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  1. Because I just aren't as laconic as you and I'm currently bored at work ..... So, having got around to watching the Palace game yesterday evening, a few observations:Pretty slow paced game outside of a few notable flashpoints. But that's understandable I guess with such ridiculous heat and humidity that they have in Hong Kong, even at night. (Couple of long water breaks middle of each half). Along with a pitch that was far from the best after all the monsoon like rain the past 3 or 4 days. Palace be Palace regardless of the manager. Sitting in for virtually the whole game and defending deep in their new 5 at the back system. In a friendly. Nothing like trying to entertain your hosts. de Boer has a massive job on there to change that mentality. The rules of the Asia Cup are a bit extreme for the summer. Only 22 men squads. The weird new penalty situation. And only being allowed 4 subs at a time. (10 in all). I get that through the game to stop big, disruptive changes. But when you want to play to outfield teams each half it leads to the mad situation, like L'pool id, of 4 on HT, 4 on 2 mins later, and another 2 on a few minutes after that. The orange kit is actually quite sharp and Barca-esq. Not half as bad as first feared. And a special shout out to the Hong Kong Reds for the Lucas tribute. It's always great when you see far flung fans trying to take on as much Scousness if you like that they can to feel connected. But for the to organise, on short notice, a standing ovation tribute on 21 minutes with the Lucas banners was great to see. Boss fans whichever part the World. Who as you'd expect dominated virtually all the stadium. On the pitch:-First Half. 4-3-3. Few noticeable standouts- The Man, The Myth, The Living LEG-END Joe MF Gomez: Ok, only a friendly and Palace were more defensive than offensive but the partnership between him and Matip (who interestingly was on the left side with Joe the right) handled them and Benteke as well as well we have in living memory. And man has he bulked up! (Without losing any of his pace or ability on the ball.) He looks like a tank! Back to looking like the ridiculous prospect we signed before the injury now he's fully healthy again. Which is a massive boost as Klaven shouldn't be anywhere above 5th choice next year after a new guy is signed and down to limited games. Henderson's passing has been sorely missed. Spraying it all over first half. Long may he stay on the park. Noticeable they looked for the outlet of Trent all half rather than Moreno. Really taking the chance to shine with both hands whilst Clynes' carrying the knock. And he had a real good test in the excellent Zaha he came out of well. Ben Woodburn deeper inside again for the third game. He's also noticeably grown and filled out since last year and is looking the part with his technique, vision and quick thinking inside. His games should double this year at least. Mo Salah ..... Is f-ing RAPID! Obviously SO much more to him. But the way he's burning lads off with ease ..... WHOLE new dimension to have that coming at you twice over next year. Second Half. As far as I could tell, switched around from 4-3-3 through 4-2-3-1 through 4-4-1-1 at times with Dom Solanke in behind Origi. Dom Solanke looking like a real promising addition. Big, strong, always moving and more importantly, a natural finisher. One touch/ turn, bang. Which resulted in his great first goal. The pace picked up a lot with the introduction of Phil and Milner. Phil already looks in league sharpness/ shape. And Ryan Kent another very good outing the right. There might just be a career at Anfield for him yet with this kind of a leap from last summer. Oh, Gruijic needs to control his aggression. Again his overall half was decent but he does like to a leave a foot in a little too hard at times. Taking out the breaking Zaha that cynically would have been a red in the league. Mignolet played the full game. Next to nothing to do bar one decent save. But still flapping at crosses and putting the fear of God in you. Hopefully, Karius is far more commanding Saturday Leicester. Up the Red Hail.
  2. Hmmmm. This could be a massive, if surprising, shift for a lot of clubs in factoring in transfers. Hail.
  3. Really? Personally, think PEA was the best available striker the market this summer. Top notch proven quality already who's just about to come into his prime. I like Morata a lot from even the limited games I've seen him and think he's a fine footballer who when he consistently adds the goal numbers (I know, he started last year but there's so many easy picking in La Liga I struggle to take much of Real and Barca's crazy stats seriously), will be right up there. But for me Aubameyang is the complete package already. I'd rather Chelsea not be replacing Costa with Morata. (Looks the perfect fit to grow into what Conte requires. So versatile and his movement makes Lukaku being their top want a real head scratcher. Along with having great faith in Conte for having great faith in him a Juve.). But I'm darn happy personally Aubameyang isn't going to be in the PL anytime soon. DARN happy. Hail.
  4. OMG! How did I miss this from Wimbledon? Absolutely freeking hilarious! And what a top, TOP sport that dude is! Hail.
  5. So this is kinda' mad: WATCH: The Leicester v West Brom 'ABBA' penalty shootout | Football News | Sky SportsReally don't see what's ever been wrong/ unfair with the straight 'you take one, we take one' format. Hail.
  6. Agreed. Lukaku's the better goalscorer right now. (Just not against any top 6 side ..... ). But Morata's a far better footballer who's movement fits way better with Conte's Chesea than Lukaku ever would have. Put it this way. I'd of not been too happy if Utd had got Morata. Lukaku ..... Meh. Shrugs. Seriously don't see him fitting under what Mourinho requires or upgrading to any significant degree. Just a like-for-like replacement for Zlatan but not as good. I'm personally just happy nobody is bringing Aubameyang into the PL. Seriously think he'd score for fun in this league. Hail.
  7. What's the money on Morata scoring against Utd now? Haha. Hail.
  8. @SkinssRvA Going mad over here with numerous guys saying a fee of €90 million (Around £79.5 million/ $105 million) has been agreed with Madrid. And that Sandro isn't dead with Matic key to Chelsea's leverage with Juventus. (Which is a double whammy to piss Utd off after Lukaku.). Make of it all as you will. Hail. *|Edit* The Telegraph's Matt Law, who's normally **** hot with Chelsea news, is now saying Morata's done.
  9. WAIT! By 'must watch GUY movies' ...... You didn't mean porn? Well Hell. Now I have to go away and formulate a whole new list damn it! Hail.
  10. Yeah, I'm told Kenny looks a real promising talent at RB and is athletic/ rangy enough to be a wing back. Quite a few mates would like to see him given a **** and feel he's ready to step up but the word is the Martina signing will keep him down the 23's. I like Holgate a lot and like Gomez at L'pool I think he'll be a centre back ultimately. Hail. *Edit* And yeah, you should have enough to dispense of whomever the qualifier. Just it's tricky if it's the Norwegians, in particular, being as they're half way through their season and fully fit/ sharp already compared to being just into the pre-season.
  11. Whilst you're here ..... Everton badly need to bring in a winger/ wide player. Or two. With no knowing when Bollasie will be back, that midfield is looking so unbalanced with everyone wanting to play inside. And if/ when he arrives, Sigurdsson just adds to that logjam. With what looks like a pretty tricky qualifier against probably Brann Bergen, who are half way through their season already, next Thursday, I know this is concerning a lot of blues here. And Koeman still doesn't really have the personnel to play 5 at the back/ wing backs. Even less so with Coleman being out indefinitely. Shy of maybe playing a diamond, or pushing Lookman into action wide, it looks real messy to me in the midfield right now. Can't afford to not qualify. The Europa should be a realistic and serious aim for Everton to go far in this year if I was looking at it from your POV. Hail.
  12. Supposedly de Boer wants to start playing football and utilising what is a pretty talented squad that should be pushing behind Everton for Europe. But then when that type of negativity has been ingrained for years I guess it's gonna' take a good whiles before any change will take effect. Cheers @Long n Left Appreciated mate. Hail.
  13. Just like he's been doing all three games. One touch/ turn then bang. Never even looked at the goal. Great finish. Chelsea's attitude to youth is bizarre. They find them, put the time into coaching them, then don't play them! Completely defeats the object. Desperate for striking depth. And this lad just looks a natural finisher yer know? L'pool won 2-0 with Origi bagging the second to face Leicester Sat'day's final. Taped it so I might well watch when I'm home to see if there's anything worth reporting on. Hail.
  14. I'm following this reading in another window, so until I'm home not seen anything, but first half it was Sturridge flanked by Firmino and Salah. This half Solanke flanked by Origi and Ryan Kent. With Dom Solanke apparently just scoring a beauty from 20 yards. Hail.
  15. Definition of a bad Wednesday ..... When you want to be watching the Reds with a bevvy but instead you're sat behind a desk watching the clock! HUMPH! FWIW: Hail.