed yet and there are some weapons still on the market. As of right now no. Another rb and vet wr would make me feel better.