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    I'd also be curious to find out if folks around here are more inclined to use old lady soft bottom paper like a cottenel or northwestern, or a real business taking care of type, like a scottie. ME: Folder, Over, Back to front, Scottie. Good to know
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  1. We should be thinking SB this year. We have one starting CB. Ive never been a fan of Sherman, but Bree and Fuller blow.
  2. Should he not be? Was it a publicly announced private meeting or were two guys who like to jaw that happened to be by themselves having a conversation? We may not have a single fact other than a conversation happened, but we should absolutely start making opinions and vocalizing them, because fact fetishes.
  3. Its not that nobody wants to wait. Pretty sure everyone is good on letting guys slowly develop. Its the waiting for a back up to develop, while you dont have a starter that frustrating.
  4. That looks really promising.
  5. Then talk about nickle corner. You could talk about us having one competent player in the entire secondary. We threw a bunch of resources at it and are hoping for the best. We haven't done much at NT after averaging half a first down. Maybe thats why. Entire center of the D sucked last year and might again. Talk about whatever the **** you want.
  6. I hope it sticks, cause his real name has no ring to it
  7. I said this in another nonkirk thread and probably shouldn't say it here either, but we handled it all wrong. Hes going to get paid a lot. Two years after, it wont seem that high and its his only contract. I dont know if hes top five, but hes definitely top half and thats fine. Just ****ing pay him and move the **** on.
  8. I think Scherff will eventually be one of the best, but he needs better play from Long and Moses first.
  9. He just needs more time.
  10. I dont want to keep talking about it here either, but yeah. Its a non issue to me. Hes definitely good enough. Is he top 5? 10- 15? I dont know and dont care. Hes a legit starter. A lot of teams dont have that. Count your blessings and he can count his millions. I think gruden is a great QB coach, but that doesn't matter either. Ried is a great QB coach and theyre not wondering if they'll have Smith every year.
  11. Garcon is a selfish asshole. Pryor is a much better guy to be around.