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  1. If Jay didn’t know about the trade until the last second and would of rather drafted a Qb we are doomed. Which I guess is the norm except for the few glimmers of hope we have had.
  2. 2017 Fantasy Football

    I just offered OBJ and tarik cohen for chris anderson and keenan Allen. If it gets accepted. What do you think?
  3. Oh gotcha. I'm multitasking thats why I was wondering if I missed something. I usually do.
  4. Maroon and Black? Calling out some guy for not being a fan and then you getting our colors wrong! Did I miss something?
  5. That is definitely a sign of hope that it all gets worked out if the payers prove their worth. Which is how an ideal FO works. I do think that if Kirk doesn't get signed it creates doubts at the end of the season for all these one year deals. Why would Pryor want to stat on a fair deal if has no QB.Why would people want to stay and build something?
  6. I know and thats why Scott probably didn't agree with Allens frugal approach. All these on years tgat will take some time to gel but going All in for this year. I lile who we have brought in I'm just hoping a Ltd for Kirk and some latience is used. This division is going to be a fog fight next year.
  7. I'm definitely getting excited to see Pryor but I'm not as pessimistic as most that he is a one and done. If and a big if. We get Cousins signed long term than Pryor can be tagged. Who else would we tag next year? I also think he gets comfortable playing with Kirk and somehow they get a longterm deal done at the end of the season. I have a feeling if the team excels and we continue to improve under Gruden and all then even if we don't sigh Kirk to a ltd before the season. They all get together at the end and iron everything out. If we fail and there is disfunction than the team blows up and there are several changes made. I almost feel like Allen is setting it up like this because he thinks its a good idea. I think Scott didn't necessarily believe in such a big gamble and adding so much presure to coaches and players. Scott believed in Kirk and knew you just had to have a more patient approach.
  8. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    You would of got shot in the wild wild west for trying to be a cool guy.
  9. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    No one was in here laughing at short comings. Sometimes I watch the Nats and cheer for them with my Dad because he is fan other times I get on him because he used to be an O's fan. He grew up with the Senators. So that is mentality with them> Sometimes I'm happy they won and other times I laugh them. Who gives a **** who's thread it is? Its a Nats thread and they're playing the O's and thats why it was relevant to me. I got clowned because some have nothing better to do than put others down. So yeah. Sorry I commented . I'm done being a fooI. GO O's and **** off internet wise guys....
  10. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    i get it now. I let some comments get under my skin little. I don't get the forum chest bumping and gang up mentality. I was honestly just stating an opinion too quickly and should of thought about it more.Oh well
  11. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    I'm not looking for apologies or friends. I'm not mad either. Dan T's comments are the arrogant side that I was referring to . Judging a whole fan base because of a ****ed city and poverty and what not. it's whatever. I know that there are several O's fans that act like fools and the city can be ugly at times, but I'd rather have that atmosphere than a stiff pretentious arrogance. I probably am not explaining that quite right but oh well. Have your fun. Maybe you guys are just stirring **** up because you guys really hate the O's and their fans. I can get that but that post definitely stirred the pot more than I expected. And I can agree it was a ramble that came from a percieved arrogance from your fan base and team.
  12. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    internet comedians. I probably didn't convey what I was trying to say the best and there wasn't any hostility thrown towards anyone but you all are some assholes and are proving my point about the arrogance. You think you are so smart.Saying I have brain damage or whatever you were referring to. You don't know me and what Ive' been through but you're welcome to bash me and make fun of me. It's your opinion . You're welcome to it
  13. That is exactly what I was thinking when I posted this in the Nats thread. They have an easier division/ league than us. There is no doubt in my mind. If Ubaldo can dominate the NL than that is all the proof I need and that is being serious and joking at the same time. So yeah they probably aren't going to have to battle for a WC spot or have as tight as a division as the O's.
  14. Thats is why I found it funny that Nats fans are acting like these games don't matter at all.
  15. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    I can't wait to come in here and hear excuses if the Nats get swept. Keep saying these games don't matter. Every game matters. I get it . It's a long season. Different division and such but when you don't get into the playoffs because of one game why would it matter when you won. I am staying an O's fan. I will root for the Nats to do well when we we don't play them but its also fun for me to laugh at them for collapsing into playoffs because I really could care less if they win.. I'm not going to troll and rub it in and all that non sense but all these people trashing Baltimore and their fans can go **** off with that ****. From What I see and hear. Even the announcers. There is an arrogant vibe form most Nats fans where as O's fans are more scrappy and down to earth. And that opinion means nothing I know. Either way... Cheers to a good game but quit getting so salty.