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  1. 1st DL, bpa. Nose, bpa. Guard from FA. 2nd best RB. 3rd LB
  2. That's right and after the guy milks it for all it is worth for 2 years then "I want a LTD and the Redskins are balking, even though I blew it when my team needed me the most." Well Kirk the Redskins went out and got another QB at less than you wanted and you just lost another suitor. Kirk, if you want to stay on a team and your wife and kids do not want to move you tell your agent and no one else, "get a deal done." If YOU and your agent want to milk every penny out of this opportunity then go ahead but you may find you burned too many bridges and you missed your window of opportunity.
  3. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    I remember after the Redskins demolished the Broncos in the super bowl and a reporter asked JJG why his team was able to pull off such a one sided victory over Dan Reeves and Joe said, "simple, I had better players than Reeves had."
  4. IMO QB tags are not stupid. It gives the player a chance to prove what he is asking for in a LTD. Problem with Kirk is he comes off a dismal showing against the Giants by throwing int after int and he has the balls to walk in the office and ask for what 28mil a year for 5 years? WTF Kirk. Put up a run of games in the playoffs against playoff teams and then the Pats like Foles did and then ask for the big LTD. At this stage of the game I would rather have Foles than KC. I just do not see KC doing anything close to what Foles did. Beat Brady in the SB, ya sure Kirk. I just do not see the amount of teams knocking each other over for a chance to drop what 150 mil on a guy who has not won anything. Payton, Brees, Brady, maybe Eli or Ben in their prime but Kirk? On the other hand maybe some spy let the Skins know Kirk had a deal already done in Denver and he is just milking it trying to get someone to bite on a bigger deal but who needs him? The Browns have 2 top picks and why would they spend 150 mil if they are not close to a SB? The Jags reupped their QB for 19mil. The Jets have a top pick and again are not close to a SB. Who else needs a QB at that kind of money? Cheers.
  5. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    Yes and Schwartz's D did a great job in the SB only giving up a record number of yards and how good was he as a HC? It is a players league and if yours are on injured reserve they can't help you. Cheers.
  6. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    The 2 guys the Birds have cost approx 7.5 mil each. Our boy KC would have cost us 34mil. That is a hell of a lot more than 15mil for 2 guys. Lot easier to build a team with low priced QB's than a overpriced one. Look at Seattle, they did great when they had Wilson on his rook contract. Look at them now that they have to pay him big money. Cheers.
  7. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    A second round draft choice for a vet QB like Smith is a joke and if the Browns think that is a serious offer then you don't have to wonder why they won 1 game in 2 years. To get quality you have to offer quality unless it some bankrupt team trying to get rid of expensive players to save money and the Chiefs are not in that boat. Cheers. No lie, my neighbor in Barnegat N.J. drives to Cleveland for every home game the Browns have played for 25 years. Now that is a fan.
  8. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    I can't believe that some of you guys call yourselves Redskin fans and post after post you trash your team. I don't get it. Why don' t you pick up your chips and find another game because some of us are getting sick of your negative attitude. Is the front office perfect? Hell no but we had a good draft last year, a hell of a lot better than when the great SM was here. Cheers
  9. Ya his exact stats but you forgot about the all pros he had blocking for him in Pitt. Not easy to get that kind of help today.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Every team has to believe they are in contention and the Washington Redskins are not a little league team that has to send a message. This is not grammar school. A team does a deal like this for what makes the world go around, $. Cheers.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Hi all. Trying to find a answer if someone can help. If we had signed KC to a LTD which was unlikely it most likely cost what the guy from Detroit makes correct? I think he makes $28mil a year. If we tagged KC it would have cost what, 34 mil this year? If we just let him walk which seems to be the most likely scenario then we would have had to draft a QB with out first and at 13 what could we get? Unknown, correct. We would then lose our 1st pick which we could spend on a NT or impact WR that we need desperately. If I am wrong on this please help but Smith will cost us $17 mil this year and that is a savings of approx$11 mil on a KC ltd for 1 year. To me it is a no brainer. With the 11 mil we could get that FA guard and a replacement for Fuller. Sure Fuller was good but he was not HOF good. Please clear me up on this. Thanks boys and girls.
  12. Who will be the Redskins starting QB in 2018

    Love it also.
  13. Who will be the Redskins starting QB in 2018

    Cousins is good in regular games but just not in big spots, that is why he is not elite or a franchise QB. If the Redskins thought he was elite they would have signed him already. Of course the Giant fans think he is good and they are hoping we keep him so they can keep getting interceptions from him. Best QB in the division? LOL, show us your rings like Eli. Love it
  14. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I'll try it again. I never said you didn't need a good QB I just said KC is not the guy. He has set himself up for a big payday and if some team aunties up he will score but he is not a franchise QB like Brady, Brees, Rogers or even Eli or Wentz. I'll bet the Raiders are kicking themselves for overpaying their QB now. If it were my desision I would not offer him top money I would rather let him walk and build with a guy who is a blue chipper out of college and try and build the D and running game with KC money on FA and the draft like the Birds or the Jags. You had KC 2 years as a starter and you were a 500 team. One thing he was consistent with was throwing interceptions at the worst times against the Giants. What makes you think making him the highest paid player in NFL history will change things? Think about that. KC wants Arod money and is he to football what Arod was to baseball? You are in a rough division. The Cowboys have a great running game. The Birds can run it and pass it. The Giants will pick that kid from Penn State with their top pick and get some new O linemen in the draft or FA and they will run the ball down our throats as well plus kick our butts with their D and you want to give KC Fort Knox to save us? Is that your plan? You tell me I am foolish to trust our front office when picking FA but you want them to pull off a draft like the Saints did? I think we are a few years from being a playoff team so why overspend on a guy who has not won anything yet. Spend it on blue chippers. Cheers.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I never said you can do it without a good QB, I just do not think KC is a good value for the money. Let him walk and spend the $ on good proven guys until you have a good all around team like the Vikes or Jags. KC is not taking us anywhere but the bank. He was a 4th rounder and to me he has shown that in big spots he folds like a cheap suit. I know he has not had the best line this year or the best receivers but that will not change just by throwing a dump truck full of money at Kirk. It will change by building a good D and all around good team and to do that it is easier if you are not cap strapped. Kirk is good but not good enough to carry a team on his back to the playoffs. Ya if you put him on the Vikes, Jags or Steelers he will prob excel but we are not in their league. On our team with many needs he is not worth the upgrade over a good rook like Wentz for 25mill. Cheers.