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  1. I wouldn't believe unnonymous tweets in this campaign... Remember a few months back when some paper leaked Ted Cruz was sleeping with 5 advisors of other candidates including Katrina Pierson.... This is the kind of stuff which screams political character assassination. I don't always agree with Katrina Pierson but she's a strong effective spokes woman for Trump. Which means she's been the target of several attacks so far.
  2. Jill has been very critical of Bernie too, calling him a turn coat, and saying he betrayed his supporters.. yada yada yada.... Bernie's answer was pretty pragmatic... That the country will have a Democrat or a Republican in the Presidency come Nov, and He's working to keep Trump out of office.. Period.
  3. Yes perhaps true, but you weren't really given that opportunity where you... Because you've got a Billion dollar organization cramming every negative thing trump says down your throats... In many cases construing as negative and outrageous things which really aren't all that out of the main streams. And then you have the entirely fictional stories, and the revisionist historical stories.. A Billion dollars goes a long way when you know how to use it. Well Hillary is flip flopping back and forth on a few important issues.. Like whether she's a moderate or a liberal... like her position on Trade ( TPP )... Like her policy against Osama Bin Laudin's assassination. Their is a lot of Flip flopping going on over at the more practiced politicians camp too. Agree with the Former.. I just can't believe a self made billionaire is such a blithering idiot. Maybe he is... I find the uncertainty I have of Trump more attractive than the cartainty I have of Hillary.
  4. Nobody is claiming the Republican primary was rigged.. Yeah the Democratic Primary was rigged... that's why the four leading officers in the party have resigned. Bernie in all likelihood would have won if not for the constant meddling of the DNC. I mean that's beyond any dispute... (1) Campaigns end when you run out of money... Not Hillary's thanks to the DNC.. (2) At one point the DNC cut Bernie off so he couldn't get any information about potential voters during important primaries... Betnie had to go to Federal court to get access to the data turned back on... that was widel reported in the press at the time as a death sentence for his campaign.. Only we didn't know at the time the DNC was working for Hillary. (3) Planting stories and demonstrations to defame Bernie with voters. (4) Holding half as many debates during unfavorable times so Bernie couldn't get his message out... DNC wouldn't have worked so hard to sabotage Bernie's campaign if they didn't think he stood a good chance of winning..
  5. I guess what I would say is Hillary said she was going to raise and spend more than a Billion dollars in this campgn. That's a Billion dollars aimed at Trump... I do think that the "ass clouwn" impression you have of him is directly related to that massive well financed effort against him.. I would also say the only thing that is keeping Trump in this race is the fact that Hillary is just about as unpopular as Trump is.. Trump post the well financed character assassination orchestrated against him... Hillary who does not face such an organization is shackled with her own poor decisions and track recordd.. ( Trump has raised and spent almost nothing compared to Hillary... Trumps Campaign is at about 90 million and his super pac is at about 8 million... Hillary's got about 300 million with her super pac joint fundraising and DNC having another 300 million on hand. according to the Washington post end of June numbers.
  6. Excuse me? Well then you are in the wrong country... Here in the United States we generally do have a problem with rigging elections.... That's what Watergate was all about.. Nixon's attempt to rig the 1972 Democratic primary.
  7. YES we do... We do have emails of the DNC soliciting media in favor of Hillary and or to the detriment of Bernie.. THAT'S THE REASON THESE FOLK ARE RESIGNING... It's not a question whether the DNC fixed the primary. They did it.. their's evidence. The question now is with the Primary being paid for by the US taxpayer; is this just business as usual dirty tricks.... or does this rise to the level of campaign fraud.
  8. Actually they weren't... Actually Priebus was on TV defending the open debate formate which the RNC had adopted which allowed Trump to rise to the top spot on the ticket and stay there. I'm not saying Priebus was a buddy of Trumps.. But I am saying Priebus engineered a wide open primary which allowed a huge underdog in Trump to take the Primary... and if Trump does in fact win; it will be because of the RNC's reaching out to attract voters, while the DNC was trying to shrink the focus and audience for their own primary.
  9. Except you have the email from the disgraced and now resigned commonications director of the DNC telling his staff to reach out to their media sources and plant the stories in the press, and to make sure they weren't sourced in the articles... So yeah we do know that the DNC were behind many of the Bernie is an Atheist Stories...
  10. Unfortunately for your point, the emails specifically say otherwise. Being an Athiest is a death sentence to any politician in many parts of the United States... and that's how the DNC used them. They planted the stories in the local papers of upcoming primaries to discredit Bernie.. West Virginia, Oklahoma, etc... The emails say... something like... What about his religions.. IF we paint him as an Atheist that would cost him x number of points with my people... I paraphrase. They reason they did it was to draw voters away from him..
  11. The problem with that assertion is nobody in leadership at the RNC was motivated or had any accusations to throw the primary to Trump. The RNC had a wide open primary, with 3 times as many national debates and their debates followed a wide open format.. The Democrats had none of those things... Only the Democrats are being accused of corrupting and fixing their primary...
  12. Pete acknowledges a single email, because people site specific emails... But the DNC evidence spans many issues and many many emails... It goes far beyond the DNC planting stories... The emails show DWS calling up the presidents of networks to get them to stop giving Bernie's campaign airtime. It's got the DNC staging Bernie rallies, with people pretending to be Bernie supporters to discredit Bernie. Ever wonder why thousands of Bernie supporters showed up at violent BLM rallies against Trump... maybe that's the reason. The emails are a treasure trove in how to rig a primary... That's why DNC leadership are dropping like flies.....
  13. The communications director of the DNC.. the guy who resigned today... sent an email to his staff informing them to plant stories about Bernie Sanders among their media contacts and to make sure they weren't sources in said stories. The DNC discussed planting many negative stories about Bernie in many different email threads. Everything from his campaign being poorly run, His followers being violent, to Bernie himself being an atheist.. And yeah their were a lot of those stories about him being an Atheist out their out there..
  14. 2 Small correction. There are no intelligence agencies suggesting we know Russia is to blame. They are the experts. And while it has widely been reported in the press that the US Intelligence Community pretty well knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the Russians, that categorization has been directly refuted by DNI... I have further suggested that a private end point security firm like the guys that the DNC hired to incompetently set up their fire walls and protect their data; are not in a position to know with certainty the origins of a cyber attack. They simple don't have any resources or visibility into the network to give them that ability. If they did the US Cyber Command wouldn't be spending many 10's of billions of dollars annually to develop those capabilities. That is even overstating it. So far the only thing which has been said by any Intelligence Source on the record has been we don't know who it was. Blaming the Russians and attributing to US Intelligence has all been innuendo and unsourced allegations.. Largely from Hillary's campaign staff. -------------------------------------------------------------------- So the evidence given so far that I've seen... Not suggesting this is a comprehensive list... This is the list I've heard and read... Not saying their isn't more.. just getting the discussion started. From the private security firm who set up the DNC's emails.. Not US Intelligence. (1) The time stamps on the incursions corresponded to the Russian work day. (2) There was some Russian holiday and their was no incursion on that day. (3) There was some MS Word Document left behind on the server.. Inside the header information of that document contained Cyrillic characters and a Russian sounding name who was the originating writer of the email. That's all the "evidence" I've heard of pointing to the Russians. It's nearly nonexistent. And then we have this..... at least the M
  15. Yep, Manufactured negative stories in the press, organized press boycotts of favorable stories of Bernie, organized protests against Bernie, and they even organized people pretending to be Bernie supporters protesting to make Bernie supporters seem violent. And then their is the whole giving money to the Hillary campaign during important primaries when Hillary was broke. And of coarse slanting the entire execution of their jobs to ensure a Hillary win... like limiting the number of debates to half of those held those in 2008 and 1/3rd of those held by the GOP... Scheduling closed primaries vs open primaries because closed primaries were more favorable to Hillary. And with all that aid, Hillary won with what 3% of the vote.......