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  1. By the way, the default setting only goes through 2/2017. If you extend it to March, it's even worse
  2. Yes, and it will also be able to react more quickly and precisely.
  3. You should go back and see all the people trashing Josh LiRibeus' band workout in the free agent thread
  4. So how does everyone else pronounce 'paloffs'? Is it like 'pay-loffs'? I prefer saying it 'pal-offs', but maybe I'm in the minority. Either way, they're totally now.
  5. Don't worry, guys, he means "paloffs."
  6. i dont understand, why is the redskins game always the worst stream on that site? every other stream is working and at a better quality than we had. and its always the last one up. kind of a bummer.
  7. yea, i dont know what to do if they shut down, if someone could pm me some links, that would be awesome.
  8. so anyone happen to know if the stream will be up right away this week?
  9. i would do terrible things to find a link right now
  11. if were doing videos:
  12. what is the deal with 3:18 pm?