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  1. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I'd agree that Kirk is generally a better passer, but I don't think it's by a huge margin. I say that not because I think Kirk is bad but mostly because of costly mistakes he has a tendency to make sometimes. His lows can be really low (as Cooley alluded to), whereas Smith's highs may not be as high but he's more efficient and less mistake prone. Then again, Smith also had better weapons so that comes into play as well. But he's generally been a pretty efficient passer for a while now. I think each guy has things he does better than the other, really. But Kirk being younger is also a valid point and comes into play.
  2. Yeah I think tampering would have to actually entail trying to contact Kirk or his agent and do some sort of back channel deal before FA starts. A coach just pointing out that he thinks he's a good QB probably wouldn't pass muster. As far as filing a grievance, wouldn't Kirk and his agent have to prove that the Skins were not doing it to negotiate? Yeah, I think we all know they aren't but wouldn't the player filing a grievance have the burden of proof? The Skins could always say "Look, our deal with Smith isn't even real yet and is an insurance policy. We want to talk to Kirk about a long term offer anyway in the event that the Smith deal falls through for some reason". It might be a blatant lie but they could say it and try to contact KIrk's agent to keep up appearances. Then they could say "look, we tagged him and tried to contact his agent and him and they refused to even talk to us so we're trying to negotiate in good faith". Obviously it would likely be BS but the NFL couldn't prove that it was BS, especially if they Skins actually did try to reach out, just for appearances.
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I could certainly see that possibility as well. However, his lack of production and how he tends to disappear any time he has to take on a double team or a large, athletic OL (as @fordranger76mentioned earlier) is just too concerning to me. I have a feeling that in the NFL he'll basically end up as JAG. I'd be fine with taking him for depth in later rounds but I think there will be much more productive guys when we pick in the 1st and 2nd so I wouldn't use either of those picks on him. He seems to have rocketed up in the hype column after his bowl game and just the fact that he plays for Bama.
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Really like Guice but his running style is so violent that I worry about how long he'll last in the NFL. Don't get me wrong, I love a hard nosed smash mouth RB who relishes contact but those guys don't tend to last as long unless they're very big backs and Guice is pretty moderately sized. Also really liking Ronald Jones and how damn fast he hits the hole and can stop on a dime. Also, for a 6'0 guy he seems able to lower his pads pretty well. On another note, can someone please explain why so many are high on Payne? Yeah he's a pretty good DT but his stats are between poor and mediocre. He isn't much of a pass rushing threat (just 3 sacks in 3 years) or a TFL threat (just 5 in 3 years). Compare his stats to Jonathan Allen...it's absolutely night and day. If you're taking a DT in the 1st round you'd really want him to be more of a pass rushing threat as well as a run stuffer, especially with the more gap shooting system we tend to use as a base package. I think he'd be a huge reach at 13.
  5. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Oh I don't think anyone would mistake Smith for a great red zone QB. It just seems like the statistics between him and Kirk aren't all that much different. Though Kirk was excellent in the red zone in 2015 so if we're doing a 3 year average that will certainly skew it towards Kirk.
  6. Unless the Skins decided to be extra dickish and bench him for the whole year or deactivate him. Yeah, he would get paid for doing nothing, but I have a feeling Kirk wouldn't want to go an entire year without taking a single snap. I have little doubt that it would affect his 2019 offers. He'd then be a 31 year old QB who hadn't played a down of football in over a year.
  7. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Thanks, good breakdown. I generally think Cooley is pretty spot on in his analysis there. However, I question the assertion that Kirk is statistically better in the red zone. If anything it may be a wash. This past season Kirk had a 52.4% completion rate from inside the 20 and a 36.0 % completion rate from inside the 10. Smith was at 44.9% and 52.4% respectively. Kirk had 3 more TDs inside the 20 but Smith had 3 more TDs inside the 10 so I think they balance out a bit.. One area where they do differ in the red zone is that Kirk had 4 INTs and Smith had 0, but Smith being a bit more careful with the ball is something that's already been mentioned.
  8. The Skins trying to tag and trade and Cousins refusing to sign would basically be a two sided game of Russian roulette. On one hand the Skins would be saddled with the tag amount until/if Kirk plays ball, and on the other hand Kirk would be pretty likely to miss out on some suitors once FA starts. A super QB needy team like the Jets, Browns, or Broncos would have to basically just hope that the situation gets resolved and sit with their fingers crossed once FA begins....that's a pretty risky proposition. I'd be inclined to see those teams potentially deciding to use their top draft picks for a QB as the risk of winding up with their hands empty would be pretty scary, and perhaps going with a stopgap like Keenum, McCarron, maybe making an offer for Foles, or taking a chance on Teddy B while the rookie learns. The Browns and Jets especially are not in a "win now" situation anyway. Denver is certainly closer but their window is going to be closing IMO.
  9. Hints of toasted arugula, tobacco, and some hemlock. Very robust, but lacking in the finish. I give this post a 6/10. The effort is there, but the product doesn't fit the expectations.
  10. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Thanks for the input.
  11. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I'd certainly be inclined to agree. Just curious as to what twa thinks.
  12. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Honest question, I'm really interested in your perspective on this. From a conservative point of view, who would you like to see do analysis on these sorts of things?
  13. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I have pretty much no argument with any of this. It's a cluster**** of complicated problems but people are looking for simple solutions (on both side) and that will never work. IMO we have to start by acknowledging it and dedicating resources to studying it. Unfortunately the NRA basically forced it so that the CDC isn't even allowed to research gun violence in a scientific way. Can't do anything about a problem if you're not allowed to study it in a scientific or logical way.
  14. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Let's be real here, though. No matter how often you go to the range it won't prepare you for anything like a real situation with an active shooter. There are physiological and psychological responses that are built in and the only way to control them is through dogged, constant, real world practice. Realistically the only people who do that sort of constant practice for those situations are special ops. They drill it over and over in real situations for the express purpose of being able to handle the panic, the adrenaline, the tunnel vision, the confusion. Regular people aren't going to be able to do that, cops aren't going to be able to...no matter whether they go to the range every other day or not.
  15. I'm going to have to start billing you for each IQ point I lose when reading this stuff. You want to know why people don't listen to you? It isn't because they just can't think for themselves or they're close minded or they're just dumb sheep who go along with everything. It's because when you present your "arguments" (for lack of a better word at the moment) you not only present zero evidence or facts to back you up (and then bemoan people for actually asking for such and saying that is some sort of proof of them being sheep...one of the most ridiculously circular arguments ever) but you do it in such a jackassed way. You come across as a condescending, stuffy, overbearing, holier than thou pseudo-intellectual who thinks he has found some sort of amazing philosophical system that nobody else has managed to stumble upon yet. ProTip: we've all seen it, some of us may have been there, nothing you're saying is new. At all. Ironically you are the one who is the most close-minded in this whole debate. You're the one who absolutely refuses to see beyond your own nose and your own belief systems, or even believe that anyone else's thoughts on a matter are valid. I've known many of the people in this forum for many years and I can say with quite a bit of certainty that the people you have excoriated for being "sheep" and unable to think for themselves have shown far more intellectual curiosity, rigor, and open-mindedness than you have in your brief stint here so far. Except @twa