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  1. Quick is not making this roster.
  2. Twitter thread is nice but it absolutely does not replace brbn for me.
  3. He's always been a big bully of a corner. As well as a total pro in preparation, I'm sure he is physically exactly where the strength coach wants him physically
  4. Keim probably got his weight from redskins.com which has him at 177 and all kinds of other funky weights listed maybe typos. No way is Crowder a lb less than 187 and no way is Su'a cravens clocking in at 244 at OTAS. Both of those are their listed weights
  5. I agree 100%. Crowder would be a 2nd rounder possibly late first rounder if people knew his game would translate to the NFL as well as it has, he is balling out and I don't think he's going to stop. Pryor is a freak of nature in the top 1% of size/speed/strength for NFL WR, raw yes - but also put up vert strong numbers last year. If either one of them wasn't on the team and Doctson wasn't projected to start then I would worry.
  6. I would have also on both counts, but we will be able to afford him
  7. Why do you feel this way? As long as Cousins eventually signs a LTD I don't see why we won't be abke to sign all our 1yr audition guys - if we want to.
  8. Thats actually where I got the Redskins talk episodes I heard. Its what made me think of this thread. I love the twitter thread but if I miss it for a couple days a lot can get lost in the shuffle in there!
  9. I will def check it out nemo, fellow sad sap here. Yeah I listened to 1 redskins talk ep.I wonder if there is a new episode, I should check that. Thanks for the suggestions
  10. I listen mostly to espn 980 vault or livecast when I'm working. I wish I was more into baseball, and the nba finals are lol, no. Cooleys gone and I am a sports radio nerd. What are the podcasts woth listening to out there that go over OTAs and stuff? #Offseasonblues
  11. Well I was kind of talking about him as a football player exclusively when I called him soft, not personally as a man. He won the genetic lottery in the size/speed category for sure though.
  12. I think he was drafted and heralded as the next Terrell Owens and never lived up to that. It soured a lot of people on him or rather soured them on the fact that he was MASSIVELY over drafted. I think he fits just fine as a WR here because I don't expect much out of him. Just fall down less than Ryan Grant and block well and I'd be happy
  13. And he's bubble gum soft, doesn't run with power and dances around in a way that doesn't move the ball. And he refuses to play special teams. And he's soft.
  14. Man jamison crowder just breaks him off on those routes, his change of direction ability is as elite as I've seen, like an Allen Iverson crossover dribble
  15. Keith Marshall looks chubby at OTAs, not that I should talk - but I'm not an NFL player. Perine and Kelly looked like they were both ready to strap the pads on.