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  1. Now as we wait the final few hours / days until the Supreme court anounces their finding on Obamacare I thought we could discuss the next steps... If Obamacare wins and is upheald, clearly the GOP will continue to try to kill it... Seems like it will be harder without the "unconstitutional" argument... But I suspect they will continue to try... I think Obama will get a bump in the polls as a reward for a hard fought victory.... I expect that bump to be very short lived however and not a factor in November.. I also expect the Democrats to get on to phase II of healthcare reform and try to work on more savings. If Obamacare looses and is found unconstitutional. The President and congress go back to the drawing board anyway... regardless of who wins the Presidency the country will be bankrupt in a decade if healthcare waste isn't addressed. Both parties know that. If Obamacare / mandate is tossed out; that only leaves a government run system as a viable alternative... Which will be very unpalatable to the Republicans... but before that occurs I look for the republican to cherry pick popular items out of Obamacare and try to pass them piece meal... Figure it won't extend coverage to nearly as many people, or cut costs nearly as much, but we will still get some of Obamacare's core features. If the court just drops the mandate, then that's your basic disaster as they are syaing insurance premiums would jump by 10-30% likely greatly increasing the number of folks without insurance, further increasing the pressure on rising premiums. Anyway, It's like Churchill said... We are not at the end, or even the beginning of the end, but perhaps we are at the end of the beginning.