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  1. Once was enough for me. The smell of it alone was just awful. Friends if mine from high school were all about candy flipping. No thanks to that either. Saw doses galore Thursday at Nissan. Spunions errywhere. I'm to old for that ****. RTT n tailgate cops or what?
  2. Here... Yeah on cannabis. Taste like how black magic marker smells.
  3. Only thing hotter than the temps were the girlies. So... many... Bettys...
  4. First set the heat was ridiculous in the pavilion. #worthit
  5. Dude even shredded Space... Guy next to me said he's been seeing the Dead since 71'. Said it was the best the vocals have sounded since the early 90s. Before Jerrys decline... Mayer and Oteil crush it everytime Ive seen them. Oteil singing Fire on the Mountain was easily the highlight of an amazing show. Prolly the best Dead show Ive seen since Vegas 98'.
  6. The Dead show at ol Nissan Pavillion was fire... Oregon heads brought the girl scout cookies.
  7. Temperature in the mid 70s over there? Everyone here in NOVA has been saying how hot it is. I keep thinking meh this is spring type weather down in the Cackalacks...
  8. 60 million on a congressional election but no money for healthcare? #priorities
  9. Yup. Unfortunately I haven't seen a new episode since 2009 I think. I seem to have lost interest in most TV shows. Other than sports, GoT, and Rick & Morty there's not to much I watch on TV anymore.
  10. Griffey Jr prolly would of just come down with another case of gigantism though.
  11. Seems so friendly tho... Plus the female will eat him if she aint satisfied. Tough enough life already methinks.
  12. 37 and I still don't want kids. I'm sure that could change if I met the right woman. That aint to likely. I have three nephews tho. They're cool and all but kinda just remind me why I never wanted kids.
  13. Damn Australia. Warning cool spider...