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  1. In some ways you are correct. In some ways, you are incorrect. certain overall themes may be similar, but usually thats where the similarities end. For example... alien movies. Your plot can be basically, aliens arrive on the planet and try to destroy the earth. That does not include what they are, where they came from, why they came, why they are destroying the earth, how are they are destroying the earth, who opposes them, why they oppose them, do they win, why do they win, or vice versa. From that simple plotline, you can branch off into a ton of different ideas and premises. There is no limit to the human imagination. Right now though, there is a clear, predictable pattern with many of these movies. The pattern is largely what i have a problem with. If a movie has great acting and production and such, I can still enjoy it, but i don't really respect it. It doesn't move me or capture my imagination. On the other hand, a movie can have a brilliantly unique premise, and fail in execution, but the fact that they tried something fresh, will send my thoughts racing about the potential possibilities within that construct. That used to be what Hollywood was about. Now, its significantly less about that, and harder to enjoy
  2. Its why i am enjoying indies more and more.... Even the bad ones. At least they try hard like hell, and aren't afraid to attempt things that have not been done, whether it be plot, perspective, etc
  3. This man did NOT just post one of my SOAD favorites
  4. Because Hollywood no longer teeming with fresh ideas. Id love one day to see a statistical breakdown in a single year of all Hollywood flicks that were reboots, based on nonfiction events, books, comics, or overall tired plots (possession movies featuring little kids, middle aged asskicker movies, etc) That alone is probably like over 70% of their revenue
  5. Wait, you're black? /Dave
  6. ESPN has found its new Tebow. Couldn't help themselves I hope Lonzo goes to LA, just for the pure spectacle that would be, watching Lavar berate Luke Walton constantly from the third row..... Or get in a fight with Jack Nicholson
  7. Prepare yourself..... Thats all LaVar needed. Of course, LeBron was naturally sensitive enough to take the bait. So far, Jordan seems to be the only one smart enough to know what Ball is doing
  8. There are tasks that involve you scanning stuff like plants and minerals, but you can do it whenever. There's a scan mode similar to detective mode in the Arkham games, where you'll be scanning for clues and stuff, but it can also be used to scan anything at will. Lots of freedom and less tedious than any of the other games.
  9. Agreed. The combat is orgasmic. As all time great as ME1 was, they phoned it in on several builds like Sentinel. Here you can be almost anything you wanted. Incredible. Just took down a MASSIVE Remnant. Was one of the best ME fights ever. Was like fighting one of the bots out of The Matrix. Im a gamer. Looks are aesthetically pleasing, nothing more. All of Mass Effects games have had crappy facial animations. Cringe worthy at time. Hos your game plays and how the story flows is number one with me. Couldn't care less about how the sweat pours from someone's face during a cutscene.
  10. No blinders here. Honestly i went in very skeptical. I do not shill for billion dollar corporations like some dumb fanboy. Either i like your product or i don't. There are nearly zero bugs with my game. Contrast that with something like Skyrim Remastered, where even without a single mod and being out for 5 years, it is one of the most buggiest games I've ever played. Ever. So much so that i quit playing it. Everything runs smooth and fluid, there is a ton of customization options. Story is good. The multi-objective missions are a throwback to the original ME. And combat is absurdly beyond any other Mass Effect game The original ME was a heavy narrative, exploratory rpg. Thats how it was (before 2&3), and thats how it is. If the argument is that the average gamer does noy want that, i will buy it. But the stuff like facial animations and custom player options is simply not enough to deter it from being a great game. Why? I've played numerous heralded and legendary "10/10" games that felt like mob racket/con jobs, there was so mu h wrong with them. The game is not a "10/10", but the only way someone could slam it is if they thought they were getting Call of the Aliens Duty, or they have some incentive to trash it. And everyone knows the kind of bs that can go on during the ratings process.
  11. Hygiene, ladies and gentlemen. Very important
  12. You could go with a local one here that i heard on WTOP last night... "Deranged mother shoots teenage son dead after argument over video game."
  13. Warhead pretty much nailed everything. The facial animations aren't good at all, but it is definitely not the worst ever, and to give the game demerits overall because of it just seems ridiculous/shady. Theres way more dialogue. No more rigidity in terms of who you can be (hardass/saint). You can still be a hardass or a saint, the reserved type, the wears his emotions on his sleeves type, or a shameless bull****ter (like me) and you can adjust from there. Guy has my exact personality, playfully sarcastic and snarky **** talker, with strong family ties. Pretty sure you can romance anyone. The heart icon was there for Suvi and Lexi im sure, so you can definitely flirt at least. And yeah, this isn't ME2, run and gun space marines. They went back to their roots... Exploration, conversation, building new worlds, forging new alliances, along with all the action you want. It's a delicate balance. Unfortunately people just want all action all the time, and ruin it for the ones who don't. In ME1, you knew who the ultimate villains were the whole time. It's refreshing to not know whats coming next. Thete have been several nods to the Shepard era too, along with dialogue. So many ways this can go. Almost gives you sort of a Stargate/Avatar type of feeling. ........... Oh and with my build i pretty much went classic Infiltrator (tactical cloak, incinerate, and Omni grenades), with a Carnifex pistol and my baby.... The black widow sniper rifle, together again.
  14. It has begun...
  15. Nothing like the smell of grilled jerk chicken, wafting through the air. Wish it came in Glade air fresh form