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  1. Bedroom was 79 degrees when I woke up this morning. I was still kinda cold even under my quilt.
  2. W had that timber company to look after down in Crawford though.
  3. Trump said he launched the missles at Iraq. Maria quickly had to correct him. Doubt he knows his asshole from his elbow. Seems as if Trump likes to make military decisions at the dinner table. He was probably more focused on that beautiful piece of cake than anything else.
  4. Summer is my least favorite season because of the heat and humidity. Still keep my thermostat at 77 though.
  5. Polls over the past month indicate he's gaining approval. Mainly from Independents. CBS poll yesterday had him at a 43% approval rating. He was around 37% I think a month ago.
  6. You're right I'm sure. Just something I was thinking about in regards to why Trumps approval ratings seem to be on the uptick lately.
  7. I know I can barely stand 80+ degrees in shorts and a t shirt. Furthest north my brother has lived tho is Virginia Beach. My father is about the same when it comes to warm weather. He has a reasonable excuse at least. Dude grew up in the tropics.
  8. Some folks these days don't believe anything is anonymous. A lot of those same folks could be on the Trump bandwagon.
  9. I was thinking the other night that Trumps approval rating is probably higher than 40%. A lot of his supporters just don't want to admit how much they approve his actions around folks they don't know.
  10. Wasn't he banned tho?
  11. My brother would. Temperature drops below 80 and he puts on a hoodie.
  12. Spicer stated "Hitler didn't use chemical weapons". Then followed it up with "Hitler was not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing". Really sounds like some denial to the holocaust to me. I agree though at the very least it's pure idiocy on Spicers part. The "Holocaust Centers" comment though is just bizarre.
  13. My first apartment in Colorado didn't have AC. Really sucked once summer hit and it was 95+ degrees.