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  1. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    What another absolutely awesome night in Europe from these fantastic Reds.Absolutely made of show of one of the beat sides in the conpetition. Completey nullifying the ‘other’ best front three in Europe. By far and away the best performance of the season form the now 6 out 6 perfect Reds. Been playing within oursleves until the break but man have we stepped it up the last 2. Superb display. And yanno, the best part for me was when it went to a massively undeserved 2-2, the Reds just went ‘Sound. NP. We’ll still beat yers!’ No panic. No falling apaet. Just a calm and collected intelligemce of coming straight back the last 5 and figuring out the win. Of all the brilliamt facets of rhis side rhe more it develops, and lets make NO mistake these are pushing City levels of top deawer consistency at just conplerely controlling and overwhelming everyone they play; is they have what Fergusons great Utd sides had. They just don’t know when they’re beaten. Yoo want to get ANYTHING out of this gang of Reds, you’d better be ready ro go 95/ 96/ 100 minutes and ‘pray’ thats enough. SO many superb individual performances. As per a recent discussion, foeget the PL. Is there any LB anywhere the Continent playing better than Andy Robbo right now? Mbappe is one of the best young talents the World. Absolutely ridiculous player. He never got a kick all night out of the imperious Scott. And ‘THAT’ assist for Danny’s goal ..... Inside him, Joe was faultless again. The partnership with big Virge is frightening as to how great it will get the longer it goes. There was one teenager looking like a WC talent and it wasn’t the aformentioned Frenchmen. Trent is still just 19? ‘Kinel! Like ‘KINELL!!!!! For all the talk of the Alisson and van Dijk fees, the othwr three are home grown, an in-effect free teansfer from Hull nobody wanted and a £3.5 million signing from a league one club. And rhey just made a complete show of one of rhe best artacks in World football. The midfield was sensational. Again after Sat’day. That Henderson’s lads ****e right? My God how many tackles he make tonight? Utterly dominant. Hard to pick any out over the othwr with Gini and Milber so good but Hemderson was sensariobal. And the dirst massive game the aeason hes straight back in the line-uo. One in the eye for tgise with ab utterly mad continued agenda against our Captain and o e of out nost important and integral players.Just an allround sensational performance against one of the best sides in this competion. This Liverpool side is the absolute business. They’re approaching levels as good as anythng out there. City included.What an absolutely brilliant time to be alive. What a brilliant time to be a Red.6 out of 6. And would anyone honestly bet againat it being 11 out of 11 by the next International break?Up the European F Royalty Reds! Hail.
  2. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Now the season can REALLY start! Our tournaments back! And how is it back! With well arguably the biggest game of the entire group stage to open proceedings. One of UEFA’s marquee clubs against the nouveau riche Parisians who can only dream of seeing the sights and attaining the success we have. So many sub-plots. Pupil taking on Master again after the absolutely epic contest in the Europa between the pairs clubs 3 years ago. The widely acknowleged two best front threes in World football. Both clubs coming in with perfect 5-out-of-5 starts to the season. World class players littered across the pitch on both sides .....All played out in the unique, European cauldren that is Anfield. PSG might arrive stacked with with WC talent, but Tuchel aside, they’ll never have experienced anything like they will this evening. As their manager knows to his cost with his Dortmind side completey cavimg under the intense power of Anfield in all her glory under the European lights in that aforementioned epic comeback 3 years ago. When we’re fully on it, theres no place like it in World football. And with Neymar and co in town, we’ll be totally ‘on it!’ The arl place will be rocking in what is fixng to be another of the great Anfield European nights. THIS is what you live for. Moments and memorys that last a lifetime. On the biggest stage of all where we excell more than most. Europe.The road to Madrid and (hopefully) #6 starts here. Can.Not.WAIT! Hail.
  3. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    Random Thought Thread

    Forgive me for having little sympathy. I mean its not like there was a slew of advance warning of the inpending storms to give you the time to uncage your animals from its path or anything ..... Hail.
  4. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    First there was Tite during the International break saying how Brazil have studied and are copying Klopps L’pool.Now this: tue standard bearer Reds! Hail.
  5. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread respect and appreciation. Thank you Paris. Hail.
  6. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    Random Thought Thread WTF is WRONG with people? I’d jail the btard owners on their return if I could. For a LONG time. Hail.
  7. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    2018 Fantasy Football

    PHEW!!!!! 2-0. 2 W’s diwn. 14 to go. Almost got a little too cute for my own good and left the win sat on the bench. But Engrams late TD pulls it out at the death. Lucky stupid GHH. Note to self: Get back to smart head first selections! Lesson learnt. Hail.
  8. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Life is so much easier when you embrace the medicority and abysmal coaching year-to-year and set out expecting to lose games with anything outside that a a pleasant bonus like last week. Afords you the ability to just shrug your ahoulders at the gun, sigh ‘New aeason, same old carnage of the last 3 decades. It is what it is’, or similar, and then move straight on with your Sunday amd week. Let these chumps effect you and that rabbit hole is a never ending pit of despair. Embrace the reality. Embrace the mediocrity. Claim your post game Sunday back! *Life skills me. Or something. At peace me with who we are anyways. Hail.
  9. If you’re buttnaked, on the rouge, on a beach in St.Tropez and football is on your mind you’re doing this BADLY wrong. We need to have ‘the talk.’ Hail.
  10. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Oh dear the Ev. Howling at Pickford after he skitted Alisson the other week: I wudnt mess ‘bout I just clear it 🤣😍😍😍🤫 #midgetarms Maybe chippy tits can get the bizzies to investigate again? Hail.
  11. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Going all in on Luck with last aecond waiver moves. Well, Mack amd Grant by association but it all stems from Lucks brilliance. Forgive me fellow Redskin fans. Hail.
  12. Thanks man. Appreciated. Another win as professional looking as last weeks and I might need to reasses my Gruden issues. Side note- I still can’t get my head round just how bad my boy Sam looked. He was SO good in Norman coming out I homesty wanted us to tank bad to snagt him. Now, he looks ____ scared to even step on a football field. Like hes been hit that many times he’s got David Carr syndrome. Night and day from the legendary Sooner that gave OU fans so much pleasure. Indy meanwhile have Luck healthy and looking on the way back to his best in Reichs innovatively open O. I think a big thing today will be if Mack is fit to go or not? He’ll add another dimension. He doesn’t, I have the Redskins carrying the momentum over and winning fairly comfortably. He does, amd this thing could be a straight shoot-out right to the gun. Watch Ryan Grant burn us too just because. ****er! Hail.
  13. What is the new word ‘optmistic’ you speak of? I’ve searched every Redskins dictionary known to man and its been erased WAY back for some reason? Hail.
  14. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Great to wake up still buzzing from yesterday and the latest statement game from this serious gang of Reds.Tottenham are ‘supposed’ to be one of rivals! Comprehensivly bossed and outclassed in every single facet of the game. On their own patch. From a Reds team still nowhere near their imperious best. But a special L’pool team 100% better than a ‘Spurs team brushed aside with consumate ease.Perfect start to the welcome return of our European playground this week.As if City needed reminding, this sesson .....It’s ON! Hail.
  15. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    History day .....First time ever in the PL era that two clubs have each won their opening 5 games.The things City force you to do now the bars been raised to such mad levels. Hail,