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  1. i'm confused...would the AP release a contractual number that wasn't official for the books? if they say $125m 5/yr, then i think it's as safe as the Hulk in an arm-wrestling match to assume that that number is what will factually be paid in toto to the player over the course of 5 years, no? or are they making some secret side payments that go against "the spirit of the cap?" or am i just completely off on this?
  2. It takes 1 extra click people. I actually prefer it because it helps me remember to "open as separate window." Keep up the outstanding Herculean efforts Hap!
  3. Eff the noise...a massive, hearty, well deserved congrats goes out to Doug Williams. Now let's move along, & win some football.
  4. I just want to say this... I really just care to believe at this point that Gruden, & Allen have finished their vetting period, & have decided to marry their philosophies. Gruden is now acting as a coach/GM without the official title. He will make requests, & suggestions, & BA will push most of that stuff through Doug once he's given his stamp of approval. Do i care for the guys in cahrge, & trust in their ability to make sound football decisions? Not terribly. But i do believe in Gruden enough to let it all play out. From this angle...whether you believe it's fantasy, or reality, i feel this is the structure going forward. I feel now, pretty assuredly that SM was brought in to unofficially be the 10th man in negotiations, & personnel decisions. I get the sense tbat throughout the course of his tenure that BA, & Gruden confirmed, & solidified their personnel philosophies, & did so against the advice of SM on occasion. If you believe what was most of those instances they (being JG/BA) were surprisingly proven correct (can't find the specific instances/article discussed) over SM's take. I may be spouting asinine drivel...especially if you're prone to just mosey about all upset at **** you couldn't prove in a peer-reviewed journal, then fine. I'll just enjoy me some football, & circle back when this conversation is relevant again. Or not... I may just decide to get crazy with the cheeze-whiz.
  5. Yes...Bang is a fun one!
  6. I think it's all well & good to debate the accuracy of sources, but it means **** all at the end of tomorrow, today, or yesterday. None of it matters. Unless it matters to you, i guess. There certainly is a reason the Inquirer/TMZ et al have had a platform for so long. I just couldn't be bothered. On the list of things i need to be concerned about...anything that begins with "anonymous source," or frankly anything not concretely stated, or proven, AND x/o relevant just gets filed under the 30 or 40 other things that actually warrant stress in my life.
  7. Glad you asked! We just started one, in fact! A bunch of sad saps who now reside in LA, & are hopeless fans of the Redskins. Purely a fan's angle...trying to pull away from the DC Media stranglehold on Redskins narration. Give us a listen...send us your thoughts! Our first episode is here, & we're just getting started:
  8. i dismiss it out of hand until there is concrete evidence. circumstantial evidence is unscientific, & i refuse to let guesswork, & speculation ruin my enjoyment of something. for my absolutely holds no significance until there is a triangulation of confirmation, complete with full transparency.
  9. 1) due to defenses loading up on Pryor/Crowder/Reed early, Doctson will come out the gates hot. Then defenses will adjust, he will have the typical rookie WR issues (specifically, consistently beating press-man), & it won't matter too muvh because the offense will have been unlocked by then. 2) Perine gets 13+ TDs, Kelley gets the bulk of rushing yards, CT the passing yards, but Perine takes over late as the primary back. Mostly due to his punishing style. 3) red zone offense drastically improves...we see a boatload of fade routes converted to actually TDs, & memes regarding Gruden flippantly calling fade routes indignantly AT fans who mocked him previously for it will be at an all time high. 4) Jonathan Allen will record a whopping 7.5 sacks...which is high, but not that high for a DT. The shocking part will be that this helps HBKerrigan break the 14 sack barrier....i want to say he gets upwards of 16 sacks this year, but i will temper my bet at 14+. Many of them will be effort sacks where he gets beyond the QB's drop, & comes back inside, & gets a sack vecause Allen forced pursuit in his direction. 5) KC signed by deadline, answers all questions about "elitenessicity." I think with this offense he can throw for around 35 TDs, & 7 INTs, & 5,000 yards. All of which are cool....but i think he leads the league in QBR this year...which will ultimately be what shuts down the negativity towards him. 6) i want Bree Island to finally take that next step...alas...i think Moreau takes over by week 4, Bree moves to slot CB full time, & leads all rookies with INTs. Only for DROY to go to Jonathan Allen. His impact will be sudden, & resolute. Count it. 7) i feel that we are still in a transition of i find it hard to see us winning as much as we probably would in normal years. I see us having trouble with odd opponents in between toughies. If we nail that, then i see us either being great on the road, & bad at home...or vice-versa. Do we get over the primetime bugaboo? Can we win in Seattle? Or KC? & will we get off to a legitimate hot start for once? Or will we comestumbline out the gate again? I feel like our biggest hurdle to a succesful season is our mentality. All the scenarios listed in the last one basically amount to how much we let it effect us...which shouldn't be an issue for an NFL team...except, they have. This is what i want to see most this year before i believe in anything beyond steady improvement. I need to see us taking it to opponnents with moxi, & i want us to be out there having fun. We need a solid blowout or 2 against a decent opponent also. in order for me to feel like we've made the right strides, i need to see us out there playing a different game at times than our opponent. If i see those things...then 12-4 is certainly attainable. If not...then probably another year in mediocrity before we take another step. Just my hot-takes.
  10. Anderson isn't a MILB though, & for all this "missed tackles machine" stuff, he (being Cunningham) still led CFB in tackles. This was all gone over in the draft thread, so i won't rehash it. Basically feel that if the team was intent on replacing Compton, then most assuredly...Cunningham gets taken instead of Anderson. Anderson has a place on this tean...but his acquisition doesn't immediately impact Compton's imo.
  11. We shall see....i wanted that upgraded for sure, & wanted Cunningham specifically for that reason, over Anderson. I just think that despite what fans may believe, the staff likes Compton at that MILB spot, & they are ok with the support, & how it all fits Compton. It's just a prediction. I also predict that by week 6 (latest, post-bye), we have a different starting combo. Don't know who will take over, but i don't believe it happens right away.
  12. I think this draft was an endorsement for Kouandjio. Hopefully he's figured out NFL stunts/blitzes by now. Was watching NFLN top 100 last night, & about 2/5 highlight for defenders entailed Lauvao getting trucked in pass-pro. Never seen a guy that big be so completely incapable of setting a sturdy base. As for DL...i kinda hope Lanier wins a starting job. Think he might. Makes Allen/McGee(NT?)/Lanier my 3 in the 3-4. With a rotation of Ioannidis/McClain/Hood/Taylor...not too shabby. I think that the starting ILB pairing will be Zach Brown, & Will Compton. May change throughout the course of the season...especially if/when they start using Anderson inside on rush downs. Compton can play behind this front. Also...bold prediction...people will hate this, but i will be right about Compton. As for DBs...if only because of injury recovery, i think Breeland wins the starting role to begin the season. I think he will be challenged by Dunbar, & Moreau as soon as he gets healthy. I love the competition here.....probably the most interesting camp battle imho. TE.......Reed/Davis/Sprinkle...then it's a toss up. The extra value NP brings, if healthy, is that he can line up at H-back, or, FB. Can he stay healthy though? Starting X/Y will be Pryor/Crowder. They will move Crowder around a lot, but he will be listed as the starting WR. Doctson will get sprinkled in until he gets fully acclimated...then we will see a TON of 3/4/5 wide sets. I think Davis, & Harris make the squad, along with Quick, & then one of the camp bodies will earn a spot or 2. Grant is gone...please, & thank you. RB....committee. Perine is a short yardage, & touchdown burglar...Kelley will carry the lion's share, & CT is our speedster. S....Swearinger/Cravens, Hall gets cut, or significantly restructures. Montae Nicholson wil be interesting in camp...but find it hard to think he can beat out DJ for a starting spot just yet. I feel like we're gonna have to cut/demote 2 or 3 ILBs on the that battle will be the other, most interesting camp battle. Lastly......sign KC please.
  13. I would have taken Cunningham at 49, & Stevie T, or Carlos Watkins in place of a later pick. Otherwise...pretty spot on. No real complaints, just what i would have done differently. I don't even dislike the Anderson pick because it makes's a solid pick imo. Just would have been absolutely over the moon if we had also added Cunningham.
  14. I feel like this isn't all that different from the draft where we took Moses/Murphy...same MO. you believe that draft was Scot's board via his consulting firm?
  15. So we got older with this draft? Lol Like the pick...liked other guys on the board a LOT better, but don't hate this pick at all. Getting Mareau helped a lot in that regard too. Welcome to the team Ryan! Hope you have a heckuva career with the Skins! HTTR!!!