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  1. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    How many children have you adopted? Just curious. I think that's really an extraordinary awesome thing to do.
  2. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I dunno, that 85 bears defense was all time. the 70's Steel curtain defense and the 2001(?) defenses also would get votes.
  3. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    He was a pretty blah HC, but as a DC, he might have been the best ever. If not THE best ever, then he's in the conversation with about 3 or 4 other guys.
  4. This is absolutely the same comparison that I use over and over and over. Good, try hard, smart player, a guy you want on the team, but not a guy you want penciled in as a starter. First, I like Grant. I like Grant as a #4 or #5 receiver who pitches in here and there, does some dirty work, and gets a few catches. Or has the occasional start due to injury. I didn't want to see him cut. However. He's physically limited. That's a fact. He's not big. He's not strong. And he's not Fast. At least when you compare him to starting WRs in the NFL. He runs great routes, is smart, tries hard, and gives maximum effort. All of these things are great. But not 1 DC on any of the other 31 teams goes into a game planning session saying, "Damn, we need to figure out how to account for Ryan Grant." He scares nobody. And herein lies the problem: That allows defenses to collapse, and shrink the field. Last year, with DJax, teams had to defend ALL of the field. They had to respect his speed, and that forced teams to put help over on his side, generally with a safety. Even if he wasn't doubled on every play, the safety HAD to peak and see what the hell he was doing, because if he just took off, the safety HAD to go with him. That speed along almost pulls 2 guys on the defense out of the play. It opens up underneath stuff and, most critically, the middle of the field for Crowder and Reed. When you have Ryan Grant on the outside, you allow the defense to play you straight up, and that effects the guys in the middle, and the running game. All of a sudden, there are more people around Crowder and Reed. If you don't think the absense of outside talent hasn't taken a tole on the inside receivers production, you're nuts. Crowder AND Reed's numbers are down this year. The QB is the same, they are the same, and the OL is the same. What changed? That probably has something to do with it, don't you think? Ryan Grant should NOT be a starting WR in the NFL. But he IS a legitimate WR in the NFL. The fact that Ryan Grant IS essentially a starter isn't even remotely his "fault." He's making the most of his opportunity, and more power to him for that. IF Pryor and Doctson were actually ready and playing well, then you have the size and speed on the outside to do damage, open up the inside routes and dictate, to some extent, coverage. But neither seems to be able to run routes or consistently know what the hell they are doing. Which is somewhat understandable from a guy who just converted to WR, and a guy who has been hurt basically since he was drafted. Now, I totally understand that DJax was a 1 trick pony. And he was oft hurt, and kindof an ass, took plays off, and didn't really block anybody ever in the run game.. And I understand not re-signing him. I also understand that Garcon was paid maybe twice as much as he is worth by the 49ers. But in losing those two, you lost your deep threat that extended the defense, and the consistent, hard-nosed route runner with good speed that could take advantage of it. They HOPED that Pryor would fill the void. He hasn't. Shrug. I blame the FO for not realizing that 1) Replacing DJax and Garcon with nothing more than hope was a good idea (hope that Pryor was further along in his development and that Doctson would be healthy and contribute right away), and 2) not understanding that with unknowns on the outside, you HAD to get a more physically gifted and better RB than Kelley in FA. By ignoring BOTH of these things at the same time, they've essentially gutted the explosiveness and consistency of the offense. Solving either side would have been significant.
  5. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    We've had idiot GMs and idiot DCs for a LONG time. Typically, if a player flashes good pass-rush ability, the team tries REALLY hard to develop that. But Haz and Barry (and their staffs) were SO bad and SO incompetent that we couldn't recognize or develop talent. That's what happens when you have incompetence for 7 years at the DC position. Manusky is probably a middle of the pack DC, but he looks like freaking Buddy Ryan in comparison to those two dolts.
  6. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    It always seems one unit gets hit hard with the injury bug. For years the OL couldn't stay healthy. Then we started losing WRs like flies. Now it seems as though it's almost the entire defense. If Bree, Allen and Norman are all out, that's three of your 5 best players on defense out. (Kerrigan and Swearinger being the other two). thats a TOUGH blow to the defense.
  7. Remember xxxespn.com? Yeah, that was a great name for a sports radio station.... (or rather stations...)
  8. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Good point which made it even more unlikely to beat Shanny Jr. I know now we haven't beaten 2 former coaches in 1 season since Nixon was president
  9. Predict the Redskins record for the remainder of the season

    9-7. Predicted before the season, see no real reason to change it yet. Now IF, and I emphasize IF, the 'Skins go up to Philly and beat the Eagles on MNF to get to 4-2, I would re-consider to 10-6. But I kinda think they are a 1 game over .500 team (which is 9-7), so I'm going to stick with that. It really is interesting that 10-6 is only 2 games over .500. Because 8-8 is .500
  10. The Skins RB situation....

    Ignorance of the law is not a defense when breaking the law. "My bad" however, in this context, is a perfectly acceptable defense. It is unfortunate that the copyright on the phrase was already taken, however. Because it really could have been applied to Fat Albert or Robert Griffin. That said, the number of pointless arguments about He Who Shall Not Be Named drove me crazy back in 2009, and what's done is done. "WE DO NOT SPEAK HIS NAME!"
  11. The Skins RB situation....

    I have trademarked that phrase on this board in conjunction with our second WR selected in the 2008 draft. I did this in 2009. His name can be used as a hair grooming devise. Please do not confuse the issue by using this phrase with another player. DeAngelo Williams should be in for a tryout tomorrow, and then signed, and I'm sorry, if you're not going to actually ever play Mac Brown, then he needs to go. Alternatively, if they decide that they can count on Mac Brown, then give him some carries when the starter is out. This "hanging onto the same group of guys because I like them" thing is irritating.
  12. The Skins RB situation....

    I'm not entirely sure, but there has to be somebody. I tried to do a quick google search, but nothing is really popping out. I agree. I will give them this, they have somewhat tried through the draft. Matt Jones and Perine are both top-half of the draft picks. The first is bust city. The second has only played 5 games. It's possible Perine will be a good back. Kelley is an ok back. If the 'Skins are picking in that 17-24 range again next year, I wouldn't be at all put out if they drafted a top-end RB. I wouldn't pay big money for a RB, but I would spend latter-half of the first round on one.
  13. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    I appreciate Grant for what he is. But I can't get excited about him. In a lot of ways, he's proof that the other more talented receivers aren't doing their jobs. I like him, I like having him available as a backup, but I really wish that he wasn't counted on in big spots. And I put Doctson and Reed in different categories. Doctson is still learning, and I'm fine with that. I swear Reed is hurt. And that is what it is. He just doesn't look right. Could be effecting his ability to practice, run, plant, etc. Not sure. But he doesn't look like he has in the past.
  14. The Skins RB situation....

    I wasn't an advocate of signing AP. But they HAVE TO go find another veteran back to take carries. HAVE TO.
  15. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Do we have a good enough run game to run on 1st down? I'd say no. Which is why you have to mix it up and do some of both. Go play-action sometimes, go straight pass sometimes, and go run sometimes. That way the defense doesn't have a tendency to be prepare for. If you can't do any one thing really well, then do all of them and use disguise and surprise to help yourself.