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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    The last time L'pool played Madrid in the European Cup Final, back in 1981, I watched the first half the telly then me Ma, unbelievably, sent us to bed for the second! (School night or not, had Childline been around back then I'd of been straight on the 'phone! Shocking case of child abuse that! Haha.). So I listened to the second half, under the duvet, with Clive Tyldesley and the Radio City commentary as L'pool beat Real Madrid to win their 3rd European Cup in 5 seasons. That was, incidentally, the last time Real Madrid lost on the biggest occasion the sport has to offer. Winning all 6 finals since to now be playing for a magnificent 3 in a row. Now, 37 years later, I get to see L'pool take on Real Madrid again for the biggest of all prizes. This time live along with 40 odd thousand other Scousers in what will be a rocking, 2/3rds red Olimpiyskiy Stadium. Ala the Ataturk on that greatest of all nights 13 years ago Friday. Something rather poetic that a L'pool win will bookend Madrid's last 2 defeats in the European Cup. Mad how this narrative is forming that Madrid has to have a bad game for L'pool to win. Has nobody been watching these brilliant Reds set records as they've rampaged through Europe this season? Just make winning #6 Sat'day all the sweeter! 1 more sleep and the last European adventure of the season can begin in earnest!'When the Reds, Go up, To lift the European Cup, We'll be there, We'll be there! ..... ' Hail.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Buuger! Now we need a new Firmino song. The man has spoken! Hail.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Goosebumps. The inspiration this gang of Reds will get from watching that ..... Go join the L'pool immortals boys and put these ****y buggers in their place! They've only won 7 anyway. The first 5 don't count. We never participated! Hail.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    3 more sleeps. LONG week of waiting. Hail.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Now del Boque's at it:Champions League final news: 'No Liverpool player would make Real Madrid's team' - Vicente Del Bosque | Goal.comSee yer's Sat'day gob****es. Hail.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    As if this gang of CL record-breaking Reds this season ..... Sorry, 'mentally weak no-hoppers', needed ANY more motivation:Why Everyone in Madrid Is so Confident Real Will Beat 'Mentally Weak' Liverpool | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and HighlightsThese arrogant, t-shirt wearing F won't know what's hit them when Jürgen's Red Army tips up Sat'day Kiev! Hail.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    4 more sleeps. Hail.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Harry Kane, some time footballer, full-time Olympic standard diver, ALL about 'ME' and NOT the 'team', without a leadership bone in his body, and all around moaning gob****e, is the England captain for the WC. The joke of an organisation that the FA is in a nutshell ..... 'SO sorry we tweeted a joke about you Sir Harry. How can we make it up to you? You know you're our number 1 guy!'Although that said, maybe as Captain he can just claim everyone else's goals straight up instead of sinking to the pathetic depths of swearing on his daughter's life? (Whilst lying through his gormless looking grid.). Hail.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Just finished watching Jürgens CL Final presser from earlier. Seriously. That man ..... ' ..... I think really if you have Wikipedia or Google and put in European Night's must be the answer 'Anfield'.... 'Just gone at that. Completely makes you feel like he just spoke directly to you and personally thanked you.Which just completely emphasises the thing that shines through in most every interview. 'Togetherness.' Not least rekindling that special bond between fans and players to an extent I've not known in my lifetime. Being too young to fully remember and appreciate Shankly. They genuinely do feel apart of us and us them. The cornerstone of what all our great sides were built on. Shanks 'Holy Trinity'- Fans, Players, Manager. Together, as one, we'll take on the bloody World and not be beaten! Nowhere was this more hammered home than the celebration the final whistle Rome to me. Honestly, when was the last time you saw such a togetherness between fans and players. Like, ANYWHERE? The way they were belting out 'Allez, Allez, Allez' and all loving joining in singing and clapping. The way Sadio said 'F this!' and broke through the security line to celebrate with us. Followed by the rest of the players who went 'Is F rite lad!' The way the Captain's (yanno', that lad who isn't good enough to be here and doesn't understand the L'pool way) first thought was to make a beeline straight for the Sean Cox banner asking if he could borrow it to have the players remember our fallen compadre unable to be there. The way young Trent and Ben were filming it on their moby's. Absolutely in awe at the connection between supporters and players that sets this football club apart .......... And then, after some of the longest celebrations of a none-final win I've ever seen, with them all back the changies and everything quiet again save for two mad mini-footies being launched up and down the away section, out comes our mad btard manager who embodies EVERYTHING that this City and football club is all about and who's brought back that togetherness in spectacular style again; charging down to celebrate personally with his people. Fist pumping away and topping off the most memorable of nights perfectly. That magnificent night in Rome just encapsulated Klopp's Liverpool and all the values we stand for. He's building something exceptionally special here that's going way beyond one-off season success. Our cycle is coming around again. Hail.
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    I'll preface this by saying I FIRMLY believe we'll be sat here this time next week basking in the best thing possible for a football fan. The euphoric glow of being European Champions .......... But yanno', it really wouldn't take that much of a shine off this awesomely brilliant season if Real did beat us. At least speaking personally for me. This year has already been a major success with the massive strides forward again. All the scintillating attacking football that just has you not being able to wait to go the next game. The togetherness of players and supporters. All harnassed by one very special man bringing it all together. The memories we've been left with, not least in Europe and some of the very best Anfield nights in our illustrious history. The whole gambit. It's been a wonderful experience on this journey with these lads through this season. Good and bad. And even in a worse case scenario where we did get beat, we've made Europe SERIOUSLY sit up and take notice of one of her marquee football clubs again as we've returned in spectacular style to her top table to contest the biggest prize of all. Together with already having sewn up 6 more games at the least in next seasons competition as they battled key injury loses on a thin squad to superbly marry up a CL league season along with this magnificent, record-breaking run to Kiev.How could you possibly be mad at them if it fell short at the hands of one of only two clubs in UEFA lore we look up to? The team going for a treble of consecutive European big ones? Disappointing. No doubt. But annoyed and P at them? They've done us WAY too proud this year and left us with priceless memories that will last a lifetime to feel that. Setting themselves up to take the next step forward next year as we continue to build this the right way. That's football supporting in a nutshell for me. Moments and memories. Naturally, you want to win every trophy going too. But that's the bonus to it all. It's the memories built along the way. The excitement of being at the match and being entertained with heart thumping, exhilarating football. Anfield back rocking as only she can under the European lights. (How many other sets of fans look back on games in Europe and talk about the crowd and atmosphere before the game like we can/ do? The Chelsea semi in '05. 13 years on and the first thing you say when that comes up isn't the game and Luis' 'ghost' goal. It's 'What an awesomely loud, mad night that was on the Kop!'). Topped off with going to yet another European Cup final. Memories and moments that live with you forever and these lads keep delivering in spades. All that said, it would just be impolite to not win it now we're here like. Been TOO long since we've been able to belt out what we'll be again next Saturday evening .....'Campione, Campione, Campione Liv-er-pool!' Hail.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    5 more sleeps! How are you supposed to get much of anything done this week amidst all this excitement?European Cup Final weeks are just the longest ever! Hail.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Along with Xavi and Xabi Alonso, Iniesta has been one of the three best passers of a football the World over for the past two decades IMHO. Absolute living LEG-END! Made up he's in the Spain squad for one last hurrah the WC. Just hope he doesn't take up Pep's offer to join his staff. Party and a half this weekend in Frankfurt. Place must have been drunk dry. Almost as good as Kiev and L'pool will be next weekend. Almost. Hail.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Bet these soft btards have had loads ring for blag taxis. ****wombles. Hail.
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Utterly boss. Memories on the biggest stage of all. It's what we do. Hail.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    Just fortunate there was an early goal or else there’d doubtless have been another 30 minutes more of absolute teadium. At least Utd had to try come out second half after the abject first. Nottin’ more to be expected from those two managers than a snoozefest and it delivered. Something devilishly ironic in Mourinho being Mourinhoed. Hail.