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  1. clietas

    Random Thought Thread

    Why? Terminator is a time traveling robot assassin with a badass spanish catchphrase. Of course a Bolivian drug kingpin like Alejandro Sosa has his number.
  2. Was visiting my folks over the summer when I first saw the trumpy bear commercial. I about died laughing. My dad looked at me like wtf you haven't seen that yet. Said itd been out for awhile. Im still really tempted to get one. Im sure Trump gets a piece o the action tho. So its a no go. Maybe Republican Santa will get me one for my Happy Holidays present.
  3. So Sean Hannity was going on a rant earlier on his radio show that FNC is in fact the real news. They do the real journalism. They cover the real local, national, and international stories. With some strong opinions mixed in. Much like newspaper editorials. Then going on how FNC is like a newspaper. That's why I think both he n FNC are so dangerous. For decades now they've sold Americans opinions as facts. 33% of Americans prolly believe every and anything they say as the truth. Im not sure what could be done at this point to repair the damage their propaganda has done to this country.
  4. Fast motion instant replay? To see if there's a first down or touchdown? Is Kellyanne on the meth or the crack? Both? Also who disrespects the office of the President the most? The fake news, American electorate, dems, or Trump himself?
  5. clietas

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    He's inaccurate, inconsistent, and hesitant.
  6. Once again wow... just wow.
  7. Thanks Defense for winning this one.
  8. Ryan Andersons Super Punch Out
  9. Falcons just turned the ball over to. Double G knows how to defense....
  10. Alex Smith luvs the double sometimes triple pumps. Fakes out no ones every time.
  11. What is going on out theres?