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  1. You could go with a local one here that i heard on WTOP last night... "Deranged mother shoots teenage son dead after argument over video game."
  2. Warhead pretty much nailed everything. The facial animations aren't good at all, but it is definitely not the worst ever, and to give the game demerits overall because of it just seems ridiculous/shady. Theres way more dialogue. No more rigidity in terms of who you can be (hardass/saint). You can still be a hardass or a saint, the reserved type, the wears his emotions on his sleeves type, or a shameless bull****ter (like me) and you can adjust from there. Guy has my exact personality, playfully sarcastic and snarky **** talker, with strong family ties. Pretty sure you can romance anyone. The heart icon was there for Suvi and Lexi im sure, so you can definitely flirt at least. And yeah, this isn't ME2, run and gun space marines. They went back to their roots... Exploration, conversation, building new worlds, forging new alliances, along with all the action you want. It's a delicate balance. Unfortunately people just want all action all the time, and ruin it for the ones who don't. In ME1, you knew who the ultimate villains were the whole time. It's refreshing to not know whats coming next. Thete have been several nods to the Shepard era too, along with dialogue. So many ways this can go. Almost gives you sort of a Stargate/Avatar type of feeling. ........... Oh and with my build i pretty much went classic Infiltrator (tactical cloak, incinerate, and Omni grenades), with a Carnifex pistol and my baby.... The black widow sniper rifle, together again.
  3. It has begun...
  4. Nothing like the smell of grilled jerk chicken, wafting through the air. Wish it came in Glade air fresh form
  5. ESPN apparently had this dude on multiple shows. This is starting to remind me of Trumpapalooza last summer, across all the networks. Pathetic. He is bad for basketball, period.
  6. Ill have to check next time, but ive done a few side quests, and just settled the first colony. The story is good. Its just not ME1, that's the only thing i can say so far. Plenty of good stuff though. There appear to be three antagonists so far. Whichever one is the lead dog, has yet to reveal itself. Lots of mystery in the story though.
  7. Andromeda is incredible so far imo. The weapon armor and combat customization is the best in the series by far, the dialogue is more immersive, and everything feels fresh. Character animation and movement sucks, but everything else is great so far
  8. Sounds like he might be attracted to you, and you might have accidentally given off a gay vibe that he picked up on Or he thinks you're a snitch, and is probing you
  9. Damn thats crazy. Lucky to be alive. These dudes don't care though. You could show them a hundred post accident death photos of guys torn to shreds and the light still wouldn't come on.
  10. Yeah... That BvS teaser was awesome too..... DCEU is never fooling me again
  11. I've seen several near misses over the years. Arrogant pricks. I have zero sympathy for them if they end up as chef boyardee under a semi. The DMV is not the place for those
  12. Reminds me of some of those SoMD motorcycle clubs that try to stunt in the summer on 301, doing epic wheelies and standing on the seat, or recklessly weaving in and out of lanes (nearly hit one of them once, at night... Guy was in all black, bike included, and flew past me out of nowhere right as I was about to change lanes) Would not hesitate for a second to "accidentally" run them over if they messed up and fell off the back
  13. You have to understand that this is a consent issue. Simply going around and exposing random womens breasts is not legal. And girl here obviously was not expecting him to do that, seeing as she reacted negatively both times he tried to do it. She may have chilled with him afterwards and said it was all good, but all it would have taken was a stroll to the 👮 and a "No, its not all good," and he'd be charged with sexual assault. Thats all it takes, and that is how close he came to being forever screwed. Its a startling display of stupidity, especially when you are already under league investigation for domestic violence accusations. It shows that this guy simply does not get it, and if he continues to do dumb things, he will be done in this league
  14. Is it me or do those "Remnants" strongly resemble the Gekko from Metal Gear Solid IV and Metal Gear Rising?
  15. Thats because a large amount of them grew up on baseball, which (back then), was the sport in America. Since then, the explosion in popularity of football and basketball, has greatly impacted it. Meh, I love baseball, but it is kinda true that it is sort of a four way jerkoff between Yankees, Red Sox, Mets and Cubs fans at times
  16. It was America's pastime. It no longer has the place in America that it used to, and its reflected in the American demographic s represented. A lot of the best players are not Americans. I was thinking of the one with Dustin Hoffman. The Magnificent Seven
  17. Pappilon
  18. Legendary actor
  19. Im never wrong
  20. Being wrong is okay. Either way we're still friends.
  21. Yeah but he also wanted Spiderman dead. And the mask/Normans ghost or whatever that was, drove gim insane. Villain
  22. Subplot? Was whiny silverspoon with daddy issues not in cahoots with Doc Oc to take down Spider-Man for like the whole movie?
  23. Harry Osborne
  24. He's got super strength. He doesn't need meat