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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Man @HTTRDynasty videos like that make me want guice so bad. Also think how hard it would be to know what types of defense we are in with a player like Fitzpatrick, he literally can man almost anywhere on the field
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Fordranger are you saying you hope we draft harrison phillips at 13?
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I've become worried about this also. It's cooled me on vea, so much potential... But yeah
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I think the same about nicholson, he has flashes of probowl level talent - the injuries are concerning though, hopefully they were a one year thing
  5. Ryan Kerrigan future HOFer?

    He's vice president of a real estate company in maryland. Doing fine...
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Sometimes I wonder why I obsessively look at mock drafts. Reuters on NFL has us picking DJ Moore instead of Minkah Fitzpatrick, seriously... Moore is nice but he isn't in the class of Fitzpatrick
  7. I know this is the FA thread, but you feel that either Daron Payne or Vea are reaches at 13?
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I just think either of the DTs, Vea or Daron Payne are much better than any of the edge rushers and DEs not named Chubb. Having Payne or Vea at nose and Ionnaidis and Alled at DE would be one of the best pass rushing front 3s I could imagine Edit :. At 13 i mean
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    At 13? No way, with a trade back to the end of the first ? I could see that
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Smith led the league in downfield passing in the 2017 season. He was 1st in yards and 1st in accuracy.
  11. The quote was "One definition of insanity" not the definition. Also the skins have not been doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We've done LOTS of different things, with the same result. Still a few moves away and then gelling to be a competitor, and have been for a while.
  12. HapHaszard's Passing

    He was a good dude. I always liked him a lot. Thank you for posting this
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I totally get that, and really believe fabian has elite talent. But why not fuller and moreau as our future ... I just don't see the value in smith trade. Plus 3rd round draft picks are pretty good. I'm going to see how this plays out, but man it seems crazy to me right now.
  14. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    I had hoped Ike Hilliard could have provided those things.