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  1. But he didn't play in the 4th if I'm not mistaken. If true, it's not the first time Brooks has put Gortat on the bench in crucial situations. Witt did the same thing IIRC....
  2. How dumb do the Nuggets look right now? Not so much for trading Nurkic because it had to be done, but for what they got in return. Dude is EATING out in Portland...
  3. Crazy that this is the first division title in close to 40 years! Didn't see the game, unfortunately. However, I heard that Gortat was ineffective yet again. He's got to be better going forward. I still maintain that I think his production (offensively) can be duplicated by both Mahinmi/Smith next year.
  4. ****'s unfortunate. With video replay at the disposal of every coach on board with the Caps they can IMMEDIATELY tell whether there was any intent or not. Wilson, in this instance, was in no way being careless with his stick. Hence why he was back on the ice after serving his double-minor. If it was as egregious as you're making it seem, he would have sat. Simple as that. And let's not pretend that Trotz hasn't sent strong messages to Wilson and others for not playing smart hockey.
  5. How often? You want my resume from prep school or NCAA? Take your pick. You questioning the wrong one, bud.
  6. Haphazard? LOL. It was a fluke. If it was as careless as you're making it seem, Trotz would have benched him.
  7. Lackadaisical with the stick is a lazy hooking penalty to make up for a lack of skating, aka, the "Semin," not an inadvertent high-stick in the neutral-zone when Wilson had no clue Parise was right there. BIG difference.
  8. High stick was inadvertent. Hard to call that bone-headed. Hope Parise is OK. Also, hard to tell when Wilson got cut in that fight w/ Stewart. Stewart didn't land anything and Wilson was leaking afterwards. Didn't look like he hit his head on the ice when they fell, so I'm not sure...
  9. Don't slip to 4 and just finish as the 2 or 3. Would be great seeing either the bucks or pacers in the first round.
  10. If you can coach, you can coach. Becky Hammon will be the first. She's got Pop's blessing and is respected.
  11. Gortat's durability is definitely a positive...and if Mahinmi gets his health back, I think he and Smith can give you Gortat's production and more.
  12. Jason Smith, a 3 headed monster at the 5 when all of them dudes are healthy. Smith's ability to hit the mid-range and go beyond the arc has me thinking this team will be just fine if they let Gortat go in the summer.
  13. Otto has been pretty bad since the all-star break.
  14. How much of a drop off in production would we see if the Wizards started Jason Smith over Gortat?
  15. Westbrook is all bark, no bite. Thought there'd be some fireworks with him and Zaza, and dude didn't even look his way. Tried to take it to Steph, and STeph wasn't having it. I think a lot of people see through some of his fugazi antics.