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  1. Solid post. I agree with everything. I also think things are better and I'm also a NCA.
  2. First off, dont be an asshole. Second, we didn't see our 1rst round pick because he was injured. Third, you field the best team you can. We couldn't score TDs. Decker finds the endzone more than most. Doctson would still see plenty of action. Still be on the team next year and if he proves to be better than Decker or anyone else, he'd get on the field even more. That's how it works. Your assertion that this would be the reason we've been bad for 25 years is wildly over dramatic, wrong and far more ridiculous. Should we have not signed Pryor? That would make far more sense for your strawman.
  3. If you guys are saying "if player x from 30 years ago, was born 20 years ago and grew up now", then yes. Of course they'd be solid professionals today. If you're saying (which is what I'd assume the point of this is)"if you took player x from 30 years ago at the peek of his career and simply time warped him to today", then no. Of course not. No athlete back then had the training knowledge they have now. The suppliments and dietary knowledge. The techniques. They weren't quick and twitchy like they are now. Maybe some guys like LT or Derick Thomas might get some time at situational pass rushing in the 34, but there'd be better options. You really think if our line was getting drunk in a shed, instead of training, they'd be competitive? Hell no. It was a wildly different league.
  4. Now I'm sad. I was born in 73. Became a fan in 79/80. It was great just knowing you were going to be great every year and if you didnt win it all, it was because another great team faught just a little bit harder and you could hang your hat on a tough loss. Now we generally suck and if we do well, you know it was a fluke and we're going to suck again the next year.
  5. I know. It was absolutely amazing. Think about how great that 49ers team had to be, just to be competitive against the East, too. If the 91 eagles could have fielded any kind of offense, they'd be talked about like the 85 bears and might have gone to the SB in 91. That defense was incredible.
  6. I wouldn't say the AFC was a joke. There was some excellent teams. I loved watching the AFC west games. Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos were always great games. The Moon Oilers were awesome too. The Bills were such an outstanding team. Much better than the credit they get. The NFC East was just a pinicle of dominance in that era, that I doubt anyone ever sees again.
  7. Being a good team ensures losing the next? A rookie WR has to be thrown into a full time starting role right away or he'll never improve? Are you implying Grant would be a star, if he wasn't stuck behind Garcon? Should we have cut Garcon when we drafted Grant? Did signing Pryor hurt the team? Those answers are all No, right? How does signing another slot WR represent everything wrong with our organization for 25 years?
  8. I really dont have much of an opinion on the Grant/Quick thing, but I'd take Grant. Grown up on the system, outstanding blocker and teams player. Im hoping Harris shows something and Davis blows it up, which is far more interesting to me.
  9. Not only was that team incredible, the East was insanely good. Not just going by their records, but the style of football being played was easily the best I can remember. We went to 4 straight SBs and the eagles had the best defense in history IMO.
  10. Yeah, obviously not saying at 50. If you took any player who was drafted in the 80's and had them compete with someone now, there'd be no contest.
  11. Maybe. Be pretty interesting to see a 5'9" corner going against WRs that are 4"+ and 25 lbs heavier, while also being probably as fast as he was.
  12. If they grew up in this era, sure, but if they were the same as they were then, even with all the additives, I doubt it. Kids coming up now are on these things their entire lives, plus the sport science to go along with it is wildly different. Performance has advanced so incredibly fast in the last 20 years, its incredible.
  13. No athlete who retired 25 years ago could play in any professional league.
  14. We'd wish we still had Chester and Rabach.