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  1. Nothing wrong with that when you have crowder, grant and draft pick#? As the shiftier smaller wr. A-mix is playing dominos with J-Campbell in Georgia. Maurice Thomas better have a fire lit under his ass right now!
  2. Nick Saban didn't seem to have a problem working with him.
  3. You know who else struggled with coverages and defensive scheme and played WAY better when he was teamed up with a guy named ryan clark who helped steer him in the right coverages? Sean Taylor. Some players have such instinct that they have been profoundly successful without having to get those things. Plus Foster has hinted he may be learning disabled. Make accomadations for the man, let his subconcious break up plays and shut down the middle of the front 7.
  4. Here is my favorite highlight video of him, I think it has the best angles and plays. Thought I'd continue the circle jerk fanboy hoedown as we enter the draft excitement. https://youtu.be/5J-_-xSx9x0
  5. He is not an every down stud, an every down stud is Ezekiel Elliot. He is a great college player who will be a good nfl player, possibly great in the right system. Not great between the tackles or in pass pro. I would rather draft a TE or Guard than Mcaffrey.
  6. FWIW 40 times for linemen/edgerushers/linebackers are a terrible stat. The 10 yard split off the 40 is good, but vertical leap and short area explosion are much more important. Reddick has that too so whatever lol
  7. He isn't just tall, he literally jumps 10 inches higher than any of the big WR in this draft, and actually LOOKS like he does im game, not just combine numbers. I can't help it, I'm psyched up about him again.
  8. I have a feeling the 16 teams drafting before us probably feel the same way though. We can hope!
  9. Hope he drops in the draft like Ray lewis did.The man plays football.
  10. Could they be taking a chance on Ionnadis (sp?) I always thought he was supposed to bulk up and play NT. Maybe they figure his production could rise and $ saved. Maybe wishful thinking
  11. Let it play out first. Sounds odd that the police showed up, investigated and left without filing charges or making an arrest - VERY rarely happens in a domestic violence call. Then later after the cops came and left she contacted the authorities again the misdemeanor charges were levied. He's hinting on twitter that he wanted to break up with her and she freaked out. I say let it play out before calling him a woman beater. Though he may be.
  12. If pryor has an awesome year we will have as good a chance to sign him as anyone. I don't see the negative at all.
  13. Who is stoking the fires of that feeling? Ross, Williams? I don't see a WR that is so much head and shoulders above a safety, CB or Oline. I'd rather have forrest lamp than any of the WRs
  14. I actually think fat rob did well when he played FB and his experience at the position adds to his value. Lining him up in front of CT was our most dynamic redzone package imho, not that that's saying much!