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  1. Conan or Star Trek II
  2. Yeah the sports are pretty slick. There more expensive tho than even a 2014 or 15 Q60 its seems. You just reminded me I need to get my oil changed before I drive up to NoVa. Thanks. You no know a mechanic?
  3. 01 Volvo V70. I want a 2014 Q60. I've wanted a G37x for years. My mom of course knew this and bought one. Sedan tho. She's been trying to sell it to me for a few years now. The 3.7L V6 AWD. Yours a G37x? I swear I remember you mentioning awhile back you were looking at getting one. I prefer the G37x to the 2014 Q60. The 2017 Q60 tho looks boss tho. Awesome you gave your nephew your old car. Essentially that's how I ended up with a station wagon now instead of my ol Chevy G20 Van. Randy Marion Ford gots the exact Q60 I want. If I could get $3K in trade for my Volvo and they'd knock down the price by $2,800 I'd cut him a check on the spot.
  4. Been debating whether or not to replace my car lately. Still really want an Infiniti. Only ever driven the sedans tho. Need to go to some dealerships and pretend to be a millionaire so they'll let me test drive a 2017 Q60.
  5. Bedroom was 79 degrees when I woke up this morning. I was still kinda cold even under my quilt.
  6. W had that timber company to look after down in Crawford though.
  7. Trump said he launched the missles at Iraq. Maria quickly had to correct him. Doubt he knows his asshole from his elbow. Seems as if Trump likes to make military decisions at the dinner table. He was probably more focused on that beautiful piece of cake than anything else.
  8. Summer is my least favorite season because of the heat and humidity. Still keep my thermostat at 77 though.
  9. Polls over the past month indicate he's gaining approval. Mainly from Independents. CBS poll yesterday had him at a 43% approval rating. He was around 37% I think a month ago.
  10. You're right I'm sure. Just something I was thinking about in regards to why Trumps approval ratings seem to be on the uptick lately.
  11. I know I can barely stand 80+ degrees in shorts and a t shirt. Furthest north my brother has lived tho is Virginia Beach. My father is about the same when it comes to warm weather. He has a reasonable excuse at least. Dude grew up in the tropics.