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  1. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say a competent owner

    I'm not really sure why anyone would think Dan is getting decent at this. Bruce Allen isn't good, and he's the guy in charge, basically. And when I say that, he's the guy that is going to make hiring decisions, ext. I thought he might be a good PR guy when he got here, to go along with being good with the cap and having working knowledge of what being a "Redskin" is all about. I was right about the cap, mostly wrong about PR and I'm not convinced about being a "Redskin". He's the top man, and he quite honestly is not good enough. Dan wants someone to be his buddy. I want a guy that can get the right people in Redskins Park to make the team the best it can be. I don't give a rats ass if I wan to go play racquetball with the dude. Heck, I don't even have to like the guy, but I need to respect his ability as a manager to get the right people. But there are a host of other things Dan can directly effect in a positive way, and he has not done it. Let's be blunt. The facilities that we have a Redskins park are not good. Fed Ex has a terrible field. These are the kind of things, that all you really have to do is throw some money at it, and it's gets fixed. You don't have to outsmart other teams, you just hire a company to give you a really good field, build a indoor facility (not a silly bubble) like Division 1 Colleges have, and call it a day. Hire a firm to give you a state of the art weight room. I mean, this isn't even hard. Listen around to who has the "best stuff" according to a lot of informed people. Do the same thing. Derp. And yet, it hasn't been done, and there is no talk of if being done. Oh, they'll talk about a new stadium (and have someone else, like, the tax payers) pay for it, but not work on things that can make the team better, and be safer for the players. This is not good ownership. And it isn't like Dan's not making any money.
  2. What to do with LG

    Yeah, but he's a 295 lb center. Definitely not going to be our answer at LG.
  3. What to do with LG

    I agree with this in general.
  4. What to do with LG

    Neither do I. I just put out why I don't think this would be a "good" idea. I don't see Ty working well, or even marginally here. And I stated one of the reasons I thought he would not. I think if we want to have some that would be considered just "average" or better, we need to look to someone not on our roster. And, to another reason I think moving Ty to G would not be good, Moses and Trent have injury histories. Ty is likely going to have to start at one, if not both T positions this year at some point. So, moving him to G takes away our swing tackle, who will likely have to start at some point this season, and as performed well in that role, to a position where he has no experience and doesn't look to have the frame for it. Just my 2 cents.
  5. What to do with LG

    Are you asking if we have a better option on the roster? If so, I think that Lauvao would be a better G that Ty, for the reason I stated, and that playing G can be tough for a lifelong Tackle. Catalina might work out better as well. Everything happens a little faster inside, and I see Ty getting moved around a lot. I think his height will be a liability. But I don't feel either player is a good option. I'd prefer to see is try and get another G in here, maybe one from the list that Wildbunny posted the link for above.
  6. What to do with LG

    I don't think this is a good idea. 6'8" is really tall for a G, and it's likely he is going to loose the leverage battle almost every time.
  7. Right now I really don't care if Payne is much of a pass rusher. If he collapses the pocket on passing downs, and more importantly, clogs up the middle on rushing downs, that is what I care about right now. When you give up over 2100 yards rushing at 4.5 a carry as a defence, you better button that up if you expect to do anything.
  8. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    I think it's the right move. Sad to see his career end with nothing but injuries the last couple years. Wasn't a fan when he came here, but he won me over. Good luck D. Hall, hoping nothing but happiness for you.
  9. HoF Guard that played for KC. Obviously a bit of sarcasm, but yeah, he was a beast.
  10. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Yeah, I think that Nsekhe is too tall to be a G. Guys are going to get under him with regularity, and everything happens faster at G compared to T. I have some hope for Roullier, I liked him coming out, but I'd like to see an upgrade there as well, I just don't think he's going to be great. LG is a big hole right now, and it's not going to be fixed this year.
  11. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Same here. I really like him in pass pro, but not in run blocking. I almost wish we could move Scherff to LG next to Williams, so we have one side we that is really solid with run blocking. Sure, it makes it predictable, but when we run away from it, that 8th guy probably isn't over there. There is a physicality that we just don't have as a group, and it really shows up in the run game.
  12. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I agree, and I'll add, we don't block well at all as a unit when running the ball. Morgan, Long and Lauvao were substandard, and I don't know if we're any better with Kouandjio and Roullier. I think it's going to be tough sledding for most RB's back there. Edit: And I'm back, sorta.
  13. This might be the steal of the draft. Now. to get an OL for him to run behind. C and LG are big issues.
  14. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    That's all well and good. Historically however Alex Smith is a average QB that has needed a good/great defense and a good/great running game. He's had both basically his entire career, and his best season as a starter is a average Cousins year, will less turnovers. His average however is a far cry from what Cousins produced, and Cousins has had no help from the running game and from the defense. I know everyone wants him to be great, but he's not. He's a good game manager that needs help from the defense and running game. He can't go back and win shoot outs. And he's going to have to be able to do that here. And I don't see it happening.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Biggest stat for defense is points. KC was 15th, 'Skins were 27th. If KC was bad, 'Skins were worse where it really counts. Alex smith, with no running game and a defense that can't stop teams from scoring, is going to be in a situation he has not been in before. I also think last year was a anomaly as far as his production is concerned, and if you look at his full body of work, it most certainly is. I don't think he's going to be nearly as good as last year.