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  1. Well, I've been on record as saying I don't expect anything until July 17 for months now, as I don't expect Bruce to actually put up a deal like that until the 11th hour. He's going to try to win the deal for as long as he can, and when it comes down to it, he'll drop it at the last minute.
  2. The Casserly Contract IMO looks to be something that would get this done in no time. It's fair and it's market value.
  3. You probably need to understand WTF we're talking about before wading in here Cali. Due to the amount of time involved KB has more to work with, true. But there has been nothing since Allen got here (and that DOES include things from 5-6 years ago, LOL) that really changes that. And that IS what we are talking about. Bruce Allen vs the past. Allen brought in Shanny, who changed our always solid 4-3 Defense (if not very good) to a 3-4 that has been always really bad. And everything that has happened since then falls under Bruce's watch, so it counts. That's the argument. If you have even bothered to read anything I've posted on the Cousins LTD (which has been quite a bit) I think it gets done. But it should have never gotten to this. The way the Cousins contract episode has played out has been terribly handled by our FO. And that is what I was referring to....LOL. I mean, we could poll ES as to how well we're run as an organization compared to the "Vinny Years" and see how that turns out. But I don't see us as being much better run. And I think that is what you will find with most people. "Same ****, different day".
  4. Ok, giving up 3 #1's and a #2 for a ****ty QB, hiring a DC who's only experience at DC went 0-16, can't sign the best QB we've had in 40 years to a LTC, and fire the only guy that has given the team any form of respectability in the last 25+ years? You think we've improved? You've got to be kidding me. 2 can play that game, and I have a lot of ammo to work with.
  5. So, how does the Zorn/Fassil debacle compare to the Cousins LTD fiasco and the GMSM firing? I think our coaching is better, but I don't thing we're any better in management, which is what I'm referring to. I mean we just promoted a guy that is almost no scouting experience and when he did have a shot at it, was fired in less than 2 years, as our head scout. So no, I don't think we're any more competent than we have been. I don't think we are worse, but we are no better.
  6. But, just HOW is the organization improving? I don't think it is. You have the accountant the point man in negotiations? The player personnel guy isn't a scout? I'm sorry, but I don't think we're getting any better as an organization. The hiring process is poor, the hierarchy if a complete mess you have have people that are ill qualified for jobs they are in. Your franchise QB is still not signed to a LTD? The organization is NOT improving. And the guy that brought the 2 years of not being in the basement is gone.
  7. That's not evidence. Evidence is for a couple of decades, we paid EVERYONE. Until Bruce got here. And then we're nickle and diming people. Bruce was cheap in Tampa as well. The evidence points to Bruce not wanting to pay Cousins.
  8. You need to know the numbers, but YOU are the one that decides how much you're going to pay a player. The "accountant" finds a way to make the numbers work. See below. This
  9. If only.............................
  10. He has done the contracts, but NOT the negotiations. Big difference.
  11. And after watching Doug's interview on CSN, I'm now concerned about that. Seems like the accountant (Schaffer) is doing all the negotiating on our side. You don't have the bean counter negotiate a contract.
  12. First of all, Doug's "background in scouting is small, and poor". He's not a scout. Second, they worked off of Scot's board for the draft and FA, they don't get credit for that. Third, the reason we've been better is because of Scot, and he's gone. We may have a couple more decent seasons because of the players Scot wanted, but after that starts to change, we will go back to being 4-12 bottom dwellers. A lot of that depends on if they blow a deal with Cousins. if they blow that deal, he'll be gone in a year and we will become a 4-12 team almost immediately.
  13. This is why Compton should not be out there. Foster is a much better player and has played MIKE in the past.
  14. So much for a actual GM "search". Now it's official, we're stuck with a couple guys that don't evaluate talent well. "Golf clap, bogey putt"
  15. Sad and predictable. A lot of of figured this would be exactly the way it would go down, and none of us are happy about it.