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  1. I love that man
  2. Leadoff hbp. It begins...
  3. Gotta learn how to win first.
  4. Thinking of watching Peaky Blinders. Anybody seen this?
  5. Cookies, right?
  6. Don't tell me ass don't age well. Saw an older woman, prolly mid 50s. That joint was nice.
  7. Classic
  8. In the last game, the guys mentioned that Dusty said something about general soreness pretaining to Michael A. Might just be giving him an extra day off
  9. I am Eulaw. I am nobody's ****
  10. I suddenly feel the hunter gathering urge to bite....
  11. C'mon Chew, don't be cruel....
  12. "I'm not a fear monger, but...." Killed it for me
  13. Lol, I might be able to pull it off if I was 8 inches taller and like 90 lbs heavier
  14. They will be back. It was inevitable. The crazy thing is the Mets. Harvey is finished, who the hell knows what Syndergaard will be when he gets back.... And of course Hits. The Mets really screwed themselves