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  1. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    That was a ****ing catch.
  2. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    I swear our defense looks the same
  3. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    Red zone woes continue.......

    Why does Jordan Reed get hurt so much? OMG I've never seen such a fragile football player....but he is sooooooooo good WTF. Why do the Skins always get players like this who aren't DURABLE????????????????????????????????? So ****ing frustrating.
  5. It means Allen needs to be fired before negotiating starts next year.
  6. After witnessing this ****ed up debacle unfold, there are clear and glaring shortcomings that our FO is guilty of that someone needs to fired over. That someone must be Bruce Allen because it's his damn job to have the ****ing foresight to put a decent plan in place, and to avoid escalations like this. I will now detail the failures of Bruce Allen and this ****ing stupid FO: 1. The failure to negotiate properly after the 2016 season officially ended. No reasonable contract offer was made. 2. The firing of the best GM we've had in over 20+ years because of a "Drinking issue". Who the **** fires their GM when their team is WINNING? Back to back seasons we were competitive because of our GM. Not only was he fired, but he was publicly humiliated by the ****ing dumb ass FO. 3. The failure to offer Kirk a true fair market deal for his performances on at least 5 different occasions. No wonder why he didn't want to counter, because Kirk knows how ****ing DUMB our FO truly is. 4. The failure and lack of foresight to see a situation in which Cousins could get comfortable playing on the tag (which is what we are ****ing witnessing right now). Now Cousins will use this to maximize his value in the NFL, leaving the Redskins with NOTHING. 5. The failure to see that ALL OF THE ****ING OPTIONS IN 2018 ARE ALL BAD!! Even if by some miracle, Kirk signs a LTD here, our Cap space WILL be a problem for other players, therefore we wouldn't be able to keep the team together. 6. The Absolute ****ing failure to allow the July 17 deadline to pass without a deal.....not even the effort was truly there which is ****ing disturbing as ****. 7. The lack of seeing how mishandling this situation is going to affect the overall Redskins fan base and general income of the team. I for one, am a fan that will no longer invest my hard earned money from my job to this team, unless something DRASTICALLY changes. (ex: they FIRE BRUCE and hire Scott M back for starters). /End of ****ing rant.
  7. I do see Kirk as a greedy SOB to some degree, but at the same time I think he is doing it because the Redskins has mishandled him from the very ****ing beginning. This is why we are a bottom dweller, because Dan figures out a way to screw everything up whenever something materializes. Remind me why this franchise should have some of my hard-earned money again????
  8. This is INSANE logic and a good way to seriously hinder paying other players OMG.
  9. There's no trade value like that....nobody will trade for a player on a franchise tag.....
  10. OMG WE ARE ALREADY PAYING HIM THAT KIND OF MONEY!!! and it's just going to keep going up from there. Why keep him then?????
  11. The Redskins FO is ****ing stupid, idiotic, insert any other catastrophic negative adjective here....
  12. Yeah at a much MUCH MUCH higher price than now........thats kinds the whole point that a LTD needs to be done NOW.
  13. WTF have the redskins been doing the PAST 6 MONTHS???????????? I am just tired of the stupidity......God please let this just end. Once Monday comes and goes, there's going to be alot of fans either seriously pissed off or jumping for joy.
  14. This is really unbelievable what the Redskins are doing. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION ON THE DAMN FIELD, QB we are talking about here. You don't franchise him twice with astronomical guaranteed money, and then let that player walk!!!!!! This is beyond baffoon territory....this franchise is a walking dead cluster ****. If Monday comes and goes without a deal, I am done.....there is no point in wasting money watching something that will eventually fail a year down the road. ****ing morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The Redskins should at least offer a contract that's comparable to Carr's, that's fair and reasonable. But so far they have not done that and have stuck with the original 20mill offer this whole time!!