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  1. 2018 Season Injury News

    It’s not gruden it’s the nflpa that pushed for weaker camps. Injuries are all over the league, it’s just more prevalent because we follow this team day in and out.
  2. Multiple Media Outlets: Redskins W-L Predictions

    16 - I’ll watch regardless
  3. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Just got some of the steak n chop seasoning- really good. had some garlic and herb chicken (bought pre seasoned from Walmart), ny strip with the steak n chop, grilled zucchini, cucumber and tomato in olive oil with salt and pepper wrapped in foil-
  4. Golf

    Try wrists out further and turned down. Also where are you positioning the ball within your stance? had the same problem and still find myself hooking on the occasion. Usually just have to slow it down slightly and shift the ball further in from front foot and it corrects. Then as the round goes I end up slicing slightly and having to move the ball positioning back to front since Hips are getting there more quickly
  5. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    back to the Traeger topic - really want to get something that does everything similar to the Traeger. What would be some comparable options you all would recommend? Lower price would be good too haha
  6. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Actually turned out really well. Cooked to about 150 and is still tender and flavorful. Think I may like it better than the marinade I usually do
  7. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Forgot to marinade so trying out out a flank steak with dry rub for first time (onion, garlic, cayenne, salt, paprika)
  8. Damn Good Food

    Smoke BBQ was amazing
  9. The Root: White People are Cowards

    You can fluff all you want but the past posting history shows the complete story. You are against anything that has the term ‘white’ involved and you continuously blame the race as a whole. You can make your sap posts now but it’s evident by many what your true intentions are. Its just like your old profile pic that you had no problem leaving up. You consistently take a small minority and make it against a whole group and blame anything you experience on a whole subset of people. You are doing exactly what you don’t want others to do and are making zero efforts to acccept that. You have a problem with others who appear the same as a small subset you dislike which is exactly what feeds into racism and stereotyping. you really need to get over yourself and your train of thought because you are no better than the ones you try to continuously push into these arguments
  10. The Root: White People are Cowards

    Same except he’s 1 of 1 on ignore. I may not agree with others but am happy to hear their takes and learn because they are generally rationale and not over the top.
  11. The Root: White People are Cowards

    Of course he is, Ive called it out over and over again (only to get bashed and called a racist myself). It’s pathetic what he does and his history of posts (not sure how he is still able to post honestly). Glad others are finally calling it out as well. Hes the biggest hypocrite on this board. /endrant
  12. From what I read, the one in VA was intentionally planted a number of years ago and hasn't spread so there is no concern here at least. Found the article:
  13. here's the court filing if anyone is interested:
  14. As well as it could have gone, happy no one was hurt
  15. I was just giving a hypothetical to where this situation could escalate to this point Could also have some guy who's got mental issues or some obese 30 year old with torn clothes and chip crumbs all down his clothes with a headset imprint marked through his hair and possible carpel tunnel (leaning towards this one)