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  1. There's lots of people who believe it's clearly Jordan and then everyone else after him. Jodan played when basketball had many very good teams, not like today where it's turned in the EPL with only 2 or 3 real championship quality teams, I would say the NBA is at its lowest point in years when it comes to parity. Lebron needs to go get those missing rings before he thinks about comparing himself to Jordan.
  2. We need some big men that can play in the post, this team has a hard time running a half court offense and sometimes you have to do that.
  3. I hope some of our players watched some of the Boston postgame pressers after game 6. Every one of the Boston players had smerks and smiles on their face because they are 100% confident there is no way they lose game 7 at home. It made me angry and it should make our players angry too.
  4. Sm will be setting our board for years to come, he will just be doing it as a consultant. I was surprised what he said about KC and it seems there is some frustration with his agent.
  5. What a game, amazing to see the series turn like it has and with Crosby playing so there are no excuses.
  6. Wow, Wall must have read my earlier post and got angry.
  7. I would rather see Wall penetrate and dish than keep missing layups, between the turnovers and missed layups your looking at 8 lost posessions and its early.
  8. We look sloppy just like in the first 2 games, John needs to get his head out of his ass, he got benched for being erratic and making bad decisions and there's no way we can win with him doing that. Good job by Porter
  9. I wrote that wrong, one of my points was supposed to be that they can write off R&D on their corporate returns, my bad. I actually have really good coverage but what I'm told is because its a proprietory brand they wont cover it all but when I pay out of pocket they apply it towards my deductible which does help with future purchases of other types of drugs and services.
  10. Amgen makes Neulasta, they are a publickly traded company that made $22 billion in 2015. I do understand they dont use Federal grants and they fund their research (Which they cant write off on their corporate taxes) themselves which means the cost gets passed on to me. I think the government or any new healthcare plan needs to understand when a drug is developed in the private sector and patented and you will have no chance at getting a generic so something has to be done to lower the cost of 1 shot @ $6000. Companies are going to continue to create new drugs and patent them and some will be a crucial to certain medical protocols so if you want to lower costs this would be one placve to start.
  11. I think Gavin Newsom would be a great choice but he's running for Governor in California in 2018 so at best he runs in 2020. He's a sharp guy, I consider him to be a "common sense" moderate meaning he stands for civil rights, gay marriage, equal pay, higher minimum wage, etc but also has some moderate views as well.
  12. I'm an ex FIFA nerd?
  13. I dont know if its guilt, probably closer to embarassment, I think slavery is the most horrendous thing our country has done and I dont think we can ever right that wrong. People are not going to forget.
  14. LOL. oh no, what did I do?