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  1. Buster Olney: 'No Chance' Orioles Re-Sign Manny Machado *sigh* If this is truly the case, trade him and Britton ASAP. Restock the farm and TRULY embrace a rebuild. Losing Manny will feel like a kick to the head. Can't believe this is a reality...sometimes I hate the teams I like.
  2. Hmmm....
  3. He's not a liability due to how good the overall team defense is for the Warriors. Within the context of that defensive scheme, he's fine. Put him on just about any other team in the league, where there aren't 3 other elite defensive players on the floor with him at all times, he'd be food.
  4. Again, he tries VERY hard. Doesn't take away from him being an average overall defender. And no one took anything away from Draymond, Iggy, and Klay for their's just their abilities help mask some of Curry's limitations. Those three are elite, or near to it at their respective positions.
  5. Without watching the vid and going off of what I see from Curry, I think he does do well within the context of the defensive scheme of what the Warriors run. However, we can't discount the contributions on the interior from guys like Draymond, Iggy, Bogut (at the time,) and now Durant. All guys who are elite or near the top defensively. Having a great overall TEAM defense does wonders. Especially for sub-par to average defensive players. Team defense > individual. Simple as that. Knowing you can take risks/gambles because the strength of your overall unit will pick up where you may have had misstep is such a bonus. Other players around the league don't have that same luxury that the Warriors do. This is mostly the reason why I think Golden State has a great chance at winning the finals in 5 games. This team is built like no other in the history of the league. Amazing offense and defense. Also in regards to the Wizards...good on Wall for essentially forcing the WIzards hand. I think we do see some sort of big move made this offseason to appease him. Whether it's Boogie, PG13, or Blake, I have a feeling that we'll actually have a legit big-3 to start next season.
  6. You're patting yourself on the back for something I been saying...HE'S AVERAGE. And no, I did not watch the video. However the title is "Why Steph Curry is an Elite Defender." Am I missing something between the title and what the video is actually about? Want to break down what it means to be "elite?" Maybe you can do better with your definition since the video has a misleading title.
  7. Talking about we gotta do better and you posted a vid where someone called him ELITE LOL. Steph gives 100% on the defensive end of the floor. He tries VERY hard. However, it doesn't account for anything more than him being average. He strictly benefits from Klay taking the tougher assignments and also KD/Draymond/Iggy being there to clean up his messes or switch. I'm not going to say much about Wall on the defensive end, because he takes possessions off ALL THE TIME. However, as others have pointed out, when he's engaged and locked in, there aren't many better PGs defensively at the 1 than him. He can be elite at that end of the floor, but he doesn't give it his all. Could be because he's tired from the heavy lifting on offense, but who knows/
  8. Bingo... He benefits from great overall team defense. He's average. Nothing more, nothing less on that end of the floor. *edit* Now thinking about it, I remember specifically in their loss vs. the Wizards late in the season, Steph was in a iso situation late in the game against Wall. HE called immediately over the Draymond for the switch, which Draymond did. If it's a tougher guard assignment, Klay is getting that matchup.
  9. ELITE defender? C'mon now LOL. I didn't watch the vid yet...and I'll get to it later on, but let's be real....Steph REALLY benefits from OVERALL TEAM defense as opposed to what he's doing by himself. He's average. I can pull vids off of youtube that show how he's the furthest thing from "elite" that there is. I'll maintain that he's average. Not even 6/10. Draymond/KD/Iggy/Klay are all +, to elite defensive players. You can hide your weakest link when the sum of the unit is that strong. It's akin to the Thibs Bulls teams that had strong defenses but would hide Boozer within the scheme so you wouldn't really exploit how bad he was on the interior.
  10. Even with the Warriors going 73-9 last year and the Cavs miraculously pulling off the Finals win, beating the Warriors this year will prove to be 1000x harder. This is arguably the most loaded team in NBA history and have one of the best offenses/defense in the NBA this year. IF the Cavs pull this off, and Lebron plays the way we all expect, I'm ready to cement him as the GOAT. This is going to be the biggest challenge of his career...Cavs winning two games might be generous LOL.
  11. I think Curry also benefits from playing in one of the best team-defenses in the NBA. Having guys like Draymond and Iggy on the floor makes life A LOT easier for everyone else. Not to mention, Klay/KD are no slouches either. I think Curry is an average defender at best. When the Cavs/Warriors meet up, I guarantee Cleveland will look to exploit Curry on that end of the floor much like what they did with Isaiah Thomas when he was healthy.
  12. I think there is something to be said about the offense that GS runs and the players Curry has for teammates. Considering what Wall has had to work with over the past couple of seasons, I think it's completely debatable as to who controls the floor better as a PG.
  13. Good call on Iverson. Folks would see inflated steals numbers and automatically think he (and others) were good defenders, when it couldn't be further from the truth. I love of my all-time favorite players, but I think he's lucky that he wasn't playing in this new-era of advanced stats. Can you imagine the discussions? LOL.
  14. So, here's the thing about OPINIONS. They're subjective. For the third time....I said Wall is the best PG in the NBA, but I think Curry is the better player.