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  1. Their defense now seems to be that Franken admitted it. At least that's how SHS defined the debate between Franken's accusations and Trump's when a reporter brought up the blatant hypocrisy of Trump lambasting Franken on Twitter. Basically "Our guy denied it and trashed the accusers so he's ok and shouldn't be held to account". They don't care that Moore is a likely sexual predator and possible child molester. You saw it right there with Kellyanne Conway. All they care about is getting the votes. Nothing else matters. Pure tribalism.
  2. I'm betting there will be at least 10 more tweets about this. This man-child is so insane.
  3. Soooo....basically "It's ok because it was before we were suspected"?
  4. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    The defense absolutely collapsed at the end and it was absolutely pathetic. But up until that collapse they had held an offense that has dropped 50-burgers this season to 16 points so they actually played pretty well until they **** the bed.
  5. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    That's true, but it wasn't a situation where the receiver was close but just made the wrong cut or the timing was bad. There was absolutely nobody even within the vicinity and IMO Kirk should have sort of noticed that before he let it fly.
  6. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    I think this right here is his issue in these late game drives. He gets extremely nervous and makes mental errors at awful times. Maybe that IG call was supposed to be a call that Crowder didn't get but how does a QB turn and NOT notice that there is literally nobody within 10 yards of where he's throwing? If he realizes that as he turns and pulls it back then worst case it is a busted play and maybe he runs for a couple yards, finds another open guy, or runs out of the pocket and throws it away. Instead he just turned and immediately threw it without processing what was actually happening and we get thrown out of FG range. Letting so much time run out also was inexcusable.
  7. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    ****ing brilliant, Jay. Get away from exactly what is working because you feel like spreading the ball around.
  8. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    To be fair, the defense also kept an incredibly potent offense that has dropped 50-burgers this year to only 16 points until the final awful, pathetic collapse. IMO both the defense and the offense played well and then fell apart in crunch time. S.O.P. for this team it seems.
  9. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    It will be the same standard bull**** as ever.
  10. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    No, I think we're by far the most inept 2 minute team in the NFL. In crunch time we turn into a JV high school team.
  11. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Defensive collapse, **** coaching in crunch time, one of the most boneheaded wtf IGs ever taking us out of FG range.
  12. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Kirk played wonderfully almost the whole game. Had some beautiful passes, and the loss isn't on him. But that doesn't change that he made critical boneheaded plays at critical times.
  13. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    What do the D linemen have to do with it? He turned immediately to the right and proceeded to throw it to absolutely nobody. Were there D linemen covering our WRs or something?
  14. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    . I asked earlier, did he do it with his eyes closed? How do you turn and look and not notice that that there is literally nobody even anywhere close to where you're planning to throw it and throw it anyway? And at that point in the game?