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  1. Going back and watching a lot of his matches, it wouldn't shock me if he got a concussion every time he did the diving headbutt I also find myself seriously cringing at a lot of stuff that i didn't bat an eyelash at as an ignorant kid.
  2. Just going the route of most pop stars, probably. I am impressed by the ones that at least seem fairly normal
  3. Pretty unnerving. Must've been one hell of an explosion
  4. Henley coaching 3rd base like he's playing MLB The Show Even worse when Murphy hits a fly ball to the outfield that would've scored him on the very next play
  5. It's over. He needs some time off or something. What a shame.
  6. Me too. Thats like the only role im pretty sure he's never had, at least in what I've seen of him Forgot i also watched the Green Mile in its entirety for the first time two weeks ago.
  7. Just now catching the last bit of Cast Away. Saving Private Ryan was on earlier, and I watched Catch Me If You can on Thursday. Not enough can be said about Tom Hanks, man. Even his lesser heralded movies like Road to Perdition.... Guy just gets it done every single time. Ending got me to thinking about my aunt again. Still can't believe she's gone
  8. Joe Blanton This will be a better baseball team when he is no longer on it
  9. He literally gets better every ab. Pretty amazing. I remember the last time he got extended time a couple years ago when Span went down, and he would always show flashes. Now he's routinely making plays. Awesome stuff
  10. Michael A Taylor has officially arrived in major league baseball
  11. Wiiiiiiiiiiilsonnnnn
  12. Leadoff hbp. It begins...
  13. Gotta learn how to win first.
  14. Thinking of watching Peaky Blinders. Anybody seen this?
  15. Cookies, right?
  16. Don't tell me ass don't age well. Saw an older woman, prolly mid 50s. That joint was nice.
  17. Classic
  18. In the last game, the guys mentioned that Dusty said something about general soreness pretaining to Michael A. Might just be giving him an extra day off
  19. I am Eulaw. I am nobody's ****
  20. I suddenly feel the hunter gathering urge to bite....
  21. C'mon Chew, don't be cruel....
  22. "I'm not a fear monger, but...." Killed it for me