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  1. Pulled this from the twitter feed. Our D was giving up 5 yards a carry on 1st down. Last in the league.
  2. I think Gruden is afraid to do that. He has said he loves Thompson, but is afraid to overuse him and get him hurt. So, I kinda doubt it.
  3. Yes, and when I mentioned Phil Taylor (and what a crapshoot that was), you went back to talking about McGee. So, you're talking about moving McGee to DT when we go to a 4-3 in our nickle, correct?
  4. I just can't get on board with the thinking that you'd chase DL picks in this draft of all drafts. We've holes everywhere and the DL talent is the poorest in years. BPA is the only way to tackle any draft imo but especially this one." Will agree to disagree. That's your opinion, and you are welcome to it, but no one here is a scout. My opinion on BPA is different from yours. No need to be condescending.
  5. We go to a 4-3 in our nickle package, so it's not a given. DEs move to DT and OLB move to DE. I'm not sure what formation your talking about, when you think (or if you think) McGee would be playing NT in a non nickle situation, or why. Can you be more clear about what you are referring to?
  6. I like the Reddick pick, but mostly disagree. But we can do that.
  7. Good talent in the 2nd round actually. Good NT's in the 4th. G is weak this year but you took one. Not really feeling BPA here.
  8. Honestly I think it's easier to get a 2nd tier tackle that doesn't have the foot speed but is a mauler and convert him to guard later in the draft. And there are a couple guys that fit that mold.
  9. if the big issues were S and LB, sure. but since is the DL is worse than either of those positions, I don't like it much at all.
  10. ST is easy to get. Draft Cam Sutton and you get an upgrade over McCaffery and a slot corner in later rounds. ST is not what you're looking to fill with a 1st round pick. Mixon is a full time RB, McCaffery is not. Yeah, this wouldn't kill me either. We got lots of holes defensively, and we could fill quite a few this way.
  11. Yes, I know, I gave examples of that earlier. But NT is one of those position that you need a special skill set to do. Sure, you can just throw someone in there (see:Ziggy Hood) but you're not going to get good results. So, sure, you can throw McGee in there if you want. Or a Ham Sammich. Just don't expect anything good out of it. And since I already gave you proof to you original assertion being incorrect (McGee was not going to be a NT) you have to resort to "well, he could!" Whatever. He might be able, but I really don't think that would be the smart way to go. It might be a bit of an improvement over Hood, but that's still bad. And honestly, he's never really done much in the league and has injury issues that would be likely compounded as a NT. Now, moving him to DT in a 4-3 makes a lot of sense, as does McClain. But not NT. Edit which brings me back to @UK SKINS FAN '74. Did you mean DT or NT? You've said both. One makes sense (playing DT in our 4-3 looks) and one doesn't (playing NT in our 3-4 looks). Which one of these did you mean?
  12. So, you're asking me, after showing you a quote that says he'll be playing DE, why would that prevent him from going inside to Nose? Ok..........................