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  1. Based upon our history, it would not surprise me if Christian sees some playing time this season. Other than what Ive heard I have not seen him play and am too damn lazy to go back and look at tape. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing him play in preseason and how he does in TC. He very well may prove to be a solid pick.
  2. It's going to be exciting to see what this young man can do at this level. It looks like we got a steal here. Hopefully, he will make a difference. Oh btw welcome to the Redskins!
  3. roanoker

    Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Post game assessment was the same as my pregame assessment. We would lose. This one though, reminded me of the Norvall years - we snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory....
  4. Great News about SCOTUS ruling. As a long time Redskins fan, I cannot get over how the WP launched its not stop attack on the Redskins name. Hence, I will continue to avoid reading their rag.
  5. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Dam great game; very enjoyable to see cowpile fans cry. The tradition continues in Jerry's world.
  6. RGIII? Glad he's in our rear view mirror.
  7. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Tick, tick, tick, great finish cowpiles!
  8. Lol - The Browns are the media queens of the world. Glad we relinquished the tiara...
  9. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Good game; I dont like the Iggles but like the cowpiles less. It was refreshing to see Romo getting into proper form for this time of year by throwing 2 ints.
  10. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    3 ints yesterday. Glad to see Romo is back to normal.
  11. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Ravens preseason game - It was good to see that Romo still finds a way to turn the ball over.
  12. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Lol - I started to say to the guy are you ******* me? But thought otherwise as I didn't want something strange or extra in my sub.
  13. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    Damn, I laughed so hard I think I soiled my pants.
  14. roanoker

    **** the Cowboys

    I went into a Subway sandwich shop yesterday wearing a Redskins polo shirt and cap. The guy behind the counter spoke up and said he was a cowpiles lover. When he asked if I were a Redskins fan. I said "Naw I just wear this stuff so people will wonder if I'm a Redskins fan."