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  1. I noticed that too. Couldn't figure it out, but at least gathered that they are both up to something.
  2. Russian Propaganda and how all of us got duped

  3. I liked it. Closer, intimate stuff, less boom, boom bang thingies. Curious what the chopper stuff was about
  4. If he's this ballsy there must be enough people that are sympathetic to his position to where they can't outright kill him without a massive ****storm
  5. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn Yup. They're ****ed
  6. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Watching ep 1 of Punisher. Awesome just like i thought it would be. I know voices well. The woman that plays the detectives mother has gotta be Admiral Rha'n from the Mass Effect games
  7. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

  8. Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book Thread

    Was actually working on a book myself, over the summer. Came to me in a dream (I'm bipolar so occasionally even with meds my dreams get pretty real) Just from the dream alone, i got the subject matter, setting, ending sequence, and a setup for book 2. Alway been a huge fan of Stephen King, since I was a kid, so some of the inspiration came from that. Lot of people liked the premise, but as i started watching movies and commercials, i started realizing that I was seeing a lot of what was either already in, or what was gonna be in the book, then i saw some weird novie, where i kid not, part of the exact same sequence that i was to write, happened. Never saw that movie before. So i basically just dropped everything I'd rather put something out there unique and fail rather than something successful yet the same as everyone else. Anyways, been looking for some new stuff on deep space/interdimensional science fiction
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Yeah that one was unbelievable. If i actually gave a damn about them still, it would've been particularly painful 20 minutes into Punisher and Jon Bernthal is amazing
  10. You can control it, just maybe not in the way you imagine. To understand how one can change things is to understand where the change comes from. It's us. If enough of us demand it, and enough of us talk to and influence others, mainly younger people who are being shaped by all this ( but as well as people who may be capable of understanding what is truly happening, and what part they can play in making things better, so and so forth), then that alone, is doing a lot. My race/life situation is irrelevant for the purposes of this discussion. I am an American, living in America, and so are you, and every one of us is affected by the decisions of this administration, make no mistake. The problem is that people are only looking at this from one angle, instead of the big picture, and how every negative decision regarding all of our institutions, programs, etc would cause a reverb that would have major consequences for all of us (plus potentially being blown to hell, which may seem like a joke now, but im sure many people in the intelligence/denfense community aren't laughing). There's a lot we all can do, by doing very little collectively.
  11. Random Thought Thread

  12. Please don't ruin my Thanksgiving 'Skins.....

    Best to not watch You know what's coming.....
  13. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    He already basically dissed every basketball legend. Going after Sunkist next seems like a step down
  14. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Go on...
  15. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Tell em!
  16. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Jeez, you're no fun Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde then
  17. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Can't let one guy have all the fun...
  18. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Someone who will probably suck.
  19. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    How can you when you see dudes like Jerry Jones? Man is clearly in alien
  20. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    KDawg said it beautifully, and pretty much sums it up in my eyes, regardless of what he does. He is Liquid Ocelot. Whatever time each entity chooses to show itself is anyones guess . One thing i know is that its impossible to hitch your wagon to him or outright excommunicate him., which is why even trying to debate it is dumb at this point You either pay him and suck, or don't pay him, and suck
  21. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    This is like a point by point crash course in how to **** up a game. Only thing missing is the narrator
  22. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Guess so
  23. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    wtf was that bull****. Please tell me we aint gonna lose on that
  24. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Of course it has to end sad and bloody. The Redskins way