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  1. Reading those last tweets, this is not about ripping the Freedom Caucus for not passing a ****ty bill, its about the FC not having a solution and presenting their own option. They want to sit back and have the work done for them while they shove food down their face and take naps. Congress is a joke, most wouldn't make it in today's corporate America, businesses don't wait to resolve a problem because their prosperity depends on problem-solving. These idiots in Congress have no sense of urgency.
  2. Impressive win, to hold that 10 point lead for what seemed like the entire game was a statement, hopefully we use this to get back on track for the playoffs. I'm hoping Bogo's injury is just a day to day thing.
  3. I don't think the Freedom Caucus will ever be happy, the teabaggers are never going to be ok with subsidies and entitlements so at this point everyone should act as if they don't exist and find your votes elsewhere. Did anyone get a chance to see these bums in the board room during the Healthcare negotiation, they were all shoving food down their face looking like they were ready for their Thanksgiving nap. While this was going on Paul was handing out copies of "Art of the Deal" to each of them. I was hoping this was a Sat Night Live skit but that wasn't the case.
  4. Its all good, just wanted to point what happens in the real world when you get one of these diseases, because we have proprietary medicines they will never be covered by health insurance no matter how great of a plan you have. You would think after paying that I could at least spell the name of the medicine correctly. Its Neulasta not the other thing I posted.
  5. I paid $6000 for a Neulasta shot last week, bite on that for a bit.
  6. I said in here a while back I didn't believe Obamacare would ever be repealed because Republicans dont have the balls to remove something that in general is pretty good. What worries me is that I think the bill is an open beta and needs fine tuning. We have one option here in Florida, that option is good but if it goes away we're screwed, then you have rising costs and other items that worry someone who pays for their own health insurance. I truly believe Healthcare is a Democratic bill, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump started working with the left, its the only way this thing gets done correctly.
  7. No, it's just easy to exploit people on both sides, I have watched demonstrators asked specific basic political questions while rallying and they don't even know what that are protesting about, they don't know names of politicians, they don't even know the difference in the house and the Senate. I replied because it's a typical post by you, just a pile on without any real value.
  8. If you think dummies on the right are the only dummies who are confused by the actual name and slang name you're fooling yourself. Dumb is everywhere and doesn't discriminate.
  9. What pisses me off is if you don't like the bill then write one that fits your constituents, don't just sit there and do nothing. The bill may be a large terd but there are no excuses for that when you have had time to provide your own bill which you can sign with peace of mind. But we have 1 bill that everyone hates, great job. The Republicans are in charge and if they miss on this they have failed miserably and they deserve to lose their jobs. You don't get to play it safe by just sitting on your ass, I hope Trump goes on a 10 hour Twitter tirade and throws every one of them under the bus. The last thing is if conservative principles are keeping this bill from being "good" then Trump needs to break away and exploit those who are holding up progress. Move to the middle and restructure Obamacare and forget about the Freedom Caucus and the rest of the dinosaurs, he never really was a Republican so I think you pull in Democrats along with moderate Republicans to rewrite Obamacare. Bottom line, Pual Ryan is worthless and so are most of the Republicans when it comes to healthcare.
  10. I would be embarrassed if I were a Republican in the House and in 7 years I couldn't come up with a comprehensive healthcare bill. Congress makes the laws not the President so the fact these guys and gals stand around waiting for things to happen instead of being problem solvers shows they really don't give a **** about helping people they just want to play it safe so they can keep their job. Good luck next election dumbasses.
  11. Thanks, no I'm in Tampa Florida. I'm lucky I'm about 30 miles from Moffit Cancer & Research Center, everyone is great there. Glad to hear your daughter is getting excellent treatment, it was very difficult to watch your video as I have a 10-year-old daughter of my own. Kids are resilient and fearless, especially our young daughters.
  12. Thanks for asking, Fortunately they removed the Sarcoma from under my arm about a month ago, unfortunately it had metastasized from my lung which was my first occurrence of cancer back in May 2015, so now we're going full force with chemo and then radiation. The 1st round was ok, got discharged on Tuesday and by Sat there was no nausea so just dealing with indigestion and some stomach issues. 2nd round of chemo starts on 3/31.
  13. Well the question is do they want a GM who drafts players or someone who just sets the board, doesn't seem like they want a real GM based on what's been written, if what we have read is true.
  14. It's unbelievable the way that mass has reduced to nothing, thoughts and prayers.
  15. Doug has been very successful at life and football, taking that terrible Tampa team to their first 3 playoff appearances and the 1979 NFC Championship game is just as impressive as his Superbowl victory. I think players will like and respect him.