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  1. clietas

    Flushing Tampa Bay out of the system

    I still love that story. Shows exactly what kind of a **** show the Skins are under Snyder. I think once he's done with Gruden he'll get really loaded and ramble off a list of retreads ta Bruce. It'll go a little like this:
  2. clietas

    Random Thought Thread

    I used that Nivea balm for years. Switched to aloe vera gel a couple years ago. Started using it instead of the nivea shaving gel as well. Works really well. Ok after a months worth of rain I'm ready for it to stop now.
  3. clietas

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    I think my favorite part was when Shawn Lauvao was steamrolled by a guy fresh up from the Colts practice squad. Every years its talk of Hogs 2.0 or something similar. Talk is all it ever is. Mayhaps finally invest more in the line than Lauvao and Roullier?
  4. clietas

    Gameday Thread

    This Curt Kousins guy is pretty good. Where'd he come from?
  5. clietas

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Well Gruden chose to defer the opening kickoff so he better have some kickass halftime adjustments. Uh cuz this is the awfulness.
  6. clietas

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Back to reality. Well it was funs while it lasted.
  7. clietas

    Election 2018 Thread

    "Vladimir Putin of Russia is doing a great job. He is a fighter who will be tough on Crime and the Border, fight hard for our Second Amendment and loves our Military and our Vets. He has my full and complete Endorsement!"
  8. clietas

    Election 2020 Thread

    He'll most likey be the frontrunner in a wide field. That usually doesn't work out to well in the Dem primary.
  9. clietas

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Nike will probably just sit back and watch their stock prices go up. Then follow up with another ad campaign.
  10. clietas

    Random Thought Thread

    Weird timing. I just finished using my treadmill.
  11. CT definitely makes this one of the top offenses in the league. Plus he's a lot o funs to watch. Runs great routes and sprints through running lanes with the quickness.
  12. As far as the Zina Bash hand sign goes she prolly just playing that stupid circle game from the 80s. I remember that stupid game from the 90s. Saw people playing that **** recently. Thought how is that still a thing.
  13. Meh... he did a wonderful job presenting his family. Which is great since his mother and kids will be on the supreme court right? Im not a fan of this Brett dude. He was at the RFK for the NFCCG in the 70s and 80s. Plus he gets to be on the supreme court. Lucky SoB....
  14. clietas

    The Biggest Wastes of Talent, Sports or Otherwise

    Damn if Barry Sanders is considered a waste what about Mark Rypien? Dude was good in 91 as well as in the paloffs n Super Bowl. Then pretty much dissapearered.