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  1. megared

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    That's because the empty seats are more of a result of the changes the team made in the off season. Right now the lowest tickets I'm seeing are for $125/seat. Add on fees and we're talking closer to $150/per. Cheapest I've seen parking is $67. You're looking at a $400 day easily if you're treating someone, and at least a $200 day if you're splitting it. That's for the cheapest seats in the house. I can't fault anyone for not wanting to pay that, especially with the knowledge that last season that same amount could get you much better seats.
  2. megared

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The only way i could see that happening is if Bruce is not involved with the front office after this season. Even then, it would have to represent the beginning of a complete rebuild, as I don't believe we have the cap space next year to absorb all of that dead money... meaning we'd have to cut additional guys just to make it work.
  3. megared

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    If Guice beats the old man out in TC, then he deserves it. Otherwise, assuming AD comes back on a team friendly deal, I'd be perfectly fine with starting AD, limiting his carries, giving Guice ample opportunities to play, and bringing in Thompson on 3rd downs.
  4. megared

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Guess I'm confused by your initial comments then. I said I think our run game is ineffective because we are incorporating too many concepts, which requires a level of versatility in our linemen that isn't feasible to have in all five spots. Not only do we not currently have it, but it isn't reasonable to expect that we'll ever get that kind of talent from all five positions. Nothing you've said has countered that. All you mentioned was your opinion that there's three types of running plays, despite the evidence stating the different concepts have different goals, techniques, strengths, weaknesses, and counters. If it was that simple, why are there coaches that are simply outside zone disciples if they are that interchangeable? If we have a dozen plays in 5 concepts, that's 60 plays (not including the RPO stuff that's been introduced). 6 different techniques of blocking...different footwork, different reads, different responsibilities (some of them do overlap). Then the different personnel groupings, pre-snap motions (those are what I'd call nuances). Plus acquiring the knowledge of assignments on any possible alignment, blitz, stunts, etc. Don't see how you can't even entertain the idea having that multitude of plays reduces the effectiveness/focus of the run game overall.
  5. megared

    The Offensive Line Thread

    It really doesn't. And it surprises me that as someone who has coached, you'd push aside those differences, especially at the highest level of football. Do you really think an NFL D-coordinator looks at inside zone and outside zone and says "ah, they're all the same."?! Like any other concept, there's dozens of subvariations that aim to exploit a defensive weakness, and/or an individual matchup. One or two back? Split? Ghost Motion? Stretch G? It's funny that we kept the outside zone plays after Gruden was hired, but suddenly Morris became ineffective, with largely the same supporting cast. It was because we were missing the nuances of running the scheme. Alex Gibbs created a science out of running that particular scheme, what the linemen should do...their first steps off the line, what should happen on the backside, etc. The concept also calls for certain kinds of lineman that are nimble with good footwork. And that lack of attention to detail (as well as the accompanying lack of consistent success) is probably due to the fact that we have too many run concepts. You're not going to get really good at one, when you've got to split your time practicing executing 5-6 different concepts. Same for film study. Now are the inside zone/outside zone complementary? Yes, they are or can be. But the same thing? No.
  6. megared

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Disagree. They are widely recognized as different concepts because each has it own characteristics of blocking assignments, where and how linemen move post snap, counters to defensive alignments, blitzes, etc. And from watching this team be consistently confused by interior stunting, it makes me wonder whether there is enough time in a week to prepare for every possible look a defense could give you out of such varied concepts. The whole doing a few things very well versus doing a lot of different things, not well. Pretty good article outlining a few differences of inside zone versus outside zone: Windy City Gridiron: To Be (an Outside Zone Team), or Not To Be...That, is the Question Hopefully this article can put the semantics to rest. PFF: Breaking down PFF's run concepts And I'm really not saying anything groundbreaking here...but I feel like our inconsistent performances stem from the fact that we don't have an offensive identity...and a microcosm of that is Gruden's insistence on incorporating every popular run concept into gameplans. Wa Post: After two weeks, Jay Gruden’s Redskins lack an identity. And that’s a problem.
  7. megared

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Disagree...that's overly reductive. Inside zone is different from outside zone. But I'm sure you know this. Would it also be true to say that there's really only two types of defenses? And the 'more than passable' aspect of our run game is due to the AD effect. Not sure about this week, but he was leading the NFL in yards after contact. From the same article: Wa Post: The Redskins’ running game is much improved this year. Can they keep it up? My initial point is that, due to the variance of plays we're calling, we lack an identity...or plays that we can consistently execute well, regardless of who is blocking, or who is carrying. Peterson is the proverbial lipstick on a pig, but it isn't like history doesn't tell us this: Another interesting tidbit from this article (written before the season began): PFF: Running back 'three-for-all' – the competition to revive Washington's run game
  8. megared

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Think the problem is we lack a run identity. Right now we incorporate every concept you can think of... zone, power, RPO, counters. Where someone like Shanahan would target certain kinds of linemen (small, quick, nimble) to execute his zone runs, we have two guys that can realistically run any scheme. We shouldn't need five elite guys to have an effective run game.
  9. He's untradeable with his current contract and level of play. Best scenario for us is, he starts playing better and we cut ties after the season.
  10. megared

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Even worse...someone reasonable would assume our run game is ineffective because the coaches avoid running the ball in those guys gaps, making our run game predictable. You'd be wrong...Not the Redskins...we carry 39% of our runs in those two gaps (LG, C, RG) with a end result of a 31st ranking. The only places we're slightly above average are inside (12th place ranking) and outside of Moses (14th place). But for some inexplicable reason, we don't run to either of those places, combined as much as we focus runs to the weakest part of our line. And we're completely below average running to the inside (25th) or outside (24th) of Trent. Football Outsiders: O-Line Stats
  11. According to PFF, we have the 15th ranked pass rush. So middle of the road (although it didn't seem that way vs New Orleans). I found some DVOA values which now have us ranked at #23, #10 against the pass and #30 against the rush. There's a further breakdown of DVOA versus individual receivers, but since Norman doesn't travel, I don't think it's necessarily useful. There's also DVOA by pass direction, which would probably mean more since Norman is usually lined up on the left hand side of the formation. You can view for yourself: Football Outsiders: 2018 Team Defense Again, I'm not arguing the guy is useless, rather his play hasn't been up to expectations. And the free lancing is just unacceptable. Regardless of how good he *can* be, when he's focused, he can't be the primary reason we give up long TDs two weeks in a row. We need him to be in coverage, not bearing down on short routes and trusting our safeties will make a play.
  12. megared


    Offense: -More 2 TE sets -Do not run CT up the middle -Emphasis on downfield passing (I'd rather keep our RBs in to block than watch them get killed on check down passes) Defense: -No more LBs covering a slot WR in man. This should never happen. If that's the play call, there needs to be an audible to check out of it. -Simplify defense overall. With the issues the secondary is having, maybe we don't need a bunch of different coverages that we can sometimes execute adequately. -Generate more pressure. Blitz in different ways. We cannot rely on the defensive line to generate all of the pressure.
  13. megared

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Not sure i agree with this. As Cooley mentioned in his podcast, Smith left some plays on the field. I'm not sure if you can place the emphasis on short passes completely on them for not getting open.
  14. I don't think it's about him being 'bad'. It's more about him not playing up to expectations and his salary. The more I think about it, the more I become convinced that he was more of a beneficiary of a monster Panthers front 7 rather than a top 3 corner. Scheme differences are also a valid point that can explain the difference between what he's done here, and what he did in Carolina. But for what we expected him to be, he should be able to be one of the best players on the field in any scheme. And it isn't like he's getting better as time goes on: PFF: Pro NFL Week 6 Fox Panthers at Redskins Preview
  15. megared

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    NextGen Stats has some good stuff that visualizes it... Weeks 1-4 here's his passer rating to various zones: