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  1. Kirks focus seems to be on everything but focusing on how to win a championship and be a long term leader on this team. How can a QB focus on doing that when they are signing one-year contracts? After listening to everything I don't believe Kirk really wants to be here, based on what he said on Grant and Danny he is putting us on notice that's he's watching and will make an assessment of our team at the end of the year, pretty ballsy in my opinion. I don't blame him or hold a grudge because what he is doing takes balls and could have or can easily backfire but so far so good for him so no ill will towards KC. I think if he wanted to play here he would be signed but he is looking at this as a strategic game mixed in with feelings that he doesn't trust something we have or are currently doing in the FO. At some point we have to do whats good for us and a QB who wants to play on 1 year deals is not that guy, I wish we could ship him out today, pay half his 2017 salary to the team that takes him and get a 3rd rounder for it, we've opened pandoras box for Kirk and his agent and because of that this is no longer a normal negotiation. Better to get him out now than waste the 2018 preseason screwing around with Kirk and his agent, we'll end up right back where we are now and then we'll have to worry about free agents not wanting to play here, if FA's don't want to play here because Kirk is gone then fine, we move on and find someone who will. If we continue to draft well we shouldn't need wholesale changes in free agency anyway. Kirk is not the end all be all, there's other young QB's who can play or will be able to play if drafted. This guy is gonna bleed us dry if we let him.
  2. Screw it, time to clear the head and get ready for training camp
  3. I don't believe there was a market for Kirk over $20 mil per year. Of course he would get offers, but not Luck and Carr type, my point is concerning the big money not that Kirk cant an offer.
  4. If you don't franchise him he would have become a free agent, that's a pretty good reason.
  5. Look your worth what someone will pay you, I tried to answer you in that I think the Skins were ok with that $44 mil guaranteed and they thought they could get a deal done but failed, I'm just guessing at this point but if you say Kirk has market value then show me. Who wants him and who is going to spend that kind of money on him? I don't believe all this Niners bs because they stink and have years of holes to fill even if they get the offense running somewhat decent. How many more dumb mistakes will the Browns or Jags make? The Jets have fallen back into garbage land and are in a rebuild mode. Why have we not heard of one solid push from another team to get Kirk through a trade?
  6. There are plenty of posts with my name on it going back to the preseason of 2014 when I first came to terms that RG3 was busted and KC was our best chance. I also remember there were only about 3 other posters besides myself who believed the same thing, everyone else was in the same mental breakdown they are in today.
  7. You have a point because we have no long term plan with him and we didn't trade him. It might have come down to ego and our FO thought they could get it done and they couldn't. We DEFINITELY shouldn't franchise him next year or bet your ass he signs that tender immediately, put him in a situation where we can actually find out what other teams think of him. Right now everything I have heard is from unnamed NFL Exec's and all are opposed to paying him the contract he wants.
  8. I don't get people talking about us low balling Kirk as if we treated him disrespectfully, we offered the man $20 mil a year and based on the article I just read on NFL.com we raised that offer just over $20 mil per year. Since when is $20 - $23 mil a year lowballing a guy who has done nothing but prove he's pretty good as long as you don't mess up his 2 or 3 step drop and make him improvise. So much whining is driving me crazy, Kirk has no market or he would have got the money this year, the reason he signed the tag is that nobody else is dumb enough to bite on a contract that size for him. Does anyone know of any offer that was made to Kirk from an opposing team in a sign and trade type situation or however they would pull off that kind of deal? I haven't heard about one team wanting him, smoke and mirrors by the agent and by next year it won't matter what he signs because that $44 mil is already in the bank. His best shot for next year is Pittsburgh when Big Ben retires but he won't get anything close to $25 mil a year from them and I don't see them even giving him $20 mil a year unless its incentive based, he'll have to give up some to play for a top notch franchise.
  9. I just can't see paying KC $25 mil a year and $80+ guaranteed which is what I hear that he wants. We're already sitting at almost no cap space paying him $24 mil a year so how does that help us going forward. It's a shame because I don't blame KC either, he's doing the smart thing for him. I don't think there's any way in hell anyone offers KC $25 mil a year with astronomical guarantees next offseason, I think we will see a flat market for him for the same reasons the Redskins couldn't get him signed. For the Scott M lovers it's supposed fact that $20 mil was Scott's ceiling for KC so him being here wouldn't have changed a thing if you believe all the beat reporters tweets about SM's perceived value of Kirk. I actually like what our team has been doing when it comes to drafting and being fiscally smart in free agency over the past 4 years, it seems like a **** sandwich now but you can't drop your pants in desperation when you're trying to build a franchise the correct way.
  10. Because it doesn't make sense, If they couldn't negotiate a deal with KC this year then it won't happen next year and like Elkabong said they should have traded him away if they knew they couldn't offer him market value.
  11. There doesn't seem to be any definitive info on what has been offered, but I'm sure after Monday passes we will get some data.
  12. If KC wanted to be a Redskin and we are offering $24 - $25 mil per year with at least $65 mil guaranteed then he will sign by Monday, if not then as others have said its time to move on, at that point he's using us to showcase his talents so he can get a payday with someone else, this would piss me off. The process is frustrating me and I'm biting my tongue until I see what happens on Monday.
  13. You can say that but you didn't know how he would play, KC could have laid an egg and you would have folded into the fetal position based on your position to sign him at $20 mil a year for 1/2 of a solid season. If that doesn't work out we have 2 consecutive busts in a row at QB and chances of us getting solid free agents is slim. If KC didn't throw so many INT's in 2014 he would have received that contract, but that had to be the reason it wasn't a no-brainer.
  14. I'm not saying your wrong by wanting to sign him last year but I wouldn't have given him $19 mil after 9 solid games, it's easy to say "pay him" when it's not your money and no team or business is going to take chances like that after wasting two 1st rounders on a bust. You would have been right by signing him last year based on his production in 2016 but it was just too risky IMO.
  15. I have no problem with any player trying to get market value but if KC feels he was betrayed or unappreciated by the team he has to sack up. 32 teams passed on KC in the draft for 3 1/2 rounds but we took a chance and someone thought he would be a good safety net in case RG3 couldn't hack it and whomever that person or persons were they were right. It happens all the time in corporate America as tough decisions are made on both sides and you win some and lose some but you own it and move on (From reports it seems as though Snyder has tried to make amends), I'll lose respect for KC if he plays the "I don't feel wanted" card or whatever his excuse is. If we offer at least $24 mil a year with at least $65 mil guaranteed and he passes it up then **** him, sit his ass on the bench all year and let him see what its really like to be unappreciated. At this point I'm disappointed and yes I know we have 2 days left. If we can't sign him to a long-term deal then it's time to stop playing these games, KC won't be our long term starter if he doesn't sign by Friday so what's the point of playing any more games with him and his agent. As a Skins fan it will hurt but better to move on now then drag things out when it's inevitable, that never works in relationships.