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  1. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    First your GM cannot stop a assistant from taking a HC job. That is how the NFL operates. Second, if those 2 receivers were that valuable then how come the teams that had them let them go to us? They were just me first guys interested in just a paycheck proven by Garson going to a last place team. Who needs them. I want guys that want to be here and put this team first. I was not crazy about the JD pick but you had to figure you were going to loose at least 1 of your WR so you had to try and replace one of them with a draft pick. Not our fault he is not as good as he was supposed to be. Lots of 1st round draft choices take years to pan out or some are just busts. As far as Prior didn't he have 1k receiving yards last year and we only spent 1 year on him. Smart move getting a 1k receiver on a 1 yr prove it deal. Didn't work out this year but you did not give up a long term deal. So if we had Garson instead of Prior we would still be where we are now only poorer. Without a real good defense and a running game for balance where are you going? You are going to maybe a 500 team and more lousy draft choices. Losing the next 3 games may move us into the top 6 and hopefully we can get a great player like Wentz. A cheap good QB means you can spend money on the rest of your team instead of making 1 guy the highest paid player in the league.
  2. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    IMO I think he does not rush to sign a LTD with us as he knows he will get 35m from us so there is no incentive unless we offer him the most money any player ever got for a guarantee along with his LTD. He can get 23 to 25 from another team so he will hold our feet to the fire for more and we wonder why the NFL is loosing fans. Would not surprise me if he did not have 2 or 3 offers already under the table. Things can change real fast if he gets hurt or if a team that may want him now gets a good QB in the draft.
  3. The Jordan Reed Non-Factor

    Agree. Trade him now unless it is to late, to a contender for a 1 or 2 or whatever. What did the Hawks pay he Saints for their TE, hope to get that. He could be the diff to a super bowl contender but for us he is just another headache taking up a roster spot. Get a hungry young guy.
  4. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    It is easy to sit here and say what should have or should not have been done 3 years ago. I myself would have to think twice before I signed KC to the highest QB contract in the league right after I saw him blow a chance to beat the Giants and keep us out of the playoffs last year. He is a good tough QB and I would hate to loose him but I am not sacrificing the rest of my team to make KC the highest paid player in the league. He is not Brady or Brees. You do not need a overpriced QB to be in last place. Right now, the way it stands I would start going back and fourth with his agent. I would want him under what that kid from the Raiders got, which I think is more than fair, and I would tell his agent I am not paying him 35m next year on the tag so you better get a deal done. 35m is 10% of your cap and that is foolish. I would also tell him a deal has to be signed before the draft because if KC is not signed we are drafting a QB and he can go elsewhere. No team is going to trade for him if he does not have a contract. I would then try and get that kid from Wyoming if he is eligible. He makes it look like he is playing downhill.
  5. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    I am not 100% disappointed in JN but what drives me crazy is to see him covering the left side of the field and watch as the other teams best receiver beats Bree like a drum. Josh, you are supposed to be a leader, tell your D.C. you want to cover the best the other team has. I do admire his fire and his toughness like causing fumbles and making tackles.
  6. Cowboys Redskins Post Game Assessments

    If you are going to beat the Boys or any of the top teams you have to have a D line that does not get pushed all over the field by their O line. Line backers cannot make tackles when your own D line is being pushed into their faces. Football is won in the trenches. Get quality people on our D line and O line and then we can compete. Until then it wil be the same story every year, Good teams mauling us in prime time.
  7. Cowboys Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Back when we made the trade for RG3 the sports shows in N.Y. said that it is a mistake and if something goes wrong, like a injury, that it will take 10 years to dig out of it. Look at us and wonder if we had not made the trade and we got KC where we got him and if he had started for us all those years he would be better now and we would most likely have made a long term deal with him by now. Think about those 3#1s' on our team now instead of on the Rams. Garson wanted too much money, smart to let him walk. You had to let Dotson have his chance when you invested a 1st on him and Prior was the smart move. No one could foresee Prior tanking.
  8. Cowboys Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Remember a few years ago when our special teams stunk and we blamed it on Danny Smith. Well we got rid of him and I think we are on our second coach since him and our ST still stink. Stop blaming the coaching when you see 3 guys miss a tackle and let a big return happen. By the way DS is doing fine in Pitt. Remember a few years ago when the Giants had Jennings as their punter? He never kicked the ball in the center of the field. I called him the king of punting in the coffin corner. Giants always won the field position game with him and they won.
  9. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    This is the correct play call not a sweep with your line pulling with the other team crashing the line with all 11 defenders. There is too much of a chance of penetration which did happen. Even if you try a sneak and it fails at least you do not loose 5 dam yards like he did which forces you to punt. Another JG brainstorm. Try a sneak or if you have a 235lb back you run him 2 times into the line or jump over it.
  10. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Cut down or end the stupid mistakes. All we had to do was get 1 yard with a 235 lb back. When you have this you go straight ahead and jump the pile you do not try a stretch play as that takes away from your strength. Only use a stretch play if you had a small fast back. Big strong back you go straight. Another JG brain storm.
  11. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Those 2 guys wanted way too much money and supposed you just took 1 and he got hurt like PG did then you would be in worse shape than you are now, having a overpaid old receiver taking up way too much cap space. Letting those 2 guys walk was the correct move as you have to give Dotson a chance because you spent a #1 on him and you got Prior cheap. He is younger and taller and everyone expected him to be as good as he was in Cleveland. Not the front office fault if a guy with a good track record does not pan out if he had a great year last year.
  12. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Reason JG did not try for the FG is because if he missed it then the Saints would get the ball in great field position.
  13. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    For some strange reason KC seems to be jinxed as it seems now matter how good he plays the entire game he will loose it for just a moment and make one mistake that costs us a game. If it isn't a interception at the end of a half or end of a game it is a illegal forward pass or failure to pick up a blitz. You cannot make mistakes against real good teams. He has to stop the foolish mistakes as they ALWAYS seem to bury us. If you have a good D then that covers up a lot of mistakes but our D is not good so we have to play a perfect game which we never seem to be able to do. Illegual procedure on a guy who can watch the snap from his position yet he moves before the snap taking us out of FG position. That was big. Failure to cover a punt that would have put them inside their one. Big mistake. Hands to the face, running a sweep on third and one, Sheriff missing a block on third and one. The list goes on and on. Think the announcers stated we are the worst team in the NFL inside two minutes at the half or at the end.
  14. The Positive Thread

    N.Y. sports talk said it will take 10 wins for a NFC team to make the playoffs. I looked at the schedule and if we can win Sunday we will have a chance to win 10 to 11 games as the rest of the teams we will play are beatable. As far as a tough schedule I thought all teams in their division played the same teams?
  15. N.Y. sports radio guys were talking about this subject this am and they said there were more Bills fans in the stands than Jets fans for their game. Think they said it is a league wide deal and it is because of the easy way to get tickets today.