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  1. Left that one high over the middle of the plate
  2. Im not sure whether to be concerned, or elated. Ob one hand, for those that are socially challenged and reclusive, this will only further deepen that hole, and continue to make them a net loss as members of planet Earth. On the other hand, if they grow attached enough to it to believe its real (or these things get so advanced that they simply can't tell anymore), then I think it will start to scale back all this young sexually green male angst thats weighing us all down with their bs ( which, though you can point to a host of issues, always arrives at the simple fact that they try and fail spectacularly to get a girl to give up the butt, or in other cases, they are afraid to even look in a females general direction and make eye contact).
  3. How is trying these gumps in an area outside of their good ol' boy network (where they cant screw with jury members or intimidate local sherrifs) "expansion," or "Getting the outcome you desire," rather than the best attempt at getting a just verdict? Unless you are joking, what you're saying makes no sense.
  4. Its not like it isn't already being abused or anything...
  5. Figured it was only a matter of time. This is just the tip...... Of the iceberg People have made money off of far worse. 20 years from now ( if the world isn't a nuclear wasteland), the sexbot industry will be fierce
  6. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Just a PS4 as far as far as I know. Was looking at it in Best Buy a couple weeks back
  7. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    PSVR for me. I still have not played Fallout 4 or DOOM ( though i actually have it, just have yet to play it). Im just gonna trade it in. Haven't played Skyrim in awhile, and wanted two more runs as a battlemage/Daedric cultist in Winterhold, and an Imperial that runs with the Companions and the Dark Brotherhood. Bethesda kicks ass
  8. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Well ****, i think that just settled things for me
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Invest in vests
  10. ***2017-18 NBA Off-season Thread***

    I feel bad for IT. He rose to superstardom in Boston and they really embraced him and his whole King In the Fourth persona. Now after the death of his sister and an unceremonious playoff exit, and then the promising pick of Tatum, he gets to spend the immediate future in that blasted small forwards shadow, having to check with him every time he decides whether or not to blink. Well Kyrie can now have his pick of endless amounts of white girls
  11. Kamala Jarris has to be the most attractive senator ever. And that hearing has zero chance of going well, if it goes at all.
  12. ***2017-18 NBA Off-season Thread***

    Only in the NBA...
  13. I'd still qualify as "colored" back then, but from a non black perspective, I've always viewed the X/King dynamic as a very simple one. Certain people always get riled up when there is a visceral response to a visceral action. My response (as im sure people have seen me post it before) is always that hate breeds hate. A boy with an alcoholic father who beats his mother will likely grow up to be that very same man that he grows to loath. A child, psychologically abused and locked away several times by their parents may grow up to be emotionally detached from society, still seeing that blank wall everywhere they go, scared and afraid to trust, and angry at the fact that they cannot. A child that was sexually abused may grow up to be a sexual predator themselves. There are many things that I've grown to understand. Two of the most important ones, are "You are the choices you make," which my Dad always used to tell me, and still does. Then there's the one I've learned over time, and that is we are all the product of of our environment, our upbringing, and the times we live in. And both of those intertwine with each other at various sections Malcom X and NOI (and the Black Panthers) would be a very natural reaction to the war being waged on blacks across America. It's an angry and fed up response to the treatment of African Americans. I think King was the much harder path to follow, and im sure a lot of families were having arguments over it. I think it takes a ton of wisdom and courage to do what King did. I can say from my own experience that although hate breeds hate, love propagates love, and although it is an absurdly more difficult path than basically saying "**** all of you, burn this **** down," with love, more can be accomplished than the alternative.
  14. I've thought about it myself, even all the way down to the really nasty stuff. But as much as I hate to admit it, unrelenting counterprotest and nationwide peaceful demonstrations is the way to go, for now at least. All the Fox News Joseph Goebbels bs in the world can't turn the tide of a bunch of white boys marching down the street carrying torches dropping Nazi catchphrases, carrying shields, throwing, blood, piss (or whatever the hell that was I was seeing) and running over people like ISIS terrorists. They're making it easy. Violence (of the not self defense variety) would likely only turn away those dumb enough to be on the fence. Still doesn't stop me from at least wishing that every one of those assholes got hit by a meteor