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  1. I thought moses played pretty darn well last year, though I don't remember him ever making a dominant block in the run game - but he has the tools. As far as Long... I think its the homer in me but if he stays healthy I really believe this is the year we say the center position is set.
  2. Brandon Scherff will punk enough guys this year that his probowl turns to allpro and he will be the highest listed guard next year of all the guards on the top100 (surely to be a short list, but by then he will have enough pancake block highlights to fill a 20 second split so nfl will be able to air it). No DT in the league is psyched about facing the Scherff, belee dat.
  3. I mean he's great at getting the ball out sure.. But don't sneeze at Scherff and the Morgan Moses of 2017, not to mention Spencer Long's progress. RG3 was terrible at QB but he didn't have near the OLine we do today. Also Mcvay was terrible at calling running plays. Amazingly bad when compared to his understanding of a pass scheme.
  4. I just cannot belive the fluidity and power he moves with. He doesn't look 290 at all, looks like he could do backflips with ease.
  5. 100% Jabrill peppers hasn't signed his rookie participation agreement yet because once he does the NFL will make him submit to a drug test. Gotta clean out the ol' system first. VERY suspect. Only first rounder in the NFL to miss rookie camp because he hasn't signed a very standard post-draft agreement.
  6. This is a guess, but I really think part of the reason that he fell was that hegained so much weight to take on the role of FB to Mixons HB and thats how he was utilized - he thrived in that role. Hopefully he can turn back the clock and focus on streamlining and agility. His passpro is underrated I think, as are hjs hands. He's never going to be a route runner but does this offense really need that out of a 3rd down back?
  7. That dude is a straight werewolf. **** trying to tackling him, even if you do it won't feel like you won.
  8. I respect that opinion on howard, he was my number 1 rated offensive player. I just think Allen is going to show the kind of consistent, dominating line penetration and ability to read and disrupt plays that we haven't seen in a long long time. I think once Sprinkle strengthens up and tightens some route running he will be a very good player, if he is still moving well at 270 he will be a great weapon as a blocker and pass catcher. Maybe not gamebreaking but very good and unique.
  9. Lol I realize this now. Sorry guys, I'm watching the bullets blow this game . Ignore my rattling in this thread
  10. ...
  11. @Hail2theSkins24 What makes you think Davis is more explosive after the catch than Doctson? A 42 inch vertical is pretty damn explosive. Davis is much meatier and stronger but I think Doctson is a mich more natural reciever. He's got a nasty spin move in the open field too! I like davis a lot too, and they both need to learn to get open more and rely less on high point catches in traffic, but Doctson is a natural at down field pass catching. I don't think Davis is anywhere near the level of reciever Doctson was coming out. That being said after having seen what Terrelle Pryor did becoming a legit WR I think if someone puts in the work they can definitely get a lot better. I LOVE that robert davis is a great blocker for a WR. Both for teams and because it will help say adios to Grant.
  12. I agree that we probably would have drafted him had allen not fallen to us - and at 17 it would have been a great pick. Other than his combine stats being great I don't personally think Howard in anyway had shown he is a better player than allen. That being said I was saying earlier that Howard is a better TE than Mccaffrey is RB. I really liked Howard but he never once had a performance as dominant as many of Allen's dominant taking over games performances Also like you alluded to Allen is probably the best 3-4 DE prospect in years - which just so happens to be the defense we play.
  13. @The Consigliere are you saying you would have drafted a TE in the first round over Jonathan Allen? I mean OJ Howard is awesome but not in the same class of player compared to Allen imho.
  14. Yeah I really wanted to see him play last year the injuries were a bummer. If he comes out of the gate like he's healthy and has really put in the time developing vision etc. Maybe - his highlights he's at full speed so fast. Maybe too fast needs to be a bit more patient.
  15. Keith Marshall is not going to be the lighting to anybody's thunder. I doubt he makes it out of camp.