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  1. Another heaping helping of BS from the front office. Only thing that'll salvage this mess is to lock Kirk up. They'd better do it fast. Don't care how it gets done or who's responsible - just get. it. done.
  2. Killer pics... thanks for sharing! Already can't wait for the season... seems so far away. 😏 HTTR
  3. Like this signing. I don't think you need to be elite to be effective and efficient in this offense, so signings like this could prove to be excellent. Hoping so, anyway! Young guy, good size. I'm good with it!
  4. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. Was hoping for some info on Kirk, but lots of great stuff in your post! Thanks again for sharing!
  5. I'm not personally thrilled about any of the defensive FA signings this offseason, but I'm totally indifferent to losing Baker and RJF. I'm hoping we make a commitment to the D-Line in the draft & maybe a guy or two (Lanier?) step up and surprise us all when the season starts. I do think that Tomsula will be a difference maker though, and I keep coming back to the idea that whatever happens next season could almost never be worse than what we all watched last year.
  6. Breeland going strong on Twitter, 'defending' himself in light of the Breer article. Something tells me he won't be around for the long-term. My goodness, what a mess. I keep thinking it can't get worse, but it somehow does. It always does.
  7. The amount of teams Poe is linked to or has visited with nothing coming of it is definitely a red flag. That said, it's worth a look, no? I'm sure we could get creative on a one year deal with language that protects us if his back is really that big a problem. Unless it's already that big a problem.
  8. 'No further comment.' At least face the noise and the mess you've created, you cowards.
  9. Absolutely no words for Kirk going to Dan personally. I could not have imagined all of this in my worst nightmares.
  10. Can someone answer a question for me? I'm sure it's been addressed in here but I can't find a clear answer & don't have time to dig through all these posts. If Kirk plays under the Franchise Tag this year, and we choose to use the Transition Tag next off-season, the way I understand it is that he'd be able to field offers from other teams. The Redskins would then be able to match the best offer he gets. What I'm not sure about is if we DO match it, is he obligated to sign with us? Or is he free to say "Thanks, but no thanks, I'll take that offer from the other team." Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm down. The thought of this nightmare scenario ending with Kyle freakin' Shanahan getting Cousins is just too much to take.
  12. Placeholder for the year. Keep picks and make a run at Kirk next offseason. Smart on their part. I'm getting really aggravated at the whole thing now though and I would franchise tag Cousins again next year just for spite.
  13. Whatever you do Bruce, don't even think about parading another 'GM' out when the dust from this latest embarrassment settles.