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  1. Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    With the schedule out, my first evaluation of Gruden is if the Skins win the opener. It’s a winnable game against a rebuilding team with a new coach and QB. Skins need to come out prepared, fired up and win. No excuses.
  2. Game of Thrones Season 8

    I agree they were smart about who they featured. For the Dany scene, I think more than the nudity, what was a hook was more the blatant crossing of the line of what you would normally see on TV. It made you sit up and go, “wow, they really went there. And that guy is an ass.” Immediately defines a villain, which I think was a bit of a hook. I thought the chemistry between Clarke and Harrington was fine. But that’s me. Not as good as Harrington and Leslie, but they are getting married, so that might be a high bar, or as good as Momoa and Clarke. But that was also extra special.
  3. Game of Thrones Season 8

    When I rewatched it I realized how packed it was with content. I don’t think I realized that the first time through. I also think they were smart: big sword lops off weird guys head, naked Emelia, and a dwarf in a brothel. Death and Boobies. They were telling a story but there was enough “other stuff” to capture the attention of non-book fans right away until they could really get into the story and characters.
  4. Game of Thrones Season 8

    Game of Thrones premiered 7 years ago today. Not being a book reader, I had no idea what to expect. What I didn't expect is the naked girl being fondled by her brother was going to become one of the most powerful characters in the series.
  5. I’ve never understood why axes, shovels and rales are not appropriate to bring to a good mob/protest. And with flashlights and GPS, who really needs torches anymore? Though I have some very non-scary tiki torches if anybody needs to borrow them for a protest. I think QB is the one position that is exempt from this rule typically, because you can have only one playing. 13 is a bit high to get s player who won’t probably see the field for 3+ years... I wouldn’t be pissed, but I also think Gruden and Allen need to win 10 games this year to ensure their return, and that pick isn’t going to help them get to that goal... Come on dude, when has looming like an idiot for going apoplectic stopped anybody from doing that on this board ever?
  6. So, this was my post from December 19. Apart from Cousins and Bree, who’s still hanging out there I think, I came pretty close... good or bad, that’s what I suggested. Which included lettering Long, Murphy and Grant walk. So I guess I can’t (and to my recallecrion I didn’t) bash them for that... the thing I couldn’t predict was trading for Smith and losing Fuller.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    I went to an event last week outside of Baltimore, actually at a swanky golf club, where the topic was medical marijuana. They had a producer/distributor, somebody from the state regulatory board, an accountant and lawyer. It's BIG business. 30-40% returns on investment, and they can't stock the product fast enough. The best line of the event was the producer, who has started and grown 2 or 3 other manufacturing businesses, unrelated in any way to weed, was "The industry started with a bunch of hippies who wanted to get high. But they've almost all been pushed out by legitimate experienced business people because of the amount of money we can make." The accountant talking about tax laws and what not was fascinating as well, if you are fascinated by those types of things.
  8. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    No. Caps in 6, or they lose in 7. Because ... The Caps. I don't either, but it doesn't matter what the reason, if they lose the next one, Holtby starts game 3. I guess maybe not "no matter what" If Gruby stops 40 shots and let's in a really tough goal, but the Caps get shut out, I guess that's fine. But apart from that, Caps lose game 2, Holtby is in net game 3.
  9. All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    FWIW, I've always liked Bram, since he was a beat guy. He has responded to emails and texts through the years I do think his reverence towards Larry Michael (No S, just Larry Michael) is somewhat off-putting. He's smart enough to KNOW that Larry is basically the Iraqi foreign minister, but doesn't want to rock the boat. They need to re-name "The Sports Junkies" to "A bunch of radio guys who talk about their pointless lives." I swear, I switch over as my 5th option when 4 other things are on commercial (not all sports related), and I don't think I've heard a single sports related comment in over a year. They're always talking about themselves, their issues, illnesses, travels, whatever. I just don't care. MAYBE I just happen to only switch over at the exact moment they are talking about themselves, and just miss all the sports stuff. Cooley and Kevin is fine, though Kevin's absolute love affair with Kirk and propensity to turn every conversation into a Kirk conversation has been off-putting. Cooley's love affair with Gruden is a little more paletable, but dude is going to go after somebody if (when?) he's fired after the team goes it's predictable ~8-8. I can't tolerate either Doc, BMitch or Czabe. So on drive home I listen to podcast of Galdi or segments of Bram/Cooley-Kevin which might be interesting. ie; Skip all the NBA and Maryland sports dribble... I haven't listened to Grant and Danny in a while. I did like their "Winning off the field" segment because it was funny. Even if it was piling it on a little thick. It was damn funny.
  10. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    The key is just winning series. If they can win 4 or 5 series in a row, with maybe a sweep in there somewhere, everything is going to work itself out. You're not going to win every game, you just don't want to go on 3+ game losing streaks. It's still very early, and the good news is Harper, Stras and Scherz are all playing well. I do think the way Zim handled the pre-season was a mistake. But we'll see. I'm rooting for him. (I kinda have to, our daughters are in school together and are very good friends...)
  11. There are, in my opinion, 3 things that teams that draft well do: 1. They hit on their early picks, which become impact players, and who are retained in the organization for long periods of time. 2. They are able to replace special teams and depth with the draft (basically JAGs who are on the team), allowing them to let mid to late round talent leave because the replacements are already on the roster. This saves you money not having to pay FAs for depth positions 3. They find capable starting/reserve depth in the middle rounds consistently, so you don't have to pay a mid-tier guy a lot of money to stay, or pay more for a mid-tier FA. They then supplement the players they draft with FA, picking up an impact player here and there, and filling out depth where necessary. NO TEAM is able to just build and exist through the draft. The Patriots draft pretty well, but they are always bringing in FAs at different spots to fill out the roster. GB hasn't won nearly enough in either the Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre era (1 SB each). With that level of QB play, they should have won more. Why? Well, the team hasn't invested in FA almost at all. And while they draft well, they often fall JUST short. This is true, and "McLovin's" 2015 draft is pretty good, 2016 doesn't look exactly stellar: 2015: 1. Scherff - Good, but the 5th overall pick for a guard when Leonard Williams was sitting there is .. not the right draft pick even though Scherff is awesome. 2. Preston Smith - Starter who is good but, so far, not great. 3. Matt Jones - Waste of a pick 4. Crowder - Best pick of the draft, got a legitimate starter in the middle of the draft. 4. Ari - Well, he was cut before his 3rd season, but brought back due to injury. 5. Spaight - Good backup 6. Jarrett - Looked like a gem of a pick until a really ugly injury. 6. Spencer - out of the league 7. Reiter - Not signed, I don't think. Ultimately, 9 picks, 3 starters, 1 backup (Spaight), 1 guy who worked his way back (Ari), and one guy who was looking great but bad-luck injury (Jarrett) 2016: 1. Doctson - so far, meh. We'll see 2. Cravens - yeah, bust of a pick there 3. Fuller - great pick, sad to have traded him away 5. Ioannidis - Starter 6. Sudfeld - has a SB ring, just not with us. 7. Daniels and Marshal didn't make the squad. This draft is ultimately going to be judged on how Doctson develops. 6 picks (I can't remember what happened to the 4th), the 1st and 2nd so far are underwhelming, but found a stud in Fuller (pity he's no longer here), and Ioanndis is coming around. I think McCloughan did reasonably well in the mid-parts of the drafts. But both his 1st round picks have issues (again, I love Scherff, but #5 overall with a stud DL on the board for a guard is the wrong pick), he had a couple early busts (Cravens and Matt Jones). The "good news" is that we were able to allow Murphy, Bree, Long and Grant to leave because, for the most part, we have suitable players to replace them. All are "mid-tier" type guys, and it's good that we didn't have to spend big money on retaining them out of necessity. The one exception might be Bree, with the loss of Fuller as well... That might hurt a bit. The biggest issue the 'Skins have right now on the roster is they don't have a lot of IMPACT players. Trent is great, but a LT can only do so much. We don't have that stud DL who can take over a game, or the speed pass-rusher, or the WR/RB who can keep the opposing team's DC up for a week trying to figure out how to contain them. We have none of those players. We have a wonderfully average, 8-8 roster. A top-tier coach (GIbbs I, for instance) might be able to coax 10-11 wins out of the team. UNLESS Docston breaks-out, they draft the next Adrienne Peterson in the draft, CT and Reed stay healthy, Ryan Anderson has a huge leap, and Robinson is exactly what they hope he is going to be. IF all of that happens, this roster could be really good. What's just as likely is Williams, Moses, Reed, CT and Allen all will not perform to standard, at least early, as they are all recovering from surgeries. And some will get hurt again, because that's kinda what they do. Doctson will take a step forward, but not develop into a 1. We will get a "meh" RB in the 4th round, the DBs will be "Meh" with the loss of Bree and Fuller, and we end up 5-11. Not so good.
  12. Redskins.com: Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    Kevin Sheehan likes to do a "mock schedule." Anybody have any specific predictions for the schedule? I think we're going to open on the road since we've opened at home the last 3 years. I have a sneaky suspicion that we're going to open on Sunday Night Football in Dallas. Dallas has really been penciled into that spot, and they like to put a marquee matchup there. The Giants have been the opponent 3 of the last 4 years, and they were 3-13 or whatever, so I doubt they would put them as a prime-time opener. I am assuming Philly, who will play the opening Thursday night game, will open with the Vikings. At least that's reported. Dallas' remaining home games are the Saints, Bucks, Jags, Lions and Titans. The only one of those I think would be a national draw would be the Saints. The Redskins with new QB Alex Smith vs. Dallas seems like a good prime-time opening season matchup. Another options would possibly be opening at the Giants. Given that all the evidence points to a marquee matchup on the road, we'll probably open at home against Indy. My other prediction is a mid-season bye week, no Thanksgiving day game, and a Thursday game with the Giants.
  13. Redskins.com: Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    No. It would actually be somewhat sad, to be honest. Talent wasted due to immaturity and stupidity, especially at the expense of the team I root for.
  14. Redskins.com: Redskins Release 2018 Preseason Schedule

    ^ exactly @SkinsGuy