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  1. The future captain just resigned. Deal is very cap friendly (no pun.) Now let's see if GMBM can address some other needs. Would love to see him flip Grubauer for some defense.
  2. Dan Gilbert addressed Lebron like he was a piece of property, and dude STILL went back to Cleveland. SMH. Ultimately, I don't think that Lavar's comments will sway Lebron one way or another when trying to decide where to play when he's a FA.
  3. KAT nowhere close to being in his prime, but is already a dominant player...Wiggins REALLY came on late, and Lavine had the most growing to do. Adding Butler to the mix, as you said, accelerates their growth. T-Wolves MIGHT be ready to make a leap into a top3-5 team in the West next year.
  4. Not a big First Take or SAS fan, but this is absolute GOLD. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  5. The haul for Chicago!!
  6. Here we goooo!
  7. You get zero argument from me regarding how terrible EG is with draft management...but Frazier instead of drafting at #52 makes more sense for this team.
  8. Honestly, how much were you expecting out of the #52 pick? It's a crap-shoot when it gets to be that late. Gotta think that they're not done just yet (with the draft.)
  9. The future 30 for 30 on the bungles of the Caps team during the Ovechkin-era will be great TV. Defense is gonna SUUUUCK next year. SMH. IMO, Schmidt was the 3rd best defenseman on this team. Niskanen, Orlov, Schmidt....and then a DISTANT 4th for Carlson and everyone else that followed. We left the wrong guy unprotected. And I think you all know exactly who I think should have been there instead of Schmidt.
  10. Frazier > #52 pick. I'm not mad at this...will be ecstatic if the Wizards get an early 2nd rounder and take a guy like Josh Hart (although, he seems like he'd be a late-1st spurs type of pick.) After what Malcolm Brogdon did last season, that bodes well for Hart.
  11. Not confirmed....but....
  12. John Wall: Link