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  1. According to the NFL Players who vote on the top 100, Kirk will be the 14th best QB and 70th best player in the league. For whatever that's worth. Yet to be named) Rodgers, Goat Brady(baaaa baaaa!) Ryan 11 - Carr 14 - Dak (!) - for those with righteous indignation, please remember that Griffin was ranked 15 in this same poll after 2012) 16 - Brees 22 - Rothlisburger 24 - Wilson 31- Stafford 44 - Newton 50 - Mariota 51 - Luck 57 - Winston 70 - Cousins (14th place) You can quibble a bit with a few of these guys, but this is essentially where Cousins ranks in the eyes of players and the eyes of a lot of GMs. And so the Redskins COMPLETELY screwed themselves by tagging him last year, locking him into a negotiation for top 5 money for a non-top 5 QB. I hope a deal gets done. But honestly, I'm starting to believe that if the organization doesn't love Kirk, and that he really is "the best of the good" that you don't pay him top 5 money, and you figure out a way to get to somebody else, who's probably a junior in college at this point. Really, really, really short sited of the team to tag him in 2016. I get the "I want to see more" but they should have figured out a top-10 contract and gotten it done. Tagging him was the biggest mistake they could have made, and now they're paying for it.
  2. So, Dak is #14. 2 spots ahead of Brees. Cousins was #70 Griffin after 2012 was 15 for comparison. Carr is 11, and Rodgers, Brady and Ryan have not been named. So Dak is the 5th best QB in the league, according to this poll of players. Take that for what you will.
  3. There is already a deadline, it's July 17th. No need for an arbitrary deadline.
  4. The only active player's jersey I have ever bought was Sean Taylor. Actually bought 2. I had his rookie 36, then the 21. That didn't end well. I have sworn off all jersey's of active players since. (This is not exactly true, my wonderful wife got me a "Pot Roast" (literally says Pot Roast on the back) as a gag birthday present. I don't count that one...) Yeah, wasn't there also a chance that they would have gotten Tannehill in the 1st? I don't remember where the 'Skins were picking originally, but I thought that I heard that absent a trade for Griffin, Tannehill was an option in the first, and then Wilson was the backup. Hindsight being 20-20, instead of wasting their 3rd rounder on Ribbs, they should have snagged Wilson.
  5. The question that I've always had is if Hodor knows his entire life that he's going to die holding the door. That's what really kicks it for me. It's a great episode, about one of the only "fantasy" episodes that I care for. I actually enjoy the "human" parts of the show more than the fantasy parts. But this was a great episode. Though the best Night King scene is when he raises his hands and raises the dead in Hardhome. THAT is some bad-ass **** Bran is my least favorite character in the show. Granted, he probably deserves some slack because he got pushed out of a window. BUT he shouldn't have been climbing to begin with. I'm pretty sure that in the show there isn't a mention of where he's going. less than a month. I REALLY wish this was a Netflix show so I could just take a day off of work and watch the whole season, all at once. If it's going to be another 1.5 years until season 8 comes out, then the additional 6 weeks of waiting because I watched everything in one sitting is not really all that meaningful.
  6. Yeah, no. Are the effects and hair a little dated? Sure. But the movie is 40 years old. The story isn't dated. And Christopher Reeves performance is not dated. I completely agree. I've watched it numerous times, and Heath's death is always on my mind. That's just simply not true. I like Man of Steel. But the original Superman was just SO good. Granted, it could be that I am 40, saw it as a kid, and it was THE movie at the time. And nostalgia does play a role in these things. My God. Slow clap for thoroughness and a well put together argument. The answer is The Dark Knight. Given your thoroughness and thoughtfulness (even if it led to the wrong conclusion) we need more threads in your wheelhouse. Interesting, completely different movie, and style, but Jack's Joker from whatever that Batman movie was called was also very good. Totally different, but very good.
  7. I like to think that Danny's armada stumbled on this random guy rowing aimlessly in the sea, scooped him up, and he's now going to be the central figure in the battle against the Lannisters. A guy can dream, right? Oh, and btw, there are a few new production photographs of season 7 that hit today: Link to new pics.
  8. So, first of all, I literally had to read the beginning of the opinion to figure out why it was 8-0, and not 9-0. Gorsuch did not participate in the deliberation of, or the decision in this case. For whatever that matters. Which it probably doesn't. Second of all, I really love how all of the coverage has sortof a passing note about the actual case, and a picture of some Redskin helmet or player (I think FoxNews has a picture of a QB wearing #12. So, Colt McCoy (I can't really tell who it is, and honestly, if Colt came up to me in a bar and offered to buy me a drink, I don't think I would recognize him), might have a picture on a lead FoxNews story. Third, it's irritating that the media has essentially just copped to the fact that the term Redskins IS in fact insulting. Which I am not sure that it really is. Fourth, in general, this falls in line with "I don't have to like what you're saying even though I will protect your right to say it." EDIT: Fifth, reading the opinion, even just the first few pages/paragraphs, confirmed to me why I never went to law school and could never be a lawyer. God that was hard to get through...
  9. I think at this point the bar fir all of us is lying on the floor.
  10. Was? You did? This is very true. A couple random thoughts: 1. The overall purpose of education is to gain training to make a living. That does not always include college. Good jobs, however, require training. Either through college or through some other means, if you want a good job, you have to have more skill at whatever it is that you do. 2. There's no reason to force kids who would prefer to be in the trades (Carpenter, plumber, mechanic, etc) into the same path as somebody who wants to be, for example, an accountant. We don't do the opposite. How weird would it be if we forced everybody to learn the basics of carpentry, mechanics and plumbing rather than history, literature and science? It makes just no sense why kids (with the help of their parents) can't select what they like to do best. As long as they know what they are choosing and why, every option should be available, and no one option is "right." 3. I know you didn't mean it this way, but I'll just point out that you can be "truly bright" and also be a mechanic, electrician or plumber. Hell, a lot of successful business owners in this country started as somebody in the trades, and then started their own little business, figured out how to run it well, and did extremely well at it. I know a business owner of a construction company that never completed HS, clearly had no schooling in finance, accounting, business strategy, operations, etc. He runs/owns a $50 million dollar business. That isn't bad, and is a lot better than 99% of folks who went to college and studied finance, accounting, business operations, strategy, etc.
  11. In the NFL, rankings don't mean anything.
  12. I disagree entirely. I don't think he took it personally and I don't think that he holds a grudge. They thought his value after 2015 was ~$15/16 million a year, he thought it was $18/19 million, they paid him the franchise tag of $20 million. The problem is that Kirk's team are smart negotiators. As soon as the 'Skins slapped the tag on him, THEY set the ceiling of negotiations for the remaining part of the 2016 off-season at $20 million per year. So through July 2016, they couldn't get anything done. Then, with the 2017 tag looming, Kirk knew that the entry point for a contract has to be at least the $24 mil/year tag for 5 years with 3 years guaranteed. The team doesn't think he's worth that, so they haven't offered it. I don't think there's anything personal about it. It's all contract negotiations. The only way we'll know if it's a grudge is if the team offers him the Andrew Luck deal and he turns it down. Until then, the sides differ on value, and therefor no agreement has been reached. It's pretty simple. Kirk Cousins on the Texans = SB contender. Texans might have the best roster minus QB in the NFL. They had the #1 or #2 defense last year, and whatshisnugget was injured all year.
  13. Actually, I think that the option hurt Griffin more than it hurt him. There was no way he was getting on the field because of the injury clause, unless he was the starter. I still don't think that it was GMSM's idea to do it. Based on 2014 results, it was a little ludicrous because there's no way that anybody thought Griffin was worth the $16.2 million dollar option for 2016. I'm pretty sure GMSM would have preferred to let Griffin play out year 4, and then renegotiate based on that. Because even if he had won the starting job, it's possible that he wouldn't have commanded that level of salary in 2016. Ironic, the 5th year option that was picked up on Griffin was either the same, or slightly higher than the offer the team made to Cousins for 2016. I think I heard that they offered him 14-16/year. But I can't remember exactly. When they had committed 16 to Griffin coming off of a year where he couldn't stay healthy or play a lick. I still think that all the Griffin stuff was driven by Dan/Bruce, and GMSM sorta went along with it as long as it did no harm. And they had to pick up the option in April, well before training camp. I think the decision to pick up the option and any thought of Cousins being the starter were 2 completely separate thoughts at the time. Picking up a $16.2 million dollar option on a player who had just had a second consecutive horrendous season was pretty soundly ridiculous. The thought that Cousins would emerge as a record setting QB at that time was also somewhat ridiculous. My guess is that GMSM honestly thouhgt he'd have to go out and get 3 new QBs after the 2015 season. The fact Cousins worked out was kindof a bonus.
  14. Ok, I thought Walker left later. My bad. However, I think the point probably still holds. Let's hope that it doesn't come.
  15. To be fair, Inside the Locker Room or whatever that nonesense is called is an absolutely horrendous show under absolutely the best of circumstances. I can't even listen to the interviews that they do, because you learn nothing about anything ever. Doc's propensity for interesting nicknames has even worn off with age. It's a horrible listen. And THAT is why 980's ratings are falling. That said, I think Doc played with Doug, and will be protective of him. I'm sure that Doug and Brian know each other well, though they didn't play on the same teams. There is definitely a Redskin Player fraternity, especially during the 80's and early 90's, and they all have each other's back. So that's not remotely surprising. My thoughts are to wait and see. We really have no idea what Doug Williams is good at and what he's not good at. I know that he's ridiculously smart, a good football guy, good coach, and good with people. There's absolutely no reason to think that he can't be a really good at this job. I'm going to wait and see. The 'Skins had a good draft, by all accounts, and added some pretty good pieces through Free Agency. Our former GM (assuming he had any say at all) had 2 iffy draft classes and built the worst defense the team has ever had. Shrug. Let's see before we panic. Oh, wait. I forgot. EXTREMESkins.