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  1. Holy ****. I can only get so erect.
  2. Overall that was a game that we played more to our style. We were physical, slowed the pace of play; more of that and we’ll win the series
  3. Power Play coming up... let’s get another one and make these Vegas ****ers cry
  4. Imagine that, they call a cross check and we score on our power play!
  5. Tied up at 2-2. I still think the Caps can take the next two in a row. They’ve been the better team through most of the series. Eventually the imbalance with the power play success will even out.
  6. This is an inspired 2nd period. I know the PP goals aren’t coming but the odds favor it correcting itself some point.
  7. The thing I don’t like now is the sloppiness in our own zone. Missed clears and bad turnovers. Clean that up and we’ll be fine.
  8. You're more "authentic" than most. I'm a diehard Skins fan first and foremost. D.C. Sports came to me from that. But it's more casual than my love for the Redskins. I started watching the Caps in the playoffs around 09. My roommate freshman year of college was a big hockey fan and he got me into it. Since then, I've followed the Capitals in the playoffs and kept up in the regular season when I could. Still enjoying the run to the Cup.
  9. LET’S GO CAPS!!! We’re the better team. Lightning haven’t scored at even strength all game. Keep up the pace!
  10. That's a good way of putting it. I can see that situation as you claim.
  11. It's interesting. The former cheerleaders on the Today Show are flat out denying most of the NYT report, and one of them made an impassioned Instagram post about her time here and what it meant to her. She brings up some interesting points about how the article is worded. That said, the Today Show interview was done at the behest of the team, and I can't look at that and say that she's completely doing this of her own free will. Yes, she may feel the way she feels, but the fingers on the scale from the team can't be ignored. All the more reason for an independent investigation. I'll say this: The Skins PR is extremely good, which makes this whole thing feel dirtier in my opinion.
  12. Yep. All the more reason why there needs to be an investigation.
  13. If the former cheerleaders are tweeting #fakenews and saying the story is inaccurate, they should expand and explain their perspectives and give reasons as to why. I don't want to hear "It didn't happen to me so it can't be true." That's BS that discredits women who come forward, and discourages future reporting. If they have legitimate proof or a way to show the accusations aren't accurate, they should step forward with more than social media posts.
  14. This is a time for those of us who’ve had enough to make our voices heard. Write a letter to the NFL. Boycott buying gear from the team. Do something productive. This behavior should be enough to remove Snyder if you can show he knew about it. Which, considering he’s the owner, can’t be too hard to do. Horrible act that deserves justice to be delivered swiftly.
  15. Go back and look at the teams we traditionally think build extremely well through the draft - teams like the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, and Seahawks. The most you get as contributors that last in a given draft is around 3-4. I'd say 2 lasting contributors per draft is around average, whereas 1 is below average/bad. Some of the players you draft will be successful and go onto other teams and that's okay.