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  1. Get out of here with your facts and stats! This is raw emotion for a lack of sacks!
  2. Guys, we took 2 of 3 from the Packers, Saints, and Panthers in successive weeks. If you told me that at the beginning of the year, I’d take that in a heartbeat. We now play Dallas, New York, and a banged up Atlanta team. I like our odds in those games, especially with 2/3 at home. It was was a little too close for comfort, but wins are hard to come by. Good job and **** DALLAS!
  3. He got in versus the Bears but didn’t log a tackle according to Mostly been hurt. Also, love Jon Allen’s attitude. He and Daron play with heart every single game and take this **** very seriously. And he’s damn right about how Cam and the Panthers don’t care about how we feel going into this Sunday.
  4. Rskins91

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    Film Study? Lol, I’d burn this game film at the stake. An effigy to our horrible performance. One game in the grand scheme of things, but what a horrible game, bleh. Smith looked awful, o-line was making mental mistakes all night, secondary was more burnt than the right side of Harvey Dent’s face. I think I’m most troubled by Norman smack talking Thomas after the game. You serious? You just got benched and destroyed on MNF and you’re going at it on Twitter? Grow up, please. Focus on beating your former team next week. I will say this, though: When the Vikings got walloped by the Bills, lot of people on here were happy and saying how good Alex looked against the Pack and how good we were. This week, it was that we were fleeced by Reid again and we should have kept Cousins. Everyone is awful. The NFL is a week to week league. Titans beat the Eagles who turn around and lose to the Bills. Ravens beat the Steelers and follow up with a loss to the Browns. Bills beat the Vikings and get shut out by the Packers. Who knows what next week will bring?
  5. Rskins91

    Gameday Thread

    Why the hell are the Vikings allowing Tom Compton to protect Cousins? My god what a poor way to protect your $84 million dollar investment.
  6. Rskins91

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    Eh, I blame the offense MUCH more for Indy than the defense. Yes, they could have executed much better and slowed the run down. But any semblance of the offense we saw in AZ or with GB (first half) and we beat Indy. I think this notion that Jay doesn’t adjust is getting a little out of hand. I’ll give you it’s not a strength, but I think he does make adjustments. Look at the slow starts last year; we shouted that Jay couldn’t prepare the guys and they only were ready mid game. Now we’re having fast starts and he can’t make adjustments. There’s an opposing NFL team on the other side of that field y’know, and they’ll make life difficult for you.
  7. Rskins91

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    I think our run defense is a product of how we’re playing our opponents. Brewer had a good column in the WaPo about this. Against the Colts and Packers, you’re gonna use an unloaded box more often than not because you’d prefer to take away the passers effectiveness. And largely we did that by limiting Rodgers and Luck to under 300 yards in both contests. I think we’ll see a better run defense against teams like Carolina and Dallas, who rely on the run more than the pass.
  8. How about that Jonathon Allen fella? Thinking he’s pretty good. I know there were times where Rodgers escaped and we couldn’t quite get there , but this was promising. 4 sacks all from our D line, all of whom are under 25. They’ll only get better with time.
  9. Rskins91

    Some Hard Truths

    Amen! It’s almost as though critical thinking and patience have value. Oh shove off. We put up 31 points and looked great in the first half. The defense played well overall. Of course there are issues they can fix, but that’s every team in the ****ing NFL. Enjoy the win.
  10. Rskins91

    Some Hard Truths

    Threads like these are why I avoid ES after losses. Last week, everyone was sniffing the jock straps of our lineman saying how dominant they are. This week they’re bums who can’t play worth a damn or are over the hill. The NFL is a ****ing week to week league. Things can change in a single game that alter seasons. Weren’t the 2007 Giants a dumpster fire after going 0-2 and giving up 80 combined points? Nah - they won the SB that year. What about when the Chiefs destroyed Brady in Week 4 a couple years ago? I remember all the talk was he was washed up and finally going out to pasture. Nah - they won another SB or two. I get it... the Skins don’t get the same vote of confidence as those teams. Nor should they. But I’m with Kleese on this - way too early to be making these bold proclamations acting like the sky is falling.
  11. Short answer, yes. Long answer - it will take some time before the results start to show. A lot of young players who will make mistakes through experience. I think the more they get to play, the better they’ll get, and by season’s end we’ll see a much better front than what we started with.
  12. Rskins91

    Game Day Thread- Redskins at Cardinals

    bUt JaY cAn’T wIn A OPeNER!!!! Seriously impressive game. Defense was great, offense had lots of big chunk plays, and we have a running game! Run the ball, stop the run - great way to win football.
  13. Rskins91

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Yeah he beat us up pretty badly. But that was a much less talented defense. No Allen, Payne, Z. Brown, Swearinger, Nicholson, Ioannidis, etc. That 2016 defense was one of the absolute worst we’ve had in franchise history, especially with 3rd down conversions. Look at our roster: we started RJF, Baker, Z Hood, Compton, D Ihenacho... I’m looking forward to this new defense come Sunday!
  14. Rskins91

    Khalil Mack trade

    The Bears really intrigue me. Their front 7 is frightening with Leonard Floyd, Roquan Smith, and now Khalil Mack. And all of them are young. Not to mention they have some decent pieces on offense if Trubisky develops. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still behind the Vikings and Packers... but they’re a sneaky team who could make some Wild Card noise.
  15. Rskins91

    Friday Night Lights - Game Thread

    Disagree - that’s not always the case. Last year’s dress rehearsal had a bad game from Cousins by his standards and he was solid last year. I bet if I found that gamethread, I’d see a lot of “sky is falling” posts there too. Or how about the 2016 dress rehearsal game, where we had Cousins throw 3 TDs against the Bills? He looked great there. What happened in the first two regular season games? We got destroyed by the Steelers and lost a close one to Dallas in large part to poor play by Cousins. The reason most everyone here is upset and pessimistic is because of our track record of failure - which is understandable. We haven’t exactly been world beaters. But drawing conclusions about Smith, the passing game, and other things, based on one bad outing is folly as well. NFL players are people too, and bad games happen.