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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    His contract is up in 2020 so iif they don’t get him re-sign he’ll be going well under value next summer. If he’s not gone before this window is it, Is the MLS officiating as bad as that? Deary me. That penalty ..... Pulisic just knocks it too far then throws himself at Klavan. Amateur hour officiating. Excellent second goal from him though. Even if the defending was non-existent, Same the third. He done well but Moreno needlessly lunges in after doing the hard part. And the less said on Karius the better. The Amerixan referee, and Moreno and Karius aside, I quite enjoyed that. Sorry for the guys there they didn’t get to see a win but there was a lot of positives among the poor late defending. Second half in particular. Onto NJ Thursday. Hail.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    To add to the recent racism discussion: Interesting. Admire his principles if that’s how it’s gone down. Hail.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    You need me on speed dial. Hail:
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Awesome @Long n Left I bet Atko never sat down the whole night? Mad, manic btard haha. Klopp made a point about the scarf the club channel after the session had ended when Fowler was skitting him for wearing a scarf the heat ..... No no, this is boss. Charlotte Reds. Just been given it ..... and he took it off, turned it around until he found the words, then held it up the camera beaming. He was also joking about the security guys hating him haha. This is what these tours are ALL about. LOVE that you guys get to experience this and have these memories for ever. Hail. *Edit* And you got to see ‘The Man, The Myth, The Living LEG-END Joe MF Gomez!’ Up close too. Your life is now complete mate. Award winning photie that! *Double Edit* Frame that shirt now.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Really fancying Arsenal to return to the top 4 considering not only the bounce of a new manager and fanbase that has no option but to be bouncing and supportive after finally getting what they wanted. But they’re the only club, along with ourselves, who’s got their business done early with the window shut in less than three weeks.’Spurs are in a wholly mess with most all their top XI in question the start the season after all going so deep the WC. Not to mention not a single move the market. Chelsea are just weird. Hell knows what’s going on there? And Utd, as yet, have done nottin’ to inspire anyone with time running out.With most everyone there all pre-season having that major jump on rivals for a chance at a quick, solid start, I’m liking Arsenal’s chances of being one of the four again this term. You doubtless won’t have seen it being at the ground but Klopp was gushing about Pulisic again last night. Telling yer lid, be it this summer or next he’s only going one place. He also confirmed this will probably be the last pre-season he puts out two different XI’s each half. So you guys will get to see a good mixture of 22 players. Hail.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    Ironically, after posting about Kiev over the page and our unique fan culture, there’s another absolutely cringe worthy gem from City, who have none, after the embarrassment of last years CL quarter: embarrasssing laughing stock Nevwr have been a big club. Never will be. Hail.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Klopp there after the open training session in Charlotte, NC, taking the players up into the stand hugging, plaughing and joking with the support. You just couldn’t imagine any other manager swerving the security to do that and give our American friends that moment and memory they’ll never forget. What it’s ALL about. Absolutely different class that fella’. Hail.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    This your regular SP @Long n Left? Hail.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Nabby doing Nabby things. Hail.
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    @Long n Left These are some of the mad btards you’ll see tonight mate. All the way from L’pool to Kiev on a BUS. Christ, It was long enough the plane with the night in Gdańsk, Poland breaking it up. Things you do for the Reds haha. Great fan culture video: Said it on these here pages at the time, absolutely the single best UEFA Final experience I’ve ever had Kiev. And I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to see the Reds in person 7 of rhem. (5 European Cup/ CL finals. 2 UEFA/ Europa League finals.). The Ukrainian people could not have been more welcoming, friendly and helpful. Just so appreciative you’d taken the time to come their City. The polar opposite of Russians. Can’t recommend Kiev enough as a boss, ridiculously cheap, holiday break. The day the final Shevchenko Park (around a half hour in the video) will live with yer forever. The place was just rammed with Reds. Banners strewn across trees. Pyro being dropped all over. Everyone chilling under the baking hot sun. Literally just like one big festival. Bring yer own ale so there’s bottles of this and bottles of that being passed around between lads who didn’t know each other. Just one massive party like only L’pool fans do that the Ukrainian people loved as much as we did. Then to get the ground and have this mad, mini rave going on with the pyro and flares when Dua Lipa came out just topped it off. Awesome few days and that whole video of those lads epic trip just encomoasss what being a Liverpudlian is and following these lads around Europe is all about. Experiencing new places and cultures. Having a boss time eating boss scran drinking great ale with yer mates regardless of the result and creating stories that last a life time. Lose the biggest game on the planet but everyone was just so proud of getting there and the awesome journey around Europe all season in so doing, culminating in a fantastic experience Kiev, nobody was really that down and narked at all. Disappointed. But that was never going to spoil the end of a brilliant trip. Scouse. It’s a way of life. Up the Dua Lipa Reds! Hail.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    That Depeche Mode classic is something to really bounce to the match. We re-jigged it for one of Luis’ songs when he was here. Happy days. Nice choice in clubs mate. As much as I’m a staunch Rangers man, you couldn’t have picked any better or bigger in terms of history and unique fan culture. Welcome to the beautiful game. Hail.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    You’ve not been reading here over the past 24 hours then? BEYOND ecstatic. The only real Achilles heal on the team . That has been for years. Fixed in the best possible way with one of the best ‘keepers the World. L’pools very own de Gea. His season last year was THAT good. Backed up by the stats which are off the charts mad. Alisson, big Virge, Firbinho and Naby boxing off the back-end with the best attack in Europe ahead of them ...... Good luck stopping that. As regards the fee, given his expected goals against swing was he highest in all 5 major European leagues last year and had Roma 10 plus points better off where they should have been, along with everything else, absolutely no issues with it. You want the best who tick every box, it’s going to cost you in this market. Can’t really win. L’pool don’t get him and Chelsea do, then the rhetoric is ‘FSG being frugal again. Liverpool not fixing what repeatedly costs them when they had the chance for a top echelon goalie’ et all. They do, and break another World Record. they’ve madly overspent. The trajectory this lad is on, I personally think that will look a bargain when it’s all said and done. Never understood why ‘keepers are so undervalued? They’re the most important individual on any team aside from a goal scorer. Mad how for decades Buffon was out on his own in the fee paid when he’s a glaring testament to the difference and longevity that investment gives a side. Single most important player signing L’pool have made the PL era for me. Seriously. The position has been a constant worry and source of undoing all the great outfield work for WAY too many years. Not now. Couldn’t be happier to answer your original ? Biggest need fixed in style to add to our best ever window, since there’s been windows, by a Country mile. And I don’t personally think they’re done yet. Hail. *Edit* Absolutely zero interest. In Cahill BTW man. Heck knows what lame journalist has started that but we’re sound at CH and not in any great need to add.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    You’re going too mate? Well aren’t you a sly one? Haha. I’ve been posting about @Long n Left and you’re there too! You guys should try meet up! Have a blast my friend. As noted a few posts back, I love the chance on these tours for you guys to get that experience what many in the City just take for granted. The chance to watch the mighty Reds live. Just reward for all the early shifts watching the match hey? Top dedication. If you happen to be in Charlotte tonight you could have gone the Wrap gig which should be a brilliant night. Sure L n L wil have a run-down. Just a purr the WC will deprive you of most if the really top players but such is life. Thus is the squad that travelled if you’ve not seen it: Savour it mate and have a boss time. And take photies! Hail.
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Christ! Edwards is quicker than **** off a stick these deals. I can’t keep up!Ward gone. £12.5 million and a 20% sell-on. Stupendous for a 3rd/ now 4th choice 3 game in 6 years nobody. Finish yer holiday hey big Si? You’re needed to add to the exodus. Hail.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    Big Shaq. 8 Goals. 7 Assits. £13.5 million.Richarlison. 5 Goals. 4 Assits. £50 million.The Ev. A continued source of boss hilarity to Liverpudlians everywhere since 1878. Hail.