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  1. Pass/run ration is approx. 60/40 right now. And because down and distance has a lot to do with sub packages. 2nd and 3 is much different than 2 and 10. Or 3rd and 1 compared to 3rd and 7.
  2. Of course not. So we shouldn't even bother with asking the question right? RIGHT? Unless it's to talk about where are RIGHT NOW. Since we still have the draft. And FA is still going on, just creeped to a stop. So, as of right now, In my opinion, we are worse off from a talent prospective than we were. Cover enough of your bases for you?
  3. I'm not sure I would trust anything from bleacher report in regard to player grades. PFF and Baker very highly ranted in both run and pass defense, and gave low grades to both Mc's. FO did as well, as did several other publications that really follow football.
  4. I'm not sure what you've been reading or listening too, but everything I have read and heard is the opposite.
  5. And let's face it, do you want Scot or Bruce making that final decision? I think we all would prefer Scot doing that. And then having the rest of the FO make sure they do what they have to, to get it done (if it's a FA).
  6. I think Cousins makes the line look better, and the line actually got better from a talent aspect, especially pass pro. What I don't like is that we still are not physical enough in run block, and especially short yardage.
  7. I guess you think we don't need any DL/NT help then.
  8. Yeah, I'm not upset about this either. Vet min+80k singing bonus to see how he works out with a real QB? Sure, that's a good deal. And if he gets Grant off the roster, I'll be ecstatic. If he plays well, modest 3-4 year deal next year.
  9. Unless he decided to play nose like he played for us.
  10. Offseason grade: We're worse from a talent and production standpoint. We're worse from a consistency and medical standpoint We're better from a age standpoint We should be better from a coaching standpoint. Maybe much better. We should have, and could have done much more to make the DL much better, but we went cheap. Again.
  11. Master Tesfatsion‏Verified account @MasterTes 7m7 minutes ago WR Brian Quick's 1-year deal with the #Redskins is worth $855K -- $775K base (vet minimum) w/$80K signing bonus
  12. I actually remember that! But trust me, she was livid with me, after only being here for a couple years, trying to get the 800+ threads on CJ into one. Because I was like, "And just who is going to throw the ****ing ball to him?" I got buried.
  13. Our search for NT was been non-exsistent. It's mostly just converting 4-3 DT and saying, go play nose, HA! It's started with Haynesworth, and he didn't want to do it. We've bargin shopped and not surprisingly, got nothing to show for it. Oh, Kerrigan and Smith are each within 3 pounds of their playing weight in college. Smith was 271, he's now 268. Kerrigan was 268 and is now 265. That's not going to help. Also, 3-4 OLB drop into cover A LOT more than one time per game. See the above about weight. As with the last part, I completely agree with you. Trying to be a hybrid is not only making a square peg fit into a square hole, but into a round one. At best, you get something that doesn't fit very well into either.
  14. To add to what you are saying here, It's been shown that coaches do not make the best scouts. The GM gets input from coaches about what they need, and the GM and his staff get them. Because that is what their talent and training is to do. They are talent evaluators.