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  1. That is until they played us lol.
  2. I am really beginning to hate ****ing Bruce Allen. I rarely hate anything but I absolutely cannot stand this self absorbed moron.
  3. Any update on what twiddle D and twiddle dumb are doing??? What the **** is so rocket science about this ****ing deal. Just get it the **** done already
  4. This organization is stupid if there is really a debate about this. Then again, I have no knowledge of behind the scenes issues with Kirk....
  6. You laid the case as to how we have the dumbest FO in most of the NFL. With the exception of the browns, compotent NFL franchises sign people like Kirk to LTD.
  7. Dan Snyder is a ****ing moron. A rich one, but a ****ing moron none the less.
  8. THIS ORGANIZATION IS ****ING DUMB, INCOMPETENT, COMPLETE ****ING BUFFOONS. Thanks for confirming their stupidity. You truly can't fix stupid, especially if this brain dead owner never sells the team.....
  9. THIS. It's because our FO is unbelievably stupid and I would argue at this point....****ing insane.
  10. I'm not blaming Kirk at all. I'm blaming this highly dysfunctional FO!
  11. This is the most dysfunctional organization I've ever seen at the so called "professional" level. To let the Kirk Cousins situation get to this point is completely absurd and it reeks of "I don't know what the hell I'm doing". Can someone tell me what tangible benefit there is to dragging this out any further? Kirk's position will only get stronger the more they wait....he has the upper hand on everything. All it does it make us more desperate the longer we wait. Another QB solution is not a solution at all. Everyone and their mother knows that you must have continuity to have success in the NFL. This off-season has left a very foul taste in my mouth and I'm rapidly loosing faith in this franchise.
  12. Dan Snyder deserves the **** with this decision, not this franchise. Unfortunately Dan is holding our beloved franchise by hostage.
  13. Yeah when we are 3-13 again, don't be surprised or complain.
  14. Why didn't the filters catch that?