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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Pity Leipzig aren't. That was our best chance of maybe taking Naby early. Sadly now it'll have to wait until the summer. Hail.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Line! I like that haha. The 2 is the RB in that diagram. The only changes you used to see was some 4's would be in CM with the 6 the back. And the 7/8 up alongside the 9 with an 8/10 wide. Or even the 5 in the middle or wide with 4 and 6 the back. (Don't ask.). But its subjective. With squad numbers you do well to get half the eleven in single figures these days. (And I know this is for positional purposes only. Just saying.). Ta for the info E. Hail.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Sound that Asb. Pretty traditional. In the above, your 6 would be a DM now. Hail.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    With his film premiering last night, a good hour or so listen the radio tonight on the special, SPECIAL human being that is the King. BBC Radio 5 live - 5 live Sport Specials, Kenny Dalglish - Kop idol Hail.
  5. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Take the Steeler mate. Wouldn't trust Gordon with the preverbal bargepole. Hail.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    Like old school 1-11 mate? It's getting more and more confusing as to what's the standard now the more different ideas come into the game. Often from modern coaches over complicating a simple game who were never as smart as they think they are to begin with but that's another discussion. Can we swap England for Spain? Hail.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    I guess that explains why nobody would touch him when he was going so cheap last summer. Hail.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    There's something deeply satisfying over a simple chippy tea (dinner) of chips (fries) and gravy. And that was nice, thick gravy. Just saying. Quit it! I stopped venturing into the Stadium to avoid that nonsense! Don't you ruin this place of ours with that! Hail.
  9. 2017 Fantasy Football

    I'm pretty much set for the run-in with: QB. Wentz/ Goff. RB. Fournette/ Peterson/ Woodhead. WR. Crabtree/ Smith-Schuster/ Funchess/ Kupp/ Davis. TE. Olsen/ Clay. K. Forbath. DST. Seattle. Given the key loses through injury this year I'm happy and feeling fortunate to be sat at this stage with that group. All down to making the right decisions and picking the right combinations the stretch run now. Hail.
  10. Where do you shop?

    I've never been classed as an 'ultra' before. That's tickled me. Long story short, it's a Scouse thing. You won't find many better dressed or more fashionable City's anywhere. A sense of pride to look good to everyone else. I was half messing about Adidas but they'll openly tell you they owe us a heck of a lot. We made wearing sports trabs (sneakers/ shoes) fashionable and the norm back the '70's to the now massive, Worldwide everyday use it is today. Which, related to the match, which we won't go in depth into so as to not bore people, whatever the ****ney's or Mancunians like to claim about the 'terrace style wars', it all started from here. We've always considered ourselves different to the rest of the Country in our political views/ the way we speak/ our taste in music et all. And it naturally manifested itself in how we dressed differently at the match to everyone else. Smartly. Straight cut jeans. Wedge haircuts etc. And fashionable brands. Most often, uhmmm, 'procured' from trips abroad when Europe was almost solely our playground and you couldn't get that gear back home back then. (Adidas/ Fila/ Fred Perry etc. We also changed the way Europeans, not least in Paris, sell shoes. But that's another story.). And then there was this lad Wade Smith who opened up his legendary store off the back of that but that's a whole legendary success story by itself. Colours. Scarfs. That's for wools. Most of us are too cool for school to go down that road. . Hail.
  11. Where do you shop?

    You'd never catch me dead in club colours either! Amateurs. . Hail.
  12. Where do you shop?

    Nike. NIKE?!!!!! I'm DEFO gonna' have to kick your lame ass, AGAIN, in the SB now just to uphold the Adidas standards I and any Liverpudlian worth his salt lives by! Hail.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Finally, the tedium of International footie can be put to bed until March and we can get back down to the serious stuff. Although that said it was a very prosperous break. The bulk of the squad not called up affording them a week off last week raring to go the weekend in preparation for Southampton and the stretch from Hell ahead. And some very beneficial minutes away for Coutinho and Mané in particular for those on International duty. Along with the continued development of the young guns. Most notably Woodburn adding his first start for Wales in his 6 caps thus far. Joe completely boxing off some pricey Brazilian fella'. And Solanke looking like he belonged in that company. Now comes the crazy mad tet of endurance from Saturday through January 1. 13 games (11 in the league. 2 the Champions League) through 45 days. A game every 3 days that will test every squad the league to their very the limits. In retrospect, probably not a bd thing for once not being in the League Cup being as that would be another game through this stretch. And then potentially 2 more through the gruelling January period off the back of it. And finally, bar Nathanial (good to hear his back surgery went well. February be a great boost for the run-in but no rush mate. Rather have you healthy for the next 5 years than in and out. Backs are a **** when they go), a fully fit squad with Coutinho, Lallana and Sadio all back and raring to go. Along with Alex getting more and more up to speed by the passing week. Which through this stretch gives us a big edge to rest and rotate, and not see a drop-off. The obvious caveat of CH aside, outside of City I don't see anyone that has the same depth in midfield or attack, in particular, to change and not feel any significant drop-off. Massive difference from last year when injuries hit hard. So much for this 'perceived' poor squad even a lot of L'pool fans were narking about the summer. And with the subtle yet very noticeable change in tactics of late adding defensive solidity (just HOW many different formations did we go through last time out at West Ham? Great to be fully firing and that fluid to adapt to anything again), the scope for change tactically game-on-game with everyone healthy is a real nice bonus. Real chance to do some serious damage and come through this gruelling test firmly ensconced the top 4 come the turn of the year. Then we'll see what the January window brings for the second half assault. (If yers want to sample the delights of one of the best City's in the World Sat'day Virgil lad to wet your appetite further, just holler at me. .). Exciting times. Hail.
  14. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Picked up Greg Olsen off waivers for the stretch run. Now they're both getting healthy again, if he or Charles Clay DON'T fix the troublesome TE spot then I give up. Hail.
  15. Random Thought Thread

    Just when I'm P with the World, I'm reminded that there's still some real good people among it's number. Hail.