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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Poor btard! Ryan @ryan3levis Gundogan must be up nights thinking about Anfield, you know. His two trips were the 4-3 at the weekend, and the 4-3 with Dortmund. Has gnarling, sniping Scousers in his head 24/7. 7:00 pm · 17 Jan 2018 Hail.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Far be it from me to give props to Chelsea but that would have been an absolute travesty if Norwich had won the tie. Absolutely shambolic officiating. If Scott's the future then officiating is well and truly F-ed. Same bellend that disallowed what should have been Solanke's first top-flight English goal West Brom his first PL game before Chrimbo. And he's patently not improved any. And as if he wasn't a big enough disgrace, the clowns watching the VAR couldn't even get bang obvious decisions in real time, let alone on replay, right. Shambolic disgrace. And over in Germany, even the players are against the VAR experiment now! Raphael Honigstein‏Verified account @honigsteinFollowFollow @honigstein More Raphael Honigstein Retweeted Oliver Wurm 47 per cent of Bundesliga players say VAR should be abolished. (Source: @kicker) 9:06 am - 8 Jan 2018 Hail.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Mignolet is making the Belgium WC squad regardless whether he plays another second this season. (And it still scares the living P out of me he might now be the CL keeper. I want to have a good go at winning that!). And tgeres every probability he’d stay as the number 2. Belgium don’t have options. Mignolet talking about being worried the WC is just lip-service. None-debate here lads. Hail.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Club statement today: “We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the player’s actions during the events that took place resulting in this criminal conviction. “It leaves his own reputation damaged and, through association, he has severely let down the club he had previously represented with distinction. “We have expressed to him our disappointment and anger that he has failed to live up to the values of Liverpool Football Club, in this specific instance. “The club has allowed the legal formalities to reach a conclusion before deciding on or implementing any internal disciplinary action. That internal process will now begin. “The club has no further comment to make at this time.” I take it from that they'll give it a little time to make sure they're fully covered legally before terminating his contract, Hail.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Liverpool FC defender Jon Flanagan sentencing for assault on girlfriend: updates from court - Liverpool EchoNOW can we terminate his contract?!!!!! Hail.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    The key major difference between the top 6 sides goals against records: Hail.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Maybe @Long n Left might even have sorted this job out by then too! Hail.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    I presume that fat blert Anderson will now be investigated right? RIGHT? Ross Barkley transfer: 'No fraud' in Everton to Chelsea move - BBC News Hail.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Well that's only taken 5 years to finally conclude Reina needs properly replacing: 'Klopp will buy a goalkeeper in the summer with Roma’s Alisson a target, although negotiations on a fee could prove difficult given Liverpool recruited Mohamed Salah for an initial £36.9 million from the Italians. That has been shown to be a bargain following the Egyptian’s form and Roma will not want to lose another player on the cheap.The Brazil goalkeeper Alisson, who does not have a buy-out clause and is valued at around £44 million, is aware his reputation is soaring and said a decision on his future would be made after the World Cup. “I am happy in Rome,” he said. “It’s always a pleasure to feel that lots of people are monitoring you but my head is focused on Roma. I leave my future in the hands of God. In June, maybe we will speak about it again but for now I am concentrated on Roma.” Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak is another potential candidate, although the Slovenian has a €100 million (about £89 million) buy-out clause.' Hail.
  10. 2017 ES GM's Mock Draft is now in the books. FULL details in the OP.

    Presuming that's rhetorical? Presuming y'all want to back this year for it not to be? Hail.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    We'll be in Porto the 14th watching the Mighty Reds. Does that count? Mad day Cantona's 'comeback' '95. We had no official away tickets as capacity was right down due to the rebuild. Got one outside so I'm the Stretford End sat me hands. The Utd ticket office had been done over midweek and a load of tickets robbed. Stewards were looking out for these seats and this lad came over wanting to look the ticket. Utd had subtly changed the order on the date the tickets for the reprinted ones. As this is leading to ours turned out to be some the nicked ones. Got lashed out just as the game started with a few digs thrown our way as the 'enquiries' had revealed who we were by this point. Then got back in around 80 when they opened up the gates and just grabbed any empty speck. Never seen any of the 4 goals. Got blagged on the ticket and lashed out. But got back in with nobody realising who we were. Mad day.God. 23 years ago man. I feel old. Hail.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Yeah, don't think it was ever much more than a passing interest. Be interesting to see what if anything he becomes at Dortmund. Interesting prospect reading up on him a few weeks back. Hail.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    I have spotted a glaring flaw in y'all's discussion here ..... Good luck selling the manager on that. Welcome back BTW. Been TOO long. Hail.
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Think you're mistaking that over time lil' bro. (On me. Not yourself.). I'd never so much as heard of him before we signed him. Much less seen him play to have much of any opinion. Very magnanimous. Especially as we weren't even playing each other. Thank you. Hail.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    That would be my ideal captaincy scenario. If I could have spoken to order just one, I more than likely would have been. But alas I had the rare privilege of enjoying every part of yesterday stone cold sober. Hail.