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  1. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    I feel OK about our receivers but I think we should have kept DJax. I think he commands double teams and takes the top off the the D. I think he will be missed. I think Pryor and Dotson should be able to replace Garson but that is a huge reach considering Dot has not shown the ability to get on the field. Not crazy about him at this point. Crowder and Reed are real good, no problems there. Rest of the guys are back-ups.
  2. Eagles Redskins Post Game Assessments

    More than a shame esp when I think of the Giants drafting OBJ in the 1st rd and that wizard SM taking a slug like Dotson with a 1st. Then he has the balls to think he did a good job and wonder why he got fired?
  3. Eagles Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I am NOT a Gruden or a KC fan. We owned the Eagles the last few years so what happened? They made changes and so did we this past off season yet now they come into our house and beat us like a drum. Did their changes work and ours didn't? When will Gruden beat a good team and the birds are not even a real good team. We seem to have improved our D a little but can someone on our team defend passes down the middle? Can someone tackle the QB? Can we get some small resemblance of a running game? Can someone on the O line block pass rushers? How many of us could go to work for 4 years and make the same mistakes over and over and not get canned? I just don't get it.
  4. I saw a interview with that Pollan guy the old Colt GM, think he is in the hall, and he was asked how do you rate a good GM? He said a good draft 60% of the players you pick have to make the team. A great GM hits 66% or 2/3. You must hit with your 1st rd picks, case closed. Did SM hit 60% ?
  5. WHAT IF: Sonny Jurgensen edition

    Lombardi once said that if he had Sonny in Green Bay he would have never lost a game. I still wonder if the Redskins had Sonny in SB7 if they would have won. Kilmer was not a great qb and Sonny was. BK had a bad game as he never seemed to get on track. I do think SB7 would have been a closer game and we would not have been shut out on offense if Sonny was in. My thinking back then and still to this day was the fact that the game temp was 85 and hotter on the field so it favored a warm weather team like Miami. This is never brought up.
  6. WHAT IF: Sonny Jurgensen edition

    To me that loss was one of the hardest to forget in Redskins history esp after that Riggins run. Think it was the closest I ever was to putting my foot through my 25" RCA xl100 color tv and to the Cowboys to boot.
  7. Mr. Gruden has a .448 winning percentage and he is 0-1 in playoffs. That is not a winning percentage. For comparison GHA winning percentage is .712.
  8. Being a fan of this team going on 60 years I am a little spoiled from the likes of VL, GHA, JJG, but as of now I will answer the question that I would rather have Gruden than those other two guys but it is not saying much. I think Gruden is a good but not great head coach and he is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. He was handed a mess and he has improved it but it takes time. I think the picks of his assistants were somewhat out of his control unlike those other guys I mentioned so what does that make him? Just a guy happy to get a good job but not being able to change things to his liking? If the assistant picks are all on him than he is hurting himself and our team. He has made the team better than what we had with MS so I will give him some credit but He still has not beat a real good team, loosing 2 to the Cowboys last year and his record of being demolished on nat tv is a embarrassment. We are a middle of the pack team with a little better than average coach. He was lucky to beat the Giants 1 time last year, with their rook coach, and he had no answer against their D in the last game. He has done little to establish a running game in his 3 years and his D stinks. He did impress me with the canning of RG3 and I will give him credit for KC improvement but putting up gaudy passing numbers is not enough to be called a great coach. Win some games in the playoffs and I will be impressed. I think this year will tell a lot. The Giants are loaded and the Cowboys are tough and the Eagles are coming on and Gruden has made some moves hopefully to keep pace so as far as I am concerned the jury is still out but for most of the fans here, after decades of futility, I can see why they think Gruden is awesome. I for one think he is OK.but not awesome. You are what your record states you are.
  9. New GM search

    The NFL today is a pitch and catch league and we just saw that in the draft. The top guys that were picked were the guys that were either throwing it or catching it and the other top guys were the ones that are trying to pressure or stop the pitch and catch. Pressuring the passer is the name of the game, not taking a guard at 5 and passing on a guy that is paid to pressure the passer. All I hear is how SM drafted a pro bowl player with the a top 5 pick but really it is not a Einstein move. If you are a top GM then a guy you take in the top 5 should be great. If he did not want Williams then he should have traded the pick to someone that wanted a top receiver or defender, not take a guard. I would have wanted their 1 and a 1 next year and you could have received 2 guards with those picks. With all due respect it is not the rule of thumb to draft a guard with the 5th overall pick in today's NFL, pro bowl or not. In fact if you look at the other 3 starting pro bowl guards you will find, and I am going back on memory, that Sheriff is the only one who was drafted in the 1st round so if you were taken top 5 then you better be dam good as it is not a highly skilled position. If you go back and check the last 15 years no other guard was drafted as high as Sheriff and there have been some real good guards taken in 15 years. They usually go 12-18, not top 5. LT yes but not guards. Is 16 too high, no, but 5 is esp when you pass on a guy that was projected to be the best defender in the draft. Look at this last draft, were there any guards taken at all in the 1st round? This is opening old wounds for me as I almost fell over when SM passed on Williams and took Sheriff and they were still talking about how teams passed on Williams and he fell to the Jets just like what happened to the Jets this passed draft.
  10. The "I wish we got THAT guy!" thread 2017 edition

    Happy with the guy we got at #1 but like Skinsinparadise I thought we should have moved up to get R. Foster, right after we drafted our #1 before the 2nd round. I thought the Giants were getting him and I was surprised they went TE. Giants going all out to throw the ball. Getting Allen and Foster would mean we could have had 2 top 10 defenders in the 1st round. Our D stinks and why were we hesitant? I would have liked us to be more aggressive when there were so many good defenders available. I was also surprised we did not get a NT. Not impressed with Eagles 1st rd pick as it seemed to me they just got a replacement for the guy they lost to FA. I think I like the Eagle and Giant RB picks, pos better than our guy. Hope I am wrong.
  11. All in all I liked the draft for the 1st time in years. Only complaint is that I wanted the LB from Ala with a move up right after we had our first rd selection. Everyone raving about the 49er move up when we should have been the team to get him. Anyone know how bad the injuries are to the foot or legs of the DB we got in the 2nd round?
  12. The Official 2017 Draft Day Two - 2nd/3rd Round - Discussion Thread

    Think some woman accused Cook of rape. Don't matter now. Vikes took him.
  13. Or the RT they need, he just went to Denver.
  14. First time in a long time I am not upset with our first round pick. Think SM would have picked a guard? LOL
  15. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I think we need impact players on both Offense and Defense. We just lost 2 1000 yd receivers and I think we had better find a way to replace their production. I want a impact RB like Cook if he is still their at 17. I think you will have to move up if you want one of the real good defenders in rd 1 and I do not see us doing that. Now if some guy like the LB from Ala falls to us then we take him at 17 but the Giants are looking for a RB also so Cook may go to them if we pass on him. Imagine Cook on that offense with OBJ? I would take Lamp with our 2nd and give serious thought to taking a chance with DB Conley. The kid seems too smart to rape someone a week before the draft and he is a top 10 talent at a position we need. A payoff to the young women should clear him and if we get Cook and Conley we would have 2 top 10 talents with a mid 1st and a mid 2nd. Great value.