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  1. *ROSTERS NOW LOCKED! THE 2017 NFL DRAFT WILL COMMENCE AT 12 PM TODAY!* Ok. After a month of waiting, that day is finally here again. All rosters are now locked. What's on them in the 'actual World' at this point (12 AM, Thursday March 30, 2017), is what we take forward into our draft. The same with draft picks. We are now into our ES reality! From this point forward, ONLY trades and picks made between ourselves will count toward our draft. You are all now not only still free to discuss any trade deals and fine tune the details of anything you agree on as per, but you can announce any agreed trades and have them officially entered into the books at any time. Whether you are on the clock or not! Shy of that and any change, at 12 PM EST today, the Cleveland Browns will be on the clock to kick this show off for a third straight year. Good luck gentlemen. Hope you get the guys you want. Enjoy and let's have a blast! -Commissioner Belvedere. Hail.
  2. Ben Woodburn wasn't even born the last time Everton won at Anfield. I don't know whether to be worried for Sat'day that the law of averages says that has to end at some point or just expect the norm to carry on and Everton to **** out of the Derby as always? .Personally, I'd love to see Ben in the starting XI with Phil dropped back the Lallana role and Can and Wijnaldum alongside each other. (Not sure you bring Henderson straight back into the Derby but then he did Utd after he'd been missing a good few weeks.). ANYTHING bar a three of Lucas, Can and Gini. God forbid we EVER see that no pace horror show again. Hail.
  3. Quite a few of my favourite players in key positions of Redskin need barely get mentioned in here. Let alone discussed. That's not to say I don't have others more readily discussed in their respective positions ranked ahead of them as to where they'll go. Just guys I'm really big on. Either I dig too deep in my research for the ES mock for my own good or I'm a crap judge of football talent. Long standing posters on here will probably scream it's the latter haha. Carry on. Hail.
  4. @wilco_holland Dear Dutch, As per previous editions, any and all talk is acceptable in here EXCEPT that of players yet to be drafted. Feel free to applaud or mock each other's picks at your leisure. Feel free to field trade offers in public if you so desire. Hell, feel free to discuss the merits of quantum physics in our changing modern World if you wish. But anyone found to be discussing any players yet to be picked/ putting names forward of as yet undrafted players et all will be put on a bus to Jacksonville where our French friend has a guillotine set up in the home end zone (about time that area of the stadium saw some action), ready to deal with any malcontents. #headswillroll I trust this clears up your query. Your beloved leader Commissioner Belvedere. Hail.
  5. As draft eve fever grips the Nation, over in Houston, Texans fans prepare for @Monk4thaHALL' first draft as their new GM ..... Hail.
  6. This is why we keep Dutch around ..... Those Netherlanders are super smart guys ..... *ROSTER LOCKDOWN MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!* Anyone hoping for any last minute Free Agency moves/ trade deals (Romo for a pick. Romo for a pick. Romo for a pick. Romo for a pick. Romo for a pick ..... ), today is the day! Our last day in the 'real World.' For at midnight tonight, all rosters will be locked and ONLY the players on them at that point will be carried forward to work off for the purposes of our draft. We then go to draft a mere 12 hours later, at 12 PM EST, Thursday, March 30. From that point on, ONLY trades made between ourselves will interest us in our reality here. You are all free to discuss any trade deals and fine tune the details of anything you agree on as per. Once we lock down the rosters, said trades can be entered into the books at ANY time after that deadline you so desire. Whether you are on the clock or not! -Commissioner Belvedere. (29/ 3/17.). Hail.
  7. If he slipped past 17 I'd be shocked. Hail.
  8. You're dave. *Helpful me. . Hail.
  9. You don't think a common ground was needed in the interests of fairness? Being as there's been a few murmurings of discontent already at some BIG disparity's in informal trade talks resulting from differing value charts, I felt it more prudent to have a de facto one for everyone to reference to save arguments. And as the Jimmy Johnson model has been the majority favoured one for nigh on 3 decades that seemed a no-brainer. You wouldn't be forced to accept any trade. That's down to your private negotiations for what's right for you and your team. With the caveat that no trade would be rejected unless it was massively lopsided. In which case it would be subject to the Commissioner/ community vetoing. (Touch wood, outside of the mad initial period in our first draft with the trading of players, this hasn't as yet been an issue.). If you were to suggest to whomever during negotiations an alternative draft value chart, and they accepted, then great. But were they to complain, I'd advise the JJ model be used. The same way the JJ model would be the deciding chart used to determine any massively lopsided trades as previously mentioned. I'm completely open to debate/ possible change on this if people are opposed. (As with everything.). It just seemed the natural option to go with the majority used method so everyone knows where they stand and is working from the same script to save problems. Hail. *Edit* You're not 'stirring up' anything BTW. Please don't feel that. It's good to hear differing views if something doesn't sit well. The best common solution for everyone on everything to have the most fun out of this is all that counts. As Epoch has the first 2 drafts, I reserve the right for any defining decisions but I'd rather we all agree than have anything forced.
  10. I'd disagree and say he's a darn good route runner. Leading the Nation in 40 plus yard catches the past two years is testament to that. Often in the right place on film. Although with his size he would seem best suited as a slot guy. But then if you're looking for a starter/ big contributor in the third round your football team is a mess and a poorly run/ built one. Late third would be great value pick for me. Hail.
  11. Liverpool's old-school route from the Academy to the Jurgen Klopp's first team - Goal.comAnother excellent read on well arguably the most flourishing academy the entire league (given the ultimate goal is getting players to first team level and that list is growing by the passing season) already before we even start to think about the new combined super modern facility being developed the next year or so at Kirkby. As we prepare to remember the passing of the great Ronnie Moran Sat'day dinner, the old school L'pool values of hard work, accountability and humility being instilled at every level by Jürgen as he turns the whole culture around ties everything up perfectly. Hail.
  12. I'll believe it when I see it. Still a prentendy new ground until it happens regardless of anything Anderson wants to talk about. All rather ironic the council willing to guarantee loans being as Everton are the 'Merseyside Millionaires' whom Liverpudlians are now insanely jealous of apparently. Just not £300 million (which is massively cheap by itself for a new ground in England. Not least with all the renovations that would have to go on down the Dock Road) millionaires it would seem. As of now, Bramley Dock remains what it is. The 'latest' new Evertonian ghost ground. Hail.
  13. He'd be a great end of the third take. If you had him graded high there and there was a willing trade partner to drop back say 10 slots or so and pick up something else all the better. Hail.
  14. I've just spent the previous Friday through Monday in Marakesh, Morrocco on a long weekend. Great time. Great place. If they embraced alcohol more, had more bars and relaxed that side of their beliefs then it would be up there with the best City's the World. But the point I wanted to make here was the people. They couldn't of been more welcoming if they'd tried. Yeah, it's frustrating having them pester you to buy this jarg item and that. Or to want to guide you through the maze of the Medina's for a small fee. But you accept that as part of the culture and impoverished way of life. What balances it out is you never once feel unsafe or threatened by the locals who couldn't be friendlier or more helpful. All Muslims. In a 100% Muslim Country. Not having a problem co-existing with Westen tourists whatever the benefits they bring into the Country. Preceded before I go away of an internal terrorist attack in London. Carried out by a 52 year old Englishman. But it's the Muslims who are our enemy's and they are ALL Evil and out to get us right? Build the wall. Close down the borders and send those ****ers back! For the general populace, ignorance is bliss. Hail.
  15. England fans: Why 'banter' defence doesn't work - Football365Nothing new but it just reinforces why so many have little to no interest in the National team.'Enjoy' Russia ****bags. Hail.