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  1. HapHaszard's Passing

    wow....i've been away from ES for a good minute, but ouch. coming back to this news... so sad to hear of your passing Hap. you were truly a hero within our community, & an inspiration. Rest In Peace, & may the Force always be with you.
  2. Jay Gruden: Buy, Sell Or HOLD: 2017 edition

    Gruden the OC/Play-caller - HARD SELL Gruden the JC - Take my money.
  3. Redskins S.O.S so far. #1 in the NFL..

    SOS is main reason FPI has us at a 14% chance to make the playoffs as of today. It's a bear, but i don't really pay too much attention to SOS ratings...fwiw.
  4. MNF at Arrowhead Tailgate

    101, row 4 for me! So it sounds like Red C then, eh? Ok if i tell other Redskins fans? What can i/we bring?
  5. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    No...the immediate word was "tendinosis" (not to be confused with tendonitis)....the prognosis was such that it was considered possibly a career-long lingering issue. Rumor was that was what caused SM to break his hand. Over time they decided he would heal with rest, & shut him down last year. So this is quite different. Scary, but different. Put him in bubble-wrap for the preseason please.
  6. What Kind of Fan Do You Consider Yourself?

    I'm a bit of a kool-aid drinker, despite my usual cynicism in life (& as much as i loathe name-calling platitudes). I guess it comes down to entertainment vs practicality. In life, i follow a scientific methodology with a skeptical base. I start from a place of cynicism because i expect life to inevitably provide buckets of lemons, no matter how much i try to grab an orange basket. Conversely, with entertainment vices i start from a place of optimism because from my perspective...a thing that is meant to entertain, should be given the opportunity to prove its value until its value is proven worthless. Think of it like innocent until proven guilty. I tend to see things more optimistically until the data proves that the opposite is true. Then i will gladly tear holes, & make balled up, fist pumping, vein bursting mega rants....just like the rest of us! As for declaration....I'm a diehard no matter how, or why i try to deny it. I've made claims of leaving more than I would care to mention, but "they keep pulling me back in!"
  7. Yahoo Sports: Most Broken Fanbase (Guess Whose #1?)

    just wanna put 2c on the "media conspiracy" quip. while there are certainly Chicken Little's on both sides of this coin...i look at it like this: out of however many national media outlets there are that cover the NFL, a vast majority of them cover the NFL as a whole. only the local media focuses on the Redskins exclusively. based on the consistently repeated 2 line reasoning as to why we will suck this year, it's not far off to guess that hey.....them's just a bunch of lazy SOB's who got to the "Redskins" tab on their sheet & thought: "ugh...i HAVE to write is what EVERYONE else is saying. here are the 5 talking points of their offseason. ok....there you go." it's just a matter of them not caring, or feeling the need to intently cover, or otherwise analyze the Redskins as a viable NFL team. not any's just that they would rather spend their resources on 15 Cowboys stories per week because they believe it drives their arbitrary numbers game. as for the local media? yeah...i believe most of it is broken (& in some ways, very much like the fan base itself). conspiracy...but i feel like they've concluded that for now, it drives more numbers/clicks/interest when they drudge up the negativity, & gossip mongering. is that stuff maybe there? possibly relevant? maybe...i dunno...i don't care for it. i generally just tune-out now if it isn't related directly to X's/O's on the field. but you cannot say that the local DC media doesn't drive that steak home whenever they got a hammer handy. we can debate its relevance, or necessity....i'm just saying that i don't buy it as a conspiracy....just laziness, & business.
  8. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    As an enthusiastic study of the arts, i appreciate the gesture to use boxing as a bridge discipline for OL/DL. That would be a LOT better if they were training with basic BJJ, Krav McGrav, & Wing Chun disciplines as they are way more realistically applicable.
  9. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    depends on who you talk to. had him rated as the best WR in his draft, & we're seeing some of that on display already. i also think that being able to sit, & learn more about the offense, & route-running upon his return/trying to stay active/in-shape is going to put him right into the fold from the start of this season. i would say his talent puts him somewhere between Marquez Colston, & Larry Fitzgerald. really depends on his work ethic, which seems fantastic, as to whether he can reach/maintain that level of success. but he already runs smooth routes, excels at creating separation at the stem of his routes, & catches with his hands, has a super vertical, & wins 50/50 balls. the only other thing keeping him down to Earth a bit could be his speed...but i don't think it will be an issue with the way he runs routes. he could look like a Dez Bryant type too...minus the attitude. very similar on-field traits.
  10. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    (Not directed at you) I keep seeing this sentiment.... DJAX - 4.35 Optimus Pry - 4.38 Also...Optimus Pry (yes, that's his name from now on) is 6'4"/6'5" & can/will win 50/50 balls, & the like. I think we're fine.
  11. look...i love Cousins about as much as the next Redskins fan, & i certainly would love to retain him. however..................if pressed, i would most certainly rate Carr higher than Cousins, but largely based on potential. when it comes to age ++Carr when it comes to GWD ++Carr (this is also an eye-test thing. if you had to ask which i would rather have in that situation, it's Carr, & it's not even close) when it comes to mobility/creativity +++Carr. Carr is from the Aaron Rodgers school of QBing. he's A-A-Ron lite, imho. similar arm strength, similar mobility, similar moxi........but that's where it ends. Cousins is more Brady than anything, while certainly mobile, he relies on the cerebral part of his game as he's probably the 2nd best QB in the NFL at hitting that top of his drop, & releasing the ball with a correct decision. when it comes to weapons =/=........sure, we have Reed, & Crowder, & DJax/Garcon were no slouches.....but Carr also had Murray, & Cooper, & Crabtree. not to mention that defense was a lot better than ours. the thing here is that Cooper/Reed pretty much wash each other out, but Crabtree can equal what you get from DJax/Garcon in terms of added weapons. add in Murray over any from our RB committee, & i think it's a wash in terms of what both offenses are capable of by virtue of the sum of all parts. when it comes to confidence +++Carr. Cousins still displays moments where the lack of confidence on his face sincerely drains my confidence in our ability to win. i have never seen this from Carr. i would like to JUST ONCE see Cousins get visibly upset at us getting beat. showing that will to change the complexion of a game, & that drive to NEVER accept defeat. Carr shows me he has it...Cousins looks like he's trying to convince us all, including himself, that he has it. so yeah....i can see, fairly easily, where one might rate Carr as a better option at QB for the time being. also, his potential is more delectable than KC's at this stage. that said, i personally feel that KC is ready to take another step that puts him into Elite category immediately, if he can execute consistently. stats-wise, i think the argument for Cousins becomes a bit more concrete.......although that alone raises several questions, while a lot of that can be explained away by scheme differences. it's a worthy discussion, but i cannot conclude that Cousins is a better gamble for the future at this stage. still, i would rather keep KC long term, & let us all find out the fun way.
  12. don't take my meaning out of context. i simply meant to imply that while they may not necessarily be "hoping" for one in their camp to work's just as likely a probability that one of them does, as it is that all of them don't. so my main point being that KC to SF is anything but a forgone conclusion.
  13. Nevermind that they could "accidentally" strike gold with one of them (seen crazier things), & then what?