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  1. Morneblade

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Actually Guice got his attitude from Peterson. He has looked up to AP for years and modeled his game after him.
  2. Morneblade


    Maybe this means that Brantley will be active on Sundays now. If that is the case, I'm good with this move. Maybe bring a WR off the PS?
  3. Morneblade

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The issue is that you're comparing the wrong thing. You want to compare Gruden's scheme, as if it is in some what so markedly different that it has a different learning curve than other NFL offensives, as opposed to a 13 year Vet that has started over 150 games compared to a guy that was a 2nd year player with 1 start. Gruden's system has been called QB friendly by a lot of people. It's not, for instance, AL Saunders ridiculously complex scheme. It's not some hugely difficult NFL offense that is going to have a smart QB with 150+ starts over 13 seasons struggle with it for 1/2 a season by default. I disagree with this. There are a number of QB's that could go into his system and would not "hold it back". There is a difference in maybe not having a arm that can throw the ball 70 yards in the air with a flick, and not holding the offense back. I can think of at least 10 QB's that would have no problem running this offense just as efficiently. But not apples to oranges either. It would be one thing if the results so far were like 20% better, but Mahones is obliterating what Alex did there. yeah, he's been much better than I expected. I agree partially with this. Alex has not played up to his abilities. I think the issue is not that he has having major difficulties with the offense, but more about he's just not that comfortable running Jays offense, period. I think Jay is going to have to run a lot more RPO for Alex to really shine and be comfortable. If Alex is forced to run a rhythm passing offense, it's not going to work well.
  4. Morneblade

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The big problem with this is that your taking a 3rd year QB that was the backup and trying to compare him with a 13 year Vet with over 150 starts. I mean one of the selling points with Smith is that he was SO smart, Greden couldn't open the entire playbook to Cousins, blah blah blah. That, and Cousins was a unknown, Alex has a mountain of information on him. He doesn't do that well in traditional NFL offenses, you need to throw a lot of college RPO looks, like he ran so well in college and in KC. Basically, he's not going to run a Gruden offense that well. Gruden will need to infuse a lot of RPO stuff, very similar to what Shanahan to do for Griffin. Griffin was not going to be effective running a drop back passing system. He had to run the RO to be effective. If any Coach was going to get Smith to be comfortable in a rhythm offense, it's going to be Andy Reid. He wasn't able to do that, he had to scheme to Smiths strengths. Jay is going to have to do the same thing if Smith is going to be successful. Oh, I know. But I threw it out there because our current "Checkdown Charlie" failed where our others would have succeeded. Checking down!
  5. Morneblade

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Come on. You know damn well that both Brunell and Campbell hit that checkdown. And yes, he's being serious.
  6. Morneblade

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Pink Panthers

    Alex also had Andy Reid. Dax has had Jason Garret. That has to count for something. And even with Reid, he really just had one pretty good year. Now he's with Gruden, and I think we'll see Smith struggle, especially if we don't incorporate more RPO stuff for him.
  7. Not to mention, 2 TD's ties John Riggins for 6th all time. 3, puts him alone in 6th place. I'd staple this all over the place, and let the OL know we want both records this week.
  8. Morneblade

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    Oh, I agree. You have to stop Zeke. On the flip side, they have to stop AP. Same gameplan for both teams. The big issue is Dak. Alex, so far hasn't done much with his feet. Dak has, and that makes this a much tougher matchup. Basically, all Dallas has to do is stop the run, and play zone. Alex hasn't done much with his legs this year, and if I was Dallas, I wouldn't worry so much about him. Dak is another story. We're going to need a spy for him. I don't think Dallas needs to spy Alex. And it's not that Alex can't demand one, it's that we haven't really schemed it. Not much RPO. No RO, not many boots. We need to do more of this. What I'm worried about is getting away from AP. I don't see Jay sticking with him consistently. I can see getting a couple bad runs in a row and Jay getting pass happy. I don't see Dallas getting away from Zeke as quickly.
  9. Morneblade

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    To be fair, did it surprise anyone?
  10. Morneblade

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    I'm not that high on Richardson. I think Beasley is better than Richardson. If we can run block we can beat them. It doesn't matter what Alex does, or doesn't do, it's all about AP with the team the way it is right now. If he goes off, I think we win. If not, we really don't have any chance.
  11. Morneblade

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    I think you have to go back to Jurgenson to find a guy that could throw deep like Rypen. But he wasn't so good with short and medium range passes. There was a reason we called him "Duck".
  12. Morneblade

    Hey Skins fans

    Thanks, and nice comeback by Rodgers (again) last night! Wow, what a game!
  13. Morneblade

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    Ours is Chris Thompson for receptions, or Reed for yards. I don't think we get to brag much about how good our weapons are. We're better at TE, and Cole Beasley is likely better than anyone we have. And they have Zeke, who I think is a bigger threat out of the backfield than Thompson. I don't see us having any real advantage.
  14. Morneblade

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I agree with all of that, as well as the Stubhub thing keeping the prices up. I just don't agree with the fan base being ****. I know there are a lot of "fans" that hate Snyder and don't want to spend a penny on the Redskins as a basic "**** you" to him. Most teams don't have that either.
  15. Morneblade

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I think I'd only go full bore into it if AP is ok with it. If so, then yeah, I might run like 70% RPO. I know that sounds kinda silly, but right now AP is the only thing keeping the offense afloat. And I'm going to want to keep him happy. But I think that Alex would do much better running the RPO stuff. He's never really been a good drop back passer from what I've seen. Jay really needs to work as much of it as he can, while keeping AP happy.