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  1. One of the greatest songs ever written. By one of the greatest bands of all time.
  2. I don't think it's possible. Even Indie film directors and artists succumb to Hollywood in the end.
  3. Corporate Hollywood only cares about if the idea/picture will make a profit. They could care less about producing actual art.
  4. Seventeen years is close enough for Hollywood studios. Honestly ten years is usually to long for them to wait.
  5. After twenty years everything old is new again.
  6. Main reason Ive had a buzz cut the past seventeen years is because the other option is a big orange afro. This asshole totally ruined the look.
  7. "That's right Paul just a coincidence"
  8. Yes. Then I remember who's the president and it seems fitting.
  9. @Jumbo That Woolsey CNN interview was painful to watch. Definitely doing his best to cover his own ass now. The fact he was letting the WSJ reporter do a lot the talking for him was quite telling.
  10. Lobbyists? Campaign Contributors?
  11. Is that why the defense budget is being increased by $60 Billion? We have all the money in the world it seems for more tanks, planes, ships, bombs, ect. But none for Healthcare?
  12. Stop sending so much money to the Pentagon.
  13. Which is why non profit Universal Healthcare is the only option IMO.
  14. They've certainly cashed in I won't argue that. They were cashing in long before the ACA though.
  15. If the ACA has been so detrimental to Insurance companies why do providers like Anthem and Aetna have billions of dollars to spend to acquire Cigna or Humana?