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  1. Refs have been pretty bad both ways, glad our guys are keeping their composure. Good to see Porter and Oubre co-existing together. I think that is going to be critical in the playoffs.
  2. I'm on record as being skeptical of hiring Brooks, but damn has he proven me wrong. I love that he's in every huddle, designing plays. That was one of my biggest gripes with Randy. Great win. EG definitely deserves some credit, as much as it pains me to say that. He's whiffed on some acquisitions, but the roster looks pretty formidable right now.
  3. Wall needs to stop going away from his strength to end games, makes zero sense.
  4. Clearly needs more time to gel with the guards, PNR defense has been non-existent all night.
  5. Wall is just incredible. What a pass, then block on the next possession.
  6. Haven't been able to watch, regression to the mean post-break for Otto or just a few bad/mediocre games?