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  1. Sell sell sell. We've managed to pitch over our heads for 3 straight years and now we've regressed to the mean. Oh, and Guasman blows.
  2. At least we didn't extend Tillman.
  3. I think it's distinctly possible that Mancini is our best hitter. Not quite as great an eye as Kim, but a much better bat when he does make contact. Only guy consistently in the lineup that makes pitchers work.
  4. Demoralizing couple games, not sure how you come back from things like this. Buck's teams are resilient, but man.
  5. That is one fantastic twitter rant, from someone who knows what he's talking about. Well put.
  6. Johansson had and Backstrom had just about the worst games of their career in the biggest game they've played in. Losers. Anyone that didn't see that game coming is delusional.
  7. Great win, with the way Scherzer had it going I thought we had no chance at this one. Excellent hitting late in the game.
  8. I'll take a comeback like that in a Scherzer started game, even if we don't pull this one out. Clutch hitting!
  9. John Wall is a god. Been years since I've seen a player on any of my teams take over games the way he has been. Insane. Second best player in the east, easily.
  10. Great shift, just bench Ovie if that's what it takes to hold a lead.
  11. Only time the Pens get quality chances is when the Ovie line is on the ice...
  12. This reminds me of the Caps teams of 5 years ago. Nothing but blind passes that have low likelihood of finding their intended target.
  13. Orpik and Niskanen on the ice together, why even bother coming out of the locker room?
  14. I love the dude, but Ovie is the common denominator here. Different GMs, coaches, second line centers, wingers, all produce the same results. You can't win with a turnover prone power-play specialist in the playoffs as your best player., even if he happens to be the best at that all time.