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  1. Yeah that was pretty crazy (didn't seem like there was another option though), as was Great 2nd season. For now, seems like the Widow has taken the lead asshole gig and run with it. For someone who I initially thought would be a total disaster, Nick Frost did quite well. Maybe he is more than what I thought he was (I've only seen him in the Simon Peg movies)
  2. It's probably already burning inside of you
  3. Petty is the wheelhouse of a loser. And all three are losers
  4. Looks like Paul Millsap will opt out in Atlanta, according to ESPN. This summer could be really interesting.
  5. Skin probably started melting
  6. It shouldn't baffle you. Everything they say is basiclly bull**** at this point
  7. 'Nam flashback. I can't help it
  8. Growing up in suburban/super rural SoMd, I can relate to being called that several times by people. That being Manassas, she should probably tread carefully, but still, she probably chose more wisely than had she said something like that in say... anywhere in PG County, where I've seen that scenario play out before, and the police have to be called because someone started something they couldn't finish
  9. Makes me more emotional, since it happened at the school I went to. That, and I've been confronted by people like that in the past, though probably not as bold to carry out the threats they were making.
  10. Pretty sure you were that person on here several times in the past. It's basically what what led me to proclaiming you Son of Jordan
  11. "This is why Trump won" is quickly reaching, or may have already even surpassed "Thanks Obama" levels
  12. Hope you're doing okay.
  13. Walked into that? That was just inappropriate. No Wizards fan should ever bring up Michael Jordan with anybody.
  14. I doubt this has that big of an impact. If either team can't score on their first or second possession, neither deserves to win. I like this better than the ridiculous notion of changing to the perverse, college style OT, which has always been a sore spot for me, with games ending up 61-57. Do not reward failure. If you are a worthy offense, score to win the game. If you are a worthy defense, stop the other team from scoring. Even at the end, when both teams are tired, the better team digs deep and finds a way to win. Thats what real football should be about imo.