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  1. Like I said **** Jason Taylor (M.E.T)

    I'm mad that he got in so quickly when he never played on a team that got past the divisional round. I feel like at least three or all of the hogs should be in the hall. No team has been able to break our records for rushing yards in a Super Bowl.
  2. New GM search

    So Bruce Allen lied again this offseason.
  3. We could if the browns already informed him that he would be released and then gave him permission to talk to other teams. They also could allow him to talk to other teams so that a trade could be facilitated.
  4. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Great prospect. Protypical size for a true nose at 6'1 331.
  5. True I think he was trying to create something similar to the Seahawks signing a bunch bodies instead of quality. Guys that they could rotate a lot and play at multiple spots. They had success with guys like Alan branch, Chris Wilson, and Clint McDonald. Then signing Bennett really improved that line.
  6. Imo he's not a true NT. He could play it but that would be a waste of talent at nose. If anything he's a five tech that can play nose when asked. There are some mid round to late prospects that are true nose guards. I just hope that they really draft bpa and not reach just to make the fans happy.
  7. Speed at linebacker could make a big difference. I'm hoping we can get Haason Reddick from Temple or maybe Carl Lawson from Auburn. Those type of players can add a lot of speed to the defense and excel even with our mediocre at best DL.
  8. Its too bad he burned bridges like that because I feel like he was a solid rotational guy and getting better. I got the chance to talk to him for a good 15-20 minutes and he's a really nice guy.
  9. Tony Wyllie needs to get into a new line of work
  10. I love what SM brought to the table and the only way I won't be mad at the organization is if its true he fell off the wagon. I hope that if he is let go that they replace with someone from outside the organization that also has a strong background in scouting. I don't think anyone else in the front office can evaluate players the way SM can and has that BPA approach.