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  1. That block -> layup sequence from Wall was one of the nastiest plays I've ever seen in the playoffs. Holy ****. Wish these other guys would step up like Wall is.
  2. Next player to try to get fancy and bring the puck to the middle of the ice before losing it and not getting a shot off should be benched the rest of the period. Shoot the ****ing puck.
  3. Gausman is making the moves for when Tillman gets activated a lot less difficult to make. Great stuff, can't pitch.
  4. 2/3 without the DH is pretty good. Reds have been very solid to start the year too. Encouraging starts from Miley and Ubaldo. Still wish we were more patient at the plate, but can't complain too much just yet.
  5. This is Bulls game is hideous.
  6. Yea, not really seeing a development into a pitcher from him. Definitely concerning.
  7. I saw it more of a struggle to keep up with a team that is 10x quicker than our squad is. Toronto is basically a nightmare matchup for us with their speed and skill. There is no way we can match it for 3+ periods.
  8. Orpik is brutal, him and Shatty just don't communicate well.
  9. Good win! Trumbo doing what we payed him to do right away. Gotta say, super happy for Mancini to make the team. Kid has as really sweet swing.
  10. They're basically the Seahawks of the NBA. Might get a few fouls called on them, but you know the refs aren't going to call it every time down the floor. Good strategy.
  11. True, Utah would probably be a top 3 seed in the east.
  12. Let Utah play their game all night with little adjustment, too bad. Still not sure of this team come playoff time, up the defensive pressure and our bigs wilt and our guards start making unforced errors.
  13. Oubre keeps impressing. Jennings needs to realize he's not John Wall, pushing the pace but has no where near the good decision making ability. Just slow it down..