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  1. Drafting a QB at 17 is not only dumb it is insane to pick a QB this year when you just drafted one last year. It shows the world that you do not know what you are doing. As far as thinking you are going to trade KC to the 49"s or Browns try to remember that those teams are not just a vet QB away from being contenders so they are not giving up their high draft choices to get a guy who has no contract. Sign KC to a reasonable LTD and someone may talk but right now, the way it stands is that you can get KC next spring for nothing as he has no contract so why give up draft choices now.
  2. I would trade our 17 and our 4th easy to move up a few spots if I could get the Bama LB Foster.
  3. Mike Francesa saying Raiders at Wash not a good MNF game then he goes on to say Redskins in prime time 2 out of 3 weeks? Not good.
  4. Hi all. What I don't understand is that the NFL channel stated the Giants have the 8th hardest schedule while we have the 7th hardest. Why is the Giant schedule easier than ours? I thought we all had a balanced schedule? Who gets a easier schedule, only the last place team in a division?
  5. I do not want the white kid at 17. Seems to me he is just a third down pass catching back and we already have one who is not bad. Seems we have more important needs. Is it pos that we can get that kid from Fla State in the second round or will he go in the 1st rd?
  6. Can someone please explain to me why is everyone so high on Riddic? Temple does not play the type of players he will see in the NFL.
  7. No one is going to trade the highest draft pick for a QB when he is not signed. He may walk on them when he becomes a FA after this year and they will have nothing.They can get him next year for free when he becomes a FA. Either SF or Cleveland is not a good QB away from being a good team so why give away picks that will make them better. They will play this year with what they have and next year, most likely be in the same boat as now, be able to draft a better QB with the 1st or 2nd picks in the draft.
  8. Yes we need a speed rusher big time and I do not think PS or JG are the answer but I am praying for JG to step up. You are right about Lamp but he is rated the best interior O lineman in the draft but if we can get a real good LG later in the draft I am all for it but I would love to see our offense with a real good running game. A real good running game would do wonders for our red zone problems.
  9. Lamp is the guy I want at 17 but I do not think he will be there. I was watching a replay of the Cowboys playing the Steelers and the Boys line was destroying the Steeler D. I mean they were abusing them and Elliot had a ton of yards rushing. That is what I would like to see from our team. Look at the Hawks when they had beast mode.They kicked a--. I also think the D is improved from last year with the new players and the new coaches but we still may not be championship caliber. The name of the game in the NFL is to pressure the passer and we just did not have a good pass rushing D last year. If we don't get Lamp at 17 then I would take a great edge rusher unless the team thinks JG will finally do something. First get a dynamic running game, control the clock, keep our D off the field. Look how the Falcon D was abusing Brady in the first half of the superbowl and when they ran out of gas Brady abused them. Next get players who can pressure the passer and you will win more games.
  10. My feeling is that being we are close to draft day everyone will wait and see what players are available in the draft. No use signing a FA when a good player may fall .
  11. Jets have been trying to trade him for years. Why is he still a Jet? I still would like have him on a 1 year prove it deal.
  12. You are right our TE'S are receivers not blockers but I want Lamp for pass protection too. Bet you dollars to do-nuts Lamp is not there at 17.