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  1. I don't care what it takes, GET HIM SIGNED. That Chris Davis contract better not be a roadblock.
  2. any chance do you have a link? *edit* Definitely need a terrorism charge against this dummy who drove the challenger into the crowd. *edit 2.0* @No Excuses, I see the link...nvm.
  3. Couldn't agree more with what you said. They are brazen enough to march for hate, then let's find out who they are and where they work. I want to know.
  4. Didn't see any of the game, but is there any talk of converting Nico Marley to a SS?
  5. If you look up the definition of "lateral move," you'll find this trade listed. Makes ZERO sense. I'm so sick of Dan Duquette.
  6. Just read on OH that the top-8 prospects in MLB are international signees. Dan Duquette is literally THE worst. This team in no way, shape, or form should be buying.
  7. Barring injury to 2/4 big players, Golden State will be representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals for the next 5-7 years.
  8. His portrait was included. As it should have been. He's an icon in the city.
  9. What assets do the T-Wolves have to give up to get Kyrie? Also, he's not a good PG and is AWFUL defensively. This t-wolves team is too green and would be food for the Warriors. Also, Kyrie is in no position to dictate where he wants to play. He doesn't have a NTC, so the Cleveland brass can send him just about anywhere.
  10. I think Oubre/Gortat/draft picks gets it done.
  11. This REALLY sucks...I thought he was on the mend. RIP to a legend. Guaranteed him and GM are up there laughing at this clip again.
  12. I think it was because of Akron.
  13. I really think this is Lebron pulling strings behind the scenes to screw over Dan Gilbert before leaving or retiring. I truly believe that Lebron has had it out for Dan Gilbert since the whole comic sans debacle following The Decision. Dan treated Lebron like he owned him, and as "woke" as Lebron and his crew are, you know that doesn't sit well. Obviously, this is just a tinfoil hat theory...but Lebron has been working to get his boys paid (Tristain Thompson) from Gilbert when he knew they wouldn't get as much on the open market. He probably advised Chauncey Billups not to take the job and guaranteed had a heads up of Kyrie's "demand" from a while back. Lebron just getting the wheels in motion for either his eventual departure or retirement just to screw over Dan Gilbert one last time.
  14. Lebron gotta be pulling strings behind the scenes. Gonna give it to Dan before the whole thing burns down.