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  1. Can't deny that i have found/find some of my distant cousins very attractive, but i can't say i ever had a burning desire to **** them.
  2. I suddenly miss Skip Bayless. At least he is a predictable crazy I remember when he called Cousins the 4th best qb in the NFC East
  3. He's been disrespectful towards the Skins for awhile. Really since he first came on the show and mouthed off at Skins training camp. Doesn't even try to hide what is clearly disdain to an abdurd level.
  4. Ugh. Why did I even ask
  5. I think its pretty much a certainty, especially if Lonzo takes off. I feel bad that I hope he fails miserably. Seems like a good kid
  6. Any news on Adam Eaton?
  7. Funny. I remember that. And it took about five seconds in a Skins uniform to realize that he sucked monkey ass and everyone was dead wrong
  8. They never even addressed us drafting Ryan Anderson. Skipped tight over it, talking about Joe Mixon the whole time. Last time i watched them. From now on im just following the picks on Twitter
  9. Pretty amazing. Never seen a series swing back the other way so wildly. Still don't believe in the Celtics though. Likely the end of the line for them against Hogwarts
  10. Dudes titties are like Doc's ankles
  11. Just finished Black Sails. Solid "cliffhanger" ending in the finale, as Long John Silver sees Flint escaping with the treasure. Loved the whole spooky intro to Skeleton Island. Im gonna miss that show. I hope they continue it with their own version of Treasure Island, but nothing is definitive yet, it seems
  12. Crappy ending to the day. Poor Adam Eaton...
  13. Hopefully it's not as bad as it looked
  14. His knee probably buckled
  15. The baseball gods strike again
  16. Where do we pick in rd 3?
  17. You know he will. He'll probably have the old Mark Henry theme going in the background whenever he comes on for a radio interview
  18. I bet Doc had an orgasm