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  1. And ST is composed of safeties, TEs, LBs for the most part. Some faster/bigger WRs too. So the "losers" for position playing time will improve the athleticism of ST. That can never be bad.
  2. Thank you my good lad. Now that I know, I don't know that I really wanted to.
  3. Ok, that seems kinda silly. But why is Mayock being trolled for it?
  4. This reply has not improved my understanding.
  5. Then maybe I didn't quite get your sarcasm.
  6. If this is true, it's EXACTLY what we need. Reed and VDavis can catch, but are questionable in blocking. Getting a guy who can actually set the edge and clear out a safety or chip on a DE, and also catch ~25-30 balls a season would be hella useful.
  7. I haven't watched 1 minute of draft coverage, though I have listened to 980's coverage. Just haven't been near a TV. What the heck is the whole Orangutan thing with Mayok? I keep seeing references to it, but no idea what it is...
  8. @Rufus T Firefly @Gibbs Hog Heaven This goes back to yesterday, but I'm not sure you caught my extreme sarcasm about the 2008 draft.
  9. The 2008 draft was loaded with WR and TE depth.
  10. If we drafted only Bama defensive players fir 4-5 years, in the end we'd have the best defense in football.
  11. I find it hard to root for known scumbags. that said, Mixon might be a kid who made a bad mistake, paid for it, and deserves a second chance. That said, some crimes are harder to forgive than others, and for me this is one of those. Id prefer we didn't pick him.
  12. 10 picks are not going to make the roster. Because it's roughly 20% of the roster. Virtually no roster is 20% rookies. So I wouldn't mind trading a pick or two to move up to grab a guy if there's a guy they like.
  13. I just hope to God they are not peaking too soon. Like, WAY WAY WAY too soon.
  14. One of their solid picks is also the best player in the draft. BUT, if they don't figure out the QB, they are going to be the Texans. Great roster, 9 wins, early playoff exit. They have to find a QB. Though, I will say, I like the approach. Get everything else set, then get the QB. I'll say that this year, they have actually been pretty smart.
  15. Granted, it didn't happen. But the Pats would have accepted that in a heartbeat. Cleveland wasn't going to offer the #1 #1.