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  1. You lost me at T. The Fall of 2004, I'm in Chicago. And I've gone for an early morning swim the hotel I was at. And as I'm in the changies after towelling off, this big American guy comes in. I say morning, he stops excitedly like he's just run into the President ..... 'You're from England?!' exclaims the now very excited chubby guy in the floral shirt, much to my amusement. 'Yup, for my sins' ..... 'London?' ...... (London? God give me F-ing strength! F-ing Hollywood!) 'No mate. The other end the Country. Liverpool' ..... The guy looks like he's about to self-combust ..... 'You're from LIVE-ERR-POOL?!!!!!' (Whereever the F that is) ..... 'OMG! OMG! OMG!' ..... I've now gone past mild amusement to wondering what the Hell was going on here and who this utter crank was .... 'STAY there. I'll be right back!' and off he legs it out the door. So I continue towelling off and dressing, bemused by the incident when the door flys open, and the little-excited Floridian madman had returned with a red faced equally excited woman in tow. Thankfully I now had my boxies on to spare my modesty. 'Sir. SIR!' she panted. Not at my physique before her. But presumably, the running down from their room. 'My husband tells me you're from LIVE-ERR-POOL! <That mysterious place again> and I just HAD to meet you to ask ..... Do you know the Beatles?' ..... And they were both DEADLY serious bless their delusionally insane Floridian minds. Like yeah, I used to roadie for them like ..... Seriously people, get a frigging grip. But that's honestly been a regular theme when Americans hear your accent and find it you are indeed from a City that has more connections to their Country than most anywhere else in the World. But all they know about is those four lads that. changed the face of popular music forever and who've stood the test of time. Makes you even prouder to come from the same streets. Oh, the only answer to the poll is A Day in the Life. You're welcome. Hail.
  2. Stay safe the game in Seattle with those low life pricks! Hail.
  3. Superb. Congratulations Huddersfield. A proper, traditional club back in the top flight again. Savour this Danny lad. It's what you play the game for. Moments like this. After the blow of losing 3 decent, relatively handy trips, to off-set that with Newcastle and now Huddersfield isn't bad at all. Klopp and his bezzie Wagner on the same touchline twice next year should be a riot. Very good day. A lesson to all in the 'greed is good' league: For PL footie. Absolutely superb. Hail.
  4. Good luck to Liverpool ..... uhmmm, I mean Huddersfield Town, and J├╝rgen Klopp ..... uhmmm, I mean David Wagner, in (hopefully) reaching the promised land this avvi. Hail.
  5. I saw the thread title and I was coming in, morning coffee inside me, to write on what a good, great man he was aside from his human flaws and how well respected and thought of he still is this side of the Atlantic. But then I read the first few posts. This was my first mistake! My second, as was ever thus, was letting @Jumbo enter my fertile imagination once more! I am now perpetually lost in a vision of 'boobies.' But not just 'boobies.' But 'boobimiles.' Miles of boobies! Let me say that again. 'MILES of BOOBIES!' Boobies as far as the eye can see! (Be still my beating ...... heart.). If utopia exists, I believe this to be its zenith! My head has literally fallen off trying to comprehend such wonders! But then if he were still alive, I'm sure Jack's would too. Happy Birthday, Mr Presdient. One of history's great men. But we're men. We have our flaws. Shrugs. Hail.
  6. Liverpool ricorda. We'll never forget. God rest. Hail.
  7. Not too good. But I like our QB to make the sum look way better than it's collective parts. Hail.
  8. 1939! When the Reds won nottin' and the Blue ****e won the League! We need to talk! . What was the question again? Hail.
  9. Oh I LOVE her! Is rite girl! NSFW! Hail.
  10. GET IN!Absolutely superb from first minute to last. Thoroughly deserved. Battered them! Record FA Cup wins for Arsenal. Nothing to be sniffed at. For some of us of a certain age, it's still a magical competition. Made up for Wenger. Record Cup wins as a Manager. Am I right in thinking he and Kenny remain the only guys to win the double their first season?Well chuffed. Hail.
  11. How much more frigging luck is gonna' go against Arsenal today? They should be winning this 4 or 5. Hail.
  12. There you go! GET THE **** IN! 90 minutes Arsenal! Keep working! Hail.
  13. Jammy ****s! 90 minutes Arsenal. Keep working. You've got this! Hail.
  14. Is rite. **** off yer diving **** yer! Hail.
  15. Absolutely superb half. Only downside is Arsenal aren't 3 or 4 up. Keep the intensity up. These are all over the place. Hail.