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  1. 2017 Fantasy Football

    You can call it whatever you want mate but they held him to 6.50 points from the 21.40 he put up against the Cardinals the previous week that would have won my opponent the game this week. But it didn't and he lost. So that's all that matters to me. Hail.
  2. 6th Annual ES Survivor League (a/k/a Suicide League)!

    Got cute with Jacksonville. Packing my **** up for the year again. But at least I made it the second week this year! Baby steps! Hail.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    4-4-2 diamond? Similar to what I had except I'd have Trent in for Flanno, Robbo for Moreno and Milner for Hendo. Love John Fannagan like but he shouldn't be anywhere near a competitive L'pool game. Just sadly has no pace whatsoever to speak of. Go Reds! indeed. After all the frustration and media insight again this week, time to clear the decks and get back to business. WTRWWAW! Hail.
  4. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Thankfully the Giants held Tate in check and I got away with a 106.26- 94.10 win to be one of only two teams to move to 2-0. Been a funny start fantasy this year with a lot of big name no-shows coupled with major injuries. Just thankful my opponent, unfortunately for him, had no QB to play with both Luck and Bradford down. Take anything you can in FF to get you through the week's games. Hail.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Curious Danny Ings wasn't a part the 23's tonight at West Ham. (Won 2-0 to move to 5 wins out of 5 on the year in PL2.). Seems early but is he down to be part of the 18 tomorrow at Leicester? 2 goal scorer tonight Harry Wilson and Ovie Ejaria certainly won't be as they turned out at Dagenham. So as expected that leaves Woodburn playing. Hopefully, he gets the start. Loving the probability of seeing Gomez in his natural CH position too. I know you have a thing against Clyne dialkh. (for some strange reason to me.). But his injury has ironically added to the CH issues with Klaven, still unfairly on him as he was never bought as that, remaining third choice and playing for more than was ever intended, whilst Joe rotates with the even younger Trent at RB. Sure we'd of seen Gomez at CH the league already this year if Clyne hadn't done his back. (He's started running outside again so that's a step forward.). Hail.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    L'pool have scored three or more against a bottom 13 side only 3 times this calendar year? That's criminal. And yet again, for what seems the umpteenth time, we set a club PL record for attempts/ shots on goal in a game Sat'day apparently. The quality of chances created (looking at you Phil Sat'day going for the individual goal all the time and either taking on one man two many or just blamming it from anywhere) and finished seriously needs to be upped there to kill teams off. Never mind big chances conceded. Big chances created and not being taken to kill teams off when we're up the score and on top is as costly as anything. Thankfully nobody is really playing that great to be running away from anyone right now but you'd think over the next 10 games runs will be put together and the league will take shape. A few team issues need fixing ASAP both ends the park or we’ll get left behind. Hail.
  7. US Soccer thread.

    For a modern-day stadium Asb, which are usually generic, fugly, soulless things that look like they've just been dropped on a City, that does look pretty inventive and well done looking at the seat layout on top of the field. Hope you get the opportunity to take your boy at some point. Hail.
  8. US Soccer thread.

    What a mad set of video boards hanging over midfield there. Hail.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Never thought I'd be giving props to Owen Hargreaves, but he makes a bang on point here as to why we'll continue to concede our share under Jürgen regardless of personnel. Hail.
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    I more often than not leave the U-18's/ 23's games on here but I can't believe the scheduling of both the 23's against Tottenham at Anfield this coming Friday evening and at the same time the 18's Derby at Kirkby against Everton! I was half planning on going down to watch the Mini- (mini)- Derby but it'd been nice to not have it clashing with a U-23's game. I'm sure quite a few would like to watch both. I would say I'm surprised the club has agreed to that. But then I'm past being surprised in the PL era of fans not counting. Good luck the U-23's at West 'Am this evening trying to maintain their 100% start the league to go 5 out of 5. Stating the obvious, but it'll be telling if the likes of Woodburn, Ejaria and maybe Wilson aren't out there that they'll be in the squad for the League Cup at Leicester tomorrow evening. Hail.
  11. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Garbage time TD saved him from having a single digit outing. Still don't see him being anywhere near productive enough for fantasy once Sneads back and he's getting even less looks than the mere 4 he had today. More concerned with the Bengals and Eifert letting me down big time the first two weeks. The change in OC better get him back in the game and quick! Hail.
  12. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Gonna\ be a nervy Monday night. I'm done and need the Giants D to hold Tate to under 19 points. To lose when my opponent was unfortunately unable to play a QB with Bradford being out would be more than a little disappointing. Hail.
  13. Redskins vs Rams Prediction Thread: Possible Gauntlet March?

    Good. Goff pretty much equalled what Winston totalled so I didn't lose out there. Kupp let me down slightly. But only 5 points on what I had the bench that would have bettered him. Provided Tate doesn't hit 20 against the Giants tomorrow they've played a part in me moving to 2-0 so I'm relatively happy. Seen enough from McVey today to keep them around. Interesting that you have me pegged as being that being as I'm barely ever in the stadium these days man but I'll take your word for it. Hail.
  14. 2017 Fantasy Football

    So my opponent has literally under 2 minutes to get Le'Veon Bell into his line-up from our trade this week and off the bench. And he has Bradford still at QB. I think he's completely forgotten this week's games. Hail. *Edit* And there you go. Stroke of massive fortune for me but a big shame nonetheless.
  15. 2017 Fantasy Football

    At home to the '9ers? Seahawks defo. Hail.