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  1. Hockey puck truthers Would be a cool way of explaining away a bunch of ragey Canadians and Europeans running around on skates, hitting each other in the dick with funny shaped sticks all the time
  2. ....We think. Who knows where that damned thing is
  3. Yeah they need to go ahead and start thinking about bext year. No reason for him to be out there
  4. Not like we haven't heard crazier Familiarity. Athletes are creatures of habit.
  5. Wonder how much Portland is gambling here. Nurkic cant be all the way back yet
  6. I do not recall that, actually.
  7. Bradley Beal
  8. WOW How do you leave him alone
  9. Kawhi self destructing
  10. What a game
  11. Self fulfilling prophecy
  12. Good stuff, and I agree. He has been overshadowed somewhat, in terms of what the perception was of him when he first arrived, as the Savior. Just goes to show the embarrasment of riches this team has. Stras was Cy Young good before he got hurt last year. And he looks good this year. Lucky to have two legit aces.
  13. The first of many Kills....
  14. Nice
  15. Dreaded leadoff walk